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Welyn - 3 months ago
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Iconic - 9 days ago
Caca Head
Caca Head - 13 days ago
Welyn Damn that is actually good
Bonn sin
Bonn sin - Month ago
Bro, you actually got some skill man for a keep it up.
Saud Albader
Saud Albader - 2 months ago
Absolute fire words
treb kren
treb kren - 2 months ago
Thomas Rachele
Thomas Rachele - 6 hours ago
"our first foray had bean a success"
Matt Posey
Matt Posey - 8 hours ago
What were the little stone buildings outside the bases like hella tiny bases??
Welyn - 7 hours ago
Tool cupboards, you put them down to block ppl from building
Lars Grünheid
Lars Grünheid - 11 hours ago
the editing? best possible
the story? top notch
the action? *gasp*
how cool can this possibly be? 20/10
Jarrod Pautler
Jarrod Pautler - Day ago
Really like your videos already, but that flow at the end was fire. I was like "what song is this?" then started listening to the lyrics and was OH SHIT this is FIRE!!!!
Furkan Böyük
Furkan Böyük - Day ago
Ur the nicest person on earth
Crab Rave
Crab Rave - Day ago
That kid guaranteed fuckin died
Can İşgoren
Can İşgoren - Day ago
this is fake minecraft
Zach Damien
Zach Damien - Day ago
Idk shit about Rust but I watch your videos on it every day like nobodies business and your rap at the end was fucking fuego🔥🔥🔥
Wiley Cooper
Wiley Cooper - 2 days ago
Like how tf did u just recreate an entire fucking base for 1 video. You're my hero
Joshua Matsushima
Joshua Matsushima - 2 days ago
You remind me of stevie, highly skilled rust player, thinks it out, syncs the music with the farming/building. I love these vids. Keep up the Good work!!!
Stalkkaaja HD
Stalkkaaja HD - 2 days ago
your videos are......... so best i love XD
Matthieu Daley
Matthieu Daley - 3 days ago
Ummmmmm BARS!
Smo Cloud
Smo Cloud - 3 days ago
Welyn: *“We had low explosives so I recreated their entire base on my private server to show you guys what we were thinking.”*
Everybody: *:o*
crx5555 - 3 days ago
Cool video no more rapping though
Rags !
Rags ! - 3 days ago
U are a good rapper
saucego - 3 days ago
Those bars a fire bro
Nasher1805 - 3 days ago
Duuude your rap was lit as fuck
Mini Pro
Mini Pro - 4 days ago
I think you should make a walliesed Base and put 4 walls next to each other and put turret on inner wall and outer wall
schaefer marty
schaefer marty - 4 days ago
Clan: Spends extraordinary amount of time and resources building an incredible base and hoarding all their loot.
Welyn: I'm about to destroy this clan's whole career.
Jaxon StGermain
Jaxon StGermain - 4 days ago
If you didnt see infinity war yet and you know tom Holland's voice, you know that there was a spoiler in there.
GJovaani - 4 days ago
I know nothing about rust but these videos are truly amazing man
Mc cringle berry shake nugget
Lovin the vids man keep it up
Joed Regular
Joed Regular - 4 days ago
Yikers those beats are deadly.
Fag Bag
Fag Bag - 4 days ago
Bro fuck playin rust you needa start rapping 😂 that shit was straight fire
Arstine - 4 days ago
Dropping that loot on those kids at the end had to be the best part of the video. I love seeing, and doing, things like that in survival games.
The Bronze Bulldog
The Bronze Bulldog - 5 days ago
youre literally robin hood
Matt Dill
Matt Dill - 5 days ago
Damn son, that was sick!
SilverGapple - 5 days ago
i go sub his channel now
YOINK - 5 days ago
on god best rust yotuber
many lov
Tonald Drump
Tonald Drump - 5 days ago
Why is this a dmax show lmao
Daddy Wong
Daddy Wong - 6 days ago
Wylen is a like Robin hood he takes from the rich and gives to the poor
Clide - 6 days ago
I would buy the entire stack of you music for the fun of it i enjoy watching your vids after a long day hope you have a great day
Ginnethon Avo
Ginnethon Avo - 6 days ago
Nice guy
Watching from Philippines haha
Paul Lee
Paul Lee - 6 days ago
So this is what you do after you raid someone
fufuzy. - 6 days ago
big thx to Oof
David Das
David Das - 6 days ago
WELYN boy you are awesome
McIntyreRow - 6 days ago
ok that song is pretty dope my dude
Lucas Nødskou Pedersen
2:39 that build with the Music Got me 🤤
Anthony Galon
Anthony Galon - 6 days ago
13:13 cod 4 all ghillie up
Alexander Canella
Alexander Canella - 6 days ago
Love the budget Lil Webbie outro
janoski09 - 7 days ago
couldnt care less about this game, but this kids videos are just too fucking quality. And them bars at the end? what?
David Armstrong
David Armstrong - 7 days ago
Welyn with them bars at the end!!!
DanOfTheCan - 7 days ago
i am heli
3rd даниел
3rd даниел - 7 days ago
Nice rap dood
Justin Smith
Justin Smith - 7 days ago
No one:
Ambassador Somewhere
Ambassador Somewhere - 7 days ago
I don't think I will every play this. But I enjoy watching you play it. Thx
jacob hagen
jacob hagen - 7 days ago
Try raiding a cargo ship
Mrchoclatepuffballs - 7 days ago
one of my adult teeth fell out
Matthew Vang
Matthew Vang - 7 days ago
Nice song btw
Matthew Vang
Matthew Vang - 7 days ago
Aj Lanot
Aj Lanot - 7 days ago
The part when you gave the kid all your stuff just for giving you food and water is awesome
Griff Lamey
Griff Lamey - 7 days ago
That freestyle at the end was actually heat wtf
CptAmari_ - 7 days ago
welyn absolutely has bars holy moly
kellan warner
kellan warner - 8 days ago
That rap fire g
Alex Karasik
Alex Karasik - 8 days ago
You're a stud Welyn. The most entertaining Rust youtuber by a country mile. Keep it up!
jake lane
jake lane - 8 days ago
Mostly just watch hoping for the quick building sequences
Linx Nextus
Linx Nextus - 8 days ago
*Top 10 rappers eminem were afraid to diss*
Lucas Kane
Lucas Kane - 8 days ago
Love your videos! Subbed. Great storytelling aswell.
CroSshY! - 8 days ago
that ending tho luv itt
Harrison Gazeley
Harrison Gazeley - 8 days ago
Welyn u should totally do a Eminem cover
Nasu - 8 days ago
9:55 seriously............. what did you expecttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Darrick Mor
Darrick Mor - 8 days ago
Dude the end is absolute fire 🔥🔥🔥
ZerooGravity 101
ZerooGravity 101 - 9 days ago
Wow you were cool to that kid
Stefan Pribicevic
Stefan Pribicevic - 9 days ago
This guy is robin hood
4lden - 9 days ago
wtf welyn why you so good at rapping
Rolled Potatoes
Rolled Potatoes - 9 days ago
production quality 1000
Rolled Potatoes
Rolled Potatoes - 9 days ago
is chrimas
Doug Mertz
Doug Mertz - 9 days ago
I can't get enough of your videos. Everything is just so perfect!
X REAPER - 9 days ago
We need rust on ps4
andrew1jl - 9 days ago
Yooo that rap was tight
- Xzaos -
- Xzaos - - 9 days ago
I like how essentially long and how great these videos r
TheKipster21 Kyle Patrick
This dude sounds like ants canada
Cyrro - 9 days ago
Saving this vid to my playlist😂 that rap in the end got me😭😍
Marshall Barbee
Marshall Barbee - 10 days ago
That rap at the end was beautiful man, i can tell you put so much in your content. Wish i could subscribe twice for you
sleepy baby wolf
sleepy baby wolf - 10 days ago
Why they didn't use heli?
Ashon James
Ashon James - 10 days ago
Building montages on this channel is beautiful
MineBlox // Sam
MineBlox // Sam - 10 days ago
mate the bars at the end made my pp hard
Julian5692 - 9 days ago
MineBlox // Sam yo same
VVen0m - 10 days ago
I like, how when you type "Xx" into search bar on youtube, one of the predictions is "goshko" XDD
Dogehouse155 - 10 days ago
This dude literally gonna rob a bank
FunkMaster - 11 days ago
That rap tho! sick Welyn
Bartosz Nowakowski
Bartosz Nowakowski - 11 days ago
Milcho Milchev
Milcho Milchev - 11 days ago
Is Beli4kaKotka bulgarian
Quinton Hebron
Quinton Hebron - 11 days ago
Best rapper
Akash Suresh
Akash Suresh - 11 days ago
He loot,
He shoot,
but most importantly
he rap to the boot.
Alia Subscribe t Alia
Alia Subscribe t Alia - 11 days ago
That song
Prescott Scooter Shooter III
"So I recreated the base on my private server"
sink2swim519 - 11 days ago
Damn bro I fw u. Hella cool how u play this game no cap. Giving back to the community where necessary and clapping Server bullies. Shits hard dude. And u got bars low key lol. Plz never stop fkn these clans up
Michael Santos
Michael Santos - 12 days ago
HEXED Dolfinninja
HEXED Dolfinninja - 12 days ago
I love how when he builds he makes it a song
Funny Rooster
Funny Rooster - 12 days ago
u are so good im hooked
Warren Rama
Warren Rama - 12 days ago
good job on that million subs bro!
ABUE - 13 days ago
in before you hit 1mil ;)
nation_poopers22 - 13 days ago
This is like a Netflix tv show
casey peppard
casey peppard - 13 days ago
Low key bars tho
Tyler Halnon
Tyler Halnon - 13 days ago
I love how you take down huge greedy toxic bases and spread all the loot to poor, what an amazing YouTuber you are bro, thank you for these amazing videos, I’m not saying this for you to pin it btw, this is from the bottom of my heart
AnonyMoose - 13 days ago
He probably spent more time on the rap than the video😂
Demarco Goss
Demarco Goss - 13 days ago
I subscribed just because of the rap at the end
TrapgodB P
TrapgodB P - 13 days ago
Make songs your good
Felix Hazel
Felix Hazel - 13 days ago
playing robin hood on rust huh, welyn?
faisal zubair
faisal zubair - 14 days ago
This dude lil pump??
daniel bielawski
daniel bielawski - 12 days ago
faisal zubair lil pump is trash
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