Samsung Health: How to use the Discover tab

Lonellama4500 - 4 months ago
Hope samsung mocks apple again in there 2019 phones like if you agree
Latrell Jennings
Latrell Jennings - 4 months ago
+Lonellama4500 that's the people's opinion's job. That's just me
Lonellama4500 - 4 months ago
Latrell Jennings well because if they make fun of apple and show the downgrade things that they have been giving there buyers and it’ll let people know so they won’t have to lose a kidney
Latrell Jennings
Latrell Jennings - 4 months ago
+Lonellama4500 but why? If they did that going forward with their marketing I'd start losing respect for Samsung. They can focus on their phone only in marketing, and improve more.
Lonellama4500 - 4 months ago
Latrell Jennings they can focus on both
Latrell Jennings
Latrell Jennings - 4 months ago
+Lonellama4500 it was kinda stupid imo. They should just entirely focus on their products in their marketing.
SHUXRAT XO'JA - 4 months ago
Samsung health 1000000 times better than Apple health
Latrell Jennings
Latrell Jennings - 4 months ago
But who brought Apple Health up?
Galaxy - 4 months ago
I love samsung
Lam Phan
Lam Phan - 4 months ago
I do not know English . IM learning English
LegendaryLoyald - 4 months ago
Daddy long neck would be proud
Bibek Das
Bibek Das - 4 months ago
I used only Samsung product
Bibek Das
Bibek Das - 4 months ago
I love you Samsung
ժҽɾԹ. ԹӀɑվՀ
ժҽɾԹ. ԹӀɑվՀ - 4 months ago
I like the new ui of samsung
apood - 4 months ago
is this Logan Paul
Vedansh Chauhan
Vedansh Chauhan - 4 months ago
So Granny doesn't use Health related features in her Note 9?
Gekks - 4 months ago
I just want to know
You know when it says SAMSUNG
Does anyone who owns a SASUNG think their SAMSUNG has shut down
Latrell Jennings
Latrell Jennings - 4 months ago
No. The music was still playing and the edge screen handle is still there.
Dylan Mangezvo
Dylan Mangezvo - 4 months ago
If Samsung likes my comment I will trade my current phone for their phone
deaa fayad
deaa fayad - 4 months ago
hi samsung
Squish Tune
Squish Tune - 4 months ago
Samsung is Cool! 😀Soooo Littt
devo gamer224
devo gamer224 - 4 months ago
MOHD MAZID - 4 months ago
Super powerful
Richarlys Da Silva Melo
Richarlys Da Silva Melo - 4 months ago
PDF NEWS - 4 months ago
Hit like for samsung
I need 1 subscriber plz help
Juice - 4 months ago
You guys should create a dedicated camera for us vloggers. The camera system on my Galaxy S9 Plus help me gain thousands of the subscribers.
Trần Hữu Vinh
Trần Hữu Vinh - 4 months ago
It's so useful Thanksss
Silver Shadow
Silver Shadow - 4 months ago
Stop it
Messia Godwin
Messia Godwin - 4 months ago
Your mobiles are very very lag
Kyle Draconis
Kyle Draconis - 4 months ago
Are you using J series?
Jishu Sengupta
Jishu Sengupta - 4 months ago
프로형 - 4 months ago
So many vids for 1 day from Samsung!
Samsung is not for smartphone, tablets but the subs for Youtube.
King Montero
King Montero - 4 months ago
Samsung at #CES2019
mine games
mine games - 4 months ago
Really good app and an awesome company
Alexzander Conde
Alexzander Conde - 4 months ago
Early Squad!!
OpK1TV 1
OpK1TV 1 - 4 months ago
ابوهزاع آل عياش الجوف ! FM
the king li
the king li - 4 months ago
Triple Nation.
Triple Nation. - 4 months ago
I am the first to give a comment. 😀😁😁😀
Tom Groves
Tom Groves - 4 months ago
Abood LH
Abood LH - 4 months ago
First like and comment 😁👌🏼
Numb Madara
Numb Madara - 4 months ago
Zixx - 4 months ago
dusty cammeljokey
dusty cammeljokey - 4 months ago
first comment
Jubayer Ahmed
Jubayer Ahmed - 4 months ago
Gabin 81500
Gabin 81500 - 4 months ago
I like this !
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