Meanwhile...Earthquake-Resistant Beds Can Save Lives

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Liur - 14 days ago
John's so handsome. 😚
nigel perring
nigel perring - 18 days ago
In Britain during WW2 we had air raid shelters like this called Morrison shelters. You slept on top and when the sirens started you got inside.
This is NOT a strange idea!
Heathcliff - 21 day ago
So what if a couple decides to..have some private time..on one of those earth quake matresses?
Rescue Rabbit
Rescue Rabbit - 21 day ago
It proteccs
it closes
But most importantly
It cuts off anything not inside the box.
Annora - 21 day ago
Noone asks does vigorous lovemaking risk setting the bad off? Also that auto close looks a bit fast for making sure all the finger toes and kids are safely inside.
1mezion - 23 days ago
Yeah I wouldn't trust that bed at all it feels like they're trying to bury you
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi - 23 days ago
well the second joke was funny
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi - 23 days ago
well the second joke was funny
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson - 23 days ago
So when I'm folded like a taco into my King Sized memory foam mattress, how do I get to the emergency supplies again?
Sean C
Sean C - 25 days ago
So in the event of an earthquake that actually causes your building to collapse, your bed instantly transforms into a handy dandy coffin, so that by the time they dig you out they'll be immediately ready to bury you again? FML. Whoever came up with that bed concept is an idiot.
Erin Fisher
Erin Fisher - 26 days ago
Sexy Mr Rogers... didn't even resemble the original! *eye roll*
Marcus Dembinski
Marcus Dembinski - 26 days ago
“Jerryrigged survival raft” might be my favorite meanwhile intro
Dak Lamerbusch
Dak Lamerbusch - 25 days ago
Same. Just brilliant.
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan - 26 days ago
U guys so funny
Lex H.
Lex H. - 27 days ago
I never knew hearing Colbert say Meow was something I needed in my life 🤣
L. A. Gothro
L. A. Gothro - 28 days ago
I love John's shirt!
L. A. Gothro
L. A. Gothro - 28 days ago
Wait...the LIONS beat someone? If he's an Eagles fan (not the band), then his anger is certainly justified.
Creator Sama
Creator Sama - 28 days ago
Earthquake bed? That just sounds like a coffin with extra steps!
Anonymous Monkey
Anonymous Monkey - 28 days ago
to be honestly, I feel like if I feel from several stories high, wouldn't it be like falling in a loose elevator?
Robot Robot
Robot Robot - Month ago
Only one thing comes to mind when he goes down on Stephen Colbert.
Craig Baily
Craig Baily - Month ago
John's head in Stephen's crotch?!?!
Galactic Warlock
Galactic Warlock - Month ago
These beds are scary, it is a metal coffin. Imagine having your blankets in there for 8 hours or however long it takes people to find you. Not the way I want to die.
Tynesha Claiborne
Tynesha Claiborne - Month ago
That "bed" looks like a booby trap
「Λ{The Enchanter}Λ」
Ah the mr rogers costume......

FluteGeek - Month ago
Well, I guess I can skip the funeral fees after an Earthquake and just bury myself
Seetiyan - Month ago
. . . But Jon's pajamas tho. Can I get a set of musical pajamas like that?
nursemedic17 - Month ago
I'd rather die in an earthquake than from suffocating in that bed lol
quest 77051
quest 77051 - Month ago
J H - Month ago
John Hayes II
John Hayes II - Month ago
Dean of Admissions looks like Funkhauser from Curb Your Enthusiasm. XD 😂😂 😂
BL2012 - Month ago
I never tire of Stephen's weird metaphors for Meanwhile
Baraka Ali
Baraka Ali - Month ago
Almagiri Mai
Almagiri Mai - Month ago
You some crazy dude, Colbert!
Gwen Walravens
Gwen Walravens - Month ago
Yes, hide in a metallic box so that rescue finders neither see or hear you. Can dogs still sniff your presence? At least make them neon color. Are they waterproof or is drowning an option?
Bobby Three Sticks
Bobby Three Sticks - 28 days ago
Well if it's Japan and you by the coast drowning is the only option
Kutlu Mızrak
Kutlu Mızrak - Month ago
That's a Turkish farm making the earthquake resistant beds.

If I know my people....

High standards
High standards - Month ago
Its "jerry rigged" not jury rigged".🙄🤯🤬😥
Mark Merithew
Mark Merithew - Month ago
Emily Black
Emily Black - Month ago
As someone named Emily who was rejected from UPenn , not once, but twice
jonathan newell
jonathan newell - Month ago
You deserve so many more likes for this .
thegaygaymerchannel - Month ago
I'm gay but I gotta admit that sexy Mr Roger's woman has a nice butt.
zztop3000 - Month ago
Ahahaha Whoopi Goldberg in the end
Gyst - Month ago
"Earthquake resistant bed" it's a coffin, appropriate.
Rowynne Crowley
Rowynne Crowley - Month ago
My problem with then earthquake bed. It sucks you in, closes, and then your house (or entire apt building) comes down on top of it, and now you can't get out, and rescuers can't find you cuz they can't hear you screaming.
Daniel - Month ago
best meanwhile yet, hands down.
S. D.
S. D. - Month ago
When Stephen Colbert is genuinely laughing, I cannot help but laugh as well.
Steph Ss
Steph Ss - Month ago
Those earthquake beds are from 2015.
LadyEvilest - Month ago
Ugh....I did curse it into existence! I once joked about a sexy Mr. Rogers costume thinking no one would be that crazy.
Leo Humbarelly
Leo Humbarelly - Month ago
Baptiste popping aaaall the emotions of a propper tripple A production.
Olaf Pijl
Olaf Pijl - Month ago
I'd be horrified to have sex on that bed. :/
Oliver Doki
Oliver Doki - Month ago
I can't believe only now is Dahir insaat making mainstream media. All of their designs are insane.
diase oner
diase oner - Month ago
The grave bed.
pixiniarts - Month ago
If the house is a rockin'
You'll find me in my metal fortress coffin...
quest 77051
quest 77051 - Month ago
2dasimmons - Month ago
So sad 😞 Couldn't they find a more shapely girl for ad??? C'mon 2019!
Dean William
Dean William - Month ago
He probably shouldnt put his head down there and bob it up n down. Looks like hes getting a protein shake.
Pat McClure
Pat McClure - Month ago
Go into the light until we meet again, that’s what the Korindian’s say again and again
Jonathan d'souza
Jonathan d'souza - Month ago
Need a compilation of all the meanwhile metaphors.
john sovinchi
john sovinchi - Month ago
When an earthquake occurs, they not only bury you under the rubble, but they bury you inside a coffin. Save everyone a lot of time
Michael Bender
Michael Bender - Month ago
Its getting weirder they need eath quake room along with jodie fosters panic room and a sexy room
needabettername - Month ago
Earthquake bed or auto-coffin?
Gabriela Fermin
Gabriela Fermin - Month ago
I have had this phone for 3 years and I have never turned the brightness up this much lol
JFB - Month ago
His reaction at the end sold it.
Delilah Weeks
Delilah Weeks - Month ago
NO way to that bed lol
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