Adum & Pals: Bird Box

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Jeremy Payne
Jeremy Payne - 6 часов назад
The children in this movie are props. They don't yell when things are scary, they show no emotion, and they're constantly used for artificial peril. I don't blame the child actors in the slightest. I also find the kids not having names to be a poorly executed and terribly thought out idea.
Jeremy Payne
Jeremy Payne - 6 часов назад
I can't help but find the horse references distracting. Especially when they shove the idea down your throat until Sarah Paulson dies, and then they completely forget about it.
venenocol - 9 часов назад
Axl kss gringo, eres tú?
Mario M
Mario M - 16 часов назад
these guys can say what they want about the movie but the soundtrack was good and they just want to act like pretentious smart asses if they say otherwise. People's actions are not always clever or well thought even in the real world so there is no absolute way to say what somebody would do in a post apocalyptic scenario but you can think of possible reactions though.
Joey St-Pierre
Joey St-Pierre - 21 час назад
Her sceleras magnified
Daniel axc
Daniel axc - День назад
Kurly Q
Kurly Q - День назад
You see, saying we are all going to die and to think about it before we go to sleep is the best outro. I am laughing and relating even tho I am going to have a panic attack about it before then remember that scene with the insta-chair death and laugh again before going to sleep.
Skyelar EmeryEagle
Skyelar EmeryEagle - День назад
Isn’t the girl in the car from Akita battle angel
Booker DeWitt 13
Booker DeWitt 13 - 2 дня назад
One of the dudes sounds just like Paul rudd
Nom du Clavier
Nom du Clavier - 2 дня назад
Slipped in a Wilhelm there
Davi Carvalho
Davi Carvalho - 4 дня назад
There's no button inside my building's garage, we open the door with a little remote control. But then, I live in Brazil, dunno how things work up there
mikeyp8044 - 4 дня назад
i watch movies, people need to stop hype level dick riding them. makes them look silly in the long run... also Triple Frontier makes this look more shit being a better netflix movie
Blueprint Tophat
Blueprint Tophat - 5 дней назад
9:02 and then kira yoshikage died.
Gabrielle Pegg
Gabrielle Pegg - 5 дней назад
So, um... the "twist ending" is that blind people can't see?
Koen Van Damme
Koen Van Damme - 5 дней назад
Top 5 Blind Guy Vine Growing Tips - Demons HATE Him!
_ CJEMM5D _ - 6 дней назад
Imagine if the monsters from this movie and a quiet place invaded at the same time as would be wiped off the face of the earth
_ CJEMM5D _ - 6 дней назад
I have one question how come some people kill themselves when they see the monster and others just go insane
_ CJEMM5D _ - 6 дней назад
I just realized that the names that she gave the kids are really dull, I mean boy and girl SERIOUSLY
_ CJEMM5D _ - 6 дней назад
6:36 don't trust dr. Wu he'll just make another sink hybrid with the monster mixed in
_ CJEMM5D _ - 6 дней назад
To be honest I think this movie is just a rip off of a quiet place just like umbrella academy is a glorified rip off of X-Men
DeepEye1994 - 8 дней назад
It's a shame this movie is awkwardly written and acted, because the concept and the way it treats the monsters as mysterious (sans the creepy drawings aka interpretations some victims made of them) is brilliant and almost does justice to Lovecraftian horror, I've seen an editorial praising that aspect and I agree. This movie should get remade, but with characters and dialogues that can be taken more seriously.
Jean Manes
Jean Manes - 8 дней назад
If Sandra was so ambivalent to having a kid why didn't she just get an abortion? It's not like she had a partner who wanted a kid
Skabanis Malaka
Skabanis Malaka - 9 дней назад
Jorge Esquivel
Jorge Esquivel - 9 дней назад
i'm surprised that someone with a mental illness like adam is not offended more by how shit this movie is while simultaneously being force fed some garbage about mental illness
poopty scoopty
poopty scoopty - 9 дней назад
Can we also talk about how the black guy seems to have found an infinite supply of supplements and kept his golds gym membership the entire apacolypse.
Pavle Vasiljevic
Pavle Vasiljevic - 10 дней назад
People think theyre cool and quirky for bashing people if they like a movie
Bob Freddy
Bob Freddy - 11 дней назад
Hilarious commentary!
Kujien - 11 дней назад
So this is quality these days, i'll be headed back to my cabin.
Jeremy Dirr
Jeremy Dirr - 11 дней назад
Damn, I thought this was a flawed, but okay movie the first time I saw it. But it really is shit, isn't it? I guess I like the idea of this psychological suicide spirit monsters, but the exectution of them fails miserably.
Serenity - 11 дней назад
DAS BOOTZ - 11 дней назад
Birdbox: When people aren't allowed to see they don't see race. #BurnDatCoal
ShojoBakunyu - 12 дней назад
"You're as bad of a parent as I thought you would be..." 🤣😂🤣
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia - 13 дней назад
10 Oscars.
*10 Goddamn Oscars.*
flying turtles
flying turtles - 13 дней назад
This movie is bullshit
BlueShit199 - 14 дней назад
Great, another gimmicky piece of shit movie that will get praise for having a stupid gimmick.
Hackie Puffs
Hackie Puffs - 14 дней назад
Still laughing at the “f*** the horse” bit 🤣🐴
Alan  Choi Chang
Alan Choi Chang - 15 дней назад
didnt they paint the windows? why is there still light coming through? and in the scene inside the car, you can clearly see its just newspaper...
ZeroKage69 - 16 дней назад
Did someone suggest Sandra Bullock wasn't fuckable or were they saying that John Krasinski was, because even at 54 Sandra Bullock is a damn MILF.
Christopher Pribble
Christopher Pribble - 16 дней назад
Can you guys do Independence Day: Resurgence?
Ozma - 17 дней назад
god i wish this was adum alone
Lil Package
Lil Package - 18 дней назад
The MC from don't breathe would have such an easy time lol
irry Uang
irry Uang - 18 дней назад
this movie is so dumb
GamePlayMetal - 19 дней назад
7:58 Fucking Wilhelm scream, seriously... it's 2019, stop with that shit
Arif - 19 дней назад
Sooo many memes and for what? A bland horror movie
MrRhysReviews - 20 дней назад
"Is that Law & Order SVU alumnis B. D. Wong?" hahaha litteraly what I'm thinking in my head EVERY TIME I see B. D. Wong in something other than SVU xD
Black Batman
Black Batman - 20 дней назад
Ashy Slashy
Ashy Slashy - 21 день назад
15:22 they totally misunderstood, that was just the first guy to see the "thing" and not kill himself
Tati D
Tati D - 22 дня назад
Hopefully this video doesn’t go viral cause the shit y’all are saying will have y’all apologizing for years
Mr All Awesome
Mr All Awesome - 12 дней назад
Not really
LegendofLegaia929 - 23 дня назад
Eww, did the movie really do a Wilhelm scream during the boat attack?
MrMethadrine - 23 дня назад
Stephanie Rachelle
Stephanie Rachelle - 24 дня назад
I think that if I just give them the benefit of "I'm so terrorized, I can't think strait" attitude as an excuse, I can see at least some quality in the movie, but, yeah, I did end up yelling "how can you be so stupid!" at the screen for most of it.... but I like the concept? idk I hate not having a solid opinion about things... so I guess I dislike this movie, but...??? Gosh darn it!
Aiber Lane
Aiber Lane - 24 дня назад
Why the fuck did this movie have a romance? It's really not the right setting for it.
swaggypirate - 24 дня назад
There's a lot of things I wish this movie did to make it better, but one thing I really wanted was them to give the creatures some backstory or reasoning. At least A Quiet Place showed you hints of the creatures being the result of an alien invasion, and there was also a weakness. A Quiet Place had a steady pace, and the reveal of a way to beat them was satisfying, and the characters were, y'know... actually appealing?
Bird Box... they're.... uh.......... ghosts? Demons? Aliens? Some mental epidemic of some sort? Why the hell are some people being possessed or go crazy rather than killing themselves? What's with the big chunk of people that killed Sandra Bullock's love interest being totally fine with looking? They didn't even go crazy like "Ow" guy did???? And what was the point of the kids besides giving Sandra Bullock some emotion?
If this movie focused on Sandra Bullock and her kids getting to the safe house alongside developing the actual monster, and not trying to give us this crazy assortment of characters we can't even keep track of and THEY CAN'T DEVELOP, I feel as if this movie would've been a lot better.
TL;DR, Emily Blunt cocking a shotgun to end A Quiet Place goes harder than all 2 hours of Bird Box
Callum Brown
Callum Brown - 24 дня назад
I try to learn hour bling people get on in the world and once I'm comfortable I think I'd just try to blind myself, assuming I can actually bring myself to do it
BackslideDan - 24 дня назад
The monster is 'The Redpill'.
All the POCs and Women kill themselves because they see it in the streets or on camera footage like when you watch ANTIFA or stupid nogs or recordings of heebs. The messengers of the monsters are all whites, save the one boomer conservative dumbass who won't get it because muh magic dirt free enterprise. The birds are blue, verified twitter good goys and (((fellow whites))) keeping watch for the dumb libshit masses.
Basically it's that the world is a lie, and libs would rather die than admit 13 do 50, or Hitler did nothing wrong. Only the blind and dumb will survive the great happening so the single mom thots can perserve as a #resistance.
Alex Akcan
Alex Akcan - 24 дня назад
Please more Netflix Movie Commentary 🎉
b r o t w o r m
b r o t w o r m - 24 дня назад
Cruz fire
Cruz fire - 24 дня назад
I’m sorry Adam. I loved this video, but I needed to dislike it so it’s now at 420 dislikes.
Lucas Mota
Lucas Mota - 24 дня назад
Their reaction to seeing MGK was gold
Bekah Basically
Bekah Basically - 25 дней назад
The one thing we actually don't know is how smart these creatures are! Unless anyone remembers something from the film that would point to that. So, it doesn't seem like they are clever enough to open doors or try door handles or anything like that, so why would they pull the blind folds off? I still think that's the one thing that they'd know about being creatures that kill people with sight, but it's a thought.
Every Day is Rex Manning Day
Every Day is Rex Manning Day - 25 дней назад
At least the commentary is equal to the movie.
Apollo Stratis
Apollo Stratis - 25 дней назад
NoW ThAt'S WhAt I cAlL D E L I C I O U S
Kveld - 26 дней назад
Pretty much it are better
Torba - 26 дней назад
I thought the thumbnail was Michael Jackson
wet hole
wet hole - 26 дней назад
Why didn't people just, like, keep their eyes closed all the time?
MrLego3160 - 26 дней назад
Because if you get driven the kind of crazy where you don't kill yourself you pull closed eyes open like what happened to that old woman
Haru Okumura
Haru Okumura - 26 дней назад
The Happening Cinematic Universe is shaping up to be amazing
Sean Duffy
Sean Duffy - 27 дней назад
Lost it at "Oscar nom noms"
אריאל ברקוביץ
אריאל ברקוביץ - 27 дней назад
bird box sucks
Koujoung - 27 дней назад
The fat jokes and racial jokes were kinda....meh. But overall funny enough I guess.
chinesecigarettes 00
chinesecigarettes 00 - 27 дней назад
Wait... Isn't this the same Sarah Bullocks who injects korean baby foreskin into her skin for infinite youth?
Mia Waffle
Mia Waffle - 27 дней назад
I know they’re just kind of joking yms seems to hate when movies don’t explain all of the lore behind it like he seems to think it makes it a bad movie if not everything about the world is explained but that’s some times a good thing the unknown is interesting ....
KrazyVideoChick - 27 дней назад
Another youtuber mentioned that the horses had to do with the Book of Revelation... I forget their screen name though. But they pointed out alot of symbolisms... it was actually very interesting.
PIT VIPER - 27 дней назад
It was terrible
Drake Deardorff
Drake Deardorff - 27 дней назад
Where's Daredevil and Stevie Wonder when you need them?
SandEcho - 28 дней назад
This snuck into Pewdiepie's latest video, around 7:35 in it.
RipleyandWeeds - 28 дней назад
The whole blind people being immune thing is almost identical to the 'terminally ill people don't become zombies' from World War Z.
Mimiyo - 28 дней назад
BigBigBigBigBigBigBigBigBigBigBigBigBigBigBigBig Anouncement
Michael Becherer
Michael Becherer - 28 дней назад
I'm gonna make a movie about monsters that kill you If you taste them.
Gutter Waif
Gutter Waif - 28 дней назад
Why didn't they just go all Bloodborne style and just blind themselves?
MrLego3160 - 26 дней назад
That's what people at the end safehouse do in the book and bullock briefly considered putting bleach into baby eyes
Razza Anonymous
Razza Anonymous - 28 дней назад
You can drink and still have a perfectly healthy baby. Just don't drink too much or it will grow up and suffer from thinking Bird Box is a good movie.
Forming Ink
Forming Ink - 28 дней назад
Only thing boy said was "Tom" dam dude only go like one line
Fluoride Jones
Fluoride Jones - 28 дней назад
"Bird Box" has that "Cell" money. Another fine production, if there ever was one. :)
gooieglopp - 29 дней назад
This movie was astonishingly bad. I was not expecting that.
sneef - 29 дней назад
yknow i cant help but feel this movie is sponsored by jeep somehow
Ironfish - 29 дней назад
Just waiting for the big reveal at the end when these guys keep mentioning blind people
SquealingTelevision - 29 дней назад
okay but what if you just have really bad eyesight.
MrLego3160 - 26 дней назад
You kill yourself, but badly.
Vetle Y-H
Vetle Y-H - 29 дней назад
Next movie: you can't smell, or else you just fucking die
That Space Mexican
That Space Mexican - 29 дней назад
So if demonic entities can rock a 2 ton vehicle, then why do they have to cause people to commit suicide to kill them? Why not take some initiative and fuck some shit up? Demons these days am i right
Haurenos The Warlock
Haurenos The Warlock - 29 дней назад
Cthulhu called he wants his followers back!
Anthony Kelly
Anthony Kelly - 29 дней назад
I swear your one loud friend nearly manages to ruin every one of these things
cam - 29 дней назад
i kinda lost my shit when the woman smashed her head into the glass and they said "whoops"
DailyDeusExMachina - 29 дней назад
Honestly thought this was okay, but the inconsistencies and the ending brought it down for me.
A Jim Fan
A Jim Fan - 29 дней назад
You know a movie is great when its inspired by M Night Shyalaman
It's like a quirky way to kill someone too!
"I'm gonna stab you with scissors. That's so quirky."
"Hehehe." *dies*
"I'm gonna clumsily reach for the shotgun. Good thing you're clumsy too!"
"Awww haha, I almost got it!"
*one hand fumbling with the trigger while the other guy is one hand fumbling with the end of the barrel; latter gets shot through the face*
19:00 - Maybe Sandra likes it rough. Know what I'm saying?
21:10 - Probably the best scene actually. It shows the kids are undeveloped as a result of trauma and whatever. At least THAT'S realistic I suppose.
LoveSkulls 13
LoveSkulls 13 - 29 дней назад
All Sandra Bullock had to do was not chirp her dialogue and refrain from shamelessly lip-synching a ‘50s song with a bunch of other aging broads, and suddenly, she’s a great actress.
mediaux - 29 дней назад
_her scelera was magnified.._
Eurotrash RC
Eurotrash RC - 29 дней назад
the most ridiculous part of this movie: Sandra Bullock playing a pregnant woman. Maybe get someone who hasn't clearly hit menopause for that role?
John Bot
John Bot - Месяц назад
Rough RUFF
Rough RUFF
Rough RUFF
Sammy Sam I am
Sammy Sam I am - Месяц назад
Tom is my slave name my real name is BOY
Hi - Месяц назад
Is this brad hall shoes
NotZay - Месяц назад
That woman is also from ER :)
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