Adum & Pals: Bird Box

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CJG G - 2 days ago
Love how Dragonage2ftw is the only one in this entire comment section that is "defending" this movie. And by "defending" I mean typing a comment that just says, "No ur wrong" with nothing else. Literally one of his responses is "Because it's a good movie." How fucking stupid is this man.
Anthony Glenn
Anthony Glenn - 2 days ago
Roll credits
Oliver P. Jenkins
Oliver P. Jenkins - 3 days ago
2:34 She looks like Michael Jackson.
Mcboyo TV
Mcboyo TV - 3 days ago
*Demon makes someone commit suicide* Character: *pulls out uno reverse card*
Yuki Myco
Yuki Myco - 3 days ago
This is how you act on your first viewing of a movie? No wonder you don't like movies. You don't just sit back and enjoy a movie.
JentaroTV - 4 days ago
"She's pregnant with octuplets."
"Two in her belly, one in her cheek."
"That she's storing for winter"
- YourMovieSucksDOTorg, 2019.
Mixed Bag Clips
Mixed Bag Clips - 4 days ago
Open your 👀
Fuzzy Dunlop
Fuzzy Dunlop - 5 days ago
For some reason I thought Travantes Rhodes played a character on The Wire and I was going to comment "I'm just happy more actors from The Wire are getting work" but that's not true - I guess they're not getting work. Sad times.
Mariojinn2 - 5 days ago
You guys are the best 😂😂
Sniblet - 5 days ago
Horse Box
lilitha swana
lilitha swana - 7 days ago
“I thought we put them in camps”
Pestilenssi - 10 days ago
"I thought my name was *bOOIIIIIIHHH* "
David Sumner
David Sumner - 11 days ago
7:56 The fucking Wilhelm Scream!
Gelatina_Royal - 12 days ago
I wish the movie was from a blind person's perspective
booar - 13 days ago
John Malkovich's "disdain for humanity" face looks like Shaq after licking a hot wing.
LightNessITA - 14 days ago
can I eat your baby lmao
Nurichbin Reel
Nurichbin Reel - 17 days ago
Wait these stupid demons are just a rip off ShyGuy. But instead of him heating your face you kill yourself. Thats lame.
DerAnanasKing - 17 days ago
I really liked the concept and idea of this movie, but its not executed very well.
Black Mage Supremacy
Black Mage Supremacy - 17 days ago
... and then the insane and the already blind took over Earth
Black Mage Supremacy
Black Mage Supremacy - 17 days ago
Yeah, that baby is fine after being in a car that does a somersault and other stuff, successful childing!
Bush Habitant
Bush Habitant - 18 days ago
Tom's necklace has a lot of meaning which you dummies didn't get (somewhere around 18:40) cuz u were too busy unjustifyingly shitting on the film
Matthew Marn
Matthew Marn - 18 days ago
1:19 plot twist: they are actually in a camp but that’s part of why they survive the demon apocalypse
Space Ghost
Space Ghost - 21 day ago
So, what they where trying with this movie was cosmic horror with the structure of a zombie outbreak movie, the "monsters" or "demons" are clearly suposed to be lovcraftian beings that cause people to go insane by just looking at them, and the crazy or susceptible to becom fixiated on them, right? Why is this so obvious to me? I don't think the movie is great when it comes to execution, but i meean it was goiing for something diferent riight? I think this negative reaction againts the movie just proves what Mr Plinket said, that people just like the dumb, simple and noncontroversial, because we are all average, sad thing because even Mike and Jay hated it. I'm not saying is great but, i meam Gravity isnt either, yet nobody, not even Adam reacted so bad at it, nobody raised and eyebrow even after wining so many oscars because the cinematography was beautiful, regardles of the movie being about a boring Sandra Bullet jumping from one space station to another, why? because is dumb, safe and not controversial.
Caleb Peacock
Caleb Peacock - 21 day ago
I just want to sit around a coffee table with these guys and make fun of movies for the rest of my life
Blu Girl
Blu Girl - 21 day ago
I like the movie. Few plot holes but eh I liked it
Jefrejtor - 21 day ago
I like your reviews, but watching a movie with you sucks.
Ailurophile - 21 day ago
Of course. The forced interracial black man-white woman couple.
Bush Habitant
Bush Habitant - 18 days ago
The only thing forced is your thumb up ur butt
kokich. arou
kokich. arou - 22 days ago
did anyone else notice the stock “pained man yelling” at around 7:58
Crusader - 24 days ago
i think bird box is over rated as hell
Tayler Packard
Tayler Packard - 25 days ago
Uh question, if Sandra Bullock's character is so not into the idea of having a baby but doesn't wanna give it up for adoption then why didn't she just get an abortion? Better question who the fuck is the father?
¿Do Geese See God?
¿Do Geese See God? - 28 days ago
The only good parts about this movie were the entertaining suicides, John Malkovich's O-face, and the hot black actor whose name I can't recall. Otherwise it was shit, 0/10, just a non-funny version of The Happening, boos all around.
t teeveey
t teeveey - 29 days ago
i DIED at the borat impressions 😂😂 my wife!!
iamkingofme - 29 days ago
if you pause @ 11:40 the mouse on the right look's crazy
minusseasons - Month ago
Okay but when are you doing a series on 13 Reasons Why?
Hassan Syed
Hassan Syed - Month ago
This is where the blind fool meme picture I see all the time came from?
Enrique Ganto
Enrique Ganto - Month ago
Jay Wright
Jay Wright - Month ago
80% of why the movie was so unenjoyable is that it feels like everybody is actively trying to outdo John Malkovich in being an unlikable character and an asshole.
supragino - Month ago
Those kids are blind, why are they even getting dressed? Am I right Adam?
Orgspasm - Month ago
Birdbox? More like It's Happening Again
Demented Duskull
Demented Duskull - Month ago
They made the monster a monster that kills you if you see it because they didn't want to spend money animating a CGI monster.
Demented Duskull
Demented Duskull - Month ago
Funny thing about this movie: the only reason the insane people exist is because the monster in this movie is ridiculously easy to avoid. Just block all the windows and you're good.
Bridgy McFly
Bridgy McFly - Month ago
HEY! at 6:18 that's TOM! I serve as a barista at a cafe he used to go to all the time, back in CT! I heard he had a big Youtube following and never got around to checking it out. He's a pistol! And he always treated the girls at the cafe very sweetly. :) That's too wild.
Stranger Jones
Stranger Jones - Month ago
i can't believe this crappy score was made by trent reznor and atticus ross
Turbo Laser Cum
Turbo Laser Cum - Month ago
is that 50 cent
DeathbyPixels - Month ago
Don’t keep birds in boxes, please.
Reynaldo Santiago
Reynaldo Santiago - Month ago
Don't fuck the horse leave the horse alone
CallMeDan - Month ago
there was a doggy
Arthur Delai
Arthur Delai - Month ago
Hey look, a bad movie based on a bad book with a good idea.
Jakezilla - Month ago
I Knew A Remake Of The Happening Would Happen At Some Point!
Javier Caballero
Javier Caballero - Month ago
Does the car want to kill itself now?
John-Arthur Grabham
John-Arthur Grabham - Month ago
Of you need your eyes open to make to the blind school why us the blind school built there.
Sept77 - Month ago
Why not just blind yourself? Pour bleach or something into your eyes, or get someone to cut them carefully, until you cant see anymore. What the fuck are the monsters gonna do then?
kenimaticjuggallo - Month ago
the unfortunate thing about this movie is that it's a horrible introduction to Lovecraftian horror, the whole idea of you see something so terrible that you go insane/die/commit suicide comes from Lovecraft, where the creatures are so inconceivably beyond us that they're considered gods by anyone that even learns about them (well usually it drives you insane) if you see them, you'll die at best. It's a cool idea, but this is the absolutely worst execution of the concept I've seen.

The notion that you can trick an eldritch monstrosity by just not looking at it is so damn stupid, it makes these supposedly amazingly powerful monsters just pathetic.
dabi time
dabi time - Month ago
Horse box?
Spottedfur - Month ago
I’m confused— is Mark back?? Or is there someone else in the video?
bluethundervideo - Month ago
No worries
Spottedfur - Month ago
bluethundervideo ah, ok. Sorry for the misunderstanding :(
bluethundervideo - Month ago
The two people in the video besides Adam are me (Scott) and Gael.
Brandon Rich
Brandon Rich - Month ago
This and stranger things are two Netflix originals that are extremely overrated and soooo basic I won’t waste my life on them but watch these YMS videos instead 👌
SOGINI12 - Month ago
Machine gun kelly for the win
Stuffed Gamer
Stuffed Gamer - Month ago
Fuck it let the black guy die last instead of first
Planet_Dawsey - Month ago
Birdbox + a quiete place = Helen Keller’s Life
Ernesto Ibarrola
Ernesto Ibarrola - Month ago
i would love to hang out with you guys
Kaffohrt - Month ago
just use flipphone cameras duh. I bet these blindfolds have higher resolutions than most pre smartphone cameras.
Planet_Dawsey - Month ago
When he said 2 in her belly 1 in her cheek I started wheezing uncontrollably
Impartial gamer444
Impartial gamer444 - Month ago
A quiet happening is a better name
Syd Beretta
Syd Beretta - Month ago
The old lady was in The Voices with Ryan Renoldys.
Perri Lewis
Perri Lewis - Month ago
So someone's stand is going nuts. Maybe a battle because there's two effects
Razi - Month ago
I have no idea why you all assumed so much about whatever things are driving people insane. The movie tells you almost nothing about them. We have no idea what they are, look like, or what their intentions are but you spent the whole time pointing out plot holes that were just based on assumptions about it
CJCatHead - 2 days ago
And that's why this movie is so bad, we have no idea about the basic rules that should be established, and in turn are just confused by what's happening, and how they all aren't dead yet.
April - Month ago
So yeah, the book, is decently written but has some major issues, but it at least explains a bit more on how the creatures work in the end, which explains why it doesn't use force.
The movie? They just fucked it up...
But then again, I didn't like the book to start with. Here we get books like Nick Cutters The Troop being ignored a/f but this crap is getting a film. Probably to actually compete with a quiet place and such =w=
Doki Doki
Doki Doki - Month ago
The Bird Box is liberal propaganda.
The old man was based and redpilled.
Leif Elsmo
Leif Elsmo - Month ago
I just realized the kids would have no idea how to swim.... this movie is so stupid that my brain had burnt out by the time that scene came. I just accepted that they somehow lived. Oof.
Anthony Gutierrez
Anthony Gutierrez - Month ago
Hold on... what the fuck did the monsters ACTUALLY DO!? As far as I just saw, they just kind of drifted around and "existed" outside of view in some scenes. They didn't attack anyone save for when they were in the car.
Anthony Gutierrez
Anthony Gutierrez - Month ago
+Alexandre Cauchon Maybe they're just tourists going around and seeing a whole new world for the first time, and the people who don't kill themselves go around trying to show people, "hey, calm down, they're just tourists".
Alexandre Cauchon
Alexandre Cauchon - Month ago
they just want to be looked at, I guess the best way to think of it is they are like evil fairies having their fun
Mackenzie Burton
Mackenzie Burton - Month ago
no wonder y my brothers said this was a stupib movie
Mirtsu - Month ago
Me the whole movie: "Just like... stab your eyes?"
denis - Month ago
Seriously, why was there rocks in that room ?
SladeBallard - Month ago
Elmir Seyfullayev
Elmir Seyfullayev - Month ago
This is the best way to watch movie that actually i don't wanna watch
Daiser Laser
Daiser Laser - 2 months ago
It can kill them through cameras, but it was broadcast on world wide news for weeks? Months? Before it got the the US???
Andrew Hershberger
Andrew Hershberger - 2 months ago
Did looking at the ground never occur to anyone? Also why have 'the birdbox' if you are just going to wear a blindfold all the time.
Alex Rees
Alex Rees - 2 months ago
Why do I get the feeling that the named this movie "Bird Box" because of people's current obsession with unboxing videos and monthly subscription boxes (I bet hearing the title alone makes basement dwellers salivate - Ingenious marketing).
Jeremy Payne
Jeremy Payne - 2 months ago
The children in this movie are props. They don't yell when things are scary, they show no emotion, and they're constantly used for artificial peril. I don't blame the child actors in the slightest. I also find the kids not having names to be a poorly executed and terribly thought out idea.
Jeremy Payne
Jeremy Payne - 2 months ago
I can't help but find the horse references distracting. Especially when they shove the idea down your throat until Sarah Paulson dies, and then they completely forget about it.
venenocol - 2 months ago
Axl kss gringo, eres tú?
Mario M
Mario M - 2 months ago
these guys can say what they want about the movie but the soundtrack was good and they just want to act like pretentious smart asses if they say otherwise. People's actions are not always clever or well thought even in the real world so there is no absolute way to say what somebody would do in a post apocalyptic scenario but you can think of possible reactions though.
Joey St-Pierre
Joey St-Pierre - 2 months ago
Her sceleras magnified
Daniel axc
Daniel axc - 2 months ago
Kurly Q
Kurly Q - 2 months ago
You see, saying we are all going to die and to think about it before we go to sleep is the best outro. I am laughing and relating even tho I am going to have a panic attack about it before then remember that scene with the insta-chair death and laugh again before going to sleep.
Skyelar EmeryEagle
Skyelar EmeryEagle - 2 months ago
Isn’t the girl in the car from Akita battle angel
Booker DeWitt 13
Booker DeWitt 13 - 2 months ago
One of the dudes sounds just like Paul rudd
Nom du Clavier
Nom du Clavier - 2 months ago
Slipped in a Wilhelm there
Davi Carvalho
Davi Carvalho - 2 months ago
There's no button inside my building's garage, we open the door with a little remote control. But then, I live in Brazil, dunno how things work up there
mikeyp8044 - 2 months ago
i watch movies, people need to stop hype level dick riding them. makes them look silly in the long run... also Triple Frontier makes this look more shit being a better netflix movie
Blueprint Tophat
Blueprint Tophat - 2 months ago
9:02 and then kira yoshikage died.
Gabrielle Pegg
Gabrielle Pegg - 2 months ago
So, um... the "twist ending" is that blind people can't see?
Koen Van Damme
Koen Van Damme - 2 months ago
Top 5 Blind Guy Vine Growing Tips - Demons HATE Him!
_ CJEMM5D _ - 2 months ago
Imagine if the monsters from this movie and a quiet place invaded at the same time as would be wiped off the face of the earth
_ CJEMM5D _ - 2 months ago
I have one question how come some people kill themselves when they see the monster and others just go insane
Red Tulips
Red Tulips - 16 days ago
if i remember correctly the "believers" were insane prior to exposure.
_ CJEMM5D _ - 2 months ago
I just realized that the names that she gave the kids are really dull, I mean boy and girl SERIOUSLY
_ CJEMM5D _ - 2 months ago
6:36 don't trust dr. Wu he'll just make another sink hybrid with the monster mixed in
_ CJEMM5D _ - 2 months ago
To be honest I think this movie is just a rip off of a quiet place just like umbrella academy is a glorified rip off of X-Men
DeepEye1994 - 2 months ago
It's a shame this movie is awkwardly written and acted, because the concept and the way it treats the monsters as mysterious (sans the creepy drawings aka interpretations some victims made of them) is brilliant and almost does justice to Lovecraftian horror, I've seen an editorial praising that aspect and I agree. This movie should get remade, but with characters and dialogues that can be taken more seriously.
Jean Manes
Jean Manes - 2 months ago
If Sandra was so ambivalent to having a kid why didn't she just get an abortion? It's not like she had a partner who wanted a kid
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