Paint with me ft intense procrastination

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Antisseptica - Month ago
Joana: *Recreates a famous painting*
"I'm never gonna do this again"
Jessie Dahl
Jessie Dahl - 4 days ago
did she really do that? would be cool
A - 13 days ago
So glad u didn’t add it OmG tHanKs FoR 27363 LiKes ❤️😃😃😃
Elijah Shoaga
Elijah Shoaga - 21 day ago
Have you ever sold a painting
im a worm
im a worm - 28 days ago
19k likes in 6 days... and JoanA liked
JBV Portman
JBV Portman - 29 days ago
EquineSatisfaction - 44 minutes ago
this young woman is a born entertainer.
Jude Esquivel
Jude Esquivel - Hour ago
When Joana talks about being an only child I'm like she must be so lonely but then I remembered I'm an only child and i am lonely
And I oop -
And I oop - - 3 hours ago
*Pourquoi est-ce que la description est en français?? 🤔 J’AI BESOIN DE RÉPONSES!*
matt 916
matt 916 - 13 hours ago
anyone know what nike shoes they are with the big swoosh?
James - 14 hours ago
I want my future daughter to be as awkward and nerdy as Joana
Grace Ansin
Grace Ansin - 17 hours ago
How can someone be so smart and talented?
kenn xiing
kenn xiing - 17 hours ago
omg i clicked on this vid thinking u was jenna marbles 😱
Aron 2me
Aron 2me - Day ago
You Always finish what you start!! I love this about you God Bless.
zatoriazatiria - Day ago
4:40 is sooooooooooooooooooooo funny to me 😅
Lucia Ibarra
Lucia Ibarra - Day ago
Sis you need to make a portrait of our lord and savior shek
Lirusha L.
Lirusha L. - Day ago
Joana: "I am not going to this again"
* 2 Video's Later: *
Joana: Whats up my dudes today I'll be painting Michael Jackson?!
Animal Lover
Animal Lover - Day ago
Newton’s 4 (not 3) laws
1. An object will not move unless one yeets at it
2. The thiccer one is, the faster one will fall
3. If one tries to end someone’s career, your’s will also end as a repercussion (see: exhibit James Charles)
4. One must “throw a dance party” when Billie Jean comes on
Animal Lover
Animal Lover - Day ago
These are John Cena’s laws
fernanda rocha machado
Why is the title in portuguese? Im so confused
Through the Telescope!
I’d like to see you do Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast 2017! He’s my favourite character and it would look so cool!
CommentCop Badge#666
Oh shit! You're in Toronto? Well you get a sub based on that alone. lol
alexander kian
alexander kian - 2 days ago
Joana: paint with me
Also Joana first 5 minutes: WERE ARE THE SIBLING TO THIS SHOE
Kpop4life - 2 days ago
I'm offended stop using big words
Lol English is my 2nd language
Duan Torruellas
Duan Torruellas - 2 days ago
End score by carmen , video was nice . Have a good night. Lol.
Cenko Lino
Cenko Lino - 2 days ago
A funny woman? You are the first female who earns my subscription. Congrats.
Undead Animations
Undead Animations - 2 days ago
Joana: I ate 3 avacados.... Gym time!
Me: *Eats an entire fast food chain* Time to watch Joana!
Robin Lee
Robin Lee - 2 days ago
wait paints did you use?
Lydia G
Lydia G - 2 days ago
toast your freakin bread for ur avocado toast and it’ll taste so much better girl
Ashley Correia
Ashley Correia - 3 days ago
Wait you don’t like avocado toast???
midnight eclipse
midnight eclipse - 3 days ago
I was painting during this video
Vasco Cruz
Vasco Cruz - 3 days ago
Me: *looks at the face* "Hm... not bad"
Also me: *looks at her neck* "Holy sh*t WTF"😬 11:26
Noelle Sung
Noelle Sung - 3 days ago
joanna's vocabularies makes me feel like i dont even know english
The Small Juice Box
The Small Juice Box - 3 days ago
Hey Joana! I was just wondering how you calculate your proportions. I don't know how I would do it....
Anwar Al asmi
Anwar Al asmi - 3 days ago
She Paints better than people that run actually art channels 😂 I’m looking at you Rae😂
Vicky Wei
Vicky Wei - 3 days ago
When it hits you that Joana only does art as a hobby/passion and she’s rly majoring in physics and astronomy...

Bluë Bërry Gachä
Bluë Bërry Gachä - 3 days ago
When you take it as a challenge
Dammit she’s back home already.
Sophia Castle
Sophia Castle - 3 days ago
This was a cinematic masterpiece
Memeilicous - 3 days ago
"I will use Jaclyn's hill new lipstick for the lips but I don't wanna get mold on the painting" I see shade thrown
Maureen Brown
Maureen Brown - 3 days ago
I see a resemblance.
KaleaStar - 3 days ago
suddenly my neighbors dog just started barking and for some reason it made me laugh. Like there is no reason for me to laugh at it
Danika Hammerschmidt
Danika Hammerschmidt - 4 days ago
John Cena's first sonnet
jictix - 4 days ago
3:24 thats a frickin meme right there
Darrel Leger
Darrel Leger - 4 days ago
The subtle shade joana shrows it just impressive
jupiter is a bean
jupiter is a bean - 4 days ago
how are you so good at painting
jupiter is a bean
jupiter is a bean - 4 days ago
Newton's four laws 😳😳 Newton is woke
Bam - 4 days ago
The entire time I thought you were using lapel mics
meat loaf
meat loaf - 4 days ago
Where do I get that matrix glasses?
paivaiva - 4 days ago
nobody gives comment about her biceps
IAM MEH - 4 days ago
At first glance I thought this was a Jenna Marbles new random video 😂
lena aguirre
lena aguirre - 4 days ago
Arel Enoc
Arel Enoc - 4 days ago
can you do a portrait of our lord mr world wide, pitbull
True2Live - 4 days ago
I genuinely don’t think this girls parents live in the same house lol
The Sponge
The Sponge - 4 days ago
sade Duka
sade Duka - 5 days ago
when she said “white girl hell hole” I thought she was going to say Lulu Lemon.
Chiara Tether
Chiara Tether - 5 days ago
9:33 ayeeeee we've got the same boring lock screen
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