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flex kid
flex kid - 4 months ago
Damn deshae was the first to do this prank now everyone doing it.
Itzmakarot - 2 months ago
flex kid nyyear and Jaylyn
Heldon Seiagy
Heldon Seiagy - 3 months ago
Not true boo😒
Thatz Cxpp
Thatz Cxpp - 3 months ago
Not true
Priscilla Green
Priscilla Green - Day ago
Lmmfao..Deshae beard was falling off
Roy Hawthorne
Roy Hawthorne - 2 days ago
How do you not realize that's Deshae?! SMH!😣
arianaa jay
arianaa jay - 2 days ago
“i’m 50, but i like my girls 18” 😹😹
Malvin Mhungu
Malvin Mhungu - 3 days ago
Call The Amber!!!!!!!! LMAOOOO
Matthew Haughton
Matthew Haughton - 6 days ago
Sound like old Nate Robinson from uncle drew 🤣
Herrname Naii
Herrname Naii - 7 days ago
Do this prank to Mel Mel
Jay Hamilton
Jay Hamilton - 12 days ago
What face wash do you use my guy 🧐
Shermzz shermzz
Shermzz shermzz - 12 days ago
Stay frostyyyyyyyy
Norma Jane
Norma Jane - 15 days ago
this had me laughing😂
Perry Plays
Perry Plays - 19 days ago
She not a millennial btw
Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez - 21 day ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂am dead
Christine Bangisa
Christine Bangisa - 21 day ago
Who else noticed his beard falling off😂🤦🏾‍♀️
Nehboo love
Nehboo love - 22 days ago
Brooklyn crazy!! She grabbed the wheel

Deshae: Girl you better let go!
lake neemykah
lake neemykah - 25 days ago
She said 12😭
LaShay Oreo
LaShay Oreo - 25 days ago
Screaming ...😂😂 shaking
Derrick Riley
Derrick Riley - 26 days ago
Just kidding
Derrick Riley
Derrick Riley - 26 days ago
He is all ways wearing a black shirt ya dig
Jasmine Mohammed
Jasmine Mohammed - Month ago
Haha i was lmao wen deashes beard was fallin off
Miya Puciaty
Miya Puciaty - Month ago
At 8:00 his beard is falling off 😂🤣
Zyriana Allen
Zyriana Allen - Month ago
Why are u cussing and your like 79
Macaela Walker
Macaela Walker - Month ago
Niyahzz - Month ago
kitty litty
kitty litty - Month ago
Yall are my favorite youtubers
McClure Girls
McClure Girls - Month ago
She said 12
Jeanette Uwineza
Jeanette Uwineza - Month ago
Low key/ haha
Slim Nasty Heart
Slim Nasty Heart - Month ago
Tyjon Hunter
Tyjon Hunter - Month ago
I can't believe she can't tell it's him.
Noah Smith
Noah Smith - Month ago
She knew when she first saw him
Life of Taiwo
Life of Taiwo - Month ago
Beard fallin off and everything .
Life of Taiwo
Life of Taiwo - Month ago
Why she sit in the front 😂😂 .
Kamshii - Month ago
She really 12 I thought she was like 14 or 15
namjoonsblackwife uwu
namjoonsblackwife uwu - Month ago
She's 15
Lil Nene Brb
Lil Nene Brb - Month ago
"The frick is a folk?!"😂😂
xsha_ - Month ago
its so obvious
Saishnie Pillay
Saishnie Pillay - Month ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂the way he dance and cough though
Tiava Duncan
Tiava Duncan - Month ago
MsFancy B. Morris
MsFancy B. Morris - Month ago
When he said R.Belly

His Mom: oh god
Angelica Flores
Angelica Flores - Month ago
She knew it was him... C’mon
Mike s
Mike s - Month ago
Good morning. My people The Power of Love no one can break it
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Nigga Penis Portable Phone Charger
8:26 she run like the AI in gta5 when you steal a car and they jump out the passenger seat
Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore - Month ago
When you was shaking tho
Chün Łi
Chün Łi - Month ago
The Beard Started Falling Off 😂😂
itstamiyah - Month ago
she definitely had to know it was deshae😭
Tim Draco
Tim Draco - Month ago
“ why u calling ya mom I’m probably her daddy” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ThePrincessAshlei - Month ago
Omg 😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
willy 4thgena vevo
willy 4thgena vevo - Month ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣bro the 🧔 fuckt up
Savage Tyra
Savage Tyra - Month ago
Heinrich Kasper
Heinrich Kasper - Month ago
Deshae look like uncle Drew bruhh 💪
Heinrich Kasper
Heinrich Kasper - Month ago
Yo Deshae so funny and lit 🐐
Pamela Thobela
Pamela Thobela - Month ago
Deshae;was is this time face?
Me:ohhhh facetime😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ta'Ja Manley
Ta'Ja Manley - 2 months ago
He should've wore glasses
Officialhonie - 2 months ago
Omg this was funny 😝 I'm 💀😂😂😂😂😂
thisis josh
thisis josh - 2 months ago
Is she really 12??????
Melanie Rodriguez
Melanie Rodriguez - 2 months ago
Brok really 12???
La LA - 2 months ago
*call an amber call an amber* 😂😂
Sydelle Líor
Sydelle Líor - 2 months ago
U can easily tell that’s dashae
ImRisqi X
ImRisqi X - 2 months ago
Deshae beard falling off I’m dead😂
v cry
v cry - 2 months ago
Lollllll he said i like my girls 18 R belly
Octavia Leon
Octavia Leon - 2 months ago
danielle mills
danielle mills - 2 months ago
Loool daumm
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