Euler's Disk

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Samuel Nelson
Samuel Nelson - 2 days ago
IT 2 be like
TenTheDesigner - 3 days ago
NO! Your name is NOT Michael Stevens it’s “Hey Vsauce Michael Here” 😡
Unknown Epic Face
Unknown Epic Face - 5 days ago
Did anyone win a starring contest with Michael?
Luke Hundley
Luke Hundley - 6 days ago
Thank you!
Itz Dioun
Itz Dioun - 6 days ago
2:04 he is having trauma from te gun sounds from world war 2
Expired Cornflakes
Expired Cornflakes - 7 days ago
Why are all the objects on the table moving every couple seconds

It’s making me uncomfortable
Sir Awesomeness
Sir Awesomeness - 10 days ago
The sound after 1:22 is so asmry
Marcel Moonen
Marcel Moonen - 10 days ago
Came for the science, entered an advertisement
Someone Unknown
Someone Unknown - 10 days ago
You are SO weird I love it!
Wise One
Wise One - 11 days ago
Why did America invade?
For the *Eul...*
Quiyum Gaming
Quiyum Gaming - 14 days ago
Big Bang Theory
Pankaj Goyal
Pankaj Goyal - 14 days ago
Best demonstration for gyroscopic effect......
Nik Sin
Nik Sin - 18 days ago
i want an edit of michael watching the disk spinning for 10 hours then he looks up slowly
sign543 - 19 days ago
And here I was thinking that it was....all about that base. 🤔
sign543 - 19 days ago
I wonder if anybody could even make it? Is the actual loss-of-energy-process a proprietary thing that is trademarked??
sign543 - 19 days ago
I was CRACKING UP during the stare and the spin 😆
NightSword - 21 day ago
Michael never came out of the isolation chamber. Only a mad scientist did. He gave up his life and sanity for science. We shall never forget his contribution to humanity. Now Kevin is the sole survivor of Vsauce. Michael, is gone. :C
Christian - 21 day ago
hey michael, stop making these horror films
Timothink - 22 days ago
Fidget toys:
Kids: Fidget spinners
Vsauce: Cardboard disk and a pencil
mario Cazares
mario Cazares - 22 days ago
That intro gave me life
yoshi - 23 days ago
why is nobody talking about 7:38?
Jayden Jones
Jayden Jones - 24 days ago
Hi dude, looks great! I’m looking to buy one off your website but there’s no indication of which currency it’s in? Is it AU?
Soren Gibbs
Soren Gibbs - 24 days ago
2:30 i laughed pretty hard
Ishari - 24 days ago
That baseball demonstration gave me KSP flashbacks
Petros Stefanidis
Petros Stefanidis - 26 days ago
Damn, I can't leave before it stops!
AwesomePow - 26 days ago
Kari Michalosky
Kari Michalosky - 26 days ago
2 minutes of this video is dedicated to Michael watching a circle spin. 👌
ethan alexander
ethan alexander - 27 days ago
Michael, blink, please. We're all worried
TYREKE - 27 days ago
2:28 who else was waiting for it to explode for some reason?
Michael Schwantz
Michael Schwantz - 27 days ago
That was cool and all but did anyone else think the tilt of the globe looked a little exaggerated
jarred marques
jarred marques - 28 days ago
Creep to the e
greyson daniels
greyson daniels - 29 days ago
Thanks for that overwhelming dose of anxiety lol
friendly911 OS
friendly911 OS - 29 days ago
Michael announces new Curiosity box "we only have a few units left", do you ever have an abundance of it left? no, it's a sale pitch.
"Browsing YouTube" ohh its Michael from VSauce let's see what he's talking about...
Opens videos immediately gets called "dingle ling"
Azazel - Month ago
Tim Laursen
Tim Laursen - Month ago
Did he just call me a dingeling?
MASOL - Month ago
2:24 someone do a 10 hour vers plz
Orphea Echelon
Orphea Echelon - Month ago
I... psst. You can't apply a constant force on one point of the spinning disc with your breath. I see like, what you're explaining? But this might cause hangups a little later for those you're teaching.
But please keep posting these. I mean, ...
Adults that need to hear this will hear it
hemant sharma
hemant sharma - Month ago
I gotta go and see Vsauce now !
Rory King
Rory King - Month ago
This guy, and Neil Degrasse Tyson in the same room educating would one of the funnest things to watch. Science is fun.
Shawna Graham
Shawna Graham - Month ago
I need that in my life!!!!!
Must get one!!!!!!
I stumbled onto your channel I’m glad I did. Really cool stuff!
G L - Month ago
Are you living back in the USA?
The Flying Pika
The Flying Pika - Month ago
2:03 it’s don’t hug me I’m scared all over again...
Dom Cristante
Dom Cristante - Month ago
heads up Micheal, RED cameras cost alot
James Reed
James Reed - Month ago
@ 2:04 we locked eyes, and something was shared.
kummer45 - Month ago
The video skips frames, obviously. That makes the movement of that disk so creepy. The sound of it hitting the surface makes it more frightening. The beauty of this is to describe it with Lagrange or Hamiltonian mechanics. However the practitioner will face elliptic integrals in the process. It becomes a true feat of physical mathematics. It is simply beautiful.

The description and simulation of this movement and behavior is a tour the force in computer physics animation and modeling.
Dutchys Packin
Dutchys Packin - Month ago
I have on3 of these
Left Hand mechanical Inc.
dead duck
dead duck - Month ago
Curious. Does this force work in space? Planetary/star.
Christ chris
Christ chris - Month ago
The sound the disk makes reminds me of a carburated inline 4
Khandaker Ahmed
Khandaker Ahmed - Month ago
Michael, thank you so very much for this intuitive demonstration of gyroscopic precession!
Please never stop!
mahdi rafatjah
mahdi rafatjah - Month ago
Why is that you insist on 90° ahead? It effects instantly though in time it progresses till we see it!
triz313 - Month ago
2:00-2:28 Hahahahahah! Make it stooooppppp.
ᖴᖇᗩᑕᎢᗩし Gaming
My D!NG :- 8||||||||||||D
Ghost E
Ghost E - Month ago
How does gravity effect matter in the longest long game? Like when we're old enough to be carbon dated. At least then, am I right?
Louis-Philippe Champagne
[Stares back]
Anthonyontv - Month ago
Creative Genius
Creative Genius - Month ago
I just realized that a Z sideways is a N 🙍‍♂️🤝👍
Capebuffelo - Month ago
That disk gave me a panic attack.
Olivia Blake
Olivia Blake - Month ago
1:22 I wonder what was going though micheals head as he was watching the disk spin
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