Euler's Disk

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Vijay Rathod
Vijay Rathod - 6 hours ago
Is Vsauce 1 dead?
J F - Day ago
5:28 I am erect.
Drewsta4 - Day ago
I want a curiosity box.
Funky Sagan Cat
Funky Sagan Cat - Day ago
Pennies are dirty Michael, you should not put one in your mouth
Blok Vader
Blok Vader - 2 days ago
I choked on my sandwich from that intro
Deus Vult
Deus Vult - 2 days ago
Bean bean
Bean bean - 2 days ago
When did Michael join Isis
The Top Hat Gentleman
The Top Hat Gentleman - 2 days ago
Yes, but have you ever spun a dice?
TenseMinecraft - 2 days ago
Me: sees the thumbnail
nobbie01 - 2 days ago
Wish this guy had been my Physics teacher in school.
X - 3 days ago
We've got to cut that beard it's making him insane the longer it grows the more insane he becomes
LqDunk - 3 days ago
I watched this at 3am after I woke up randomly, watching the disk spin around like that was trippy dude.
Levelmake - 3 days ago
HowToBasic is making normal videos because he is shooting his insanity into Michaels mind through radio waves.
ItsJustMilo - 4 days ago
I was watching this at night and it legit scared me. Awesome vid tho :D
Ismael Lopez
Ismael Lopez - 4 days ago
2:08 His face really scares
enderboy - 4 days ago
At first i thought its gonna blow up at 2:28
Death Candy
Death Candy - 5 days ago
Dude, just go back to Vsauce, that way we can have music in the background + intro and Outro + Hey Vsauce, Michael here!
juub TPT
juub TPT - 5 days ago
Can you cut your beard for a throw back video on the VSauce channel
Nexxus CaTz
Nexxus CaTz - 5 days ago
That spinning disk sounded like a helicopter but then it turned into a bike and then an F1 car so I'm now scared
Charlie Baby
Charlie Baby - 5 days ago
your fighting the algorithm
Missing Texture
Missing Texture - 6 days ago
0:26 when you see your friend in
Misty Swisty
Misty Swisty - 6 days ago
2:14 why he look so empty lol
RAAHIM - 6 days ago
Get someone who look at you like the way Michael's looking at that euler's disk.
TheDrunkinMunkee - 6 days ago
Euler's Disc: Staying a few steps ahead of your problems in a precessing downwards spiral.
Flamorus - 7 days ago
Gabriela Cisneros
Gabriela Cisneros - 7 days ago
disk: *spins*
autogenerated captions: *applause*
Yea No
Yea No - 8 days ago
Vertasium has a some what similar vid: and
123Crafterman Plays
123Crafterman Plays - 9 days ago

me, watching my food cook in the microwave: 1:23
Me Every Morning
Me Every Morning - 9 days ago
5:28 is a bit *KiNkY* don't ya think??
Penguin Gaming
Penguin Gaming - 9 days ago
I’m a dingaling now ig
Jose Carranza
Jose Carranza - 9 days ago
Still waiting for the beat to drop
GHT BUH 1 - 9 days ago
1:22 just why
nosey person
nosey person - 9 days ago
I am going to get one for when i am tripping balls on mushrooms
EnderBlazex - 9 days ago
I was going to post a meaningfull comment.... But just listen to this 5:28
Riza - 9 days ago
Minecraft bois staring at enderman first time
IM AN APE - 9 days ago
Disk: *spins*
Captions: *[Applause]*
Weeaboo Baguette
Weeaboo Baguette - 9 days ago
D!NG is my favourite Vsauce.
Nicholas Moffett
Nicholas Moffett - 9 days ago
can't wait to get an euler's disk then accidentally fling it across the room in an attempt to spin it
Craig Mooring
Craig Mooring - 9 days ago
Why didn't he call it 'Bendik's Disc'? Did he fear that it would be confused with William Bendix (who usually played guys of limited intelligence), than whom Euler is much cooler?
TheHAHA199 - 10 days ago
Spins disk* starts slowing down
Me: Well that didn’t last that long
Also me: Well fu#% me, look at it go!
Chris Williams
Chris Williams - 10 days ago
Every time he says Oiler's disc I cringe...
ZaTTy! - 10 days ago
Michael's beard is so majestic.
nafisbernafas - 10 days ago
I laughed at the first disk spinning part like a maniac and I'm not proud
RANJAN KUMAR SAHU - 10 days ago
Classical mechanics by Helbert Goldstein 😎
Kai Wigg
Kai Wigg - 10 days ago
You wanna play with my ding-a-ling, my ding-a-ling
Aaron Wyman
Aaron Wyman - 11 days ago
I wonder if you could do a similar experiment and demonstration/lesson that has to do with “counter-steering” in motorcycles. I’d love to see more scientific explanation of that
Libby Wood
Libby Wood - 11 days ago
Libby Wood
Libby Wood - 11 days ago
Michael toy yay 🤪👐
x1expert1x - 11 days ago
If u think of the universe as a 3-dimensional support vector machine, or the gradient of a neural network, then physics is the backpropagation optimization of gradient descent. In neural networks, to find the local minimum, you take steps in each direction, and if you pass the minimum, you take a smaller step back, and then you make a smaller step forward again and back again, again and again, until it reaches the minimum.

Love you VSAUCE!
Fred Quimby
Fred Quimby - 11 days ago
I can't understand that if you know so much of the theory you can't design this yourself
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