Sir Jedsalot
Sir Jedsalot - 3 months ago
You wore it better
Eric Smithburger
Eric Smithburger - 8 days ago
I love how ur a big time youtuber and you still like everyone's comments👏
ComedyRole6 - 25 days ago
Not hahahahahahahwahahah aaayayyyyyayayayyyyyyyyyyy KMN
Nathan Werth
Nathan Werth - Month ago
That statement is fault
Hollie Dinsdale
Hollie Dinsdale - Month ago
How dare you disrespect our queen, Dr phil. Don't worry oompavile is the princess and he is next in line
YewTail - Month ago
+Hexagon thx
Duckvlogs x
Duckvlogs x - 59 minutes ago
Dr fill wore it better
The Sun
The Sun - 13 hours ago
I ship this kid with the girl who killed her hamster with a flashlight
The Sun
The Sun - 13 hours ago
I ship this kid with the girl who killed her hamster
Gaming with Rhea
Gaming with Rhea - 14 hours ago
Your basically the best editor out there
Zenki - Day ago
Mother: um hey is it too late to get an abortion?
Doctor: sure how long has it been?
Mother: 12 years
Doctor: *pumps shotgun* were is it
Alexis Hatfield
Alexis Hatfield - 3 days ago
That intro was iconic. Period.
Darius Gomez
Darius Gomez - 4 days ago
Parent: He Is AddIcTeD To ViDiEo GaMeS, LeTs TaKe HiM tO dR. pHiLe
Jesse Burns
Jesse Burns - 4 days ago
Check yourself before you shrek yourself
Michael Degenhart
Michael Degenhart - 4 days ago
If you actually have a 97 IQ, I have a 135, according to a 100 question test i took online
Mac&Cheeese - 4 days ago
Oh~So you'll hit me..?Boi!!I'll slap you so hard that you'll be video games and become proper.
RP Gamer123
RP Gamer123 - 4 days ago
Bro my mom let's me do that stuff but I'm not addicted I'm in sports and I don't talk bad about women
Toxyuc _
Toxyuc _ - 4 days ago
I love you
X- Smile-X
X- Smile-X - 4 days ago
I could punch this kid at
least 13 times for saying the N WORD
Helen Ball
Helen Ball - 4 days ago
Dr Phil: where would you work
Oompaville: BROTHEL!!!
【i am fine】
【i am fine】 - 4 days ago
Where the link to this "Dr. Phil Game"?
Ninja Ninja
Ninja Ninja - 4 days ago
He gonna work at the The Brothel
Fox Lemons
Fox Lemons - 4 days ago
The blue box
The blue box - 5 days ago
Salty kids have migrated from minecraft to fortnite
Edgy Eggplant
Edgy Eggplant - 5 days ago
yes indeed
yes indeed - 5 days ago
I would actually rather have my child play grand theft auto instead of fortnite
Gacha Gurl
Gacha Gurl - 5 days ago
Kid : *pokes controller*
MOther : "Yes Dr phill? my son is addicted."
Evan Games
Evan Games - 5 days ago
Knock knock, who’s there video, video who, video games cause school shooters
Shay Ashford
Shay Ashford - 5 days ago
So ur a chicken??
Potato soop
Potato soop - 5 days ago
I’m not even 0:20 seconds in , I already died laughing and already liked and subbed , this is my first video from you , I love it
leugim gaming
leugim gaming - 5 days ago
I only play Gta 5 till this day because of my car meets and low STANCE cars.
I Have No Creativity
I Have No Creativity - 5 days ago
I don't see no Dr Phil game in the description
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 5 days ago
Im a fan of you, but i disliked this video bc you said something bad about gta
Dog Club
Dog Club - 5 days ago
When oompaville said who’s mustache is better it’s oompaville hundred percent even better them arthers mustache
CraZcatladee Studios
CraZcatladee Studios - 5 days ago
My eyebrows/lashes are like your epic mustache. Blonde for some reason. Although, you basically can't see them for me
fishing scarborough
fishing scarborough - 6 days ago
am sorry but u edited there voice to much i think that in siem of your viseo you take jokes to far like if u make a face u p,ay it in wierd ways for li,e 5 minutes and its reaally funny and i lqugh but then it just keeps on going
Nikoloz Natroshvili
Nikoloz Natroshvili - 6 days ago
Rench time àaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaa
UltimateShadowBoss AD
UltimateShadowBoss AD - 6 days ago
You can also set what time a child has to get off on xbox and there's no way to stop it
Mayo Man
Mayo Man - 6 days ago
Send em to the ranch
Mayo Pep
Mayo Pep - 6 days ago
Lol, another bad parent and a feminist
T60powerarmor 1
T60powerarmor 1 - 6 days ago
Mom: I'll take your stuff away.
Kid: NO!!!
me: *throws his stuff into a volcano*
Mom: hay, thanks.
Me: your welcome.
Kid: *jumps in and plays gta in the afterlife*
Confused Uncle
Confused Uncle - 6 days ago
Dr phil is oompaville called it
MusicProspers 6
MusicProspers 6 - 6 days ago
*sees video in recomended*
*clicks on video*
*relatively unamused*
"How tALL is Dr.Phil??"
*zooms in on Phil*
*cracks a smile*
Flaming_shadow Killer
Flaming_shadow Killer - 6 days ago
Hiperty hoprty lisen to me for there goes your little birdy
Titiryu Chakraborty
Titiryu Chakraborty - 6 days ago
If I did this even in my dreams. Today would be my 10th death anniversary.
HoriHero HH
HoriHero HH - 7 days ago
Press "F" To Pay Respect To *Wamen*
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - 7 days ago
Bruh don’t be dissin the homie doc Philip
Jackplays 99
Jackplays 99 - 7 days ago
Boy he shouldn’t play gta
Jackplays 99
Jackplays 99 - 7 days ago
If that kid breathes it is a thot
Sophia Hammes
Sophia Hammes - 7 days ago
Dis kid was probably Noobmaster69 in Endgame
nathan welch
nathan welch - 7 days ago
Get FBI up in their or Dr Phil
Lilith Ruetz
Lilith Ruetz - 7 days ago
Wow I thought my brother was crazy 😯 apparently I was wrong.
NUGGETS - 8 days ago
Doctor Phill: you can’t work,your 12

destroyer - 8 days ago
I wouldn't let my kid play fortnite because its trash
CAMOCOAT - 8 days ago
Just stop
CAMOCOAT - 8 days ago
You just spam edits
CAMOCOAT - 8 days ago
You aren’t funny
Soviet Dog
Soviet Dog - 8 days ago
Is it wrong for me to want to delete this child?
Tigerlover109 - 8 days ago
theres past 7.3k likes ;)))
enumclaw boys
enumclaw boys - 8 days ago
This is how liberals were created
sheepscousin spivey man and sully
There is nothing for the dr.phil game
happy llama
happy llama - 8 days ago
*Who actually look in the description for ‘The Dr Phil Game’....*
Min Yoonji
Min Yoonji - 8 days ago
You remind me of Pewdiepie
Salty Art
Salty Art - 8 days ago
Um, I'm scared
NorseKnight - 8 days ago
If I were this kids father I would pick him up by his throat, beat him against a brick wall, and kick him out of the house because I will not and cannot tolerate that behavior of bratty little tyrant
Earth Chan
Earth Chan - 8 days ago
Jeremiah Foote
Jeremiah Foote - 9 days ago
A bit late but I have a hypothesis that the mother just wanted to be on Dr. Phil
Bojan Dragojevic
Bojan Dragojevic - 9 days ago
I can do the John Cena you can't see me🖐️🖐️
Paws & Claws Animal Rescue Organization

Pykon - 9 days ago
Lets Double his like goal!
Christi Stephens
Christi Stephens - 9 days ago
Its bc he plays xbox
Jonathon Gregg
Jonathon Gregg - 10 days ago
paul van schaik
paul van schaik - 10 days ago
Let yo kid listen to scarlxrd, it's the cure for skuul shuutings
Kerri Skuce
Kerri Skuce - 10 days ago
Oompa says not to do stuff that’s addictive, but watching his vids is addicting.
Cosmic Kitty
Cosmic Kitty - 10 days ago
Give him the game boy instead
Jonathan Ramsey
Jonathan Ramsey - 11 days ago
He can work on a YouTube channel make vids
coroixiwa - 12 days ago
I think I know how that mom could've solved the problem on her own. Step One, go to your fuse box. Step Two, shut EVERYTHING down. Step Three, leave the house for a few hours. Step Four, sit son down and tell him exactly how the next few hours will pan out and tell him how you'll decide to turn power back on... Eventually... Maybe... Who knows when. Step Five, sit back and watch him slowly go through the stages of tantrum into realization that he messed up royally. Step Six, turn power back on. Repeat only when this happens again, and eventually he'll learn that if you go to the door where the box is that it means you're about to shut him down for a few hours.
subax3 rayy
subax3 rayy - 12 days ago
Look see I told you that you can't survive Xbox live for 1 minute especially 360
Marcus Pearson
Marcus Pearson - 12 days ago
Peasant ESCUSE ME😑😑😑😑😑
NoChannel Name
NoChannel Name - 12 days ago
Aubrey Walker
Aubrey Walker - 12 days ago
I would take that tv and smash it in front of him
Shrimp - 13 days ago
Artroina - 13 days ago
That intro Was SOOO funny
jabari kellam
jabari kellam - 13 days ago
U have to remember she most likely brought the game for him
Dingo the Shocktrooper
Dingo the Shocktrooper - 14 days ago
I don't want to sound like the Zodiac Killer: But killing is fun, take away the Zodiac Killer's mimic console away and maybe he'll behave
Dingo the Shocktrooper
Dingo the Shocktrooper - 14 days ago
Send that kid to Gulag, behavior like that in Russia is punishable by death. Does anyone know a more Russian way to put it?
Liam’s LEGO Stop Motion
Me: watches the first 20 seconds
Also me: I love it!!!
theron hester-payne
theron hester-payne - 14 days ago
Ashton. F.
Ashton. F. - 15 days ago
He’ll have to walk 100,000 dogs 🐕 🐶
Ashton. F.
Ashton. F. - 15 days ago
I hate that she says grand theft auto and not Grand Theft Auto 5
Mercury Hero gaming
Mercury Hero gaming - 15 days ago
I’m a kid
Live. Inc
Live. Inc - 15 days ago
Papa Oompsie is the new LiT dr. Phil
Jj Gatchalian
Jj Gatchalian - 15 days ago
I just love the ending of the video!!😋
Mr. FluffyDoge
Mr. FluffyDoge - 15 days ago
I wouldn't be surprised if this kid has ADHD
Mr. FluffyDoge
Mr. FluffyDoge - 15 days ago
Video games aren't the problem since most ppl don't do stuff bc of video games since their parents can do stuff to stop this like not do what your kid says
🖤Hannah._.banana🖤 - 15 days ago
I am disgusted with my age😂😂
Mr. FluffyDoge
Mr. FluffyDoge - 15 days ago
Please edit the video a little less bc it's annoying how much u edit
Pavit 926
Pavit 926 - 15 days ago
Wheres the link to the doctor Phill game
Toxic Gaming
Toxic Gaming - 16 days ago
The mom said he might become another school shooter worst mom ever I see why the kid acts like a brat
Parents fault
Alvaro H
Alvaro H - 16 days ago
this kid aint an epic gamer he a a controller n00b pc is s u p e r i o r
PP MAN - 16 days ago
peasant give me my *OREOS*
Mostafa Exploits
Mostafa Exploits - 16 days ago
Elijah Mataroa
Elijah Mataroa - 16 days ago
13:23 ya pitts crying mate :) lol, luv ur content
TyvonaX - 16 days ago
best intro 2019
LUNAROx227 YT - 17 days ago
Dr phill stache Oompa receding hairline
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