Brewstew - Crazy Customers

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Mateo - Day ago
The last guys probably the homeless guy from that one episode where brewstew picks up a homeless guy
Samuel Rice
Samuel Rice - Day ago
I know the feeling of shuttling crazy people around for a dealership and I had answers prepared for all of those questions
Aaliyah Strong
Aaliyah Strong - 2 days ago
Are we sure Tom wasn’t a pedophile? I’m not so sure 😂
Epictacoplayz - 2 days ago
Who has a big penis
Legendary Uber
Legendary Uber - 2 days ago
Im a mexican😎
The legendary Dominic Roy
2:04 how did he dare I am from Canada
Hostile Threat
Hostile Threat - 3 days ago
This comment section's not what it used to be
Michael Dixon
Michael Dixon - 4 days ago
Almost to a million subs
rescue08jr Gaming
rescue08jr Gaming - 5 days ago
By the way, republicans aren’t racist. We just oppose illegal immigration.
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown - 6 days ago
Mr. Mortega is right.
Alex Snappingturtle
Alex Snappingturtle - 6 days ago
I know he's telling the truth..I work in customer service and trust me. You think there's a glitch in the matrix because different people ask the exact same questions the exact same way. Same with "the jokes". That and uh. People are strange. Very, very strange.
SpikyTuber - 7 days ago
Abortion is murder and I have those exact pair of crocks. 👍
J Nuy
J Nuy - 7 days ago
2:02 oof
Me, a Canadian: when did that hate come from?
Chris Frank
Chris Frank - 7 days ago
2 genders ... 2 scoops.... 2 terms.. 2 walls... fuck Canada
Dennis Copp II
Dennis Copp II - 8 days ago
My father in law was a diesel mechanic and had a truck come in like Fred's. he left it in the lot and opened both doors then proceeded to blow it out with an industrial steam/pressure washer. needless to say both the driver and his boss were none to happy, well until the boss saw the bugs streaming out of the rig. needless to say the driver was charged a cleaning fee in addition to the repairs( that were in the cab, yuck).
jay g
jay g - 8 days ago
How is Mr. Martagan not Mexican lol
T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE - 8 days ago
Fred Arnold should be an uber driver, a work- at- home calling right there for ya. (the shit bucket is a one-star for sure.)
Poor Redneck World
Poor Redneck World - 8 days ago
Well this video is pure GOLD
And just so you know I took a screenshot of the truck house shit bucket mess.... I'm thinking T-shirt baby.
Got a few sayings to put on it. 😁😁😁
Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart - 9 days ago
2:23 so is it bad if i hed my zoroark plushie in the 2nd seat of the car? Jast asking.
Vent Jai
Vent Jai - 10 days ago
I have that same Magilla gorilla plush
Tavarnia Glenn
Tavarnia Glenn - 10 days ago
Fred didn’t want to live in his truck he was just a dumb greedy bastard who wouldn’t spend a scent on a living space
Bob Bob
Bob Bob - 10 days ago
Thank you for the pic of a bucket with Lindsey Lohan heads in it. I did not know I needed that in my life until I saw it.
Gorilla Man
Gorilla Man - 11 days ago
Alright alright alright my car broke so I killed a homeless man
William TOAD
William TOAD - 12 days ago
2:10 The Dude Abides
Hunter Trautman
Hunter Trautman - 12 days ago
Did you actually work at ford
Natureboy B
Natureboy B - 15 days ago
Have you ever tried stand up?
hn overdrive
hn overdrive - 15 days ago
1000 stuffed animals in the back pedophile confirmed
Theyodawg - 16 days ago
Best one I've seen so far
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez - 16 days ago
God you're videos r awesome make more
Dylan Aguilar
Dylan Aguilar - 18 days ago
3:40 is my garbage can
Cristopher Lopez
Cristopher Lopez - 18 days ago
F@$# Mr. Mortega
Apple Jane
Apple Jane - 18 days ago
Wait you have to drive them to there house but how do u get back to ur work
Amya. Sutton
Amya. Sutton - 19 days ago
LMFAO THE SHIT BUCKET I love when he adds pics in the vids 😂😂
Kurt Johnson
Kurt Johnson - 19 days ago
Mexican isn't a Race...……….
Colten Caswell
Colten Caswell - 19 days ago
Yea fuck those Canadians
Pug - Stash
Pug - Stash - 19 days ago
Me: *looks at date it was uploaded*
Me: *4/20 cRaZe iT*
mr untitled
mr untitled - 20 days ago
"buy Ford or be communist" fuckin amazing
Paul McKenna
Paul McKenna - 20 days ago
Petition to get brewstew to make a diss track on the all Storytime Animators he can get his stick figure hands on.
CHUBBYMON INC - 21 day ago
And OGs remember walker texas ranger the video the first videos
Azazel Thorne
Azazel Thorne - 21 day ago
Lindsey Lohan is a literal bucket of shit 🤡
Brent Borders
Brent Borders - 23 days ago
I’d love a bumper sticker that read “Hilary is a bitch” lol
ebola wizard
ebola wizard - 23 days ago
0:56 only brewstew OGs will remember her
Logan Morgan
Logan Morgan - 23 days ago
Trumps the best president we've had in a long time
Sierra Boothe
Sierra Boothe - 15 days ago
Thank you so much for being one of those people who are not afraid to say things like that
JPuggles - 15 days ago
100 percent agree!
the epic noob
the epic noob - 21 day ago
Yeah he is and these stupid ass liberals don't seem to understand that
Dominic McDonald
Dominic McDonald - 24 days ago
I've been watching you for so long my brother showed you you and I love you so much I love your videos and they're hecka funny I was just mad and I just watch this one and it made me happy again
Scary Pete
Scary Pete - 24 days ago
Well Mr Mortega you can go 🤬 yourself
xpizzaplace100 - 25 days ago
*plot twist* Fred went to the bank to Rob it
Mason Whitehead
Mason Whitehead - 25 days ago
Daniel Troyer
Daniel Troyer - 25 days ago
I'm 14 teen now and you pick my up when I was 6 with my adopted family
Articles of Demise
Articles of Demise - 26 days ago
Mr Ortega is a psycho, but I agree with some of his politics..
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith - 26 days ago
So when is BrewStew gonna RSVP to the cookout because he's invited?
I am Mexican if that guy has a problem with me I'll fight him
MotesYT - 26 days ago
Mortega was right, the Hybrido-caust is a hoax.
Micah Williams
Micah Williams - 29 days ago
Bret - 29 days ago
I work at pep boys I know these customers
Citari0 - 29 days ago
Trumps a legend.
Goth Gamer
Goth Gamer - 29 days ago
I'm going to watch this until I'm the 1mill person who watches this
Kaneistrash - 29 days ago
Dude I’m Mexican if I saw mr mortega I’d knock him tha fuck out and mortega is a Latino last name
Spence Dog vlogs
Spence Dog vlogs - Month ago
I am canadian you crazy mother fucker
Kadyn Smith
Kadyn Smith - Month ago
I don't mean to alarm you but Tom might be a pedophile.
Ps1 Hagrid
Ps1 Hagrid - Month ago
I bet that guy abducts kids and molests them with those plush toys
Alex Palacios
Alex Palacios - Month ago
Fuck that guy us Mexicans can do what we want fuck him
darryl graves
darryl graves - Month ago
a l r i g h t
Juan Nabor
Juan Nabor - Month ago
You know what is stupid people can be rasict but really they aint fully white i mean America was founded by imagrents
captain Tattertot
captain Tattertot - Month ago
Best episode ever
Ya boy Skinny penis
Ya boy Skinny penis - Month ago
Mr.mortaga il fucking beat your head in with a maple syrup bottle bc im Canadian
Michael McKisic
Michael McKisic - Month ago
Tom Plunkit looks like Steve Earle in "Leaves of Grass"
Thelitden - Month ago
Why are my type of people racist that’s assumption and stereotyping
Aviator Gamer
Aviator Gamer - Month ago
You have a ton of money saved up because you live in your truck. Think about it. No rent, no electric, no gas bill. Only the occasional truck repair bill and the need to eat. The savings would be through the fuckin roof
Uganda knuckles
Uganda knuckles - Month ago
Adam Woodward
Adam Woodward - Month ago
"Fred Arnold's Shit Wagon" 😂😂😂
matt richardson
matt richardson - Month ago
Forreal FUCK trump
Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown - Month ago
Shit wagon don't you mean shagging wagon
Mr Pickleman
Mr Pickleman - Month ago
Aw shit here we go again
Jackson Vickers
Jackson Vickers - Month ago
mr mortagen im canadian
ImInLoveWithMyBass - Month ago
If you believe that you need to go back to school he says this happens to make conservatives sound bad
YBL Mud - Month ago
GamingBeast _13
GamingBeast _13 - Month ago
Sounds like Michael would make great friends with the crazy people
Peanut Brain
Peanut Brain - Month ago
Fred: RVs are to expensive
People: well if you wanna live in a car get a RV
Fred: hold my shit
super gamer
super gamer - Month ago
Rico Suave
Rico Suave - Month ago
That racist guy would be murder by a whole bunch of mexicans.
Matthew Daniel Allee
Matthew Daniel Allee - Month ago
I feel that would make the situation worse. The media would be able to use it as fuel. “The Mexicans killed a wall supporter for using freedom of speech and expression! They’re dangerous!” or something like that.
Elmer - Month ago
Sup cunts
CrAzY Canadian
CrAzY Canadian - Month ago
Ow... my Canadian heart is hurt
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