Brewstew - Crazy Customers

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Marcus Roberson
Marcus Roberson - 46 minutes ago
The world needs more Brewstew videos 🙌🏽
Ricky Evans
Ricky Evans - Hour ago
All I want to know is where is Michael now
Jamarcus Washington
Jamarcus Washington - 3 hours ago
He hasn't posted in a month please post
You should meet up with your friends and play a game
i Chevrolet
i Chevrolet - 8 hours ago
Does he even make videos anymore
Vincent Dominguez
Vincent Dominguez - Day ago
I’m dying to watch the next video please make another video
frank paparo
frank paparo - Day ago
We need more vids
Alex .v.v
Alex .v.v - Day ago
The furst guys shud git 100 acrase the ass
cmrice _1854
cmrice _1854 - Day ago
Make a new video please
roham neshatizadeh
roham neshatizadeh - Day ago
how rude
us canadiens are dam nice to yall and that bitch says that well fuck that bitch 2:03
Lojic Gamer YT
Lojic Gamer YT - Day ago
Brewstew vs Octopie
natalie Cowell
natalie Cowell - Day ago
Please stop having so much of a family love your videos, and wish for more. If it helps as an idea, my husband is a commercial crab fisherman...maybe tell us a story about if you've ever been fishing?
Charlie Miesch
Charlie Miesch - Day ago
Hello , will you please upload more videos so I can have something to watch. Thanks
MOE LESTER - Day ago
intrusted - Day ago
he died
Dalton Eades
Dalton Eades - Day ago
águila - 2 days ago
Hheeyy where are you I crave for more content 😖😖😖
Holly Brock
Holly Brock - 2 days ago
I hate this youtube channel 😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤
Danny - Day ago
Then gtfo
Trigger Man 109
Trigger Man 109 - 2 days ago
man! that old man mortega is a genius!!
sahibjot singh
sahibjot singh - 2 days ago
did brewstew die? he hasnt been here for 4 weeks :P
Femf - 2 days ago
He needs to fix his grandma's toilet again
Lil Steal488
Lil Steal488 - 2 days ago
Make a new video fat ass
the n word
the n word - 2 days ago
It's been a month, upload.
MisterBanana 276
MisterBanana 276 - 2 days ago
Make more 13 o'clock news
Juliandoes Gaming05
Juliandoes Gaming05 - 2 days ago
what so funny is that fred's poop was in the haunted duplex next to tyler
ILikeFastVroom - 2 days ago
Are you in contact with any of your childhood friends cause danm I would love to know what Micheal would think of your videos
thotslayer69 - 2 days ago
Hamdan Syed
Hamdan Syed - 2 days ago
Us to be together and up
Alec Jarmuszewski
Alec Jarmuszewski - 2 days ago
It has been a while since we have seen a new video of you Brewstew. Out of curiosity when will you upload another video?
Donovan Lean
Donovan Lean - 3 days ago
I am Canadian
Coralee Moores
Coralee Moores - 3 days ago
OGS: homeless man on a quest for booty
Everyone else: O_O
James Guzman
James Guzman - 3 days ago
Frank Castle
Frank Castle - 3 days ago
I need to eat, I need to eat to live
Austinplays _
Austinplays _ - 3 days ago
For fuck sake is this guy dead
Kaiser - 3 days ago
“And fuck those Canadians to” lmao.
Al Dirty
Al Dirty - 3 days ago
Where's Brewstew?
Virus _
Virus _ - 4 days ago
Denzel Flores
Denzel Flores - 4 days ago
I am mexican
Chris Lee
Chris Lee - 4 days ago
dezz777gaming - 4 days ago
Ur trash ypu but
AliGamingZone_ x
AliGamingZone_ x - 5 days ago
To the 277 people who disliked this video. Y'all have no soul
dude with cheese
dude with cheese - 5 days ago
Micheal is like Kenny from south park
saike - 5 days ago
Please remove your videos where you use Religious Words/Names as jokes or joke about Them and where you use swear words in the same sentence as Them
Steve Allen
Steve Allen - 4 days ago
saike go fly a kite
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson - 5 days ago
Hahaha. Great video
Grigoriou Aggelos
Grigoriou Aggelos - 5 days ago
I just watched all your videos and i'm sad that i don't know what the fuck to watch anymore
Bryan playz
Bryan playz - 5 days ago
Wow I am Mexican....
Skeptix Official
Skeptix Official - 6 days ago
My class is stupid and overuses quotes from this channel.
averaged Hoe
averaged Hoe - 7 days ago
I like this guy but I'm a Trump supporter
SlashPlayz - 7 days ago
That dude is racist
charles doss
charles doss - 6 days ago
SyxToes - 7 days ago
Mexican and canadian aint a race. Get those dirty illegals out! Only moronic commies will be upset by this.
Acrosticc - 7 days ago
Are we ever gonna meet your childhood friends?
MAX THE OOFER OOF - 7 days ago
Morgan Dag
Morgan Dag - 7 days ago
Canada is awesome how dare he say that 😡
Morgan Dag
Morgan Dag - 6 days ago
Oh it’s joke ok then
Mrbeast His fan
Mrbeast His fan - 7 days ago
Not all some
Mrbeast His fan
Mrbeast His fan - 7 days ago
Like all the others
Mrbeast His fan
Mrbeast His fan - 7 days ago
Canada is ok
Mrbeast His fan
Mrbeast His fan - 7 days ago
Morgan Dag is this a joke
Mason Lewis
Mason Lewis - 7 days ago
Build 2 walls while there at it
Wobb82 Matt Christianson
Trump 👐
NINJA TRIHARD44 - 7 days ago
As someone that work at a dealership like Brewster here I can relate to a good amount of what he said
Joe studios
Joe studios - 8 days ago
Are you making future videos?
ArchieDog 101
ArchieDog 101 - 8 days ago
Hay lady I can smell color's
Oof Ree
Oof Ree - 8 days ago
You are hilarious
glenn symonds
glenn symonds - 8 days ago
i am a candia man
Rage slayer 69
Rage slayer 69 - 8 days ago
What in the Freddie Prinze Junior Froot Loops is going on
Parker Connolly
Parker Connolly - 8 days ago
Hey brewstew what is your opinion on modern gaming
Paul McKenna
Paul McKenna - 8 days ago
Disclaimer: I love Tyler’s work, but as everyone is, they have there little problems that could be improved a bit.
Voice: 6/10: sometimes annoying, I hope he calms down a bit.
Humor: 8/10: really funny, but sometimes it’s a bit repetitive and the cussing is sometimes unnecessary
Story: 10/10: I have to say, this is really nostalgic and refreshing since it gives me a bit of a nice feeling of when I watched “Crazy Customer Delight.” It’s an excellent and smart story. I can’t wait until part 2!
End grade: 8/10
Solutions: cuss every now and then, not every second. It kind of gets rid of the edge you have in most videos. The voice needs to CALM DOWN. Just make sure you’re not yelling in your goddamn blue yeti (I’m not sure).
Boyz Clan
Boyz Clan - 8 days ago
Brewster doesn’t upload for 3 weeks

Me:I’m gonna cold stone stunner his ass
Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell - 8 days ago
That has to be the grossest interior of a truck I have ever seen
Chronic jay
Chronic jay - 9 days ago
4:38 is it me or do the characters look like 2 nose holes and a mouth but I mean look I can't even make a stick figure so I can't jude
ghost pepper yt
ghost pepper yt - 9 days ago
I got ran over by a truck before owch
Outdoor Kid
Outdoor Kid - 9 days ago
It looks like there was a needle by the newspapers or is that just me
Dezzy Dezz
Dezzy Dezz - 9 days ago
do you still know michael
Max Grafenauer
Max Grafenauer - 9 days ago
LMAO that was so funny.and the ending . Everything hilarious. His truck was so messy to.
Justin Miller
Justin Miller - 9 days ago
Can you do a video on youre experience with all you can eat buffets.
FlogRocks - 9 days ago
okay so i understand being rich and making yourself look middle class, i get it, but why simulate that your poor? you have the money for a trailer or if you really wanna save money just get an RV. It’s literally a house on wheels
Emil Goldfire
Emil Goldfire - 9 days ago
I love your videoes
eagle-pie - 10 days ago
Dude i thught this video was made 2 months ago
Beard Dirt
Beard Dirt - 10 days ago
Should make a discord 😂
Mega Toy Reviews Reviews
Mega Toy Reviews Reviews - 10 days ago
Jon with no h
MrChet407 - 10 days ago
Rick gave you the stick
Connor Banks
Connor Banks - 10 days ago
Get him to 1m subscribers at the end of 2019
Lc2166632 Curtin
Lc2166632 Curtin - 10 days ago
Shut up uncle rick ur drunk
[ToXiC] CsR
[ToXiC] CsR - 10 days ago
Sub to Enrique claps
SPAZiNZ - 10 days ago
Tony-x92 - 10 days ago
Your like South park
But your actually funny 🤣🤣😂😂
Tyce Thiry
Tyce Thiry - 10 days ago
I love your videos you are super funny and I really hope you get to 1 million subscribers
The New Type Of News
The New Type Of News - 11 days ago
Tell a story about a bad haircut
madden vlogs
madden vlogs - 11 days ago
I'm f*****g Canadian you racist eh
Crimson Web
Crimson Web - 12 days ago
Yeah Fuck Those Canadians Even Tho Im One Of Those Polite Fuckers
iLamp P
iLamp P - 12 days ago
Damn these are so funny but dude is it just me that i look at their eyes and see a NOSE because the hole is so big like i can't even watch it properly anymore since i noticed it
Jerryskeeper O
Jerryskeeper O - 12 days ago
You are a comic genius
XPZ Vatiion
XPZ Vatiion - 12 days ago
Favorite story airport guns 😂😂😂
Mantas Krisciunas
Mantas Krisciunas - 12 days ago
I have now watched ur whole Channel
goat in a toat
goat in a toat - 12 days ago
60 year old man+white child molester van full of stuffed animals= child molester
Buddar - 12 days ago
Make one about summer camp
M. Paul X
M. Paul X - 13 days ago
Note to self: shit in a bucket, become it
Ravenea The Idiot with no Purpose in Life
3:08 makes sense
Jackielyn Lorenzo
Jackielyn Lorenzo - 13 days ago
Because you are not uploading anymore
Bloodwolf 720
Bloodwolf 720 - 13 days ago
Do you still talk to Micheal, David, and Steven w/ his brother to this day?
Robbie Huttel
Robbie Huttel - 13 days ago
Only popular person I’ve met was Robert D. Raford from the John Boy & Billy big show out of Charlotte, NC. He was a very cool guy. He told me that if you love what you do it’s never a job.
Paul Smith
Paul Smith - 13 days ago
Ryiken - 13 days ago
*who the fuck moved by bagilla gorilla*
Fortnite 123
Fortnite 123 - 13 days ago
Tom Plunkin Looks Like The Macho Man LOL
omar khan
omar khan - 13 days ago
Next videos