Italian Dressing Pasta Salad - Healthy Dish How to Make Pasta Salad

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Michael NONEYABUSINESS - 6 years ago
no, but it probably wont be as good. I always made mine with out mayo because I didn't know to add it until this video I am going to try this.
Elvira Casupanan
Elvira Casupanan - 6 years ago
Love it :)
PositifBeautee528 - 6 years ago
great video.
KiMO sMash
KiMO sMash - 6 years ago
Hes got sexy hands
TheBella3470 - 6 years ago
That's the first time I seen pasta salad with mayo and italian salad dressing, I make mines from the box with on italian dressing how does it taste with the mayo added?
maurice barnett
maurice barnett - 6 years ago
thanks alot because after watching this video im hungry as all hell O_O great vid though
MorganaQuestera Beauty Pageants
Let's say it's not that difficult making delicious dishes, but making delicious dishes that are HEALTHY is ART. Congratulations!
BTW, I loved the decoration with the tomato rose.
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