The Green New Deal, explained

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Vox - 6 months ago
If you want to read about the Green New Deal in the lens of the 2020 election, I recommend this piece explaining Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposal:

Inslee has the most ambitious climate proposals; it is, as Vox's David Roberts writes, the Green New Deal translated into policy.

For more from the rest of the 2020 democratic field, check out the Vox policy guide:

– Alvin
Kyle Mortensen
Kyle Mortensen - 12 days ago
Dude, Jay Inslee is a con artist.
Tony - 14 days ago
Climate Change is a HOAX!!!
Dianna Skare
Dianna Skare - 17 days ago
Derek Smidl
Derek Smidl - 2 months ago
@Xavier Soltero well this election will be Sanders' to lose so I'm good with that. Be as progressive as possible. Change the old ways of thought.
Derek Smidl
Derek Smidl - 2 months ago
@Henry Gustav you PAID 40K in?! Man I get like 800 some dollars back lol. Also I have energy efficient everything and I made the conscious decision to quit driving 3 years ago though I still keep the mustang for sentimental value. I waste water pretty badly but everything else I'm good with
stalwart tea kettle Potato
Yes comrade ,the 5 year plan , uh I mean the great leap forward uh I meant the green new deal is totally the best and only solution.
Kevin Frenyea
Kevin Frenyea - 6 hours ago
by peacewillow
by peacewillow - 16 hours ago
thank you for this. it really broke it down in a simply to understand way.
which makes it even more appalling to hear people attack it.
this is about human evolution....
can we evolve past egoic selfishness and greed to a place of egalitarianism and peace?
innovation will not stop. to the contrary, it will blossom while looking for solutions to our worst mess ups.
this plan sounds like an awesome first step to me....
you have to acknowledge a problem before you can even think about solving it.
10th Continent
10th Continent - 23 hours ago
Vote for Andrew Yang.
Ritchie Drummond
Ritchie Drummond - 4 days ago
Your 'science' is junk
Lizzie Rodda
Lizzie Rodda - 4 days ago
The fact that we still have to convince people that climate change is real is concerning
Kapitananime - 5 days ago
Jowlian - 2 days ago
@Kapitananime except they're not.
Kapitananime - 3 days ago
@Dave Chavez NO SEA fact the sea levels are lowering.
Dave Chavez
Dave Chavez - 3 days ago
Oh really? Where's your source to back your statement?
gorogo banab
gorogo banab - 6 days ago
still not endorsing AOC
I'm Not Telling You My Name
He said it's not legislation, but calls it a bill?
I'm Not Telling You My Name
@TypeRacer It implies hidden intent to make a law out of it
TypeRacer - 4 days ago
This is what you're taking out of the video? Sad
Antonio Iorio
Antonio Iorio - 6 days ago
Bernie 2020!
NiogHalvFemsProblemer - 7 days ago
Imagine Rhiana Gunn-Wright was President.
Jason Washington
Jason Washington - 7 days ago
The Americans that will be most vulnerable to this authoritarianism will be Americas poorest, good thing the Democrats run the most impoverished counties in this nation. They would have jurisdiction over thousands who would have no choice but to comply with less food options and forced public transportation. Are Democrats evil, or do we naturally gravitate willfully to slavery?
Youtube User
Youtube User - 7 days ago
Save yourself 7 minutes of your life and just google Agenda 2030. It's the same thing. United nations total control over everything and everyone.
Ben W
Ben W - 8 days ago
😔 thanks old ppl. I can’t wait for a fallout 4 type situation! Guess I better start training up, and make sure to not have any kids, I don’t want baggage to carry around
Guy Ture
Guy Ture - 8 days ago
if you watch in the beginning the graph goes in the mid eighties that's when we had a chance it's way too late now we've changed the climate too much already we just have to deal with the effects and try to slow it down
Futures - 9 days ago
it seems very odd to zoom in on one element fossil fuels as a cause of warming - the earth is a massive dynamic ever changing system with billions of inputs and outputs that we don't really understand
Ghost Viper
Ghost Viper - 9 days ago
I heard their plans to “protect” the citizens... but not how they will go about enacting those plans
Aidann - 7 days ago
Ghost Viper in which like half the video said how she is now coming up with ways on how the government will take action for the plan
Kayo - 9 days ago
Me: We all live on this speck of dust right?
Me: And the speck of dust is dying right?
Gov.: Mhm
Me: And we physically have the power to save it right?
Gov.: Mhm
Me: So why don't we?
Gov.: Nah, too expensive.
Pharoah M
Pharoah M - 9 days ago
Lol republicans are literally ruining the world
22Lightning - 9 days ago
The whole point that it is a "transition" means just that. A transition. We will fail horribly if we do not transition into this. We can get to 0 emissions, but if we think that it is going to happen overnight with no recoil, we will not succeed. It doesn't matter if we have goals to help the world when it is so in need of our help if we are stepping over the dead bodies of our population to do it. Look at China's environmental policy, look how it is failing. We cannot do that to ourselves in the pursuit of even the most altruistic of goals. However, if we transition properly, we can do it!
ÂfullmoonGtr - 9 days ago
the Green New Deal only a theorectical Band-Aid solution it will Not work ! ..the problem is far larger than burning fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions to take back the planet to a safe place ..the problem and the solution is identified in Bible based Apocalyptic Prophecies.... ..the solution cannot be of human origin must be of Divine origin ..because the underlying problem is that humanity lives in a world under Sin and Jesus Christ is preparing people for a message of His imminent Second Coming to Earth in Power and Great Glory in which the Earth will be consumed in fire and destroyed , much the same way the Earth was consumed with water and destroyed by Flood during the time of Noah ..and the only way to capture the attention of all peoples on the Earth through Emergency and Crisis ..and to have a message of solution of only Divine origin ..and that message and solution Is the message of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ ❣✝❣ ....
ThatGuyOnTheInternet - 9 days ago
People expect the American government to fix the environment but my city can’t even fix a pot hole
ThatGuyOnTheInternet - 7 days ago
Jason Washington lol true
Jason Washington
Jason Washington - 7 days ago
Democrats run cities into the ground, Chicago, Baltimore, Oakland, San Francisco, but they're perfect too engineer the plan to save and govern the planet?
yulianto rahardjo
yulianto rahardjo - 10 days ago
this green new deal can benefit oil producing country, since not much would interesting buying fosil fuel any more, so no more war in the name of oil field
Matthew McCabe
Matthew McCabe - 10 days ago
Its kinda like the Declaration of Independence but it’s for the us and climate change
KENJAAAHHHH - 10 days ago
if the sun will boil away the Earth anyways... and nothing is permanent....the universe is literally chaotic. Can we save a planet when it was doomed to begin with?
Robert N.
Robert N. - 9 days ago
These believe in Utopia so I'm afraid your perspective is lost on them.
charles sanchez
charles sanchez - 11 days ago
"This is wasteful spending!" Says the clowns who vote for increased useless military spending.
charles sanchez
charles sanchez - 3 days ago
@ew Yep. It's debt from our $7 trillion dollar war in Iraq.
ew - 3 days ago
@charles sanchez there is something called debt and it is increasing.
ThatGuyOnTheInternet - 9 days ago
@charles sanchez yes everything unless the spending is small like NASA funding and stuff like that
charles sanchez
charles sanchez - 9 days ago
ThatGuyOnTheInternet All spending?
ThatGuyOnTheInternet - 9 days ago
charles sanchez all spending needs to be cut
AirPodTheWorst - 11 days ago
and then companys will lobby it
John Mark
John Mark - 12 days ago
The proposal basically forces majority of people to abandon their source of income and put their trust in a well known corrupt government for their lives with no guarantee that climate change will change the way we want it to be. How much change does carbon affects it? Water affects climate at more than 50% while carbon affects it with just a small fraction.
charles sanchez
charles sanchez - 11 days ago
This is how slavery ended. Abandon your source of income- it's wrong. It's gonna collapse sooner or later.
denver miami
denver miami - 12 days ago
The green new deal wouldn't work and it will never be put to the test thank god
•Sam• - 13 days ago
You can’t just stop the climate from changing because it has Been happening for millions of years. The earth get warmer and colder over periods of time.
charles sanchez
charles sanchez - 10 days ago
Water So what is the answer?
•Sam• - 10 days ago
charles sanchez thank you for that, but the green new deal is certainly not the answer.
charles sanchez
charles sanchez - 11 days ago
Hey water. I want to educate you on something. I hope you'll listen. Here I go: Climate is not the same thing as TEMPERATURE. Hot and cold are temperatures. It's like when you touch ice and fire. Ice is cold. Fire is hot. Climate is something different. Climate is a pattern of weather. Climate change is when the patterns of weather start changing drastically. This is very bad. It will change the planet and the animals and plants and bugs that are important for the food chain. If bees and bugs can't pollinate our food, we will have no food. If it gets too hot, there will be no water to drink. It's very bad. Hope this changes your mind.
Bendy And His Friendzzz
Bendy And His Friendzzz - 13 days ago
Solution to Climate Change is already being worked on by billionaires. It's called Mars Colonization.
Emily Rushing-Stephens
Emily Rushing-Stephens - 13 days ago
I feel dumber having watched this crock. So basically you want to tell people what they can and can't drive or eat or how their home should function. This is all based on speculation. The words "could result" or "could casue" isn't a factual backing. It could also not happen as much as it could happen. This honeslty seems like a hostel take over to force Americans to live as a small group of people see fit for their personal opinion and polictal agenda. Thank you for sealing my Republican vote for 2020
charles sanchez
charles sanchez - 11 days ago
Hey Emily, we all live on the same planet. Should someone be able to freely pollute the ocean and destroy MY atmosphere? And if I tell them to stop, you will say "You want to tell people what they can and can't do?" Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. The earth is not yours. It is ours. We share the same water and same sky. You don't get to live in a world on your own, we need to live together.
Zachary Potter
Zachary Potter - 14 days ago
I guess you forgot to mention the mass migration from West Virginia...
avocadodab - 11 days ago
Zachary Potter that’s already happening. if we built a strong renewable industry in WV, people would mass migrate towards west virginia
Sicao is dead
Sicao is dead - 14 days ago
Realistically, it is far too late to save the planet without causing (any more) negative impact. More bad will happen, but it is about DAMAGE CONTROL. We must act NOW, in order to begin transitioning the human race to a live without carbon. Even if we act NOW, irreversible damage will still happen. We must all come together for the greater good, all make sacrifices and all learn how to live in a world without emissions (and jobs that involve emissions).
Robert N.
Robert N. - 9 days ago
Illusions of grandeur
squelette20 - 14 days ago
Hey Youtube, that ad for Black Friday after the video isn't helping
Mona Moore
Mona Moore - 14 days ago
*Socialist system economy and government is the answer*
Robert N.
Robert N. - 9 days ago
Rome Kostis
Rome Kostis - 14 days ago
I don't people realize this, but America doesn't create that much pollution compared to other countries. Even if the green new deal would work, China and India would still be polluting the earth
Lynette Hicks
Lynette Hicks - 15 days ago
We have no choice.
Robert N.
Robert N. - 9 days ago
Yes we do.
Ken Little
Ken Little - 15 days ago
Coal jobs are a prime example. There are more than ten times as many people working in renewable energy as are working in coal, and it's only going to go up. Maybe, I'm assuming here, but I figure if you're tough enough to mine coal, you're tough enough to install a solar panel.. Jus' sayin'
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