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3C Films
3C Films - 2 months ago
suhe ndar
suhe ndar - Month ago
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truthdemon - 2 months ago
Flourine is a biotoxin as researched in variousnpeer reviewed papers. Be a bit more respinsible in thisnday and age where it is common knowledge that flourine is and can be used a mass biopoison
Elise Davis
Elise Davis - 2 months ago
Andrea Garcia He gave his mother that look because he understood her real identity.
locafly - 2 months ago
3C Films where did you get “tethered” from?
Jennifer Mijares
Jennifer Mijares - Hour ago
That kid's theiry was amazing!👌
vora Mai
vora Mai - 4 hours ago
I ate a bunny before, I didn't know. I just finished watching this and can't wait to watch it again with a bowl of strawberries
The idiots are Winning
The idiots are Winning - 13 hours ago
Really weak and obviously flawed theory. The kid swapping out would of created a similar scenario as when Addy was switched. A mute freak that required years of rehabilitation. That would of been pretty damn noticeable. Pluto would also act a lot more human and most likely would of rejoined his family at the first opportunity at seeing them again. He certainly wouldn’t be acting the way he was, scampering around like an animal and what not.
Ana Gambale
Ana Gambale - 15 hours ago
"hell you can go ahead and paint these gold too" lmao
Elena Parra
Elena Parra - Day ago
This reminds me of deadpool kills deadpool
Elena Parra
Elena Parra - Day ago
That is fair because if the boy was the clone the mom is also the clone
Nixie Martian
Nixie Martian - Day ago
Flouride in the water being bad isn't a conspiracy. Flouride calcifies certain organs and now 48% of adults suffer from eroding of the teeth because of too much flouride in the water. The Gov says they keep it in the water for dental health.
TheJurnalyst - 2 days ago
That's why we have these plasma centers... If you donate plasma, you have a clone.
MrCrayEgg - 2 days ago
The Adelaide/Red twist was foreshallowed. Saw it from the very start!
Ash Andrea
Ash Andrea - 3 days ago
Fluoride affects your third eye (for those who believe in the third eye),the little girl makes that statement about Fluoride and no one pays attention because clearly there hasn't been a conversation or practice of spiritual knowledge in this family and Adelaide side eyes the father because she knows that her family is spiritually not woke
Zuse Godofwar
Zuse Godofwar - 4 days ago
I saw it, movie was ok at best, good storyline poor acting, similar to bird box a lot of hype for no impressive reason.
Tana Banana
Tana Banana - 4 days ago
Monsoon - 4 days ago
you got the Jason bit wrong. The summer before, he had done the trick. It had caused a fire and intense burns to his face. His mom helped him switch with his tether to look normal
223554545 - 5 days ago
Dad: Its like home alone
Boy,girl: what's home alone 🤔
AJ Grimes
AJ Grimes - 6 days ago
So the tethered are the replicas?
Slimm Liaa
Slimm Liaa - 7 days ago
The ending has me dying I was thinking the same thing
Sameer Thomas
Sameer Thomas - 8 days ago
I've heard the boy theory before. The biggest problem I have with it is the idea that the normal boy would become feral after only a year underground. Or that the mother could teach the son how to speak, but not the daughter.
ayyoob adams
ayyoob adams - 9 days ago
Also if the tether follows the movement of the real why didn't the real mother under not follow the thether
mpumi gama
mpumi gama - 9 days ago
Thank you so much... I was so lost at the end of the movie.... You've helped a lot
David Sierra
David Sierra - 10 days ago
Not the end of the world the end of USA actually
Dre TruStatement
Dre TruStatement - 11 days ago
I think I have an answer to one of your concerns about why the mom just never crawled out the tunnel. First off when she was taken by her doppelganger remember she was choked unconscious and dragged down and then handcuffed to a bed. That means she didnt know how to get out in the first place and the only way for her to escape was for their connection to be stronger. Which is why I feel the doppelganger truly didnt want to go back to the beach because she knew that the closer they got the connection got stronger and her returning to the beach would lead her out. If you notice that all the other humans/doppelgangers that we seen mimicking each other the night she was abducted were only people that was at the beach or near by. The guy jason saw with the bloody hands was IMOtge homeless guy that died but he was used to lure Jason son she could come closer to the mirror house/ portal so the real mother and her family could get out. Plus the escalator leading down the tunnel ONLY went down. We dont know how long she was handcuffed to that bed and all her motor skills was probably shot by then. As far why I think they all had matching suits I think they were left by the scientists who abandoned them. You cant make human clones and leave them naked
EsotericOccultist - 11 days ago
Full of plot holes and bad acting.
Jacob Hutton
Jacob Hutton - 13 days ago
When the Wilson’s are stopped on their way to the beach they see an ambulance and paramedics loading the old man with the Jeremiah 11:11 sign, who was killed by the “Tethered” old man that Jason sees on the beach.
No ones mentioned this?!
Harmony - 13 days ago
That makes sense, thats why Red was the only tether who was able to speak because she was switched with Adelaide. I dont think the boy I think his name was Jason, was switched because his tether was not able to speak. This is the craziest movie ending I have ever seen.
H.Cruzz10 - 13 days ago
This movie was garbage
Dream Realm Ent TV
Dream Realm Ent TV - 14 days ago
Wow. Good review. I wasn't crazy about it but now that you explained, I like & respect it a lot more.
Sarah Brooks
Sarah Brooks - 14 days ago
US= United States
TeaSizzle - 15 days ago
If the boy was switched out (and the burned face boy was "real") and the mom was switched out (and Red was "real") then the mom watching the boy burn in the car fire wouldn't care...cuz that's the "real" one burning, not her seems full of plot holes
Captain Bozas
Captain Bozas - 16 days ago
I also preferred building sand tunnels. So....
Kevin Blank
Kevin Blank - 17 days ago
I get it, this is Undertale but much darker.
Bsmider Smiderb
Bsmider Smiderb - 17 days ago
Y’all forgetting the actual point!!!!! The daughter is half tethered!!!! The son honestly he’s full tether I can’t explain how but he is that is not her actual birthed son idk anymore!!! Am I real???? Ohhh God
Dillian Stockman
Dillian Stockman - 17 days ago
You are very good my friend and correct other you tuber said the same thing but you explained it better
princessgiamia bend da knee
‘why didn’t the mom just ... get out ?
Diedra Swinnie
Diedra Swinnie - 18 days ago
Father: Bring me my bat!
Boy: What bat?
person: are you a tethered or a human
adelaide: yes
The real twist was that the "trackstar" daughter was terrible at running
Karl Pedraja
Karl Pedraja - 18 days ago
Why would the “original boy” follow the tethered one in the burning car scene?
Crocoshark - 19 days ago
I thought the scissors were leftover from surgical experiments that happened in the tunnels.
Marlena Napier
Marlena Napier - 19 days ago
I LUVVV your noticing that the son was previously switched- no one believed me on that. also, hands across America also seemed to symbolize how hypocritical the Reagan administration would be with their fake ass trickle down economics. That administration promoted hands across America while they were CUTTING -siscors,lol- funds for a lot of programs designed to stop hunger and help lower class folks. such a great movie. I also LUV ur take on connecting it to Get Out, clever, I believe it!!!!! u rock.
TwoStarII - 19 days ago
don't burn down our house
Kay boo
Kay boo - 20 days ago
But did anyone not notice the time in the car at the end, 11:11 but AM in this case
Smot Butterman
Smot Butterman - 20 days ago
Also, US is the United States.
Leandro Mauregui
Leandro Mauregui - 20 days ago
Nah i don't subscribe to the son switch, but nice try.
Nurbolat Bazarbayev
Nurbolat Bazarbayev - 20 days ago
Still 911 didn't show up strucks me hard
reptilexcq2 - 20 days ago
This movie is a total garbage. I thought after watching GET OUT that I would be seeing another excellent movie. I cannot be anymore wrong. This movie try too hard to be scary. I spent 1 hr watching it and it was cool in the beginning trying to build up story and everything. It was still good up to the point where they were in the house and another similar looking family threaten them. But after's getting ridiculous when they have another similar looking family attack another family. When it got to the point where the 2 white sisters stab another white sisters and smiling while doing it, i was like is this movie supposed to be a joke, funny? Is it supposed to be comedy horror film? I never seen one if that's the case and I don't think this movie is made that way. But holy crap, it looks so amatuerish, so lame, so stupid, it makes me question the entire movie what were they thinking? I had to stop watching after that point. They're trying too hard to be scary and it failed miserably. First of all, why do they think it is scary by having two white sisters out of no where stabbing another white sisters? It isn't for's stupid, the whole thing is just lame.
Is this the Camera??
Is this the Camera?? - 20 days ago
The cops never showed even though they said they will be there in 15 minutes
commentasyouseefit - 20 days ago
Didn't like the movie at all. Usually would watch a movie i didn't like again to give it another chance...but not this one. Glad i didn't catch it at the theater.
Eating to Live
Eating to Live - 21 day ago
Just a random question, and I hope someone can provide an interpretation - if Adelaide is really a tethered, how is she able to make Red dance below ground? I thought the experiment was failed... Or were there perhaps some tethered that were capable of controlling their untethered counterparts, and she happened to be one? Red also said that she was forced to have children and be partnered with Abraham because of Adelaide's choices in the above world. But if she was really untethered, why was she bound by Adelaide's choices? Seems like Adelaide was quite capable of controlling her counterpart after all. Any input would be appreciated. Still unpacking all the details...
Eating to Live
Eating to Live - 19 days ago
@Kay boo thanks! I really do appreciate your take on it, and think you're right. Given the right conditions/opportunities the real Adelaide was able to thrive and gain the upper hand over Red. Such a realistic and also sad depiction of some societies. Thanks again!
Kay boo
Kay boo - 19 days ago
My interpretation on this would be given the chance a less privileged person (in this case the real red) can become successful, excel or live a prosperous life given the same means and opportunities as their "upper class" counterparts. So in this case the real red adapted, thrived and lived to raise a "normal" family while red was forced to adopt a life she was thrust upon so since both are still tethered the roles were reversed along the way as the real red was now the one who had control as she was the one who progressed and excelled in life (deemed superior) while red was left with her last memories and doomed to dwell with the clones and become a product of her environment. A change or shift in control if you will as the real red now has the steering wheel. I guess it's one of the messages Peele was trying to get across without being too direct and I think it reflects the hands across America campaign that was aimed at tackling the homeless. I guess any of US can become homeless at anytime and vice versa given the proper channels. I understand it but sometimes it's hard to put it in to words so I hope I gave you some insight as it's a lot to get through✌️
Bernae Jacobin
Bernae Jacobin - 21 day ago
Damn you're stupid af
Makayla Johnson
Makayla Johnson - 21 day ago
I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this but what are the tethered going to do after they kill everyone like they can’t even function right😂😂😂
Shareeka David
Shareeka David - 22 days ago
Amazing on the boy wow no one else broke that down
Tyler Brisben
Tyler Brisben - 22 days ago
Gabe: Who are you people?
Red: We’re Americans

My theatre (in Canada): *dies of laughter*
I'm so in love with the open discussions, theories and commentary
xamurai00 - 22 days ago
Makes sense that there are more tethers that were switched. otherwise its just dumb AF that 300 million tethers got their hands on 300 million scissors and red suits.
Abbyy Wabbyy
Abbyy Wabbyy - 23 days ago
I peeped the mom was the doopleganger from the start. Idk but it was just her expressions amd jumpy actions and she became real edgy. Idk but something told me that she prolly switched positions with the real girl.
Tfue chap and liquid
Tfue chap and liquid - 23 days ago
Its was supposed to tell you that you should feed the good wolf or the bad wolf more or less
Loayerer Loayerer
Loayerer Loayerer - 23 days ago
Alexa call th..e police...

Alexa: fuck the police bitch
AgeofAeon - 23 days ago
One of the worst movies ever made. 2 out of 10. Not even as good as sharknado which was horrible.
Dean Krol
Dean Krol - 24 days ago
Despite the fact I enjoyed both Get out and Us, I have to say that both films were way too overblown. Yes they were enjoyable, sometimes tense and made big political and racial statements (which I am getting quite fed up with if I'm honest, there's more equality across the board these days, so why this subject keeps being rammed down everyones throats is a joke Imagine a film like Get out but with the racial theme switched, there'd be uproar, it would be classed as completely racist). But the movies themselves were not masterpieces by any means, they both had holes, both has things you could pick at and so why they've been made out to be the best thing since sliced bread I'll never understand. Neither film is Oscar worthy and neither film is terrifying or even mildly scary for that matter. Like I say, good films but massively overhyped IMO. It seems like these days, whenever a black director makes a movie aiming digs at white supremacy or class divide everyone jumps up and shouts "classic" and the internet goes into meltdown. Most black people I know have better cars, a bigger house and more money than me so I might make a film about how unfair that is lol Even poor black guys have 20 inch dicks, so I just can't give them any sympathy no matter what walk of life they come from, I just think "you jammy bastards, I want a 20 inch dinger" :)
Endoe Kronic
Endoe Kronic - 25 days ago
Fluoride is a real threat Asshole!!! Do your research!! Higher doses are UNSAFE and can weaken bones and ligaments, and cause muscle weakness and nervous system problems. High doses of fluoride in children before their permanent teeth come through the gums can cause tooth discoloration. I don't need science to tell me CHEMICALS are bad!!!
Apple Head
Apple Head - 20 days ago
Shut up endoe u cuck
1980Nicoletta - 26 days ago
Really small discovery. @3:06 kitty has her lip gloss next to her wine glass.
Icefreezyninja2000 YT
Icefreezyninja2000 YT - 29 days ago
Instead of going to the movies and watch the movie we're else can u find the full movie
Angelica France
Angelica France - Month ago
Great theory on the boy being switched!
Jose Magallon
Jose Magallon - Month ago
Visitor from Canada: what the fuck why there’s bodies everywhere?
Noah Mallory
Noah Mallory - Month ago
I saw this in the movies 😂 and it ended at 11:11 PM!
Noah Mallory
Noah Mallory - Month ago
Who noticed this too
Sherry Huggi-Ma
Sherry Huggi-Ma - Month ago
So what did the underground rabbits eat? And couldn't the tethered people eat what the rabbits ate since rabbits eat vegetables?
Gabrielle D
Gabrielle D - Month ago
Man this helped so much💀💀❤️
your average anxious commenter
Did anyone else guess from the beginning Adelaide was switched?
Mayte Resendez
Mayte Resendez - Month ago
ive just watched the movie... im scared, can't sleep :(((
PolloLeche - Month ago
Lol thanks for letting me know that this was another black superiority movie. Definitely won’t watch it now. Fuckin dog shit hypocritical BS.
bailey howard
bailey howard - Month ago
who else been singing “i got fiveee on it” ever since the trailer came out?
Cindi Sullivan
Cindi Sullivan - Month ago
Plus the title is U S. United States
Cindi Sullivan
Cindi Sullivan - Month ago
The water shit is truth bro
Muppouni - Month ago
You forgot the fact he was looking at her like “bruh” at the end of the movie?
Madhatter - Month ago
The plot twist was clever, they hinted at it throughout the movie.. I knew it as soon as she went back to get the car keys and she was killing the other family and she made the grunting noises.. but that was just because im a horror fanatic. The movie lost its scare appeal though when they involved everyone as what makes a horror scary is being isolated or alone in a situation but everyone was experiencing it like an apocalypse. But that being said it was really really good.
Kyle Hill
Kyle Hill - Month ago
on the stuff you didnt like, heres just what im thinkin: i would think the red suits were what the original clones were given or sumn like that. also there were references from both red and non tethered people of the holding hands at the end being like a performance art piece, so the scissors would be representative of cutting out paper people holding hands. havent thought out where they got them tho, maybe scissors were the only sharp tools they had access to by coincidence, like a scissors manufacturing company transported their crates underground & over time they copped all the scissors they used? With red not leaving the tunnel after being switched, before going into the tunnel she barely spoke, just watching her father have fun while she passively observed. she probably didnt think to do anything when she was underground until she had spent enough time there to have pity on everyone and form a plan to save them all. ionno, just walked out the theater an hour ago but thats what im thinkin rn
Amanda C.
Amanda C. - Month ago
Good to have it explained blow by blow w/ photos. Was a waste of my time as I didn't see all those things.
An Nn
An Nn - Month ago
Another thing is that the man on the boardwalk holding the sign that says Jeremiah 11:11 relates back to when Jason says to Adelaide on his bed, “hey look it’s 11:11” on the clock.
Neil Lasrado
Neil Lasrado - Month ago
I just thought Zora and Jason we're half tethered.
sami justine
sami justine - Month ago
They are
Jazlynn ConoverJohnson
This movie is just incredible with an amazing twist to it at the end. And everything makes sense which makes the movie soooo gooood. Ill probably watch it 5 more times lol
Raheem Da Goat
Raheem Da Goat - Month ago
I got 5 on it. Who trying to match?
zachary morris
zachary morris - Month ago
This movie was great
Likely Jules TV
Likely Jules TV - Month ago
Wouldn't ak-47's be alot less easy to carry just taking into account how fast the tethered moved. How could the tethered daughter climb up the tree the way she did while holding an ak pistol vs scissors ?
Bleh BlehBleh
Bleh BlehBleh - Month ago
She can’t speak well also because she’s was choked
PJ Ruff
PJ Ruff - Month ago
my theory for the little boy was that he was just half tethered because of his mom
Chelsy Brianna
Chelsy Brianna - Month ago
This is my fav movie😍💕but like I don’t understand why the replica of all people had to
Kill them if they only problem was the mother and the son🤷🏽‍♀️😂❤️but I love this movie😂😍✨
Sarah Halwachi
Sarah Halwachi - Month ago
I love spoilers
OBEYtheRebels - Month ago
Uhh she didn’t leave because got choked out and dragged to the underground and handcuffed to the bed...she didn’t know where she was until she woke up
Paulajo Pena
Paulajo Pena - Month ago
Didn't like it! Stupid-to far fetched for me!
Majestyy Vee
Majestyy Vee - Month ago
Fluoride affects your fertility. Fact.
BlairBear - Month ago
Surveys have found that 1/10 children are tethers
Nickay Munro
Nickay Munro - Month ago
Carlito Lovely
Carlito Lovely - Month ago
So lost!! amazing how u view the movie so different wow!!
Vincent T
Vincent T - Month ago
How does the mimicking of movement work in the film because there are too many plot holes. Typically a real person can control the tethered counter part right? But if Adelaide is actually a tether then how come she can control Red (a real person) below ground because Red could mimick the ballet that adelaide performed
Vincent T
Vincent T - Month ago
why does it matter that she's vegan? where in the movie does she not feel okay or show signs that eating meat is not okay with her? Because it seems like hes pulling this shit out his ass bruh
TabularJoker :Random Videos
Going into the movie.I thought that the whole family were the real tethered.But by the first minute, I changed my theory for only the mom being the true tethered.And boy when I saw the ending.......
UncertainMaterial - Month ago
ART GRAPHER - Month ago
the US movie only made sense to Pelle...theres was no direct reasoning to this movie unless I was in a sunken place with a red onezz on...
Vincent Ramirez
Vincent Ramirez - Month ago
I finally had a chance to see the movie and you did a great job of recapping and putting some theroies together. Not sure if it's been mentioned before in comments but in the beginning when Adelaide is watching the "Hands Across America" the movie box for C.H.U.D. is sitting next to the T.V. I saw this and it hinted at some for shadowing to the plot. Especially after the intro about the underground tunnels.
Jada Spade
Jada Spade - Month ago
If they were both switched out than how was the real son the clones son since she said “ no” that explained part was backwards
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones - Month ago
Exactly people are so brain washed by the government that they dont belive in the cloning or other wierd things that the authories with higher power are getting exposed for... Come on people open your eyes things like this are happening
hongdoesthings - Month ago
Also dunno if anyone else noticed but all the afmily members had elements associated with them and their deaths, adelaide = air (strangulation) jason = fire, zora = earth and the dad = water (boat)
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