Luke Islam Receives Golden Buzzer From Favorite Judge, Julianne Hough! - America's Got Talent 2019

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Bundha Tya
Bundha Tya - 32 minutes ago
I have repeat this video so many times 😭😭😭😭
helaya007 - 32 minutes ago
He really deserved it. I am in tears!
Syrgak Toktorov
Syrgak Toktorov - 41 minute ago
Song name?
Majd Farah
Majd Farah - 46 minutes ago
Apple Watch this more than one time
ayuadams - 48 minutes ago
13 million views in a week oooof!!!!
Angel Marie Jones
Angel Marie Jones - 53 minutes ago
He has an even better voice than the original singer as his voice has more depth & soul to it :)
Jones loudy Patrice
Jones loudy Patrice - 53 minutes ago
Diz Lil fat niqqa got a voice fr fr
Justin Li
Justin Li - 56 minutes ago
This kid is legit manny from modern family in real life I LUV ITTT
SAY SUM - 56 minutes ago
M Garcia
M Garcia - 59 minutes ago
Luke, I'm so happy that you got the Golden Buzzer!! You deserve it 100%, and I can easily see you on Broadway right now - no waiting necessary. In my opinion, you're as good as anyone else on Broadway. You're an amazing talent!! The only thing I don't like is that we won't get to enjoy your singing until mid August, and that just makes me sad. I just subscribed to your YT channel. Please get on there and sing your heart out! We love you!! God bless you, sweet boy.
James Gu Yo
James Gu Yo - Hour ago
Cmon pilipino mom’s we know ur kids can sings jst stop disliking hahaha
Jesse Arcamo
Jesse Arcamo - Hour ago
Another obesity classic trash kid
Lafs Joss
Lafs Joss - Hour ago
All those thumbs downs need to change their opinion because this is what true talent means
GOGO Bee - Hour ago
jim bob
jim bob - Hour ago
I can't wait to see him on Broadway!
Cruxit - Hour ago
arrghgarry - Hour ago
the winner this year
Shavan Shar
Shavan Shar - Hour ago
Oh my 😱😱😱
rere x
rere x - Hour ago
A voice of an angel ❤️❤️❤️ this is phenomenal
Hannah Zeppenfeld
Hannah Zeppenfeld - Hour ago
i’m not crying you are 🤧
Entertainment With B
I’m literal tears! Omg he is amazing 💙 may God give him everything he wants
Michael DiBartolo
Michael DiBartolo - Hour ago
This kid is a real life Manny from Modern Family.
Good on him. He has a bright future.
VSB - Hour ago
I can't stop watching this video. Everyday am here watching that video. It's too attractive and emotive. Love you Luke
rhoda torio
rhoda torio - Hour ago
Im crying 😭😭😭
JeremyF4i - 2 hours ago
excellent voice at such a young age.. as he gets older, I'm curious how much more power that voice will have.. very strong already..
Caroline Ogbe
Caroline Ogbe - 2 hours ago
Abdul Bashir
Abdul Bashir - 2 hours ago
his name is quite intresting
Italiano Siciliano Mistro
Sam Mcmeekin
Sam Mcmeekin - 2 hours ago
He only got the Golden buzzer because his great grandpa died when he was 6 months old🤫
Diofelo Peace
Diofelo Peace - 2 hours ago
Please who sang the song that played during the golden buzzer?
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado - 2 hours ago
who is chopping onions around here?
Sara Regina
Sara Regina - 2 hours ago
Lindoooo.Sensacional.Voz maravilhosa.Emoção pura.
Gzwan lbrahim
Gzwan lbrahim - 3 hours ago
اكو عرب هنا 🇮🇶
Mytis - 3 hours ago
3:32 That face shows that they truly hear this everyday
Wleyner Machado
Wleyner Machado - 3 hours ago
Parece o gordinho do babado secreto.
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado - 2 hours ago
can I ask what song come's up when Julian press the golder buzz?
ayman sahrawi
ayman sahrawi - 3 hours ago
The best part is that his dad is not surprised . he know
Hasimi Jumaat
Hasimi Jumaat - 3 hours ago
His voice is so ... damn !!
Isra Alzain
Isra Alzain - 4 hours ago
Omg I cried so hard lol
Selena Muang
Selena Muang - 4 hours ago
Luke at 12 : *sings like a star*
Me at 15: *still mess up with the Phonic songs*
Nonoe Chibs
Nonoe Chibs - 4 hours ago
Omg this kid is sooo amazing ,incredibly talented
love you gal u are number keep it up ,
he's already a star
Alexandra Premereur
Alexandra Premereur - 5 hours ago
i just got chills on places i’ve never had them
pky - 5 hours ago
im not sure but honestly speaking his singing not to the level of getting golden buzz.
Jnbaptiste Olibert
Jnbaptiste Olibert - 5 hours ago
Gabrielle I love you so much, because you judge the right way and you beautiful
EDIL ISHMURDINOV - 6 hours ago
Brion Seno
Brion Seno - 6 hours ago
No cynical comments. That’s good
Kelvin Enos
Kelvin Enos - 6 hours ago
okay, so this kid is good...naaa, he's AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 6 hours ago
Cool...super loved it?
Jatt - 6 hours ago
10ks dislikes
Grow up people,he’s a young kid
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