How Amazon Uses Explosive-Resistant Devices To Transfer Data To AWS

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Alex Grassl
Alex Grassl - 23 hours ago
Reminds me a bit to SUN Microsystems Modular Datacenter "Project Blackbox" from around 2006-ish, but with Exabytes scale in mind, rather than processing power...
Eusebio Escelante
Eusebio Escelante - 2 days ago
@ 12:22 I could literally see the data being OIL...!
Javad Dehghani
Javad Dehghani - 4 days ago
100 Petabyte is equal to 200,000 laptop that has 500 GB storage not 200 million !!!
Gauntletwielder - 6 days ago
One thing this video fails to mention about AWS, is that if your AWS resources are not highly optimized, AWS can get very expensive very fast.
AWS billing is like your electric bill, you only get charged for what you use. And AWS charges for just about everything. Now... there are companies out there who effectively have the AWS equivalent of running every electrical device in a home 24/7/365. Would you like to have that electric bill? There are AWS people savvy enough to run scripts to fine tune AWS settings. To keep the analogy going... would you need three stoves in your home if only two people are living there? Probably not.
iateaplumandifeelweird - 6 days ago
3mb for an MP3? What is that? 64kbps? Yuck
Ricardo - 6 days ago
Sponsored content??
chandraguptawillruletheworld xx
after 50 years when quantum computing becomes mainstream people will laugh at this video saying what a clunker these memory boxes were, just like we laugh at the first computers 3 floors high..
Pierce Morgan
Pierce Morgan - 8 days ago
they were flexing the 50tbs on the snowball then discretely mention microsofts petabyte box
Bitcoin Jedi
Bitcoin Jedi - 8 days ago
There are no 12K cameras ( as said here 8:32 ) , 8K yes, however as of 12/2019 Hollywood doesn't make films in 12K. Oh dear, how many other facts are wrong that I'm not versed in to recognize the errors.
monsterclass - 9 days ago
And why did Microsoft get big contract?
Parker Schmitt
Parker Schmitt - 11 days ago
Anything on cloud is publically available and compromised :D
Nanu Arora
Nanu Arora - 13 days ago
So, if a customer shifts to some other company, do they really "delete" the data?
mBabe - 15 days ago
How is the scanning for viruses done where a truckload of data has to be moved physically?
Costa, H.T.
Costa, H.T. - 15 days ago
I don't think it's safe showing the trucks to the public.
jaiks gelli
jaiks gelli - 16 days ago
If World War-3 happens. I'll hide inside AWS snow box.
m ir
m ir - 17 days ago
Extreme temperature, like -20... no so extreme
EddTheBob !
EddTheBob ! - 18 days ago
When I think of war-proof boxes that can withstand extreme conditions, I think of snowball
Dan Steinke
Dan Steinke - 21 day ago
Why does this stink like an advertisement disguised as news?
Ishak Ben
Ishak Ben - 21 day ago
This is basically an Ad to snowballs and snowmobile
dregenius - 23 days ago
Let me guess.. the Snowmobile runs MackOS? 😉
Sunny Wu
Sunny Wu - 23 days ago
Finally a storage device fit to be shipped via FedEx.
Mike Rios
Mike Rios - 24 days ago
Joshua Scott
Joshua Scott - 26 days ago
I think a better estimation of an MP3 size would be 5MB, this isn't 2004, we don't have to use 128kbps MP3s anymore ;)
Hene193 - Month ago
And now when you compromise AWS you get pretty good information source.
Tyler Warren Ellis
Tyler Warren Ellis - Month ago
They want to deliver vast amounts of information over the Internet. And again, the Internet is not something that you just dump something on. It's not a big truck. It's a series of tubes. And if you don't understand, those tubes can be filled and if they are filled, when you put your message in, it gets in line and it's going to be delayed by anyone that puts into that tube enormous amounts of material, enormous amounts of material.
Harry Parkinson
Harry Parkinson - Month ago
I also measure data in units of "DVD"
Mr. Zeitgeist
Mr. Zeitgeist - Month ago
Google's latest Siri bots are hijacking AWS Snowball truckers data for ransom!!
Lego Mini Movie Productions
I hope they have ssds inside😂
James Montgomery
James Montgomery - Month ago
sneaker net!
Stefan Modigh
Stefan Modigh - Month ago
In my hometown they have a server building. It uses more electricity than my home town combined. Which makes the electricity company a hard time keeping up delivering power, also it causes problems to neighboring companies because they can't get the power they need.
Elijah Coleman
Elijah Coleman - Month ago
1 notebook = 500gb | 2 notebooks = 1tb * 1000 | 2000 notebooks = 1 petabyte * 100 | 200000 notebooks = 100 petabytes The snowmobile carries 200k notebooks of storage at 500GB apiece, not 200 million.
Elijah Coleman
Elijah Coleman - Month ago
You can also convert 100 petabytes to gigabytes, divide by 500 and get the same answer.
RoastedHamLLC - Month ago
-20 what? Celsius? Makes me think that because he didn't address that.
Zubin Grant
Zubin Grant - Month ago
*This really shows how valuable data really is. They literally made a bomb proof case for it.*
Kim il-sung
Kim il-sung - Month ago
He said to
drop on all 4 corners. But a rectangle has 8 vertices no?
just4fun607 - Month ago
@linus should check this out
Juri Stöckli
Juri Stöckli - Month ago
@ltt your storage solution?
Tom Cotter
Tom Cotter - Month ago
This is cool, but it won't matter once we have 5g and customer's data upload only takes ~22 years!
Donny - Month ago
We used an Amazon Snowball to ship 80tb to the cloud. That thing was surprisingly heavy, but it was really cool to work with. I imagine I could have thrown it off the roof without a care in the world.
mack carter
mack carter - Month ago
@4:25 the scale is off by a lot. which is funny because its still huge, they keep showing 100 blocks not 1000 blocks. 1 tb = ~ 1,000 gb
bhees - 8 days ago
Actually each block is 10x10 small blocks; they're showing 1 tb = 10,000 gb. I can imagine some non-technical graphic designer realizing that 10x10 wasn't enough so they added one more level to 'fix' it. Also they're too high by a factor of 1000 in how many laptops equal the storage on the truck.
HarryGM - Month ago
100PB is not 200,000,000 500gb laptops it's 200,000
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