How Amazon Uses Explosive-Resistant Devices To Transfer Data To AWS

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Richard McGuire
Richard McGuire - Day ago
Amazon should use the Tesla Semi for he snow models.
Jack Spooky
Jack Spooky - 3 days ago
Cool. So has AWS commented about how they plan on protecting their customers from ex-AWS devs like Paige Thompson, or is this just going to be par for the course? Maybe it isn't such a good idea for everyone to just stash all of their data in the "super secure" vault of Bezos. AWS is like writing all of your site passwords on a paper and handing it to your "trustworthy" friend to look after.
conscious man
conscious man - 4 days ago
I wonder why people got scared while robbing me and said they would hide aws from me to and now ive actually never ever herd of aws until now and ive seen on things and stuff but never seen it till now wow what a dumass
DJC - 5 days ago
Ok so am I the only one bothered @11:43. That server needs it's cache battery to be replaced.
Rick94rr - 7 days ago
Gagan Maur
Gagan Maur - 9 days ago
i have some linux isos that need backing up
Ryan Swaggert
Ryan Swaggert - 9 days ago
How far can the true drive on a full tank of data?
Jamal Abdullahi
Jamal Abdullahi - 10 days ago
No one need truck we need powerful computers and networks like 6 G or more
adventureawaits - 11 days ago
It’s not a Mack truck, it’s a Peterbilt truck.
dinosauria - 12 days ago
Now talk to iranian company who use aws service
Travel Richie
Travel Richie - 13 days ago
Snow mountain is next.
err0r - 14 days ago
Obviously they haven't tried nukes
Christopher Hensley
Christopher Hensley - 15 days ago
7:25 Nightmare
Cabko2691 - 15 days ago
Pied Piper box and Hooli box are better anyway
Om Bhujade
Om Bhujade - 15 days ago
Just imagine that truck crashing on the way back 🔥😐😂
Flash 🇿🇦
Flash 🇿🇦 - 16 days ago
It would be so awesome to get a job dealing with these things on the daily! Exciting!!!
me m
me m - 17 days ago
scale guy: what you hauling?
driver: data.
scale guy: im gonna have to look inside.
military dude pops out with gun in scale guys face " thats just not happening".
ibexy - 18 days ago
Slowly but surely building a monopoly based on our data.
Y Fuduoduo
Y Fuduoduo - 19 days ago
Sponcered by Amazon.
Dalton - 22 days ago
The modern version of walking floppies over to a friend's house, or sending a flash drive in the mail.
SAMBIT NAYAK - 22 days ago
I work at a biggest ad agency in LA & i deal daily petabytes of data , so we needed something very big where we can keep our data in a data warehouse , so we choose snowflake Data Warehouse which is running on AWS infrastructure for our data analytics operations .Really we need to do something about our data as its getting increased every day .
Hasan Manzak
Hasan Manzak - 22 days ago
"Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway." Andrew S. Tanenbaum (Computer Networks 3rd edition - 1996)
raka gilang
raka gilang - 22 days ago
yottabytes? that sounds like a candy brand!
Robo Cop
Robo Cop - 22 days ago
10:16 That is wrong,a notebook has a screen, a motherboard, ram, cpu and a gpu a keyboard and a mouse pad, don't lie to people. It's like 200 million regular notebook hdd's you fu*king liar.
Robo Cop
Robo Cop - 22 days ago
0:24 That can't be, Google Cloud is like a billion times better than the loser Amazon.
Watch Vids
Watch Vids - 23 days ago
What business has 3 billion songs!
Spicoli In_GR
Spicoli In_GR - 23 days ago
Am I the only one seeing the irony of calling these things snowballs?
Clerks Snowballing Scene:
Mr. Vanga
Mr. Vanga - 23 days ago
Ufffffff.. wtf did I saw.. data center on wheels!!! Amazing 👌
Anon Anonymous
Anon Anonymous - 23 days ago
S Douglas
S Douglas - 25 days ago
I don't like Amazon; they removed a book I had bought on my Kindle e-reader.
kshitijnikam - 26 days ago
Hmm this would be totally an overkill for my gaming rig, hey but whatever.... (adds to cart)
Spencer Nick
Spencer Nick - 27 days ago
AWS - The world's largest single point of failure.
Dursun Sahin
Dursun Sahin - 28 days ago
SnowMobile is the new SkyNet
pvillaluna1 - 28 days ago
David - 28 days ago
Proud amazon shareholder 😎
videodudetv - 28 days ago
Sure pay us to collect your data like we won't play peek a boo?

Google (gmail, youtube, robotics) data collection.
Facebook - data collection
Amazon - entering data collection

Dixon Adair
Dixon Adair - 28 days ago
I bet they make that truck REALLY REALLY secure!! Imagine the losses if it got into an accident. I wouldn't be surprised if it's built out of the same material they use to make Brinks trucks.
VISION0STUDIO - 29 days ago
2025 Amazon present you theire first AI robot
Lian T
Lian T - 29 days ago
I dont think Russian hacked Clinton's email. It might be someone from within AWS 😂 AWS has almost every file on earth.
Baji Ravella
Baji Ravella - 29 days ago
Worth 💰 sharing
Devon Horner
Devon Horner - 29 days ago
Hard to imagine them not getting the Pentagon contract
Wesley P
Wesley P - 29 days ago
is it just me or is the math wrong in this video? the truck can hold 100PB and 1 PB is 1000 TB and 1 TB is 1000GB. in my calculations 1 PB is 1,000,000 GB so 100PB is 100,000,000 GB and 100,000,000GB divided by 500GB is 200,000. so it can store 200,000 laptops of data, not 200,000,000 laptops. 200 million laptops would need 100 exabytes or EB. i hope the people doing this math isnt the same people designing the products. very very very very simple math and they got it wrong.
Lance Gotti
Lance Gotti - 29 days ago
Hi my name is Lucas! I live in a snowball and know everything about you!
Jinaid - Month ago
Exabyte of cloud computing, no wonder the 5G technology can become one of the trade war factors.
Atipat12 - Month ago
B5429671 XJ
B5429671 XJ - Month ago
How could you NOT refer to the XKCD comic about the bandwidth of FedEx?
Joshua Glassmyer
Joshua Glassmyer - Month ago
This is how the aliens will discover who we were several hundred years post-nuclear holocaust.
Victor - Month ago
Amazon is about to take over the world...
mr.mixleplix - Month ago
Real reason for thr Cloud is Monopolization of computing and IT infrastructure.
E90PAT - Month ago
Lmao the lava story was so over played. Explaining the lava says nothing about the product
Synaptic Decay
Synaptic Decay - Month ago
Snowball? Would that be a feltched Snowball? Or is this a standard snowball from a long night of hot and sticky action?
Pitch Black
Pitch Black - Month ago
Very informative
AKUJU - Month ago
The cable management on these server racks make me uncomfortable
Jammy777 M
Jammy777 M - Month ago
This means Amazon will have accces to all the secret data of companies plus they will also charge money for owning it ...🤔
Christian Alexander
Christian Alexander - Month ago
These CNBC videos are so awesome.
hbarudi - Month ago
That explains how Jeff Bezos become so rich by becoming the most used cloud service for all companies and shipping hard drive trucks worth of data from companies to his huge data-center. He can save some gas if he puts that trailer on a train for long distance shipping.
Stephen Hayman
Stephen Hayman - Month ago
"the Internet is not like a truck.."
AWS: "Hold my beer"
Moon Light Films
Moon Light Films - Month ago
Bill Vass dressed like a boss!
dosmastrify - Month ago
One company we know doesn't use AWS? HBO because every time a new Game of Thrones episode uploaded you were lucky to get in
dosmastrify - Month ago
Not ONE OF the most profitable Amazon business Endeavors, THE most profitable
Satan Lover13
Satan Lover13 - Month ago
bupual - Month ago
Snowbals are the traditional way of lift and shift.. wow old wine in new bottle...
Ludovic Turlier
Ludovic Turlier - Month ago
so... even serious videos need a clickbait title... :(
Vishal Gaurav
Vishal Gaurav - Month ago
Basically it's a pendrive for big boys.
tensix tag
tensix tag - Month ago
Criminals must love this.
Oiram Perez
Oiram Perez - Month ago
Nobody gonna say nothing about his wig???
arun S
arun S - Month ago
It seems like the world is heading towards Amazon is going the controls the whole world like a dictator in few years..
quest 77051
quest 77051 - Month ago
Alpine Dog
Alpine Dog - Month ago
All the data data in the world held by a few private entities....
chuck1prillaman - Month ago
Too much information.
Gucky - Month ago
With 16 Terabyte Harddrives available today. 1 Peta byte is just 63 drives. Thats just 1!!! U2 Server Rack. Meaning one 42U cabinet is about 21 Petabytes...A Truck could house far more Data then 100 Petabytes XD
quest 77051
quest 77051 - Month ago
they may have ment 100 exabytes maybe?
quest 77051
quest 77051 - Month ago
Adam Zey
Adam Zey - Month ago
There's an old saying: "Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway."
This was true when it was first said in the 1980s, and it's still true today.
quest 77051
quest 77051 - Month ago
Patrick D.
Patrick D. - Month ago
My favorite game Star Citizen uses Amazon servers. I couldn't be more happier.
Patrick D.
Patrick D. - 29 days ago
@Kevin Myrick No no no, it still in development.
Kevin Myrick
Kevin Myrick - 29 days ago
It finally came out?
Janusha - Month ago
The way this is worded and written, its 100% an Amazon commercial disguised as some kind of documentary.
YoshiPeach Mario
YoshiPeach Mario - Month ago
Google and MS do the same with their cloud services, btw. They even have a table, showing the crossover point when it becomes faster to physically transfer data with physical storage than via networks.
Breyonna Morgan
Breyonna Morgan - Month ago
This is why they cancelled my unlimited cloud membership.
mman454 - Month ago
mp3 song? Who still listens to mp3s?
Whole Food Plant-Based Man
I just have one question.

What happens to that data when humans are extinct?
Jammy777 M
Jammy777 M - Month ago
Whole Food Plant-Based Man AI machines will take over ... just like in movies ... terminator, transformer ..
Darnell - Month ago
All these botters trynna cop shoes to sell under retail
Mikheil Ghvinianidze
Mikheil Ghvinianidze - Month ago
Company that can not or will not fix search engine on their primary site can create something as awesome as this.
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