Little Mix - Black Magic (Cahill Remix) [Audio]

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little Mix العراقي
Jovina Siregar
Jovina Siregar - Month ago
Am i the one who slowing the song?
Mackoen - 2 months ago
Why are spanish speaking people calling them queen of grindr
Ariana Day
Ariana Day - 3 months ago
x Blue x x Water x
x Blue x x Water x - 3 months ago
Little mix Is The BEST
24098751468. oi
24098751468. oi - 3 months ago
Toque incrível
Yana Bear
Yana Bear - 3 months ago
1:03 pom
Yana Bear
Yana Bear - 3 months ago
Shade Lopez
Shade Lopez - 6 months ago
I LOVE it😍💖
Mme. Trucmuche
Mme. Trucmuche - 6 months ago
Best Version Ever 🧡🧡🧡
Marisa Victorino Seabra
Marisa Victorino Seabra - 6 months ago
Perrie sortuda
De ter namorado e noviado o Zayn
Mas ele chutou ela para ficar com a Gigi ..........
Que coisa
Abandonou a Perrie
O Harry
O Niall
O liam
Dan MSP - 7 months ago
the start of the remix thoe!!!
Jennifer Sampedro
Jennifer Sampedro - 7 months ago
Ooooh Little Mix made this remix! Noice
Eli-_- Baka-chan
Eli-_- Baka-chan - 8 months ago
I love❤❤❤❤❤❤litle mix
Marion Jola Source
Marion Jola Source - 8 months ago
pink unicorn
pink unicorn - 9 months ago
Love it!
Namuyaba Shaban
Namuyaba Shaban - 11 months ago
omg l love it
Depasri Singh
Depasri Singh - 11 months ago
its really nice
kaygang t
kaygang t - Year ago
Mazoon y
Mazoon y - Year ago
Wow this is so good
thegirlinblack - Year ago
Pedro Moreira Morales
Kika Lorace-La reina del Grindr!!!
Tu novio tiene Grindr!!!!😂😂😂😂
Lily - Year ago
Best remix of black magic ever! Anyone else think that? 💕💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💕❤️
Santiago Torres
Santiago Torres - Year ago
Y todo solo porque tu novio tiene Grindr
Marc Van der Steen
Marc Van der Steen - Year ago
nice sound
Taciana Garcia
Taciana Garcia - Year ago
I love this❤😙😭
Hylian Girl
Hylian Girl - Year ago
Denise Santanna
Denise Santanna - Year ago
Sinto uma energia Boa nessa musica
Bby Chix
Bby Chix - Year ago
Why does this give me some Blackpink montage vibes??
Caity H
Caity H - Year ago
I broke the replay button...
Jerrie - Year ago
That is awesome!!! 😎
Hylian Girl
Hylian Girl - Year ago
Amazing I love that ❤🌹🌌
Gaming And toys
Gaming And toys - Year ago
Little mix i love your songs😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
Monica Lemosfrietas
Monica Lemosfrietas - Year ago
I seriously love this song like really love this song 😍❤️🤘💯
Eric Huggins
Eric Huggins - Year ago
and this played while i was at goodwill it was great :)
Camilla Scalzi
Camilla Scalzi - Year ago
W.i.t.c.h ... muahahahahahha xD ❤💜
Francisco Aquino
Francisco Aquino - Year ago
tu novio tiene grindr xD
Erick Acevedo
Erick Acevedo - Year ago
Yo vi tu novio en Grindr!
Flashy Pink
Flashy Pink - Year ago
I don’t like your songs I LOVE them I stayed up for aaaaaaages listening too your songs😮
Johnson - Fintares
Johnson - Fintares - Year ago
Opublikowany 8 paź 2015
Marcos Suárez
Marcos Suárez - Year ago
La Reina del Grindr!
army 007
army 007 - Year ago
Miwy ESC
Miwy ESC - 2 years ago
Ole OleOle
Ole OleOle - 2 years ago
la reina del Grindr.
Rida Mushtaq
Rida Mushtaq - 2 years ago
2 years..
So proud of them❤💕💕💕💕
Lauren Cant
Lauren Cant - 2 years ago
Álvaro R Rivas
Álvaro R Rivas - 2 years ago
Oriol Serra
Oriol Serra - 2 years ago
LIKE si estas aquí por culpa de KIKA LORACE
LeanPorygon - 7 months ago
PRESENTE!!! jajaja Tu novio tiene Grindr, es la reina del Grindr XD
Aurora Artemis Starlight
Aurora Artemis Starlight - 7 months ago
Santiago Torres
Santiago Torres - Year ago
Oriol Serra es un poco vergonzoso aceptarlo 'xD
MDFWeb - 2 years ago
Yo vi a tu novio en Grindr, tiene dos perfiles, dos.
En uno es activo XL, en otro pasivo tragón
Gonso96 - 2 years ago
Seguro que sus novios tienen Grindr.
Jzzalf - 3 months ago
terry swamp
terry swamp - 2 years ago
Little mix fucked their manager's to get where they are
terry swamp
terry swamp - 2 years ago
1 of these so called singers showed of her tits on camera why did They become singers when they could have been pornstars because that's what they are
Meow Kitty
Meow Kitty - 2 years ago
I really love this remix so cool. Sorry to say i really hate the "edm" and "trap"..
DIDDY Stitch
DIDDY Stitch - 2 years ago
So good remix
Fanta sa
Fanta sa - 2 years ago
coole Music wirklich .
scarlet godsmark
scarlet godsmark - 2 years ago
It is so good I am Lisaning to it
GgrapefruitK - 2 years ago
hearded it over 500 times lol XD
Jake Edmond
Jake Edmond - 2 years ago
Andrea Recknell
Andrea Recknell - 2 years ago
Andrea Recknell
Andrea Recknell - 2 years ago
Great song
Lol Bye
Lol Bye - 2 years ago
loved in straight up
maxielly seguis
maxielly seguis - 2 years ago
i like this my song
Football Topic
Football Topic - 2 years ago
mad tune
Celia Conde
Celia Conde - 2 years ago
I love the beat
XPurple Myth :3
XPurple Myth :3 - 2 years ago
i like this remix better than the Luvbug remix xD not too beating, and makes you still want to dance to it xD
itsbronte - 2 years ago
Kind of music you would hear on a makeup tutorial 😊 🎶 ❤️
Diy Lover
Diy Lover - 2 years ago
I love u little mix
Olivia Teah xoxo
Olivia Teah xoxo - 2 years ago
Love this
Why am I a narwal, I want to be a unicorm
370 idiot just dislike this
Kim Chi Bui
Kim Chi Bui - 2 years ago
little mix are so delightful and inspired each other
Mari Mari
Mari Mari - 2 years ago
I'm so glad I took a sip of that potion
Lovely Louise
Lovely Louise - 2 years ago
Good 💓🎶
Pezzza 101
Pezzza 101 - 2 years ago
Awesome ✌
#MajaPlayz21 Roblox
#MajaPlayz21 Roblox - 2 years ago
I LOVE this music o hear😉😊😍😍dance👯👯
Steve M Logan
Steve M Logan - 2 years ago
Steve M Logan
Steve M Logan - 2 years ago
Crystal Narwhal358
Crystal Narwhal358 - 2 years ago
Whoever disliked this is stupid
Amy Westall
Amy Westall - 2 years ago
Serlyn F felix
Serlyn F felix - 2 years ago
so cool and nice
Ahmed Man
Ahmed Man - 2 years ago
remix better than original love it
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