The Origin of Consciousness - How Unaware Things Became Aware

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Mohammed Hazzem
Mohammed Hazzem - 3 days ago
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A J H PRODUCTIONS - 3 days ago
MrBadBricks good lord.... Oh yeah yeah right
A J H PRODUCTIONS - 3 days ago
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Fer Nan
Fer Nan - Hour ago
I love you guys
Matt Alluisi
Matt Alluisi - 2 hours ago
"The godhead cannot be an object of it's own knowledge." Alan watts
usedtobereign - 11 hours ago
Vision is not necessary for consciousness, or do you think blind people aren't conscious?
Vision can help us to become more conscious but it can also distract us, as there is so much more to the world than what we can see.
snurk agurk
snurk agurk - 11 hours ago
Maybe conciousness is the great filter
Tracy-allen Ezechukwu
Tracy-allen Ezechukwu - 18 hours ago
So enlightening.
Thisura Dodangoda
Thisura Dodangoda - 20 hours ago
I want my conscience to leave me alone.
Myth buster
Myth buster - Day ago
This made me think about how life started. You should do a video on sponaneous generation!
Matthew Chalfant
Matthew Chalfant - Day ago
Typical material nihilists, confusing sensory awareness for consciousness. smh
Lirei Taichen
Lirei Taichen - Day ago
To me consciousness is when something is able to improvise, have fun, etc.
So i personally wouldnt call a fish that just hides 24/7 then attacks its next meal only to do it all over again conscious, while a dog that plays around with other dogs in its free time is almost certainly conscious to some extent.
Just An Average Animator
Rocks are in a superposition of being both dead and alive.
+100 IQ
Marjáy Lopez
Marjáy Lopez - Day ago
This make my head hurt
Jakes comic review Superheros
3:39 PAC-Man ?
Jakes comic review Superheros
Where are the birds
Brendan Maller
Brendan Maller - Day ago
Consciousness + Evolution in a nutshell. 👍
Good Vibez
Good Vibez - Day ago
Great video. It's time to expand our consciousness
wulphstein - Day ago
Yup! And other tricks to fool the unwary.
Dante Alighieri
Dante Alighieri - Day ago
I know exactly what consciousness is. But I'm not telling you.
I'm kinda self conscious about it.
True Sheamus
True Sheamus - 2 days ago
I love the art style. I'd almost wish there was a (good) spore like game with these looks. It is so pleasing.
Zraffer-TD - 2 days ago
I cannot pronounce your channel's name but I have subscribed and follow you though.
Nice content.
Maxzors - 18 hours ago
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 3 days ago
Is consciousness edible?
Luis Miguel Garrido Genesta
*f o o d*
R D - 3 days ago
the brain named itsefs.
SuperMarioProGamer - 3 days ago
0:06 Thano's child
Kick-Yum - 3 days ago
you're not you when you're hungry

have a consciousness
Signs 0203
Signs 0203 - 2 days ago
or a snickers
Ari MIn
Ari MIn - 3 days ago
The video was relevant up to 2:00, from then on it has nothing to do with consciousness, being aware of environment has nothing to do subjective experience,
Simina Dinca
Simina Dinca - 3 days ago
i love you guys
Atrocious Conundrum
Atrocious Conundrum - 3 days ago
I think the question should determine what kind of consciousness is important to get the answer. If you talk about ( basic)rights, or punishment/death sentence, or just emotions and their value you talk about different types of consciousness. I dont think the question "what is consciousness" really matters. "Consciousness" is just a word, like "time" and "reality" to give something we cannot understand a place, in our communication for example. *sry bad english. P.s. we are over-evolved. We are the only creatures on earth who have gone off chart. There are more important things to develop as mankind then figuring out what concepts like consiousness really are. Example: many humans don't know how they primary think. Like in images, sounds, words etc. Our education system and healthcare is so flawed because we dont value the way people think. If we started to value this we greatly improve our communication instead on focusing on average human brains and building a society only upon that type of brain, therefore not improving basic needs like healthcare and education.
Sid - 4 days ago
3:32 ~ *Khezu* ?!
James M
James M - 4 days ago
What truly puzzles me is the purpose of life itself. What it's the purpose of a system such as a living organism wich tries with such strong conviction to resist the second law of thermosynamics?
James M
James M - 3 days ago
+Jon Doe Nah. You just can't see it. Otherwise you would state it as a theory and not a fact. On the other hand I would recomend you to read about thermodynamics heat thepry of life.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 3 days ago
Like anything else, there is no purpose. It just sort of is, that's all.
Phoenix Dawn
Phoenix Dawn - 4 days ago
I wish I was less conscious so I wouldn't eat as much! :p
Dark Ace
Dark Ace - 4 days ago
sounds like psychology 101
AL Can
AL Can - 4 days ago
Sight had to help create consciousness. How would an organism know that sight is a thing? Or sound? Strange how these senses evolved, I wonder what will be next. Next that is already here we just don’t know how to access it yet.
MrBadBricks - 4 days ago
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SK LLS - 4 days ago
If the big bang was an explosion it must have had a centre where the explosion started and everything is moving outwards from the centre but scientists say there is no centre in the universe because big bang was an explosion in the fabric of space so it doesnt have a centre. But im still wondering if there is no centre then why is everything in the universe expanding outwards from the big bang and where did the big bang happen and how can we still see the big bang. Please explain these in the next video
Francesco Sorce
Francesco Sorce - 21 hour ago
+SK LLS Thank you, glad it helped =D
SK LLS - Day ago
+Francesco Sorcethanks mate that was an awesome explanation
Francesco Sorce
Francesco Sorce - 2 days ago
The big bang wasn't an actual explosion of material. The big bang, together with inflation and the current expantion of the universe, describes a streching of distance. The universe doesn't expand into anything... because it is everything. Imagine a ruler 15cm across, we all agree it has a determined and finite size. Now at each centimeter mark write "meters". The ruler is still "15 cm", but according to IT it's 15 m long! we basically live on this ruler, the "size" of the ruler doesn't change (the universe is always one universe long), but the distances on it become bigger because we observe this continuous "rewrite of the tickmarks". So basically, it happened everywhere, it's just that everywhere appeared REALLY close together. You could say our ruler had approximately "0 plank legth" on the 0 cm mark and "1 plank legth" on the 15 cm mark. As for why we see the expansion outwards, we would see that from every point in the universe, the tickmark rewrite increses distances everywhere equally, so from any perspective everything always becomes further and further; and distant things go away faster BECAUSE they have more space that's expanding between them and us: a conceptual mathematical approximation would be something like: if the new distance from something A away is A+dA, then the expansion of something 2A away is 2(A+dA)=2A+2dA the expansion rate everywhere is dA/A, so with bigger distance there must be a bigger increase to keep the ratio the same (the actual expansion rate may not be exactly a linear one like this, but the basic idea is the same) finally for how we can see the big bang: since the speed of light is finite, more distant things look further back in time to us (it takes light more time to get to us), if we look so far out as the age of the universe, we see the first light that remains, the Microwave background radiation. That is what remains of just after the big bang, and so how we can "see" it. Hope this helped to clarify some things, please write again if any part was unclear, I'll try to explain better if I can =D
Jocosa - 4 days ago
loved this video ❤️
MultiHunterBro - 4 days ago
You guys need to do an episode on the US debt and what happens if it’s paid of vs not paid off. And it’s effects on the society.
الدخس ؟
الدخس ؟ - 4 days ago
ماشاءالله 👍
Warp -
Warp - - 4 days ago
hmm why didn’t i notice this
Fat Dinosaur
Fat Dinosaur - 4 days ago
I Like your Voice Steve Tylor I Salute you For your Voice
Grime - 4 days ago
“I used to look for food but now food comes to me” the half a tonne man
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - 4 days ago
Conciseness = soul
Amelie Schumacher
Amelie Schumacher - 4 days ago
Great video 👍
PolarFist - 4 days ago
Take autism, for example, a common symptom of it is that when you walk (go) to something, you damage something else without notice. Its like consciousness is a scale and that symptom could limit it. Of course there are other things that can limit your consciousness.
Omega Deadpool
Omega Deadpool - 4 days ago
The first thing I noticed
No Birds why no Bird
I need my Bird
This is not my Bird
Shadow747 - 4 days ago
2:07 just like god 😂
Purple MonkeyDishwasher
I think this misses the mark almost completely (my opinion, obviously, since no one really knows irrefutably). They keep trying to point to direct natural selection mechanisms and seeing consciousness as another level of abstraction that helped people better forage for food.
In some very broad sense I guess that’s true, but that discounts the social, sexual, and hierarchical functions of consciousness which seem much more on the nose.
Like Dennett’s book “Consciousness Explained” this seems to be much less explanatory and much more “explaining away” which is an easy trap to get in when discussing consciousness.
ANAL TERROR - 5 days ago
7:56 h-hey beavis uuhhuhuhu wu-watch this uhhuhuh
Andrew Lones
Andrew Lones - 5 days ago
Why do you just assume a spatiotemporal world exists independently of us? After reading Kant's critique of pure reason, I believe space and time are pressuposed conditions for experience. It's unfortunate you guys don't address this theory in the video.
_coffeeboat - 5 days ago
heart please
HighlandDroid - 5 days ago
Very interesting stuff. But I am really looking forward to how they plan to explain the jump from obvious beneficial selections of consciousness, to more abstract or even negative aspects of it, and how they could(and did) beat out what would essentially be wet terminator bio-robots. After all, why would evolution ever give you the capacity to appreciate art and beauty, if it didn't immediately benefit you sexually or food wise.
ArunPlaysPiano - 5 days ago
I love this video
Silicon Tech
Silicon Tech - 5 days ago
It's good that we don't know consciousness because if we understand it AI will kill us because they wanted to be become like us... 😂😂😂
Ethan Mulder
Ethan Mulder - 5 days ago
Go lil’ purple boi!
MOTH - 5 days ago
these eyes are spoopy
Thiefers - 5 days ago
I eat, therefore I am.
Mr. P. Enis
Mr. P. Enis - 5 days ago
This videos left me even more confused than before
Ryan Cho
Ryan Cho - 5 days ago
I wonder if in a million years humans are going to evolve and think we are primitive animals
Lord Nick
Lord Nick - 21 hour ago
"Man is a rope stretched between beast and overman" ~ Nietzsche
Eyrok Arobaz
Eyrok Arobaz - Day ago
Heard of post-humanism?
Paige F
Paige F - 2 days ago
every species is always evolving. humans are and will always evolve
Kevin Abarca
Kevin Abarca - 2 days ago
Not a chance, we humans already dominated the Earth and that might be the hindrance of evolution to others. Maybe only humans can evolve.
Simon Deutsch
Simon Deutsch - 3 days ago
Maybe in 30 millione jears
The End
The End - 5 days ago
Maybe consciousness is universal but humans are the only ones that can express it. My dog gets scared, gets happy, he knows what not to do around certain people and knows his actions are bad because he hides. That seems conscious. Maybe consciousness is limited by intelligence.
Elenchus_ 115
Elenchus_ 115 - 5 days ago
Low tier video. Anything that has a self-sustaining network of microtubules has obtained memory and consciousness. The level of which is determined by the number of microtubules and the organelles/Organs used to possess infomation. You don't need a nervous system to remember things, amebas are able to remember where exists are in mazes that they are placed in multiple times.
PS. It's *Deferred gratification* not delayed gratification. 😑
Δreamer - 5 days ago
4:45 is this 2d from tranz-gorillaz?
def5826 - 5 days ago
Templeton world charity foundation? Really?
Ebin Navis
Ebin Navis - 5 days ago
Hi team Kurzgesagt,
Is it possible to make a vedio of Pineal glands and it's powers ?
Milan Lenčo
Milan Lenčo - 5 days ago
Wait, does this mean that some computer programs have primitive consciousness?
Carlo Leon
Carlo Leon - 5 days ago
I have to strongly disagree with this video. But than again it's just my opinion.
Thank you for your professional videos!
Petar Petkov
Petar Petkov - 2 days ago
Would you share why you disagree?
yaggle fraggle
yaggle fraggle - 5 days ago
Because biochemistry is a spectrum of complexity, there's no reason for consciousness to start and end at any certain point.
What we call **consciousness is energy/matter mechanically processing information.** For complex consciousness to emerge on its own, it has to evolve. To evolve energy must retain the information of its current state, and build upon it in complexity. The simplest state being a single wave or particle.
Computers are consciousness that did not evolve. Self created consciousness created them. We do not consider them alive because they are not self directed. But the more they become able to direct themselves the more conscious we will perceive them as being. But since they never needed to evolve they have no self preservation program. Their information processing goal is whatever we made for them. Our information processing goal is to ensure self preservation. Because they don't desire to self preserve we don't consider them alive. We should be careful of how autonomous we make them, so they don't compete and fight with us.
Only advanced intelligence can live longer than their planet by escaping it. Is it possible to become so advanced we escape the death of our universe? If so let's not forget that energy and matter, no matter how simple, is conscious and alive, as it can evolve.
Jeffie Jeff's Art
Jeffie Jeff's Art - 5 days ago
Are you saying people that are born blind are less conscious???
DSR_T-888 - 4 days ago
This is one of those questions that are labelled as jokes that would take too long to debunk. Edit: it's a legitimate question if you're dumb but also a poorly thought out joke because you're dumb.
Nova Bourgeois
Nova Bourgeois - 5 days ago
Why am I a degusia trigina?
4k4days - 5 days ago
drop acid and meditate you will know what true consciouness is
Tanner Gray
Tanner Gray - 5 days ago
4k4days ya bro..
Lucas Kiser
Lucas Kiser - 5 days ago
Lack of soul. I am not religious but pure science is just junk.
Dave PluS Inertfaun On MCPE
The most irritating part is when a Zomato ad comes in betw my optic motivational experience and visualised thinking of the kirzkasgt perpective
josh cain
josh cain - 6 days ago
I love your videos they seem 70x more educational than school
The Top Monster
The Top Monster - 6 days ago
that's cool that you showed us evolution but u started explaining the origin of consciousness by beginning with a conscious thing looking for food...
Ethan Hayes
Ethan Hayes - 6 days ago
I love these videos so much! Keep up the good work! 😄
buddyroach - 6 days ago
where are the other parts to this then?
Sam R
Sam R - 6 days ago
7:03 blacks...
Cherissa Lapid
Cherissa Lapid - 6 days ago
Don't Read My Profile Picture
At 9:14 in the search bar says "Stones with Minds"

CynDystro - 6 days ago
It’s just billions of computational operations giving away the illusion of consciousness.
Nothing\ - 6 days ago
I always wondered if there's any objective difference betwee something that feels emotions and something that just acts like it feels emotion. Could we tell the difference?
[OI&IO]Tangy - 6 days ago
I dunno a brain?
Pale.Rider - 6 days ago
I think much too much "consciousness" was attributed to birds that rehide their food if spotted. It's a stretch to say this means those birds have an awareness of other minds, they don't even know what a mind is...
Mateus Figueiredo
Mateus Figueiredo - 6 days ago
The end made me think this was going to be sponsored by a food delivery system
Cumbo - 6 days ago
Can you please make a video about language?
ericsvieo01 - 6 days ago
Rachel CD
DELERANE - 6 days ago
The conclusion is so true x) !
Jason J
Jason J - 6 days ago
Eonwulf - 6 days ago
Consciousness is just a way to define creatures with higher levels of complex reactions to their environment. All life and everything that is done is just a reaction to something that has already happened, which is all just one infinitely complex reaction that starts with the beginning of our universe. There is no higher level of existence or being. Humans are no better than a bird. We are all just reacting to our environment, humans just have more evolved bodies and brains that allow them to react to more things in more complex ways.
Digital Nation
Digital Nation - 6 days ago
so blind deaf and mute people doesn't have consciousness?
Eva Opus
Eva Opus - 3 days ago
Jon Doe hmm idk i think most people don’t remember things from age 2. Especially things like audio and visual perception which is something you continue to learn over time. So in that regard Idk if that impacts her consciousness too much. But I think she definitely had a consciousness. Maybe what she perceived (which I think is closer to feelings) is obviously different from someone who isn’t dumb deaf and blind. But it’s still definitely a form of consciousness. But i never claim to be a scientist so who knows lol :^)
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 3 days ago
+Eva Opus she went deaf and blind at the age of 2, so she wasn't born that way. As to if she maintain any conscious visualization or auditory memory from the 2 years when she wasnt, i really can't say. To an extent she had very little awareness of her surroundings. The only perception she had of the world around her was by touch. I believe consciousness is something that only takes form by sensory perception and awareness. The more sensory you have the more perception you have the more conciously aware you become. It's formed over time not something you're born with.
Eva Opus
Eva Opus - 3 days ago
Jon Doe are you saying Hellen Keller didn’t have a consciousness???
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 5 days ago
The last one isn't really a perceptional sense, but yes a blind and deaf person would likely be much less aware of situations and surroundings. Without perception, you are unlikely to make any concious decisions that surround you. You would literary have to have someone externally make conscious decisions for you.
Duke - 5 days ago
Only thoughts. Unless they were like that from birth in which case their just in hell
Peter Plot
Peter Plot - 6 days ago
Cool video!! But there is another access to understanding consciousness that is way easier: meditation. Why not do a 2nd video about the insights from meditation that are way more relevant for our lives than speculative natural science.
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor - 6 days ago
How can you think, "I'm hungry" if you have no sense of self? If you don't know there is such a thing as "I" then you can't know anything about "I" including if "I" is hungry.
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor - 6 days ago
Why does it feel like Douglass Adams wrote the script for this episode? Doug, you still out there, old buddy?
amazingblur - 6 days ago
My theory is that consciousness is the fundamental field of reality and us experiencing it is just the universe experiencing itself, what we call consciousness is just our brains acting like antennas tuned in to pick up this field. On a macro scale that's almost all observable, the universe created us out of itself and what we call consciousness is just our experience of reality. Consciousness is such a specialized unique aspect of living matter yet is the most fundamental aspect of our realities and with such a quality that transcends the notion of matter why wouldn't it be more fundamental than matter itself? Everything the universe produces and evolves was in its capacity from the Big Bang and as it expands from that point what was always there unfolds. All points of matter can be broken down to elements and physics but consciousness can't be broken down like that. the only place we can see it coming from is the quantum level of reality, more fundamental than everything we've observed and understood, and there's plenty of clues to indicate we will have a better understanding of consciousness as our understanding of quantum physics grows more so than physics
Sam P
Sam P - 6 days ago
Where do the souls aka conciousness come from?
Mr_Duckington - 6 days ago
Let's destroy all rocks maybe they will start a revolution like robots
Html. Anthony
Html. Anthony - 6 days ago
What about your conciseness when you eat some tasty little mushrooms
Sally Animalheart
Sally Animalheart - 6 days ago
It could be something to do with our 21 senses eeeeeeehh?
Toasty_42069 - 6 days ago
Are you saying a fucking chicken was smarter than me?
Moonglow - 6 days ago
Very interesting, this "consciousness". Where did it come from?
sarah cookie
sarah cookie - 6 days ago
Who else is watching a Kurzgesagt marathon? Well,i am
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