TFUE Reacts To His GIRLFRIEND (CORINNA Kopf) Gifting Him Skins & Plays DUOS Together!

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dduucky - 7 hours ago
Please stop posting garbage lol
his girlfriend is egyptian boy with her speak egyptian word
Noah Sheridan
Noah Sheridan - 2 days ago
ThePcBeast - 3 days ago
She’s annoying
Kaseyjashae Sings
Kaseyjashae Sings - 5 days ago
I don’t know they went out until all that drama from about 3/2 weeks ago. I don’t even know that corina and Todd has broke up😂🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. This is what I get for stop watching the diaries
Suave - 6 days ago
My mind on exams @1:17
ÏÇË ÇØLD - 7 days ago
"I'll boogie bomb him and you pump him in the face",
Lmao if that isn't goals idk what is😂
proud - 7 days ago
turner: tried to 360 me, tried to go for a clip
corinna: a clit? most kids dont even know what that is
also turner: i said a clip
XdlukespamsL2ツ - 8 days ago
My name is BH YVNG PEEN
Skills compilation 123
Skills compilation 123 - 8 days ago
My 13 bday pls can someone subscribe
Damien Adams
Damien Adams - 9 days ago
No its not
Simply Fluffy
Simply Fluffy - 10 days ago
I gift my boyfriend skins and stuff :)
Austin Batrouni
Austin Batrouni - 12 days ago
Turner mean to his girl
Ohyeahyeah93 MaxIslife
Ohyeahyeah93 MaxIslife - 12 days ago
*B I G P E E N*
Hoi Hoi
Hoi Hoi - 12 days ago
Gotta admit shes a huge fame and gold digger
never mind
never mind - 13 days ago
I need a boyfriend to play with
A Manly Man
A Manly Man - 13 days ago
0:27 When you regret saying Ew
Jay 2 lit
Jay 2 lit - 13 days ago
I didnt know that fortnite was a top fortnite player
Hannie Benidict Carey
Hannie Benidict Carey - 13 days ago
No fall damage??
Adrian Lockwood
Adrian Lockwood - 13 days ago
Bro who still play this game?
Sweaty Dripz
Sweaty Dripz - 13 days ago
Get you a girl who takes small peens like tfues. They seem so awkward but you know she's getting that money
erik karlsson
erik karlsson - 14 days ago
This guy literally just trolling and win
John Doe
John Doe - 14 days ago
She's a 9 and he's a 2
Your Lie In April
Your Lie In April - 14 days ago
She is a Thot
Nick Pekurny
Nick Pekurny - 14 days ago
Tfue: opens gift from girlfriend
Also Tfue: Ewww
Matthew Cussen
Matthew Cussen - 14 days ago
they dont seem like a good couple tbh
Eltwavy - 14 days ago
This is cancer
sr_pucas09 - 15 days ago
anyone noticed mrbeast donation? xd
Ayden Schrader
Ayden Schrader - 15 days ago
Bro he got his account name back?
Killa Biff
Killa Biff - 15 days ago
Lol imagine ya boyf being top 10 on fortnite
Don’t_ Know_•?
Don’t_ Know_•? - 15 days ago
Wait, is that his gf in fortnite or irl?
Don’t_ Know_•?
Don’t_ Know_•? - 14 days ago
Hat Man I’m not I’m just asking
Hat Man
Hat Man - 14 days ago
Gf in fortnite? Lmao, please don't tell me you're one of those that do that stuff
SupremeReapz - 15 days ago
Y’all clip montages channels make a big deal out of every little thing so what he has a girlfriend
Swearing alert
Hopsar - 16 days ago
Corinna is pretty dope.
Slim Dunk'n
Slim Dunk'n - 16 days ago
His girl is cool
X Niisa
X Niisa - 16 days ago
Since when are they dating??
deadly coochie
deadly coochie - 13 days ago
X Niisa there’s lots of rumors of guys she’s been dating, but also the vlog squad jokes about her being a slut and dating a lot of men at once, but she’s only confirmed about dating turner, but i’m pretty sure she dated logan paul for a bit 🤔
X Niisa
X Niisa - 13 days ago
deadly coochie idk but corinna was/ is always with the vlog squad and i never checked they’re dating and i thought corinna is with someone from the vlog squad
deadly coochie
deadly coochie - 14 days ago
X Niisa you don’t have to watch them everyday lmfao, i don’t even play fortnite and i know they dating lol, didn’t mean it in a rude way, just more laughing at the fact many people don’t know LOL
X Niisa
X Niisa - 14 days ago
deadly coochie no? I just dont waste my time watching them every day
deadly coochie
deadly coochie - 14 days ago
X Niisa do u live under a rock
Shway - 16 days ago
Damn she downgraded... she needa be with Todd again
Galilea Luna
Galilea Luna - 16 days ago
Uhhhh no. Todd seemed kinda toxic and she seems happy idk why you think your opinion matters 💀
nle4kt - 16 days ago
Here comes the comments “ like if you miss titled comment for retail“
Alex - 16 days ago
Hold the pick up button (X, Square or E I think it is on pc) and see what happens. You’re welcome
(Edit, swaps a weapon”
R3 Jxel
R3 Jxel - 16 days ago
Kopf mean in a german Head
Azurxity !
Azurxity ! - 16 days ago
She bought him a glider and a skin that comes with a backbling and he's like "Ewwwwww"
Jon S
Jon S - 17 days ago
Litty like a titty
•SilKy• - 17 days ago
Squertyy - 17 days ago
She fit
Ana T.
Ana T. - 18 days ago
Is that really Corinna?
Leon Waage
Leon Waage - 18 days ago
T-fue should be more greatfull
Manuel Camacho
Manuel Camacho - 18 days ago
6:54. Me in gta
ApolionoBR :
ApolionoBR : - 18 days ago
What mean peen??
KingCookies 305
KingCookies 305 - 18 days ago
I was I this match I placed 2 second
Ibby Gam3r
Ibby Gam3r - 18 days ago
5:40 that guy got shit on
Mxntreal - 18 days ago
Get you a girl who gives you her purple pump for your blue that’s #goals
Jackattack 9026
Jackattack 9026 - 18 days ago
Stephen Spellburgano
Stephen Spellburgano - 18 days ago
Imagine stealing clips from streams to make money on YouTube
Tandumb Live
Tandumb Live - 19 days ago
Turner is so awkward lmfao
Destroyer 101
Destroyer 101 - 19 days ago
Ashlee Ludin
Ashlee Ludin - 19 days ago
Poor Corinna
em - 19 days ago
tfue is an asshole wtf.
LANCE THOMAS - 19 days ago
Their fucking fantastic 😂😂
LANCE THOMAS - 19 days ago
Don’t tell her I said that 😂
KARELIN CASTILLO - 19 days ago
I didn’t imagine Korina with THIS
emma carty
emma carty - 19 days ago
Isn’t she dating that toddy kid or whatever
Emily Whitson
Emily Whitson - 19 days ago
If you play Black Ops you will prob like that skin
RealPistol99 - 19 days ago
I didn’t know u could jump off a quad and not take fall damage
alicia ?
alicia ? - 19 days ago
bigger peen 😂
flores - 20 days ago
awe i love them
Bailey Robbo
Bailey Robbo - 20 days ago
Wouldn’t it be funny if David ran in to her room
Em Scott
Em Scott - 20 days ago
I thought she was dating Todd
Olivia Monique
Olivia Monique - 20 days ago
I want that fish skin
Hyme Vasquez
Hyme Vasquez - 20 days ago
Most guys dont even know where the clit is lmaoo dam tfue there goes ur sign
Daniel M.
Daniel M. - 20 days ago
Turner!! Stoppp.
Anthony Lopez06
Anthony Lopez06 - 20 days ago
Have u ever heard that white people have

Small peens
jibran haseeb
jibran haseeb - 20 days ago
That was so akward
DCP Productions
DCP Productions - 20 days ago
Their conversation on the thumbnail “thanks babe” “TfUe”
Ares Sillly
Ares Sillly - 20 days ago
Did he just use iRunYews phrases?? “He’s goated on the sticks”
Winter Pheonix
Winter Pheonix - 20 days ago
*Corinna dates him?..*
..Or is everyone about to reply with an 'R/whoosh' joke.
Winter Pheonix
Winter Pheonix - 19 days ago
+botkso No need to be rude. I barely watch Tfue. In fact, the only reason I watched this was because it was on my recommended. So yeah, I have "been living under a rock."
botkso - 19 days ago
+Winter Pheonix they are togheter even, have you been living under a rock or what?
Winter Pheonix
Winter Pheonix - 20 days ago
+botkso Wait.. What? Huh, ok..
botkso - 20 days ago
Yes they do
Brithanny Cabreja
Brithanny Cabreja - 20 days ago
He has ninja added
Sam De haan
Sam De haan - 20 days ago
“Dude your want a mini” 😂😂😂
Gracelynne Tanner
Gracelynne Tanner - 20 days ago
Alextheboss1356/Gaming Alex 1356
Why no fall damage at 7:31?
Itz_ Dizzy
Itz_ Dizzy - 21 day ago
4:20 😂
AdRiAnA - 21 day ago
Does tfue have any manners
Kevin3D - 21 day ago
Yamac Kocovali
Yamac Kocovali - 21 day ago
4:12 sayin dude to his gf

BAN ONE - 21 day ago
Hampster - 21 day ago
Title:Thanks Babe 😍😍
Video: *Ewwwwwwwww*
Cacti Gaming
Cacti Gaming - 21 day ago
How did he jump of the quad and didn't take fall damage
joshua buffa
joshua buffa - 21 day ago
Without video games tfue is a looser with a mouth. Something about him makes me want to bitch smack his teeth threw the back of his head. He just reminds me of thoes spoiled brats that never had consequences for his actions who run thier moth and never get their ass kicked.. idk. Random but that's what he reminds me of
Ariana in The moonlight
Is this the anxiety merch girl?
Nigward Jr
Nigward Jr - 21 day ago
Click bait asf
Chad Atherton
Chad Atherton - 21 day ago
She’s waaaaaay too hot for him. Dude is a grown man, playing a kids game, saying nothing but college kids watch him, when it’s all little kids and all he does is bitch and complain. WHAAAAAAAAT a good ass streamer man. The best.
Aqeem Playz
Aqeem Playz - 21 day ago
LMAO mrbeast just donate 124.000
Mohammed Kabir
Mohammed Kabir - 14 days ago
Its 124.00
FlamingRaptor 69
FlamingRaptor 69 - 19 days ago
Aqeem Playz yeah lol
Aqeem Playz
Aqeem Playz - 20 days ago
+KHANE what?
KHANE - 20 days ago
Aqeem Playz ?
mta valo
mta valo - 21 day ago
Azahara Jorgge
Azahara Jorgge - 21 day ago
Why did he keep saying eww?🙄
Azahara Jorgge
Azahara Jorgge - 21 day ago
Who else know Corinna from David’s vlogs??
Sarah Asher
Sarah Asher - 19 days ago
Azahara Jorgge I know her from tana
Amelia PlayZ
Amelia PlayZ - 21 day ago
Corinna: “I played Pub G but I die every time”
krissJESUS - 21 day ago
Why this video have 2 mil views??
Ali Alshimari
Ali Alshimari - 21 day ago
It’s actually a nice skin
0161 Dextersonz on da yt
She a gold digger
Fatima Evangelista
Fatima Evangelista - 21 day ago
This is the most dullest fortnite couple Hahaha when my boyfriend and I are playing we laugh together and have fun I feel bad
Adam V.
Adam V. - 22 days ago
What does Corinna play on??? PC as well??
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