TFUE Reacts To His GIRLFRIEND (CORINNA Kopf) Gifting Him Skins & Plays DUOS Together!

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Jason Alvarez
Jason Alvarez - 6 days ago
360 u boho ogho
MisterJJ Chasejm010
MisterJJ Chasejm010 - 6 days ago
Je bent goed in fortenite zelf als je Slegt ben lijk👇🏼😎👍🏻👍🏽
Dan Goodman
Dan Goodman - 7 days ago
Who saw mrbeast donate
JediChase - 8 days ago
Julius Dauz
Julius Dauz - 9 days ago
Chic Studio
Chic Studio - 10 days ago
Tfue pro
Kiko Loco
Kiko Loco - 10 days ago
Yalready4dis - 12 days ago
*joins the party* i heard you were talking shit about my presents
Sherry Fonder
Sherry Fonder - 12 days ago
Sabrina T
Sabrina T - 13 days ago
Tfue is Trah!!
Daniel Laguna
Daniel Laguna - 15 days ago
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez - 18 days ago
She's hot
CTL GAMER - 21 day ago
stacey archuleta
stacey archuleta - 21 day ago
Yeah right I Thought you said the skin was terrible
Nathan Casteel
Nathan Casteel - 22 days ago
ToxicXPumpsX - 22 days ago
king robby Lol my princess
Tfue he stupid
Saul Medina-Salazar
Saul Medina-Salazar - 27 days ago
Kort Cutright
Kort Cutright - 28 days ago
So apparently we don’t no were clits are
Ugotclapped - 29 days ago
DSC FLABBY F1SH - Month ago
100 likes and tfue won’t swear in videos
Lionel seago
Lionel seago - Month ago
Ur a god
Trent Headlam
Trent Headlam - Month ago
Patricia Morales
Patricia Morales - Month ago
1:32 it’s say Mrbeast donate 174$
Letroy Rogers
Letroy Rogers - Month ago
Cute game couple
Remil Kamberi
Remil Kamberi - Month ago
Bi love how it says at the donator count it says mr beast 124.00$
Debbie Heath
Debbie Heath - Month ago
Cop vyper s merch And use support a creator vyper
Debbie Heath
Debbie Heath - Month ago
Viper I have your merch
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez - Month ago
" That guy was goated on the six what do you think? " - Turner Ellis Tenney
BreadCrumb Has Fell
BreadCrumb Has Fell - Month ago
Tfue be like Its TraButiful Her NANI
I love Jesus
I love Jesus - Month ago
😛tfue 🍆corinna
Kate Cahill
Kate Cahill - Month ago
0:12 Mr beast donation
Hendy Go
Hendy Go - Month ago
Damien Tan
Damien Tan - Month ago
He has so much skin but choose to use default but he can do it if he wants
Joyce Hampton
Joyce Hampton - Month ago
Ninja - Month ago
0:21 =likes
Ty Sowards
Ty Sowards - 2 months ago
so cool
Logan Chesney
Logan Chesney - 2 months ago
What a DICK frfr she spent money on that for you and did it for YOU and it’s just a fucking game lmao and your out here saying EWWW. Go date Alex Ernst, Corinna
Luca Colon
Luca Colon - 2 months ago
1 like equals 1 prayer for the pump
Subscribe or I will steal your V-bucks *
Am I the only one that understands what she kinda saying with that skin and the glider
Subscribe or I will steal your V-bucks *
Big peen, bullseye and a skin with a lot of protection
sharon Butler
sharon Butler - 2 months ago
Your lucky you got a present tfue
Kwame Mwangs
Kwame Mwangs - 2 months ago
OK buddy
Bhutto Zakman
Bhutto Zakman - 2 months ago
Its Yagirl
Its Yagirl - 2 months ago
My friend at 1 hp do u have any heals me drinking a chug for 1 shield nope i have no heals
Maria Jimenez
Maria Jimenez - 2 months ago
Auto lolo
Auto lolo - 2 months ago
Tfue is toxiccccccc to his gf
Isaiah Medina
Isaiah Medina - 2 months ago
Fishing with Cris
Fishing with Cris - 2 months ago
She has a backbling that never came out either a hacker or she got it from epic games
Mark Guzman
Mark Guzman - 2 months ago
Turner listen to her
Dominique Bailey
Dominique Bailey - 2 months ago
Fuck yeah it is gorgeous
Brother-Gamers Crazys
Brother-Gamers Crazys - 2 months ago
marksman - 3 months ago
Bruh this is so cringe corrina is so hot why is she going down so low to fornite😂💀 we all know fornite is dieing and this is just hella cringe oml
dduucky - 3 months ago
Please stop posting garbage lol
BEBO KHALED - 3 months ago
his girlfriend is egyptian boy with her speak egyptian word
Noah Sheridan
Noah Sheridan - 3 months ago
ThePcBeast - 3 months ago
She’s annoying
Kaseyjashae Sings
Kaseyjashae Sings - 3 months ago
I don’t know they went out until all that drama from about 3/2 weeks ago. I don’t even know that corina and Todd has broke up😂🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. This is what I get for stop watching the diaries
Suave - 3 months ago
My mind on exams @1:17
ÏÇË ÇØLD - 3 months ago
"I'll boogie bomb him and you pump him in the face",
Lmao if that isn't goals idk what is😂
proud - 3 months ago
turner: tried to 360 me, tried to go for a clip
corinna: a clit? most kids dont even know what that is
also turner: i said a clip
XdlukespamsL2ツ - 3 months ago
My name is BH YVNG PEEN
Skills compilation 123
Skills compilation 123 - 3 months ago
My 13 bday pls can someone subscribe
Damien Adams
Damien Adams - 3 months ago
No its not
Simply Fluffy
Simply Fluffy - 3 months ago
I gift my boyfriend skins and stuff :)
Austin Batrouni
Austin Batrouni - 3 months ago
Turner mean to his girl
Epicgamer 6ix9inelol
Epicgamer 6ix9inelol - 3 months ago
*B I G P E E N*
Hoi Hoi
Hoi Hoi - 3 months ago
Gotta admit shes a huge fame and gold digger
preety kharel
preety kharel - 3 months ago
I need a boyfriend to play with
A Bibba
A Bibba - 3 months ago
0:27 When you regret saying Ew
Jay 2 lit
Jay 2 lit - 3 months ago
I didnt know that fortnite was a top fortnite player
Hannie Carey
Hannie Carey - 3 months ago
No fall damage??
Adrian Lockwood
Adrian Lockwood - 3 months ago
Bro who still play this game?
Sweaty Dripz
Sweaty Dripz - 3 months ago
Get you a girl who takes small peens like tfues. They seem so awkward but you know she's getting that money
erik karlsson
erik karlsson - 3 months ago
This guy literally just trolling and win
John Doe
John Doe - 3 months ago
She's a 9 and he's a 2
Your Lie In April
Your Lie In April - 3 months ago
She is a Thot
cloak iOS
cloak iOS - 3 months ago
Tfue: opens gift from girlfriend
Also Tfue: Ewww
Matthew Cussen
Matthew Cussen - 3 months ago
they dont seem like a good couple tbh
Eltwavy - 3 months ago
This is cancer
itspucazz._ - 3 months ago
anyone noticed mrbeast donation? xd
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