Top 20 Worst Things Ever Done to Meg from Family Guy

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Austin Arts
Austin Arts - 2 days ago
She’s right your their parents and she trusted you and the reason why because the writer are boy they think teenage girl that are not great that’s why they did it to Hayley too😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Dank Papyrus
Dank Papyrus - 3 days ago
i dare you guys to do “Top 10 Best Things to Ever Happen to Meg”
connor pearce
connor pearce - 3 days ago
does this chick even have a clue what family guy is, like it sounds like she was surprised that lois and peter tries to abandon her.
Mr.Grizzly - 4 days ago
Ever thought about making top 10 worst things Roger had done.
T For Tom 12
T For Tom 12 - 6 days ago
i hate donna
Justin Garcia
Justin Garcia - 6 days ago
Is there anyone who treats MEG like a decent human being
T For Tom 12
T For Tom 12 - 6 days ago
eylie from one episode
TheBombyMaster2 Or Rocket The Space Pup
You Think Cartman Is The Lost Member Of The Griffin Family?
Because These Guys Would Be PERFECT For Him...
-Wait, Catman Hates Family Guy Never Mind...-
AshBro 360
AshBro 360 - 9 days ago
the guy with the mumps looks a bit like Quagmire 1:18
Zhùfú - 祝福
Zhùfú - 祝福 - 9 days ago
At this point the only reason I'm still watching this show is coz of Stewie. I feel soo bad for Meg. I'll quit this show if this continues on. It is a cartoon but the same joke over n over is absurd. At some point u gotta feel bad for her even if she is cartoon
Donald Piniach
Donald Piniach - 9 days ago
Shut up, Meg!
Eshaan Reza
Eshaan Reza - 17 days ago
Meg is one hell of a punching bag, she is basically a PG-13 rated SpongeBob.
1. Being constantly battered bruised and Tormented
2. Being shamed just because they stood up for themselves
And 3. They never stand up for themselves, standing up for themselves as pretty rare in the both characters lives.
Bruh Shranos
Bruh Shranos - 19 days ago
Nobody’ Meg 🤜🤜🤜🤜😯
QTPie - 20 days ago
I hate that she's the punching bag of this show. Peter is the worst parent ever aside from Lois.
Allen Burt
Allen Burt - 25 days ago
Ya'll are blaming the wrong person...Seth Macfarlane is the one to blame here...I mean...
Jared Alexander May
Jared Alexander May - 25 days ago
I wish could be friends with Meg
gordana djuric
gordana djuric - 27 days ago
I wish there was an episode where the creator of family guy shows up and meg destroys him for making the show
Justin - 27 days ago
Lapis in Steven Universe used to be that tragic character that made me depressed when I think about her. This is because Lapis is the "female version of me" because we are so much alike in both personality, and to a lesser degree past experiences. BUT the new version of her after "Alone at Sea" (which I call "Happy Lappy" because of how much she's come out her shell and been happier since) gives me hope for my future. I love her so much that I actually write fanfic where she and I are a couple
April Frisch
April Frisch - 29 days ago
"Meg, how could you put us all through that?"
To be fair, all she wants is a nice life, and she never got to live it because of you and school bullies. One of these days, you're gonna tell her to commit suicide...
I like teriyaki Noodles
Yeah but she also has had more bf than me... and I’ve never had one
jakseros - Month ago
The worst thing that happen to her is becoming a griffin
jakseros - Month ago
The worst thing that happen to her is becoming a griffin
Rose DeOliveira
Rose DeOliveira - Month ago
Sksksksk and I oop ?
Gracie A.D
Gracie A.D - Month ago
This is why I don't watch Family Guy anymore, I just feel so bad for Meg
Jason Lance
Jason Lance - Month ago
Sometimes, she deserves to be abused.
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher - Month ago
This is probably Family Guy’s most frustrating running gag.
But I believe what would be the most frustrating thing about it would be if someone tried to explain why Meg is the abused one, only for them to be interrupted or even for their words to be drowned out.
Richard Mcginnis
Richard Mcginnis - Month ago
i always thought she would have been good in the ipecac episode
Alexander Mayo
Alexander Mayo - Month ago
didn’t she treat the family like crap pre-cancellation?
DrippJutsuu - Month ago
This is my first time seeing Rebecca I’ve been watching for 4 years
Meg Griffin
Meg Griffin - Month ago
Wait... You guys know who I am??
KennedyEbony - Month ago
I thought that mumps guy was Quagmire at first, from the thumbnail. XD
Devin Yamashiro
Devin Yamashiro - Month ago
Major life lesson to the Idiots: STAY THE HELL OFF OF MEG'S LIFE FOREVER!
ARednecksLife - Month ago
Topic, Family Guy, all the crimes Joe has let people get away with.
The Saturday Night Live episode is one of the only time Peter ever defended her.
Gatito Sanchez
Gatito Sanchez - Month ago
shut up meg
Divide And Conker
Divide And Conker - Month ago
meg has been though so much then i have and she isn't even real bless her heart
Christian Mayon
Christian Mayon - Month ago
#1 Peter Griffin
RULA Mnayrji
RULA Mnayrji - Month ago
Why hasn't she reported it to child welfare that's the main issue
familyguy rules
familyguy rules - Month ago
I hate it when everyone bullied meg she deserved better
Huy Quach
Huy Quach - Month ago
Isn’t number 14 technically a crime
Autumn Agnew
Autumn Agnew - Month ago
Meg is one of my favorites from the series
Creepy TeeBee - Topic
Creepy TeeBee - Topic - Month ago
if i were meg, i would probably kill everyone on my family.
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