Baking My Palette into a Cake

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spo0ky - 2 days ago
why did i think he was going to put his eyeshadows into the cake 😑
The Bomber Channel
The Bomber Channel - 2 days ago
You should make a video about your puppy more
The Bomber Channel
The Bomber Channel - 2 days ago
I like Cake boss to
1 2
1 2 - 2 days ago
*do more baking I Love it*
Sooner Girl1011
Sooner Girl1011 - 3 days ago
Hey sister! I LOVE watching your make up videos and I have been wanting you to do my makeup for me! You are amazingly talented! Would you be interested?
Laurence Morin
Laurence Morin - 3 days ago
Did they eat the cake though? owO
Laurence Morin
Laurence Morin - 3 days ago
Cameraman/girl be like: This ain’t no singing contest James...This is a baking video..
Isabella Zuniga
Isabella Zuniga - 3 days ago
Quincy Arnold
Quincy Arnold - 3 days ago
Recreating one of your old makeup looks
Yareli.N Martinez
Yareli.N Martinez - 3 days ago
22:22 Gabriel is SHOOK
Yareli.N Martinez
Yareli.N Martinez - 3 days ago
20:35 IM DEAD
Shelby Stephen
Shelby Stephen - 4 days ago
I feel that you really fast so does my brother but the things is your not annoying an that’s a good thing
GoofyGoober SpongeBobSquarepants
like literally Sisters before Misters. love ya, :3 ;)))
Luna_ Moon
Luna_ Moon - 4 days ago
Sister you are a great singer but a even better makeup artist love you sis
Lay Lay
Lay Lay - 4 days ago
That wig sister SOARED
Zoe Castillo
Zoe Castillo - 4 days ago
IzzydaPotato God
IzzydaPotato God - 4 days ago
Barbiee's vlogs 101
Barbiee's vlogs 101 - 5 days ago
James singing is so cringe lmao 😂
pianosyrup123 - 5 days ago
James!!! Hey sister!!!! I have a great video idea for you. So since you made me comfortable exploring make up as a man Instagram picked up on that. Now I’m seeing ads for MENS MAKEUP! Please review altr London makeup I give it that sister review.
Evarine Nanyonga
Evarine Nanyonga - 5 days ago
That's lit sister
Hayley-jade Alex
Hayley-jade Alex - 6 days ago
That is going to be my birthday cake
Crystal Guillen
Crystal Guillen - 7 days ago
do a thrift flip!!
Lol Girl
Lol Girl - 7 days ago
Girl love your nails 💅SLAY QUEEN
U should do a house tour
Anna Marks
Anna Marks - 7 days ago
What about some sassy-sister zodiac-based makeup looks using the James Charles palette & your other favorite products? Some seasonal looks (exploring all four seasons) using your palette & favorite products? Or, better yet... some sister-riche ‘gemstone’ based looks using your palette & favorite products? 💎 [Hello promo codes from sponsors? 🤩] I do not yet have a James Charles palette, but, am hoping to get it for my birthday! 🥳 This would be an awesome opportunity to show everyone how phenomenally talented you are, how amazing your palette (and, favorite products) are, and, some valuable tips, tricks, and, how to do some amazing things ourselves! I 💋 you & I would live to see that! 👱🏻‍♀️👑🍭🏰🎠🎀💍🧸🦄
taimoor Ali khan
taimoor Ali khan - 7 days ago
james charles is looking beautiful and also sings very well
Nasia Anastasiadi
Nasia Anastasiadi - 8 days ago
I will like to see vlogs
Bob Oso
Bob Oso - 8 days ago
He should make a video of no edit no nothing.
Hope Bradtke
Hope Bradtke - 9 days ago
My B'day is Jan 22 so Birthday likes andioop
Abigail Koplin
Abigail Koplin - 9 days ago
Oh my gosh you're so amazing you're so awesome you're so spidering to me
Ready set Gurman
Ready set Gurman - 10 days ago
Empro Yo
Empro Yo - 10 days ago
This was supposed to be a makeup channel, now we see James with a wig in his mouth😂😂😂
Maria Santillanes
Maria Santillanes - 10 days ago
16:15 I was dead you guys are funny love how James face was so gullible at that moment lol😭😂
Eileen Espino
Eileen Espino - 11 days ago
I do cakes, you guys did great on that crumb coat 💛
Evelyn Fillebrown
Evelyn Fillebrown - 11 days ago
the cake looks awesome
gamer girl
gamer girl - 11 days ago
I sub to you and all that
gamer girl
gamer girl - 11 days ago
Your a great singer I love you
RainbowCatCupcakeWorld - 11 days ago
10:50 omg I thought he pulled the knife out of the cake 😂😂😂
Rebeca Herrera De Jesus
Rebeca Herrera De Jesus - 11 days ago
hallow makeup please
SINGQUEEN makeup&music
SINGQUEEN makeup&music - 12 days ago
Break it down bich!!!!!!
Elizabeth Orozco
Elizabeth Orozco - 12 days ago
James u used dry measurements instead of wet omg
Kiana Carlisle
Kiana Carlisle - 12 days ago
Wow another talent james has I cant keep track of how many he has
DinoMadi Playz
DinoMadi Playz - 12 days ago
The lord has an eraser reads the news about James

The lord says be gone!
Asha Cook
Asha Cook - 12 days ago
This is how many people think that James is a professional baker
kate m
kate m - 12 days ago
Please do more baking!!!!
Plumpy Chump
Plumpy Chump - 13 days ago
Danica Keogh
Danica Keogh - 14 days ago
Do the James Charles palette on your face using the palette
Rachel Rodriguez
Rachel Rodriguez - 14 days ago
Tiarra Bennett Seaton
Tiarra Bennett Seaton - 14 days ago
i hope that is eatable
Ziggy Hopps
Ziggy Hopps - 15 days ago
James you should totally do in organizing my makeup video
Natalie Louis
Natalie Louis - 16 days ago
James you HAVE to do more with Drew I love him!
G&O Racing
G&O Racing - 16 days ago
I love youuuuu
Khadija Noor
Khadija Noor - 16 days ago
at 4:53 turn on the captions.... it says (women screams) lollll
Lydia Williams
Lydia Williams - 16 days ago
Can you do this makeup look as a tutorial?
Galai lives lovely
Galai lives lovely - 17 days ago
i seriously LOVE ur singing i'am bead serious
Christiana Ramirez
Christiana Ramirez - 17 days ago
Hi james i love to watch you and i also love to do makeup so much. And if would respond or at least like my comment it would mean a lot to me
Gus - 17 days ago
I love your videos!
Gus - 17 days ago
You should come to New Zealand! LV U James! :)
Rihanna Parsa
Rihanna Parsa - 17 days ago
Can you react to oddly satisfying videos
Rihanna Parsa
Rihanna Parsa - 17 days ago
You sing really good
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