Baking My Palette into a Cake

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Mariam Konovalova
Mariam Konovalova - 33 minutes ago
gabriels forehead is like a frekin mirror
shahbaz king
shahbaz king - 38 minutes ago
you all are boys or girls
Natalia Hust
Natalia Hust - Hour ago
Let the person in front of you pick what you eat for 24 hours
Raghad Elhabashy
Raghad Elhabashy - Hour ago
James Charles you are the best at every thing 😉😉😁😁from the profile picture of the video I thinked it was a real palete but I continued the video to the end and I was shocked because do you put make up do you cook do you sing. I gaved this video the biggest thumps up and good job 😊😊😉😉
Destiny McNicoll
Destiny McNicoll - 2 hours ago
That’s amazing!🤩🤩
Zaynah Timol
Zaynah Timol - 2 hours ago
Hi sisters
Laura Laner
Laura Laner - 5 hours ago
food forlife
food forlife - 12 hours ago
plz do a rainbow drip and i mean like colors placed everywher not in order and all the colors not just red orange yellow green blue and purple do them but teal pink
Lamia Jones
Lamia Jones - 13 hours ago
Why would he be like, a good ass Baker... I feel like he’s been explaining make up sooooo long that he exercised it into the baking tutorial....congragulations😂
bicthboi - 13 hours ago
3:55 the cringe was fucking max power
Charlie Sutherland
Charlie Sutherland - 15 hours ago
1emon 1over
1emon 1over - 16 hours ago
I want him to make slime
Jennifer Cruz
Jennifer Cruz - 16 hours ago
second Rosanna Pansino
adeola pollard
adeola pollard - 18 hours ago
You should be a singer
Emma Shields
Emma Shields - 19 hours ago
Let elle mcbroom do your makeup!!! HEY ACE FAMILY!!
Emma Shields
Emma Shields - 19 hours ago
Sister james. You forgot to tap the pans on the counter to rid the batter of bubbles
Christine Contino
Christine Contino - 20 hours ago
i followed you on instagram
Duh_itz _shelbz
Duh_itz _shelbz - 21 hour ago
Can u do eyeshadow looks with your pallete I got your pallete the other day and I want to learn some pretty looks ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️
Jaycee’s Vlogs
Jaycee’s Vlogs - 22 hours ago
I need singing lessons from you Sisters
Angel Wolves
Angel Wolves - 23 hours ago
4:16 has me weak 😂😂🤣😂 love this!
Mirna Fuentes
Mirna Fuentes - 23 hours ago
Love your makeup art to ❤️❤️❤️
Mirna Fuentes
Mirna Fuentes - 23 hours ago
Love your videos you’re the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️
mrs.donut &apple
mrs.donut &apple - Day ago
8:51 who didn't understand a thing 😬
Cassidy Murphy
Cassidy Murphy - Day ago
jason voorhees
jason voorhees - Day ago
hasn't your mother ever told you you should never eat raw egg James
Landon Hansen
Landon Hansen - Day ago
His face when he crunches the mix
Tofa Mryramry6
Tofa Mryramry6 - Day ago
Well yea, james wanted to be a baker and a gamer, he became a singer, piano musician. And a makeup artist!! And he's good at drawing as well!!! James u r PERFECT 👌💖
weirdos and wombats
When Gabriel came in they kept saying "Hi everyone" and that's what it said on his shirt
katrina rice
katrina rice - Day ago
James mom: have fun sister

James:ok mom

Later that night......

James and friends: woooooooooohoooooooooooo I love baking cakes wooooooooooo

2019 squad-------------->
Irish Dancer Katie
Irish Dancer Katie - Day ago
Lazytown is quaking
hayley wilson
hayley wilson - Day ago
i think for a video you should do a peecock eye look
Penny Lane Grove
Penny Lane Grove - Day ago
Can you do an amazing full face galaxy 🌌 look
Shayla Castellanos
Shayla Castellanos - Day ago
Are yo soy or grl my litl sister was asking 😁😁
Raelyn Cowan
Raelyn Cowan - Day ago
recreate a rosanna pansino cake
mamaharriett2 - Day ago
Love your cake baking song and I don’t think you would get buzzed. 😍
Lily-the-flower 12
Lily-the-flower 12 - Day ago
I don’t no if anybody else is going to say this but the kitchen looks like ro’s kitchen
Maggie Fuentes
Maggie Fuentes - 2 days ago
You should do 24 hours without makeup and go out to places
FunKidsTV 141
FunKidsTV 141 - 2 days ago
James Charles. Are you a guy or a girl?
Jaxon Brooks
Jaxon Brooks - 2 days ago
Did anyone else rewatch this just for 3:58 and 6:08?
Unique Gracie
Unique Gracie - 2 days ago
I am Hispanic and when we make any type of cake we use milk and butter
Paola Garnica
Paola Garnica - 2 days ago
I love u your the best I love your makeup the cake was so awesome
Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown - 2 days ago
go to Disneyland and vlog it please
Dustin Connor
Dustin Connor - 2 days ago
James i am not going to lie you have great baking skills and you can sing really good please give me a shout out my name is Haley
karina Slays
karina Slays - 2 days ago
Y’all he talks more girly then me and im a actual girl no offense ppl
Hacker Gaming
Hacker Gaming - 2 days ago
Video idea and if you use it plz give me a shout out that would mean a lot to me coming from you and my idea is you should get one of your friends to let to make there face look like a husky dog
thefox's liveasone
thefox's liveasone - 2 days ago
This is my first video of watching you and after this video I've started to watch you so much. And now you make my day when I watch your video. Also I love you intro its fantastic and really call.
Clyito 52
Clyito 52 - 2 days ago
I love cake boss
Dead_ Inside09
Dead_ Inside09 - 2 days ago
24:10 is what y'all all wanted to hear
Yomaira Lacen
Yomaira Lacen - 2 days ago
Banana cake
Heather Koerbel
Heather Koerbel - 2 days ago
For a video can you try and follow a bob ross tutorial but instead of paint you should use make up.
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