Sonja Nithammer
Sonja Nithammer - Month ago
This is just a hole meme video
Fatou Ndiaye
Fatou Ndiaye - 2 months ago
2:43 what’s that?
Felicia Green
Felicia Green - 4 months ago
Little mix funny
Eve Bradley
Eve Bradley - 4 months ago
I love these goofballs
Pratibha joseph
Pratibha joseph - 4 months ago
Rui Nero Correia
Rui Nero Correia - 5 months ago
I’m not good enough for anyone I’m worthless
3:46 I had my volume turned up too loud in school ( I have WiFi for some reason) and everyone was looking at me like what on earth are you watching 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I love little mix so bloody much
cages 23
cages 23 - 6 months ago
Elena Subrat
Elena Subrat - 6 months ago
Wait there from england omg
Rocio Hernandez
Rocio Hernandez - 7 months ago
why does perrie’s hair remind me of Pink!😂❤️
Rafaela Schweig
Rafaela Schweig - 7 months ago
i guess they too much they sane very engraçadas, BEAUTIFUL and sane amadas please all,aliás dançam very well
Jenner McMorris
Jenner McMorris - 8 months ago
"Mariahs got a lovely boob, lovely boob, lovely boob" OMG I'M DYINGGG
Nouha Benessy
Nouha Benessy - 10 months ago
Perrie you are so funny 😂😂😂
Patty Burger
Patty Burger - 10 months ago
2018? Anyone?
Jikook and Jerrie is life
Jikook and Jerrie is life - 10 months ago
No entendi ni carajo :v pero las amoooo!! Mis amores♥♥♥
InternationelQueen LittleMix
This is the cutest thing i have ever seen.
2018 and im still watching
Gato De Mexico
Gato De Mexico - 11 months ago
I LIVE IN ARIZONA! I was so young then (6) I didn't know who you were, darn't! I would have been there!
Little Mix Musics
Little Mix Musics - 11 months ago
Imagine someone who wouldn't know the girls and would come across this video and watch the first seconds 😂 He would be like "wtf am I watching? "
The Silence
The Silence - 11 months ago
So funny 😂
kerolyne Nogueira
kerolyne Nogueira - Year ago
I Have no name
I Have no name - Year ago
Little Mix please come to Missouri I love you guys so much
Heisman Popular Vines
That perrie Edwards and jade thirwall jesy Leigh-Anne they are so funny and good job
Heisman Popular Vines
That little mix are so funny because they so cute from Harriet baffour
soulofmiami - Year ago
The funniest part is, none of these are actual bloopers. The band is basically just a living blooper.
An Lou
An Lou - Year ago
I’m not good enough for anyone I’m worthless
How i act at school
Jo - Year ago
3:03 Jesy is me hanging out with my friends
Sarah Sterly
Sarah Sterly - Year ago
I bet Perrie won’t draw on a whiteboard ever again
/lucy h/
/lucy h/ - Year ago
Perrie and her whiteboards 😂
Alex Godínez
Alex Godínez - Year ago
3:14 I'm like Jesy xd
happy day
happy day - Year ago
They are CRAZY!!! This is so funny!!
Celine Columbretis
Celine Columbretis - Year ago
Jesy is so fany
JUNGKOOK mukbang
JUNGKOOK mukbang - Year ago
They're sooo cute 😍
Sinead Haynes
Sinead Haynes - Year ago
1:27 Jesy and Perrie is always the funniest, but at the same time all of them are the funniest to idk anymore 😂
Dreeei - Year ago
Israele Gomes
Israele Gomes - Year ago
te amo jede♥
miracle winters
miracle winters - Year ago
I don't laugh at YouTube vids much but they made me laugh ALOT 😂 I was crying!!!
Cyre So Cute
Cyre So Cute - Year ago
1:12 Jade gave the candy to Jesy hahaha team working JADESY
Adele Vevo 28
Adele Vevo 28 - Year ago
Sonia Rodríguez
Sonia Rodríguez - Year ago
I miss fetus lm
zheng yan
zheng yan - Year ago
Their voice are so werid they sound like a boy
Arlien Charles
Arlien Charles - Year ago
The main reason why i am a mixer!
jerilynburnsify - Year ago
jesy is so damn funny
Felicity Thomson
Felicity Thomson - Year ago
i love little mix
K - Year ago
*starts video*
*heard weird singing*
*Instantly spits out water*
Léa Sds
Léa Sds - Year ago
These girls are fucking crazy 😂💗 I love them with all my heart 😂💗💗💗
Laiba Ahmed
Laiba Ahmed - Year ago
The fresh prince of Belair is the song we are learning in school
Ana Carolina Lopes
Ana Carolina Lopes - Year ago
2:07 Jade's inspiration for No More Sad Songs
david metcalf
david metcalf - Year ago
1:57 Though XD Miriah's Got A Lovely Bep lovely Bep
asmlyssa22 - Year ago
The last clip when they were laughing and shrieking is literally my friends and I.
Crybabies and Mixers
I watch this everyday
Lucie-Mae Daggers
Lucie-Mae Daggers - Year ago
I love you guys u have to come to arndell
Elena Saccon
Elena Saccon - 2 years ago
I was at the #GloryDaysTourMilan last night and I'm crying watching this because last night was the best of my life and I'm missing my babes already 😭😭❤️
takeyourpills - 2 years ago
1:54 :D OMG im dying XDDDDDDDDD
sweet mixer
sweet mixer - Year ago
AliNator_HD Hernandez
Rima Wibowo
Rima Wibowo - 2 years ago
thanks god, i'm not wearing either headphone or earphone to watch this video 😂😂😂
Raena Wake
Raena Wake - 2 years ago
are they British
Raena Wake
Raena Wake - Year ago
ok I didn't know
K - Year ago
Gill Wakelin duh
Ifeoluwa Adedeji
Ifeoluwa Adedeji - 2 years ago
Leigh Anne and Jesy!! Friendship goals!!
Ifeoluwa Adedeji
Ifeoluwa Adedeji - 2 years ago
OMG. jesy's voice
Tb4x1 S
Tb4x1 S - 2 years ago
when they go out together in public the other people must be genuinely scared for their own lives
JESMINDA NELSON - 2 years ago
This was the Hilarious Video I've ever seen... 😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙌👌😏
Zack Allen
Zack Allen - 2 years ago
The funniest one for me is when Perrie drew on white wall, and thought it was a big white board
lounaa - 2 years ago
Perrie wrote on the wall😂she is hilariously amazing😂💞
Danielle Barretto
Danielle Barretto - 2 years ago
Jade at 2:10 vs Jade at No More Sad Songs 💖💖💖
Jai Creencia
Jai Creencia - 2 years ago
I lost my shit at 3:47😂😂😂😂
Jai Creencia
Jai Creencia - 2 years ago
Lawrence Ferrer
Lawrence Ferrer - 2 years ago
Perrie was so proud she's drawing the little mix sign until she knew she was drawing in the wall her reaction was so priceless
iris the dead flower
iris the dead flower - 2 years ago
bless this video
DZ Girl
DZ Girl - 2 years ago
i love Perri so much
Danielle C
Danielle C - 2 years ago
Does anyone else feel bad for their driver... having to put up with screaming, laughing and singing
Leigh-saren Pinnobanregui
Miche Engel
Miche Engel - 2 years ago
i am 7
Miche Engel
Miche Engel - 2 years ago
i am a very good singer
Miche Engel
Miche Engel - 2 years ago
can i join you
ReanaTS 26
ReanaTS 26 - 2 years ago
They all have such a great sense of humour lol😂😂😂
Tyto Alba
Tyto Alba - 2 years ago
Mile Janiot
Mile Janiot - 2 years ago
Fetus Jade kills me
aldwin aguinaldo
aldwin aguinaldo - 2 years ago
1:47 well then...
aldwin aguinaldo
aldwin aguinaldo - 2 years ago
what's the thing that jesy (?) threw at perrie?
NOT Nim - 2 years ago
Once you get that camera out of my motherfucking face
- Leigh-Anne and Jesy
Michael Ramsay
Michael Ramsay - 2 years ago
Yous are funny
Rachel Valdez
Rachel Valdez - 2 years ago
1:36 Perfect! That should be the new style
ちひろ - 2 years ago
Grace Carro
Grace Carro - 2 years ago
I know that this comment is s bit late but I just want to say I love you girls sooooooooo!!!!!!! Much and I have not see one of your consent yet but I hope to in the future
Love by
Grace Carro
Grace Carro - 2 years ago
Marina Cortez
Marina Cortez - 2 years ago
IPAtou - 2 years ago
omg! so funny
HeyitzKawaii Queen
HeyitzKawaii Queen - 2 years ago
Lovely beb lovely beb hahahahhahahah
Svea Ellingsen
Svea Ellingsen - 2 years ago
sound in the background
sound in the background - 2 years ago
Queens👑👑love them❤❤
Jaye Epino
Jaye Epino - 2 years ago
Ara Diaz
Ara Diaz - 2 years ago
and from here born Get Weird
LilGacha Girl
LilGacha Girl - 2 years ago
I am a little mix VIP so fun
LilGacha Girl
LilGacha Girl - 2 years ago
Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas - 2 years ago
I can't express how much I love them
günçi bëklekeñ
günçi bëklekeñ - 2 years ago
Leigh-Anne at
Laura Barreda
Laura Barreda - 2 years ago
this is one of my favourites videos😂😂💓
Amanda Viola
Amanda Viola - 2 years ago
They're like 1D but the girl person 😘
Selena Polutnik
Selena Polutnik - 2 years ago
Lawrence Ferrer
Lawrence Ferrer - 2 years ago
Mariah's got a lovely boob lovely boob
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