Full Face Using Only Liquid Lipsticks

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Hailey Nicole
Hailey Nicole - 3 hours ago
That looks so cute omg I can’t even do my makeup
Keiesha Patel
Keiesha Patel - 3 hours ago
rawrkor - 3 hours ago
When lipstick looks better then his normal foundation
Sopk Xx
Sopk Xx - 6 hours ago
I heard an artist say this idk who but she said “your eye brows are sisters not twins” I was just like PREECH
De’Jah_Summerall Chungus
Is it just me or is this one of his best foundation matches ever
[ jump ]
[ jump ] - 8 hours ago
*no one:*
*absolutely no one:*
*sishters in the comments: wHen His LiPsTiCk mAtchEs moRe tHan His fOuNdaTiOn...???*
Tennyson Eli
Tennyson Eli - 9 hours ago
james has lipstick in his teeth
veumie - 11 hours ago
Am i the only one that prefers James without makeup??
Farida Elnady
Farida Elnady - 11 hours ago
5:23 😂😂
Billy Headford
Billy Headford - 16 hours ago
You should do your makeup on a speed boat
- a l l e -
- a l l e - - 18 hours ago
No one:
James: uH mY gUuD
Kaylen Marlow
Kaylen Marlow - 20 hours ago
he says full face but uses foundation and cream, uummmmm ok
Maryann Lemos-Silva
DAMN!!!! SLAY QWEEN!!!!!!!
Adam Bauer
Adam Bauer - Day ago
your makeup always looks so good I wish I had the talent like you
Milan Blackburn
Milan Blackburn - Day ago
Honey I can’t do any of that with actual makeup🤣
Indira Kulkarni
Indira Kulkarni - Day ago
You're intro is to long
You're sister Indira
Cristina Hodirnau
Cristina Hodirnau - Day ago
anna dao
anna dao - Day ago
James: does full face of makeup in liquid lipsticks and looks decently great.
Me: does full face of makeup in regular makeup and looks absolutely horrible
Melanie Garcia
Melanie Garcia - 2 days ago
wow this is so good tho :)
Megan haas
Megan haas - 2 days ago
why is that better than what I can even do
Ender Slender
Ender Slender - 2 days ago
I don’t know why but I literally like this as his foundation way more.
iicxndianuxnicorns iicxndianuxnicorns
*when only liquid lipstick full face looks better when you use normal makeup products-*
Breana Huerta
Breana Huerta - 2 days ago
James it’s not that bad for liquid lipsticks
Me can’t even do a Smokey eye with normal makeup
🌻ChristinLynnan🌻 - 2 days ago
All you guys saying “That lipstick matches more than your actual foundation” first off he likes being mor tan and so do I, second it’s the light he uses in his video that makes it his color.
Skate Mates
Skate Mates - 2 days ago
U forgot blush but you are amazing
Alyssa Mostert
Alyssa Mostert - 2 days ago
Wow 😃!!! That’s gorgeous
Elsie-Rose - 2 days ago
Good job👍🏻
Erin McGarrigle
Erin McGarrigle - 2 days ago
james: slays using liquid lipstick
me: can’t even put on makeup
More with Macy
More with Macy - 2 days ago
2:22 oof she is a shiny sister
Red Starfox
Red Starfox - 3 days ago
WoW not bad
Nayhara Ferrari
Nayhara Ferrari - 3 days ago
Hey sisters ❤️❤️🌷💖♥️➰✔️➰
Omaralys Santiago
Omaralys Santiago - 3 days ago
Omg how are you so perfect on make up
Valeria Angeles
Valeria Angeles - 3 days ago
When it looks better than when you use your regular products...😔
Fifi Mango
Fifi Mango - 3 days ago
Turned out really good
bang lov
bang lov - 3 days ago
O i hate you so much
Durant Airsoft
Durant Airsoft - 4 days ago
Y like penis its weird 🤣
Peach Caps
Peach Caps - 4 days ago
*mickey mouse is that you*
Dayana Mosher
Dayana Mosher - 4 days ago
everyone: hahaha
james:mickey mouse
me: yes queen 'doesnt even care about the laugh only likes the makeup'
Eden erpelding
Eden erpelding - 4 days ago
I have to watch it at .75x speed
Itsyogirlyalexis 1234
Itsyogirlyalexis 1234 - 5 days ago
I love that look sis!
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