Full Face Using Only Liquid Lipsticks

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Alexa Lockwood
Alexa Lockwood - 3 minutes ago
I just think it's so cute and so great when he gets so excited about these challenges. Anyone else?
Also I know I'm late shush
Candice Thomas
Candice Thomas - 15 hours ago
11:20 literally going through the comments hoping someone else has made the correlation of Kylie going “rise and shine” with her gloss... just me? Ok I’ll go home
Nat_XoXo Xo
Nat_XoXo Xo - Day ago
But imagine being this talented 😑
Marcelle Cardoso
Marcelle Cardoso - 3 days ago
Mrlistenandlearn - 3 days ago
Are your products tested on animals?????????
Mia Hh
Mia Hh - 4 days ago
3:36 is when it starts
Its called lip gloss...
Trumara Ewing
Trumara Ewing - 6 days ago
And I oop-
Perri Eden
Perri Eden - 6 days ago
I'm so jealous!! i swear you can do any kind of makeup look with anything!!
Heyo Ki
Heyo Ki - 7 days ago
Hey Sisters ;3
Hey Sisters ;3 - 8 days ago
Love You James 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕Omg The Finished Look Looks So Good ♡ Exspecially The Eye Shadow 🌈
samantha nelson
samantha nelson - 9 days ago
but how...🔥
Grace Gillies élève
Grace Gillies élève - 9 days ago
James : ok I think that's ok
me :still struggling to put on mascara
PixelZingProductions - 10 days ago
Any other aspiring drag queens here?
BoredBanana 365
BoredBanana 365 - 10 days ago
May I just say that I think this is such a beautiful makeup look! It doesn't even look like lipstick! This look has to be one of my favorite makeup looks I've seen! ❤️❤️❤️
Sunny’ss Star
Sunny’ss Star - 11 days ago
Basically this video is James being proud of himself for 15 minutes.
[No hate!💕]
Mia Hernandez
Mia Hernandez - 11 days ago
Me: **can't even put on chapsick**
James: **does a AMAZING eye look with liquid lipsticks**
Me: **cries in untalented**
Tiffany Garcia
Tiffany Garcia - 12 days ago
No one
Not a single soul
James at 10:38 : 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
yee haw!
yee haw! - 14 days ago
i hate how he doesn’t accept the fact that he is WHITE
Brianda Zapata
Brianda Zapata - 14 days ago
When james goes like 💋 when he’s done with the look and trynna look cute
J. T.
J. T. - 16 days ago
Beautiful eyes. I wouldn't be brave enough. Incredible job.
mermaid kingdom
mermaid kingdom - 18 days ago
I love your makeup tutorials your the best at makeup teach me please
Breelyn Ladd
Breelyn Ladd - 19 days ago
You make it look so easy but when I try it it’s horrible I love you so much James your amazing when I got your pallet for my birthday I almost cried your my inspiration ❤️❤️🤣❤️❤️
Where.am.I - 19 days ago
Elena Tumbles
Elena Tumbles - 20 days ago
You should do a full face using elf Mack up
Berlynn57 - 21 day ago
Hey, I feel so inspired by you. But could u maybe talk a bit louder, love ya😘
milena alderete
milena alderete - 22 days ago
OMG you are a genius, I love your personality 💕
Brianne Heinlein
Brianne Heinlein - 22 days ago
grace engleby
grace engleby - 22 days ago
The brows are flashback James brows
Grace Kuhar
Grace Kuhar - 24 days ago
How does James always make it work?
Hafsah Imran
Hafsah Imran - 24 days ago
Your make up stands up with your face girl!!!!!! I just call you GIRL!!!!!!!!
Eleyna Lopez
Eleyna Lopez - 24 days ago
Who here also loves sister James bc ik I do
Hafsah Imran
Hafsah Imran - 25 days ago
Hi sisters I need the toilet!!! Why do you wear make up? you make me and noor laugh
because you always say Hi sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our Channel
Our Channel - 26 days ago
Your skin is pink
Amy Park
Amy Park - 28 days ago
OMGGGGG like hoooooowwwww?!?!
Sarianna Rosette
Sarianna Rosette - 28 days ago
5:10-5:12 Im sorry I cant stop laughing idk it just sounded really wrong 😂💀
10kbg733 - Month ago
I LOVEEEEE YOUR VIDS keep doing your style sister
Cali Connors
Cali Connors - Month ago
I live for the fact that this is the best match for his foundation and it's not even a foundation 😂😂
Amy Valencia
Amy Valencia - Month ago
bruh. SISTER you rocked that lip challenge it's soo cute
The Slimentists!
The Slimentists! - Month ago
*You may have ready done this, but can you do a noob vs pro vs guru? Thx!*
Zoe Pearl777
Zoe Pearl777 - Month ago
That "foundation" had me *SHOOK* how good it matched tf. ?
Sky and Ry
Sky and Ry - Month ago
I want to met u so bad. You are my inspiration ❤️ u sis
Lily -
Lily - - Month ago
u are the best at makeup and my name is lily like the lashes xx
Audria Bynum
Audria Bynum - Month ago
So uh my headphones dont work and i can only hear the music in the video soo.. i JUST SEE JAMES TALKING AWAY WHILE IM LISTENING TO THE PIANO SONG.
Lily Stiteler
Lily Stiteler - Month ago
When Jeffrees liquid lipstick works better as eyeshadow then James’ pallet
Bailey Watson
Bailey Watson - Month ago
This is how many swatches he has on his hand 😂 🖐

Monique Blow
Monique Blow - Month ago
Youre still a beauty even with a face full of liquid lipsticks.
Maya Rose
Maya Rose - Month ago
His liquid lipstick matches him better than his foundation 😂
R Harris
R Harris - Month ago
I have the Kylie always shining lip gloss
Elizavetta Sundeeva
Elizavetta Sundeeva - Month ago
Ай донт андерстенд
Gabby Gachungi
Gabby Gachungi - Month ago
This is so surprising! You know how to do makeup better than me and I don't even know how to hold eyeliner!
Kaitlynn C
Kaitlynn C - Month ago
This makeup looks better than anything I can do
XMonique. EliseX
XMonique. EliseX - Month ago
Does anyone else wink back at his intro 😂😂😂
zhane Murrey
zhane Murrey - Month ago
Sis I love you but that lip does not go with those eyes
SI RG - Month ago
"Why does this look good"
Honey. Your Jefferey Star Lmao
Jayleen Garcia
Jayleen Garcia - Month ago
One like for every eyeshadow brush being destroyed from the lipstick
chelsea schaar
chelsea schaar - Month ago
2:55 it literally matches perfectly
Celine Félix
Celine Félix - Month ago
Alguém que veio pelo vídeo da Mari Maria?
Julia de Klerk
Julia de Klerk - Month ago
I need my skin to be this clear
cvtradorq _
cvtradorq _ - Month ago
womp womp womp
chelsea schaar
chelsea schaar - Month ago
Yeah e yeah e yeah
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