Full Face Using Only Liquid Lipsticks

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DarkCode - 44 minutes ago
This is Homo
Olivia Szep
Olivia Szep - 4 hours ago
everytime he does a challenge it looks the exact same....perfect
Tigra Cat
Tigra Cat - 8 hours ago
How does this look better than my makeup
deema farah
deema farah - 11 hours ago
omg you look amazing
Does anyone else think this looks just like when James does makeup normally?
Jayden Freeman
Jayden Freeman - Day ago
Hi love you are the best ❤️slay sister
Zarish Atir
Zarish Atir - Day ago
You do everything perfectly ❤️❤️😭😭
Cerrie Bradshaw
Cerrie Bradshaw - 2 days ago
I got your pallet for my b-day 1 month ago and I’ve used it every day I love it!
MoMo MM - 2 days ago
He skipped the blush part.
weirdos and wombats
weirdos and wombats - 2 days ago
I'm literally doing my mackup for fun I'm not going any were and I'm watching this thers nothing better to do then watch you right now
Aliana Humphreys
Aliana Humphreys - 2 days ago
Since you basically are a girl did you have a period
Megan Jablonowski
Megan Jablonowski - 3 days ago
That look is amazing!
Hihh Uigvh
Hihh Uigvh - 4 days ago
Does anybody notice the fact that he is using a pin as an earing😂
Hihh Uigvh
Hihh Uigvh - 4 days ago
Does anybody notice the fact that he is using a pin an earing😂
A_vokadas - 3 days ago
no, that’s an actual earring
Smurphingtonn100 362
Smurphingtonn100 362 - 5 days ago
Sister, ur on point😃
Megan Brown
Megan Brown - 5 days ago
James' liquid lipsticks being a better skin tone match then his actual foundation
Emily Christensen
Emily Christensen - 6 days ago
do you have a cold? if you do feel better sister :)
Keeping up with the Jayda
This is literally the best foundation match so far 😂😂😂😂
Lizzy Serrano
Lizzy Serrano - 7 days ago
Love it!!!! I wish I could do that to my eyes...your so good at what you love to do! Never stop James!!
KoalaK - 7 days ago
James: gotta keep my face moisturized so my face doesn’t crack or dry up
Me: honey you face is always a dried up mess (ROASTED)
Sorry not sorry 😂
Sofia Ferrero
Sofia Ferrero - 8 days ago
Bruh how he do that ? The fuck I can’t even do a wing
Lilly - 8 days ago
i love how he can do an full face of liquid lipsticks when i can’t even do my lips like without messing up lol not cool
Embersoul Flame
Embersoul Flame - 8 days ago
Roxanna Izadpanahi
Roxanna Izadpanahi - 8 days ago
That actually looks really good 😯😲
HAHAHAHA HA - 8 days ago
are James and jeffree friends again?
Marinas magic Series
Marinas magic Series - 9 days ago
Why is no one talking about how he is going to get the lipstick off ha ha Haha 😂
Marinas magic Series
Marinas magic Series - 9 days ago
James: nail it using only liquid lipsticks
Me: can’t even make it look good when I’m using the most expensive makeup 😂
BellaBeautiful - 9 days ago
I can’t imagine what this feels like 🤭😅
Dunia García
Dunia García - 9 days ago
Mi vida cómo puedes ser tan creativo talentoso, carismático y bello?! Vas a una escuela o algo?? 😄👏🏽👏🏽👌🏽👌🏽❤❤🤗🤗😘
Bijay Pattnaik
Bijay Pattnaik - 10 days ago
are u a gurl or a boy
Ariella Lattea
Ariella Lattea - 10 days ago
Who else thinks he matched his foundation better with liquid lipstick then actual foundation
Kathryn Tutorials
Kathryn Tutorials - 11 days ago
1:14 me looking down so I can see how low my grades r
Dennayjah Russ
Dennayjah Russ - 11 days ago
Your to creative 😂🔥💕
Lexi Singz
Lexi Singz - 11 days ago
If only you could comment pictures on YouTube.....I completely destroyed this challenge
Chloe Salinas
Chloe Salinas - 11 days ago
^^ them brows when he talk love james tho😂❣️
mentally unstable
mentally unstable - 11 days ago
james : i think the only lipstick that looks like it would match is the Anastasia vvdeedfwffevt in the shade milkshake
me: how do you speak so fast?
@Katie Lambremont
@Katie Lambremont - 11 days ago
Can you PLEASE ado a collab with Manny MUA??????????
Ronaz Haji
Ronaz Haji - 11 days ago
Looks so pretty you did AMAZING LOVE YOU XX 💖💖💖
Elizabeth Carrillo
Elizabeth Carrillo - 12 days ago
Wtf how did he actually do makeup with lipsticks better then with regular makeup!!!!
Define Royalty
Define Royalty - 12 days ago
ik im late to this vid but im a new sister and im just watching all the videos sister james as uploaded and is it just me but like on camera he looks good no matter what lol
Bianca Schiavone
Bianca Schiavone - 13 days ago
James you should do a full face of only kids makeup
Douglas Fairchild
Douglas Fairchild - 13 days ago
Wow you look Fabulous!!
Rachael Phillipson James
Rachael Phillipson James - 14 days ago
Am I the only person that thinks james’ makeup looks absolutely fine..? 😂♥️
Nevaeh Leon
Nevaeh Leon - 15 days ago
*when ur friend asks you to plug their merch*
Roman Doust
Roman Doust - 15 days ago
But his undertones are pink...
Everything Ava !
Everything Ava ! - 15 days ago
5:23 😂 😂
Mirna - 15 days ago
Can i say that this was really gorgeous😂😍❤
Lei Claire
Lei Claire - 16 days ago
Ava O dwyer
Ava O dwyer - 16 days ago
You should do full face with only one brand
my cat is my child
my cat is my child - 16 days ago
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