Bill Maher Crushes Donald Trump's White House Enablers

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Tom Storm
Tom Storm - Month ago
Maina Fridman
Maina Fridman - Month ago
How about democrats, how about Pelosi brilliant saying: boarder wall is immoral! Interesting, what does she think about windows?
Bob Bart
Bob Bart - Month ago
Norma Desmond's "Max" was just holding on to a job; so is Kelley Anne Conway and Sarah Huckleberry Hound Sanders and, for that matter, Mitch McConnell ... hey, girls just wanna have fun!
oldrrocr - Month ago
Republicans! trump has again invited Russia to meddle in our election in 2020. IF THAT IS NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU TO TAKE ACTION... WHAT WILL IT TAKE??
REPUBLICANS, do you really want to go down in history as the most corrupt party in US history?
Egnogg Cruz
Egnogg Cruz - Month ago
don lino celle,you're a fucking ENABLER!!!!!yeah,you!!!!
Askal Tesfa
Askal Tesfa - Month ago
Trump is anxious to destroy Obama.s legacy that he worked hard for and put it in effect. Now millions of people are being benefited from it, the Obama Health Care, or the Affordable Health Care is approved by court as the Law Of The Land. May be Trump wanted to change the name, to Trump Health Care. Not easy for Trump to change the name. It will remain as Obama Care, Affordable Health Care for life
elc1960 - Month ago
For those who commented about Bill omitting Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, remember that this originally aired in 2017, before she replaced Sean Spicer. Had it been from a year later, she would most assuredly have made the list, possibly as Enabler #1.
elc1960 - Month ago
We live in a society where the world is taking a hard right hand turn back to the days of the Cold War, and people like Trump, McConnell and Putin are in the vanguard of that twisted movement. And the only way to get Trump out of office is to vote him out in 2020. Hoping for impeachment will not work because the Republicans are in the majority in the Senate, and we need them to switch allegiances to impeach Trump. And that simply will not happen. When the Watergate hearings happened in the '70s, the GOP and Dems both were questioning witnesses; it wasn't just one party but bipartisan. In today's climate that won't happen.
elc1960 - Month ago
Michael Jackson not only had his doctor as an enabler, he had his entire family as enablers. They condoned every instance of weird behavior, every weird verbal pronouncement, even dangling his baby off the balcony for reporters.
Rene Trujillo
Rene Trujillo - Month ago
Adan Romero
Adan Romero - Month ago
De sierto os digo que todo el soberbio y que se a reído de los Santos mandamientos no le a hido nada bien y así como te ríes ahorita de sierto te digo que te ríes de tu ignorancia y de que eres un ser humano con cerebro de chorlito que cuando eras pequeño todos ye aslan julien por pararte a una lombriz cantinera
Al Bundy
Al Bundy - Month ago
Send trump into space. A Clear Warning to hostile aliens! "Don't mess with Earth"..
This is the leader,,, we are bat shit crazy!
Terry Oesch
Terry Oesch - Month ago
TRUMP has ben obstructing these a holes with the truth
ev tile
ev tile - Month ago
I don't believe in God or any religious bull. BUT Trump is the Devil. and Pence is a dirt bag.
Alan Mundy
Alan Mundy - Month ago
It is encouraging that there are many in the US who see through the disgusting, dishonourable and dishonest Donald Trump. Those who are his enablers will in time surely rue the day they ever licked his ass because they will gain nothing from it. Who will ever employ the likes of Kelly Ann Conway or Sarah Huckabee Sanders ?
Junkman2000 - 2 months ago
Old McDonald Duck. If his lips are moving, then he's either lying or...

... eating some pussy he overpaid for.
Heather Mefford
Heather Mefford - 2 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂. 😜😜😜😜 😥😥😥.
Paul Stanitz
Paul Stanitz - 2 months ago
Who was Bill's side kick on his left.
Davey Houston
Davey Houston - 2 months ago
Hilarious except for two
Romel Salazar
Romel Salazar - 2 months ago
BTW it IS Congress that got one cares about congressional subpoenas.
Terry Clark
Terry Clark - 2 months ago
That is,for those of you can't comprehend, is how you "Serve"someone .T h e Enablers got Served FACTS!
Don Boland
Don Boland - 2 months ago
Bill maher is makeing a fortune on slamming Christ and Trump. Fact or fiction you figure it out.
Steven Martinovich
Steven Martinovich - 2 months ago
Only dupes think maher crushed anyone, he lost here
onthemarginofgrace - 2 months ago
What a waste of time. I thought I was actually going to see Miller discussing immigration policy with this clown. Instead it's several minutes of his lame show.
Followed by a thousand liberals in a circle jerk commentary.
...carry on.
Mrderhj - Month ago
Fuck you incel
Mrderhj - Month ago
Fuck you nazi
Mario Cordeiro
Mario Cordeiro - 2 months ago
Kelleyanne Conway looks like the Crypt keeper from " Tales From The Crypt "
Mario Cordeiro
Mario Cordeiro - 2 months ago
Looks like the rogues gallery for the most despicable villianous white supremacist's you could put together... but you're still missing quite a few more for that caption you have displayed!!**
ROSALIA MARTINEZ - 2 months ago
Yep I agree people need to assimilate , just like we assimilated to the Indian culture,wait we put them in reservations . The invaders telling outhers they must assimilate .what a bunch of hypocrites.
Ron Brittany
Ron Brittany - 2 months ago
Well said Bill, you have trump and his gang of ass lickers spot on.
Paddy Whack
Paddy Whack - 2 months ago
Miller is known in WH circles as 'The Forehead.' And in Charlottesville, he's known as 'Mein Fury.'
Baxter Powel
Baxter Powel - 2 months ago
..He such an as lickers....loooolll
John Holmes jr
John Holmes jr - 2 months ago
I vote Republican the last time but not in 2020 no way no how I will vote for Trump God help us
Deborah Stabelfeldt-Brooks
Mr G
Mr G - 2 months ago
Bill takes jokes to the level where only a white guy can. I can't picture a minority doing same.
Debra Smith
Debra Smith - 2 months ago
Something horrible is attempting to be born out of Steven Miller's forehead! Is there HOPE for humanity?
Eric Dary
Eric Dary - 2 months ago
I went through a lot of sexual harassment/rape and we need to get rid of him. He makes me and the majority of Americans feel like s*it! I identify as trans* and none of us feel safe.
jack - 2 months ago
Steven Miller is Donald KKKrump’s enabler.What a Disgrace.💩💩💩
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones - 2 months ago
Did he stomp them with his little red shoes?
John Carter
John Carter - 2 months ago
I doubt you’ve crushed anyone,not to many put any weight on what this idiot has to say , the best revenge is success and President Trump has had plenty of it...
Ben Theredonethat
Ben Theredonethat - 2 months ago
He's a conman who has made a living trying to convince people he's a success when, in reality, he has has lost billions in business and lies every day to keep dumb fucks like you believing he's a good businessman and leader.
Y Not
Y Not - 2 months ago
Hell they all sounds as if they're reciting an oath to an Idiot.
stranraerwal - 2 months ago
"enabler"...isn't that the oldest profession in the history of mankind? (Don't tell me "whore" is the oldest...)
Jim - 2 months ago
Trump 2020. MAGA!
Ben Theredonethat
Ben Theredonethat - 2 months ago
@Jim The right are masters at surviving on lies and fake promises. They don't even have to be far to the right, either. Virtually every right wing conservative believes and enables the lying p.o.s. residing in the White House today.
Jim - 2 months ago
Ben Theredonethat ~ Religion survives on fear and fake promises just like the far left does.
Ben Theredonethat
Ben Theredonethat - 2 months ago
Mean Angry God-fearing Americans should probably just kill themselves already and go to heaven where they think they belong.
David Calhoun
David Calhoun - 2 months ago
I'm still big league, it's Congress that got small. LMAO
james young
james young - 2 months ago
This the new America put people down to make fun of. Wao.
Rodolfo Amaya
Rodolfo Amaya - 2 months ago
Maher has a bunch of ass lickers, who is complaining?
stevie68a - 2 months ago
It's amazing that Trump's enablers don't realize they're being flushed down the toilet with everybody else.
J McC - 2 months ago
When you say nothing about the priests, you are an enabler!
Gina R
Gina R - 3 months ago
Stephen Miller is a complete and utter LOSER! A WANNABE.
Gina R
Gina R - 3 months ago
Bill Maher is awesome. Tells it like it is.
Paul Smyres
Paul Smyres - 3 months ago
Bill Maher is about as narcissistic as they get. full of himself, and not even funny. He's not an attorney, clueless about the laws, and arrogant to think he knows anything about the real case. people who are entertained by hate and nagging are boring. I stopped watching him years ago. he ain't funny. Sorry Bill. just saying. find another subject, or career.
Tommy Mccoy
Tommy Mccoy - 3 months ago
Bill you are the man👌🏽
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