Little Mix - Magic on the Road Part 1

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Ines diaz funes
Ines diaz funes - 22 days ago
Why nobody talks about the way Pez looks at Leigh(?
gacha Neo
gacha Neo - 2 months ago
Perrie is uninteresting xD
Jenna Stevenson
Jenna Stevenson - 2 months ago
1:55 jade looks so beautiful oh my god
Ashvin - Year ago
2:15 till 2:30 tho 😂😂😂
Oxlade Edwards
Oxlade Edwards - Year ago
Perrie says hers doesn't work 😂
No Face
No Face - Year ago
LM Behind the scenes of is the Best Thing
LM_vids - Year ago
Perrie is shorter then I expected hehe :-)
lilys world
lilys world - Year ago
2:30 is Leigh sat on jade's lap ?
Kien Seiren
Kien Seiren - Year ago
Jade's face ♥♥
Damisola Adedeji
Damisola Adedeji - Year ago
Jade looks really pretty at the beginning
Allaboutyou90 - 2 years ago
Perrie 😘😘😘
Doge Man
Doge Man - 2 years ago
Mixers where u at!
Cool Ezra
Cool Ezra - 2 years ago
Jades Boots are so BEUTIFUL
Emanuele Schulz Silva
Emanuele Schulz Silva - 2 years ago
like, love,love,love
GameCartoons Lover
GameCartoons Lover - 2 years ago
2:13-2:30 I felt like someone's jealous cause Leigh is sitting on Jade
Hosea C
Hosea C - Year ago
GameCartoons Lover just let the Lerrie moment happen perrie staring at Leigh Anne
Eva Taudevin
Eva Taudevin - 2 years ago
great video but can we talk about LEIGHADE gosh this friendship that all the girls have makes me want to be in on it 24/7 tbh
Emily Rose/ ItzEmss
Emily Rose/ ItzEmss - 2 years ago
Had her and zayn broken up here?
Claire Gomez
Claire Gomez - 2 years ago
Wow! Pretty Ladies 😊 especially Jade you look so goooood on your attire and your so so so Beautiful as always! Love you girls. ❤
Ania Bielawska
Ania Bielawska - 2 years ago
Awww Jade 2:12 :D :D :D
Claudia Albino
Claudia Albino - 2 years ago
esa CARA DE JADE cuando la tiene sentada a leigh jajja xd tan comica ... las amoo chicas
Eva Taudevin
Eva Taudevin - 2 years ago
Now looking back on Jades physic hearing just makes my heart brake a little inside she is so strong
julia mullen05.x
julia mullen05.x - 3 years ago
Please come to Ireland for meet and greet!
cisse Sibi
cisse Sibi - 3 years ago
Little mix l Love you to much
cyn salas
cyn salas - 3 years ago
El acento😍
F B - 3 years ago
I live in London
Josefina - 3 years ago
02:12 - 02:30 Jade 😂😂
The London Sparkle
The London Sparkle - 3 years ago
Why did people not freak out when they saw little mix
Mapalo Chimbanga
Mapalo Chimbanga - 3 years ago
Jade's faces at 2:14-2:28 doh

Kavita Panwar
Kavita Panwar - 3 years ago
what did she said to Jade??
Mina Ahmady
Mina Ahmady - 3 years ago
hey its me elfie
hey its me elfie - 3 years ago
Fucked up! Ugh I hate little mix! Ugh
Ian Atherton
Ian Atherton - 3 years ago
I love all of your videos
Jade jessy perey Leean
Ian Atherton
Ian Atherton - 3 years ago
Courtney Jade
Courtney Jade - 3 years ago
That's not how you spell it. It's: Perrie Jade Jesy Leigh-anne
Anayis-Maria Boyadjian
Anayis-Maria Boyadjian - 3 years ago
I love little mix!
elena KAUSIUTE - 3 years ago
i come from Lithuania and i LOVE U LM❤💙💙💛💜💜💓💕💖💖💗💘💘💝💝💞💜
jessica dhesi
jessica dhesi - 3 years ago
I'm a fan of Leigh anne and perrie
Kayla - 2 years ago
same perrie but I love jade and jesy to😋😊
Tulip Girl
Tulip Girl - 3 years ago
♡ ♥
ivana reig
ivana reig - 3 years ago
I Love their accent, where they come from?
the girl has no name
the girl has no name - 3 years ago
Jade's facial expressions kills me everytime :')
the girl has no name
the girl has no name - 3 years ago
i thought perrie was going to cry:( keep holding up babe
the girl has no name
the girl has no name - 3 years ago
it was so painful to watch Perrie's part
Dhulia Olando
Dhulia Olando - 3 years ago
Too short 😭😭😭😭
Ferrer Zorola
Ferrer Zorola - 3 years ago
the psychic basically said pls stop singing do ANYTHING else
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz - 3 years ago
So idk why but I have a crush on jade and I think she the prettiest
awesomegymdancegirls xox
awesomegymdancegirls xox - 3 years ago
Little mix you are the best band ever !!!
Alexandra Jacobo
Alexandra Jacobo - 3 years ago
I couldn't stop laughing at the faces Jade made😂😂 she is perfect!❤️
Isabelle Forslund
Isabelle Forslund - 3 years ago
Yaamini Singh
Yaamini Singh - 3 years ago
1:30 u have luck coming ur way Perrie
petaled - 3 years ago
My friends and I are gonna perform and sing your song Black Magic at my school for our spring fair! Literally you guys are GOALS!!!
alondra ramos
alondra ramos - 3 years ago
if perrie had love coming here way why did zen break up with her :-((((((
Leen Al  Hatem
Leen Al Hatem - 3 years ago
Maybe another man will love her more
Marcella Filizola
Marcella Filizola - 3 years ago
Jesy: rainha emo gótica das trevas
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