sumita Baral
sumita Baral - 2 hours ago
They are better than blackpink
Gordon Gaming
Gordon Gaming - 7 hours ago
Tim paid them
Miriam Edgellmiriamlerner
Miriam Edgellmiriamlerner - 11 hours ago
I love this song
Enume Mimi
Enume Mimi - 11 hours ago
0:47...n I thought I saw zayn and Harry....
Narisa Amel
Narisa Amel - 14 hours ago
They’re hot af.
Bianca Leal
Bianca Leal - 15 hours ago
I love you
schwarzjade - 18 hours ago
Fanka Ariany Grande
Fanka Ariany Grande - 18 hours ago
I love it ❤❤
Thalia Gallardo
Thalia Gallardo - 19 hours ago
Music beoudifull😍
schwarzjade - 19 hours ago
Maui C.
Maui C. - 18 hours ago
wife of seven husbands
wife of seven husbands - 20 hours ago
Stop sleeping on Little Mix people!!!
Rhys David
Rhys David - Day ago
Anyone else just turn the sound down so they can fap without hearing this shit music
Yasmin Vuong
Yasmin Vuong - Day ago
Fine geez I'll get an iphone
Emma Rayssa
Emma Rayssa - Day ago
Emma Rayssa
Emma Rayssa - Day ago
yaghaz mh
yaghaz mh - Day ago
Blackpink: use samsungs for their mv
Little mix : no more sumsungs

Jk i love them b
Iracilda Santana
Iracilda Santana - Day ago
0:27 ela é muito linda Isso é lente ou é o próprio olho dela
David Uff
David Uff - Day ago
I cant be sad with you 4 in my life 💚💙🧡💜
Roxi Short
Roxi Short - Day ago
Love songs💙💙❤💙
Sandipan Rana
Sandipan Rana - 2 days ago
Nice song
Darshan Kolhe
Darshan Kolhe - 2 days ago
No more samsung... 🤣🤣🤣
niscia 0818
niscia 0818 - 2 days ago
The title is no more sad song chage to no more samsung 😂😂
G_ G
G_ G - 2 days ago

Safinaz Reda
Safinaz Reda - 2 days ago
Guy Bonnot
Guy Bonnot - 2 days ago
Jasmina Muranovic
Jasmina Muranovic - 2 days ago
Fernanda Soares
Fernanda Soares - 2 days ago
From 0:00 to 0:08 Shout of to my ex 💓
Faridat Ope
Faridat Ope - 2 days ago
It sounds they're saying no more samungs
Solomon Asante Dartey
Solomon Asante Dartey - 2 days ago
I said no more Samsung's
Also 2019?
Kenya Brown
Kenya Brown - 2 days ago
Isn't this a sad song
loren - 3 days ago
Isabella Padilla
Isabella Padilla - 3 days ago
en el minuto 3:46 aparece chris brown
niscia 0818
niscia 0818 - 3 days ago
The litle mix say no more samsun
Charlotte König
Charlotte König - 3 days ago
Ich mag die Band
Iclal Alpay
Iclal Alpay - 3 days ago
No more Samsungs 😂
Katarzyna Nowak
Katarzyna Nowak - 3 days ago
Piękna piosenka ❤❤❤❤
DamnItsAlly! Gray
DamnItsAlly! Gray - 3 days ago
They look like they're going to coachella. ITS THE PERFECT OUTFIT
Julie Parena
Julie Parena - 4 days ago
You guys look sexi
Reet Kaur
Reet Kaur - 4 days ago
Great Illusion
Great Illusion - 4 days ago
*I* *C* *O* *N* *I* *C* *S*
Fanita Saint Felix
Fanita Saint Felix - 4 days ago
Brandy right here
Ming Kk
Ming Kk - 4 days ago
Hasna Bellana
Hasna Bellana - 4 days ago
Such a good song😍
Mary Carmen
Mary Carmen - 5 days ago
Me encanta el grupo litle quisiera ser como ellas
Mary Carmen
Mary Carmen - 5 days ago
Joel Tan
Joel Tan - 5 days ago
I heard 'sad song' not Samsung😕😒
Nathiely Carvalho
Nathiely Carvalho - 5 days ago
Não dá pra ser melhor
Hams Hams
Hams Hams - 5 days ago
No more Samsung’s. Jeez I love this song 😂
The mona Lisa is dabbing
This youtuber made a meme version saying no more samsungs not sad songs
Brandon Barker
Brandon Barker - 5 days ago
Best ever
Senyorita Dada
Senyorita Dada - 5 days ago
sub to sub for small youtubers
KW Santtos
KW Santtos - 5 days ago
Al Safi
Al Safi - 6 days ago
Yee yee🤠
Hafsah Nohman
Hafsah Nohman - 6 days ago
Oh my god love their makeup salute to their makeup 💄 artists ♥️😍💕
Dizzy Snacks lyrics
Dizzy Snacks lyrics - 6 days ago
2019..... cant get tired of replaying this video
フリッツジョン - 6 days ago
No more Samsung's !!👌
Kauê Silva Santos
Kauê Silva Santos - 6 days ago
I Love you
Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose - 7 days ago
2019? Anyone
Agus sk
Agus sk - 7 days ago
Teodora Dostanic
Teodora Dostanic - 7 days ago
I’m guessing they all want a refill with that hose that their spraying at everyone.Love you little mix
Lujan Recalde
Lujan Recalde - 7 days ago
gorda pelirroja
puspita putri
puspita putri - 7 days ago
Lívia Oficiall
Lívia Oficiall - 7 days ago
1:07 só eu q entendi ñ vou
Bukky Omosho
Bukky Omosho - 7 days ago
Your songs are greater than Sofia dossle
Mondeep Swargiary
Mondeep Swargiary - 7 days ago
No more sad songs ahh..........
Mariusz Andrzejewski
Mariusz Andrzejewski - 7 days ago
I poland
Sonali Agale
Sonali Agale - 7 days ago
I love you little mix..... Lots of love from India I love uh all songs
apurba mondal
apurba mondal - 8 days ago
Mich Lopez
Mich Lopez - 8 days ago
Yetzali Arreola
Yetzali Arreola - 8 days ago
No more Samsung’s
as primas 2019
as primas 2019 - 8 days ago
Axl EDITS - 8 days ago
Jesse Teague
Jesse Teague - 8 days ago
Disgusting 😷
Jungkook Bts
Jungkook Bts - 7 days ago
Who you???? Thank god you understand it. You nice keep going
Hale Lucy.
Hale Lucy. - 8 days ago
Well they makeup was cheap. They used the same eyeshadow on them😂
Cass Wolf
Cass Wolf - 8 days ago
Me looking this an 2019
Knights Play
Knights Play - 8 days ago
Why do I think of timber when I look at this....DIFFERENT ARTIST! HELLLOOOOO!!!
Alba Martin
Alba Martin - 8 days ago
Leigh Anne, marry me pls
Young Tekashi
Young Tekashi - 9 days ago
I don't see any mgk comments lol
Landouwwe - 9 days ago
I must be going to wrong honky tonk bar because I have no seen girls like this in em
Paula Santos
Paula Santos - 9 days ago
Yajaira cuevas
Yajaira cuevas - 9 days ago
No more Samsungs lol 🤣😂😂😂😂
Delia - 9 days ago
Leigh is so fucking gorgeous
bilindupsausage rocken
bilindupsausage rocken - 9 days ago
No more sad songs now trash songs
Robert Petö
Robert Petö - 9 days ago
No more
xXCaNaRyXx - 9 days ago
No more...

wilkister macharia
wilkister macharia - 9 days ago
The entrance is everything!
udeh - 9 days ago
Machine gun Kelly 😈👎👎👎👎👎👎 Eminem 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Lola mo
Lola mo - 9 days ago
Their outfits are on point
Jewel Martinez
Jewel Martinez - 10 days ago
May 2019?
JBRT's KEY - 10 days ago
JBRT's KEY - 10 days ago
WïŚ śê M
WïŚ śê M - 10 days ago
2019 !!!No more sad songs 😍😍😍
Malcolm Sadler
Malcolm Sadler - 10 days ago
That's one lucky bull
Lia Louisedhuuiyirt uhuhhjouioiorsddhcdfyyuhyhyuhuu
Who hears samsung?
Black Pink
Black Pink - 10 days ago
Their Songs are so great, keep on streaming and listening because they can give you good music
Jojo Fynn
Jojo Fynn - 10 days ago
Lo Lo
Lo Lo - 10 days ago
4 hot chicks and 1 malnutrition skinny crackhead mumble wannabe rapper
Alethea Jacob
Alethea Jacob - 10 days ago
I feel like this song was based off the movie ugly coyete
IVORY TOAST - 10 days ago
Here for kells😍
Edna Wikmunea
Edna Wikmunea - 10 days ago
My favorites song only no more sad song,and touch
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