Little Mix - No More Sad Songs (Official Video) ft. Machine Gun Kelly

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Number 4
Number 4 - 27 minutes ago
Girls after they listen to old town road once.
Kenneth Marsh
Kenneth Marsh - Hour ago
Little mix your the best if I'm sad I lisen to your songs and it makes me happy 💖
Regon Atul
Regon Atul - 6 hours ago
4 off u mine 😍 😍 😍 😍 🔥 mgk
Maya Nichols-Sykes
Maya Nichols-Sykes - 6 hours ago
Fifth harmony 2.0
Bilal Al Fares
Bilal Al Fares - 11 hours ago
My fav song from them
is me
is me - 14 hours ago
Just love them😚😍
juju Monteiro
juju Monteiro - 16 hours ago
I Love
Mezosi Matt
Mezosi Matt - 16 hours ago
is it just me that noticed that machine gun kelly was pointless in this songs
just interrupted everybody a few times
jaqueline roesler
jaqueline roesler - 21 hour ago
Lindas se amo vcs são maravilhosas todas vcs
B. A.
B. A. - Day ago
Este Machine Gun Kelly se parece al Polaco jaja
Vanny Khu
Vanny Khu - Day ago
I thought it said no more Samsung’s
Herman Ng
Herman Ng - Day ago
I bet u plz don’t play Samsung’s Samsung’s
Jose Rogelo
Jose Rogelo - Day ago
Anthony Purdy
Anthony Purdy - Day ago
Please don’t play no more Samsung’s
Maria Cecília
Maria Cecília - Day ago
June, 2019? 💖
Did anyone else notice that the banjo player at the start is playing shout out to my ex?
Rebecca Britt
Rebecca Britt - Day ago
Who else hears the man playing shout out to my ex on the guitar in the beginning
sarah fernandez
sarah fernandez - Day ago
Catchy song
Jagung Manis
Jagung Manis - Day ago
This song always give me new mood
youngwez snm
youngwez snm - Day ago
i like perrie s outside with the snake skin pants
Yaz Bih
Yaz Bih - 2 days ago
the best song i love ya ❤️
Camille Lee-Tambe
Camille Lee-Tambe - 2 days ago
Who else thinks little mix should make a vlog channel
Joel Masheke
Joel Masheke - 2 days ago
I got a man crush on M.G.K 😍
Joel Masheke
Joel Masheke - 2 days ago
Paulo Sergio Cardoso Da Fonseca
I loved!
Sabina Osmani
Sabina Osmani - 2 days ago
No more Samsung
Zaynab Hijou
Zaynab Hijou - 2 days ago
jade has an arabic tatoo !! 2:28
اين انتم يا عرب !
Zaynab Hijou
Zaynab Hijou - 2 days ago
@Dan Gulzar really !!! yAy i'm arabic from wich arabic country ??
Dan Gulzar
Dan Gulzar - 2 days ago
Did you know Arabic is part of her heritage? :)
Ariana Sally
Ariana Sally - 2 days ago
Lol love you so much 💞💞💞💞
Erin Chow
Erin Chow - 2 days ago
The hat which perries wearing reminds me off Old Town Road lol
Jasmine the qween
Jasmine the qween - 3 days ago
No more Samsung
FEEZE FAVI - 3 days ago
I love this remix, Machine Gun Kelly makes a good contribution. The remix of Power and Think about us were ruined by those rappers, they do not sound good in the song, but No more sad songs was great!
Zuly Centeno
Zuly Centeno - 3 days ago
Amelia Aylward
Amelia Aylward - 3 days ago
Laissa Silva
Laissa Silva - 3 days ago
Amor elas😍😍
Lays Lays
Lays Lays - 3 days ago
Laissa Silva *amo
jayden shibu
jayden shibu - 3 days ago
1:09 it sounds like Samsung
Bella’s Life
Bella’s Life - 4 days ago
Eva Brignoli
Eva Brignoli - 4 days ago
Adoro sta canzone. #LittleMix 2019
Bebe After
Bebe After - 4 days ago
This deserve more views
Gio Vidrio
Gio Vidrio - 4 days ago
2 years old, and still fire. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
andressa gaimer
andressa gaimer - 4 days ago
amooo essa
George Theod
George Theod - 4 days ago
No, I love samsung..
Sabrina Mongan
Sabrina Mongan - 4 days ago
Stop being inappropriate please
Anjali Yadav
Anjali Yadav - 4 days ago
Happy Birthday Jesyy 🍻🎁🎂 u always 😙😙😘😘
Aaron Bahembila
Aaron Bahembila - 2 days ago
Happy birthday to Daniela l love you come mutu Hame l was kiss you love you
Ashutosh Pokhrel
Ashutosh Pokhrel - 4 days ago
Don't pause at 0:29
I repeat don't!
Maddie Lang
Maddie Lang - 4 days ago
No More *Samsungss*
Ókämi Chänツ
Ókämi Chänツ - 5 days ago
Kpop Trash
Kpop Trash - 5 days ago
They go old town road
iin anggreni
iin anggreni - 5 days ago
Yaas No More
JackD1999 - 5 days ago
Genevieve Lyder
Genevieve Lyder - 5 days ago
Can someone explain to me why Leigh-Anne doesn't fall out with the outfit she's wearing???
Rhodes vivor Nnodi
Rhodes vivor Nnodi - 5 days ago
filled with satanic symbols.... I see
John Kim
John Kim - 3 days ago
@LS K Machine gun kelly is wearing a pentagram ring.
LS K - 4 days ago
Alex Crozier
Alex Crozier - 5 days ago
I don't want to be a slow person but is the song at the very start a part of shout out to my ex
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 5 days ago
No more sy-co
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 5 days ago
Ya'll will stream Bounce Back when it comes OUT ON JUNE 14TH
Sezz Bo
Sezz Bo - 5 days ago
What do her boots say.. God is?
Sezz Bo
Sezz Bo - 5 days ago
Mgk has risen from the dead unfortunately
Innocent C- modeller
Innocent C- modeller - 5 days ago
Little mix you all look sexy, sexy girls are beautiful,,,,,
Rajamani Chedalavada
Rajamani Chedalavada - 5 days ago
Kelly: curve goals
Jade: eyebrow goals
Perri: hair goals
Leigh-Anne: eyeshadow goals
Michino Bruzola
Michino Bruzola - 5 days ago
Did You saw that on touch mv?
Adysh Baldoz
Adysh Baldoz - 6 days ago
MGK 😍😍😘
Rain Ladder
Rain Ladder - 6 days ago
Love them . Still watch
Sharon Imaobong
Sharon Imaobong - 6 days ago
why am I just knowing about this song
I love this song
America Zurita
America Zurita - 6 days ago
I wanna party with them
Super Bro
Super Bro - 6 days ago
Super Bro
Super Bro - 6 days ago
Super Bro
Super Bro - 6 days ago
Sunshine Ellison
Sunshine Ellison - 6 days ago
Why would Zayn dump Perrie she is a beautiful singer.
Luke Pattinson
Luke Pattinson - 6 days ago
"This is it, as big as you're gonna get so enjoy it, had to give you a career to destroy it!!"
Selinay Oeztaas
Selinay Oeztaas - 6 days ago
Chleo Bad Bitch
Chleo Bad Bitch - 7 days ago
Cadê os mixer's do Brasil p enaltecer esse hino
Ramon Morales
Ramon Morales - 7 days ago
No more wi fee no more and no you pal
Louise Longley
Louise Longley - 7 days ago
Friends dancing to this
debasree Baral
debasree Baral - 7 days ago
Who's here for 2019
Robin Peralta
Robin Peralta - 7 days ago
mixers, can we make this 140M,
Power, 235M
WLM, 200M
Strip, 35M
TAU, 35-40M
Touch, 295-300M
before their newest single 'Bounce Back' out on 14?😍
jaqueline roesler
jaqueline roesler - 7 days ago
Hannah Bananas
Hannah Bananas - 8 days ago
is no one gonna comment about how hot mgk looks esp when he's lookin at the camera like with his eyes half shut
XxRedMoonGacha xX
XxRedMoonGacha xX - 8 days ago
No more Samsungs!!!!👿
Vitoria Reis bts v jimin kook rm
*00:57** Leigh Anne 💜💜💜*
valeria reinosa
valeria reinosa - 8 days ago
no more
Adrianna Karolczyk
Adrianna Karolczyk - 8 days ago
Zajebiste 😍😍😍
KelseyNotKelsey - 8 days ago
But i like my Samsung :(
Rawan - 6 days ago
Amanda Whitley
Amanda Whitley - 8 days ago
Please no more sad songs
Vsevolod Zheyko
Vsevolod Zheyko - 8 days ago
I love how Kelly's actually growing up as an artist. He's experimenting with multiple genres and subgenres as pop and glam rock (moreover, he's tryna sing and producing songs, what is actually awesome). And as a solo artist he, of course, releases tracks inspired by Linkin Park and collaborates with Travis Barker. I love how he's doing in the musical industry, especially after beef with Eminem going on and on.
udeh - 9 days ago
Anjali Yadav
Anjali Yadav - 9 days ago
Seriously ,they didn't make any sad song after this..🔥 gurllss ❤❤
Antonia Marinescu
Antonia Marinescu - 8 days ago
They make Only You, but this is an exception
THE ULTIMATUM - 9 days ago
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 9 days ago
#SteadyAreYouReady @LittleMix #BounceBack #BounceBackIsComing June 14th, Bounce Back
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 9 days ago
BOUNCE BACK will be out on June 14th.
Lame - 7 days ago
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 9 days ago
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 9 days ago
Aisureen Kaminanga
Aisureen Kaminanga - 9 days ago
cresjay rojas
cresjay rojas - 9 days ago
Little mix for US fans ❤️
Danielle White
Danielle White - 9 days ago
Seeing Perrie makes me think twice about my sexuality
wkurzona polka
wkurzona polka - 9 days ago
eric cordero
eric cordero - 9 days ago
They are amazing
Brenda Coutinho
Brenda Coutinho - 10 days ago
leigh-anne is such a great singer man
KEIRA Beacock
KEIRA Beacock - 10 days ago
fleur Barsby
fleur Barsby - 10 days ago
Best Off
Best Off - 10 days ago
100% Talent❤❤😍🤯
Gülsüm Iraz Onuk
Gülsüm Iraz Onuk - 10 days ago
I'am Turkish co guzel
Jocelyn Burt
Jocelyn Burt - 11 days ago
I love this song it is the best😇😇 love you all My loves
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