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Rcham - 4 months ago
Click that bell button or I'll trap you 🔔
SavageDragon1904 - 9 days ago
Guess I’m trapped
Hym Self
Hym Self - 13 days ago
got randomly banned and dunno what i did...could i play on ur server?
Kyle Beckman
Kyle Beckman - 19 days ago
You need a trap base where its just a very tall walled in square and they get a bow and have to kill themselves by shooting straight into the air
Jay Rivera
Jay Rivera - 29 days ago
Plz no oh god no noooooo
ItsPure Vlogs
ItsPure Vlogs - Month ago
I clicked it but I'm S T I L L D E A D
SameLemming - 15 hours ago
Props to wonder
He took it like he was ACTUALLY going to die
And took it in a hilarious manner

Know what I mean 😅

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Steam Valve
Steam Valve - 3 days ago
Rcham is just a more murderous GLaDOS
Reggie 39
Reggie 39 - 4 days ago
hahaha you made me laugh thank you
paulspydar - 5 days ago
"initiate epilepsy" that`s funny,,, you seem to trap a lot of witty perps ... lulz
Emre Y
Emre Y - 6 days ago
da fuk u mean invalid ?
RileyRad - 7 days ago
my fav part was the guy dancing at the very end of the vid
Samu Vakkala
Samu Vakkala - 7 days ago
The First one wasnt even toxic
RevanJJ - 9 days ago
I’ve watched hundreds of hours of Rust starting with Vertigo and Rcham, Oblivion, Soup, etc. I’ve never even played it lol.
Gabriel Jose Mancilla
Gabriel Jose Mancilla - 10 days ago
This is so hilarious 😂
Stud Muffin
Stud Muffin - 11 days ago
This is funny as shit. I'm dying.
Hym Self
Hym Self - 13 days ago
@Rcham i got randomly banned by some anti cheat software and dunno why...i would love to come back to rust...could i play on ur server?
San Holo
San Holo - 16 days ago
what's the music name? 00:40
FLYNN334 Gaming
FLYNN334 Gaming - 18 days ago
This is kinda fucked to watch.
Fah Q
Fah Q - 18 days ago
Who was mr. Purple AKA customer service in this video?
Devon M
Devon M - 19 days ago
I've never played this game, but omg this shit was hilarious! Trolling toxic players in any game deserves respect!
Lisa winn
Lisa winn - 20 days ago
Love this one lol.
William McLaughlin
William McLaughlin - 20 days ago
I see “Soylent Green” is back in high demand! lol 😂
Skaynne - 20 days ago
Nice vid, but only the last ones were toxic. The next ones were probably a bit pissed, but not reaching the point of toxicity.
Juggernaut10100 - 20 days ago
Is this game on console too?
Makenzie Gaming
Makenzie Gaming - 15 days ago
Tactical Doge
Tactical Doge - 22 days ago
5:36: When you walk into a room and hear: "Welcome to the body disposal booth".
FrankyMcFrankerton - 22 days ago
How were THEY the toxic ones?
Κώστας Κουφ
Κώστας Κουφ - 26 days ago
Tuna - 26 days ago
Isn’t Monky the name of a guy who played with Welyn once
Sarril - 27 days ago
*Click* NaiZ
The Dhestroyer
The Dhestroyer - 29 days ago
I watched this before I went to bed. I had a good laugh. Thanks for the smile on my face as I pass out! =]
left behind
left behind - 29 days ago
Gary the cookies will be ready in 5 minutes.hue
left behind
left behind - 29 days ago
I got these cheese burgers man.
MrHFAlucard - 29 days ago
I have never played Rust...but now i want to^^. This was hillarious. Great Job.
Paran0id - Month ago
Man said: F1 /kill
Rick C-189
Rick C-189 - Month ago
I could watch that outro for hours my friend....
Tell me That I am very handsome
3:34 The chat lol
RealRunningDog _
RealRunningDog _ - Month ago
Its kind of like that movie infinity chamber where he couldn’t get out
Major Degtyarev
Major Degtyarev - Month ago
You are a dick.
Dave Shaw
Dave Shaw - Month ago
Girl from Ipanema Muzak ftw!
DoritozMilk M
DoritozMilk M - Month ago
3:35 "I'll fuck your mom with a 5ft horse cock" wow.
oughie - Month ago
The way the first talked..... I swear I grew 6 extra chromosomes! *My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude My Dude*
Soup - Month ago

— Three.

I cracked up here, idk why :D
Whis - Month ago
Create 2 rooms, 1 for the person you baited. Give them an option to move on to the second room by baiting another player. Continue to give false hope of survival. Rinse and Repeat.
Hollywood101283 - Month ago
max grief
Jovanni Marines
Jovanni Marines - Month ago
"I need a second option my dude"
MrPyrotonic - Month ago
He wasnt being toxic. Ur just a little sadist nerd who likes this power domination shit
Nonesense Speaker
Nonesense Speaker - Month ago
The first guy was so funny!
*Whisper* please let me out.
idohavealife youdont
idohavealife youdont - Month ago
There were no edgy 13 harmed in the making of this film
Name Less
Name Less - Month ago
What does AKS mean? 3:30
Piranha Not Pirana
Piranha Not Pirana - Month ago
"Garota de Ipanema" is definitedly one of the best elevator music choices ever...
Fits perfectly this ocasion... haha
Fluffysheepbruh - Month ago
wtf is rust
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi - Month ago
More please sir, nothing I find more satisfying !
Random Me
Random Me - Month ago
"Initiating epilepsy." 😂😂😂
EpicPanda TV
EpicPanda TV - Month ago
I laughed so damn hard
TheNullNumber - Month ago
The chat was gold for those second guys
"trapped in base halpz"
Server: get out while you can, ripz
Bryant Gomez
Bryant Gomez - Month ago
Rcham I just found and god just dying under my bed sheets 😭😭😂😂😂💀
Rcham - Month ago
Thanks! Welcome to the channel
Gilberto Santiago
Gilberto Santiago - Month ago
I have never played this game but your content is hilarious.
Pingu Is Dead
Pingu Is Dead - Month ago
That first guy was pretty chill
PianoStuff Chords
PianoStuff Chords - Month ago
Omg i fken enjoyed this 💯💯🏹
Dylan Phalit
Dylan Phalit - Month ago
12:44 when you get away from beating up your brother
Rajy Jeske
Rajy Jeske - Month ago
I had the same thing happen to me twice by accident. I was farming resources near my base and guy chased me with a crossbow then jumped on the roof of my base and fell through a part i wasnt finished building and he couldnt get out and begged me to let him out (wtf?).
Another time i was just putting the finishing touches on a forward raid base and about to put the bullet proof window on but guy shot me then jumped through it. I respawned and ran around and put another window in place while he was inside and he couldnt get out. he was mocking me and saying he was gonna pick out cause he had access to all of my stone and wood. I was running around farming stone and trying to build a wall around my base to keep him trapped so he wouldn't get to keep my sar. Then his friend came to help and fell through the wall i was making and got trapped himself. they both ended up suiciding while i was away and i returned and got my stuff back and all their stuff just in time cause he threw it all out to despawn it..
Zero Cool
Zero Cool - Month ago
It's the same guy doing the voices lol
Tim B
Tim B - Month ago
plz do not talk like this:S
hotrod_1932 - Month ago
That first dude reminded me of Grizzy
biker 338
biker 338 - Month ago
alex davidson
alex davidson - Month ago
Lol gold... That last group were gay as aids
Pablo’s Coke
Pablo’s Coke - Month ago
“I’ll fuck your mom with a 5ft horse cock”
10/10 chat
Cube Noob
Cube Noob - Month ago
Classic case of a game for bellends 👍🏼
Adrian Dinsmore
Adrian Dinsmore - Month ago
1. Total setup. Bad acting all round.
2. You're whole "Kill yourself" shtick is kinda not funny with the RL amount of suicide going on.
3. You're a fucking control freak with your trap base thing. OCD as fuck.
4. Lame.
Mason Ragland
Mason Ragland - Month ago
Bro the first guy sounds like uberhaxornova I swear
Clemens Mouritsen
Clemens Mouritsen - Month ago
This is the most DISGUSTING thing, but yet it feels so realaxing! Should i be consourned?
SpaceMage - Month ago
Ouch i would be so upset if i fel for one of the trap bases
Kirigaya - Month ago
If I was him I would waste all my ammunitions and food then kill myself lol
maximus milazzo
maximus milazzo - Month ago
the first guy wasn’t toxic tho
maximus milazzo
maximus milazzo - Month ago
Also, I’ve never gotten a reply from a creator before
maximus milazzo
maximus milazzo - Month ago
Rcham - Month ago
I didn't say he was
no -gracias
no -gracias - Month ago
Me wanna play:"(
Just in time Boi
Just in time Boi - Month ago
That bot voice is kinda cringe.
Just in time Boi
Just in time Boi - Month ago
@Rcham that's good.
Rcham - Month ago
I fixed it in the new one
Sill Wmith
Sill Wmith - Month ago
Click It
Passley Hutchinson
Passley Hutchinson - Month ago
That was freaking epic! Never played RUST but I love watching youtube streamers post stuff like this lol
CountrySideSlav - Month ago
Man, Rust videos are so uninspired nowadays.
clough211 - Month ago
You're shooting rockets at your base to bait people to see whats going on, pretty sure you're the toxic player.
Rcham - Month ago
That's not even the definition of toxic
Wasabi Gaming
Wasabi Gaming - Month ago
Wait, can someone tell why they're toxic
Blu Brin
Blu Brin - Month ago
I love rust because how toxic it is 😂, there's a naked saying "im new" and try to be friendly and just getting gunned down
chris g
chris g - Month ago
Chat shit, get banged
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