Tee Tee Said She's Running Away... **We Got Into It**

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The DDG Family
The DDG Family - 3 months ago
Miixeddoll .niahhh
Miixeddoll .niahhh - 2 days ago
ASMR VIBES if I was her I’ll tell him keep me out his videos ....he act he her bf probably if don’t do what he do to her she actually treat him like a brother!
Miixeddoll .niahhh
Miixeddoll .niahhh - 2 days ago
ASMR VIBES I think so ...
Miixeddoll .niahhh
Miixeddoll .niahhh - 2 days ago
kingsavage exactly that girl gone do what she wanna do regardless......
Miranda Hall
Miranda Hall - 9 days ago
Go head and get her Mama DDG!
Brandis Crosby
Brandis Crosby - 11 days ago
Haley Nalty
Haley Nalty - 16 minutes ago
why you have to be on her every move like don’t you have a house ?! you take her phone every second of the day .. SHES 14 !!!! it’s life dang !!
Amaiah Petersen
Amaiah Petersen - 6 hours ago
And I also feel like acting like this bc tee tee got a boyfriend who cares for her and kennedy dumped his ass then the mama is being a bully and you just hear the hurt in tee tees voice
Amaiah Petersen
Amaiah Petersen - 6 hours ago
Tall need doctor phill
Marie Davis
Marie Davis - 8 hours ago
I agree with tete
Alexzi Sowavy
Alexzi Sowavy - 12 hours ago
He do to much family business don't go on YouTube or social media in general
Zeek smart
Zeek smart - 13 hours ago
That whole family some assholes to that little girl.
Lyfe w Moniee
Lyfe w Moniee - 14 hours ago
ima need for y’all to stop ganging up on her ! 😭
Amber Clavasquin
Amber Clavasquin - 15 hours ago
This is so sad! Poor girl is being emotionally & verbally abused by ddg and the mom is just as bad & they ask themselves why she wants to run away.
Braneishia Patterson
Braneishia Patterson - 15 hours ago
That is terrible smh
Nyla Bethea
Nyla Bethea - 17 hours ago
He has no.right putting his hands on her or threatening to..I would never do such a thing or say such a thing to my sisters ...on or off camera it's just wrong b
Nyla Bethea
Nyla Bethea - 17 hours ago
Sound like u stressing her out mann 👎she wants to run away because of you ....the mom shouldn't confine in what he's doing ... posting all there business
SoOfficial Zakiya
SoOfficial Zakiya - 19 hours ago
Childish bro istg and I know when she stopped herself for that long time I know she wanted to say sum lol
Just Lauren
Just Lauren - 20 hours ago
He is so controlling I’d hate to be his sister and they mom act like she scared of him that could never be me
Chloe Walker
Chloe Walker - Day ago
You really going to push her to her limit where she going too actually run away
DIY LOVER - Day ago
yea no i would’ve slapped him 😂 you do way too much .
qveen b
qveen b - Day ago
thank God DDG ain’t my brother.
DonoTha Kidd
DonoTha Kidd - Day ago
Y’all dumb y’all realize this is entertainment
Neyon Johnson
Neyon Johnson - Day ago
DDG is so mean
Rebekah Urdaddy
Rebekah Urdaddy - 2 days ago
His mom don’t got not control he the boss and she gotta live with it because she not old enough.
Rekeshia Roberts
Rekeshia Roberts - 2 days ago
U treating her like an dog now when u become poor and she the only one who can help u you need to learn ur lesson u dead ass wrong ur mom acting like she scared of you u need to be put in ur place as an matter of fact I’m unsubscribed
Ashlee - 2 days ago
Oh maybe it for the camera we will never know 🤣🤣🤣
T Time
T Time - 2 days ago
You lame af. Let that girl be happy. Doing too damn much
Dancing dolls Lol dolls
DDG may be able to pop her but he shouldn’t smack her
Ebony - 2 days ago
Its strictly to protect her he doing his job and yall fr dont know if her dad around so stfu
Autumn Griffin
Autumn Griffin - 3 days ago
Y’all mad selfish 😡 and bro you kinda petty for dat. Just bc you THINK stuff doesn’t mean it’s always right the mother don’t even say nun to the brother and if I was her I would run away and never come back wit the life you gave her that’s not fair and plus y’all abuse her on and off camera. I hope you let her be herself now cause she might end up killing herself Cause of y’all
Fun with Us
Fun with Us - 3 days ago
OMG no ddg your my homie but you don't have to treat your little sister like that bro I don't like it bro
Audrey Fort
Audrey Fort - 3 days ago
He brought her phone & talking about he care about his self she care less she really doing to much now
Thatgurl_kin Kintala
Thatgurl_kin Kintala - 3 days ago
Ddg tiu do to fuck in much 🗣🗣🥵
Theresa Labossiere
Theresa Labossiere - 4 days ago
Ima beat u up , keep playin with ha 😤
Denayjah Alexander
Denayjah Alexander - 4 days ago
Ddg just do too much
Instagram Prxdxced
Instagram Prxdxced - 4 days ago
She said she pays bills 😭
Janaeya Roberts
Janaeya Roberts - 4 days ago
ok A
ok A - 4 days ago
Learn to knock she is a girl she need her privacy
Richard Garabito
Richard Garabito - 5 days ago
😂😂😂 this guy ddg said u don’t even think about yourself u think about james😂😂😂
Gigi’s Tv
Gigi’s Tv - 5 days ago
couldn’t be me i would’ve been fought that nigga.
Adericka Easter
Adericka Easter - 5 days ago
Nigga you a rapper stop flooding all these ads in yo shit
King Quincy
King Quincy - 5 days ago
Man just tuned into your channel....but HELL, you're one SELFISH BASTARD....always tryna tell people what you done did for them...YOU THINK JAMES UGLY AND BAD Or whatever but MAN LOOK IN THE MIRROR🤔
Ashlee - 5 days ago
He always throwing up what he do for her smh like dude be humble I can’t wait until she get older because he gonna regret it
breana Wiggins
breana Wiggins - 5 days ago
And did you not know love don't cost a thing
breana Wiggins
breana Wiggins - 5 days ago
You so freaking mean and you don't see how she feels about anything I feel so bad for her and you juge her so much and you mom just agree with it and you don't say I love you to her then it about a freaking ep and then you yell at her and then it seems like she gonna kill herself that real sad and then about a lil ass boy(Fighting)
Swaggy k
Swaggy k - 5 days ago
You dont deserve these subs
Jah’Nyla Wright
Jah’Nyla Wright - 5 days ago
this is so sad i’m dead crying 😭.
Princess Miya
Princess Miya - 5 days ago
ItsMeNaya - 5 days ago
Tionna Fountain
Tionna Fountain - 6 days ago
Heaven Carthan
Heaven Carthan - 6 days ago
I literally cried watching this ! Y’all sick as hell . This a cry for help , she right , YOU SELFISH . Just because u buy her shit don’t mean you’re not cause guess what ? Every time u but her some u post it on YouTube for clout and views then when u feel she not doing right u be a Indian giver . Yo mama don’t say shit knowing YOU in the wrong that girl ain’t did shit . She not obligated to post yo music & u selfish for saying James not gone make it that’s how yo blessings get taken u should wanna see everybody win . U saying all this shit to her now u really are gone be the mf crying when some happen or she do finally leave . Yo mama bogish as hell for coming for her she ain’t did shit disrespectful. You need to have some kids since u wanna feel like somebody daddy it’s a difference between brother and father leave that damn girl alone . James is probably her only get away and person she can vent too cause u let the media in yo ear . Like she said u wanna argue over stupid shit but when will u find time to cut the bull shit and say u love her ? Why u always gotta record her “discipline”
nadia jones
nadia jones - 6 days ago
Leah Maríe
Leah Maríe - 6 days ago
DDG u treat yo sister like she yo daughter 🤦🏽‍♀️. All she wants to do is support her boyfriend
Trez Cowans
Trez Cowans - 6 days ago
You dont show no love or nun money is not the keep to some one heart nigga yall family
Trez Cowans
Trez Cowans - 6 days ago
And stop acting like her fucking dad if uu was my brother ii would have been slapp tf outta you
Trez Cowans
Trez Cowans - 6 days ago
ddg yu a whole dub why you cant let yo lil sister be happy and shit james may be a good guy or he might just be using yo sister for clout and ian go say you selfish but you gotta consider other people!
Royaltyy Ronique
Royaltyy Ronique - 7 days ago
Teetee speakin straight facts🗣
Royaltyy Ronique
Royaltyy Ronique - 7 days ago
teetee: “you doin too much, over a song?? you don’t want nobody else to be great?
ddg: “he not gon be great, his music sucks”
damn this man really talking bout himself
Santessa Crawford
Santessa Crawford - 7 days ago
This shit aint even cool. Its okay to protect her but yall do entirely too much . teetee i feel you .
Trinity Fields
Trinity Fields - 7 days ago
that’s why he really mad, not cause of what he said but because she was promoting her bf music instead of his. 💀
Philly Sai
Philly Sai - 7 days ago
Nechaira Hooten
Nechaira Hooten - 8 days ago
You so mean to your sister omgg🤬 deshea frost have to learn you how to acting to your sister
Lolgirl Hehe
Lolgirl Hehe - 8 days ago
Everyone saying the mom don’t care, she must just be doing that for camera because people act different on camera , y’all don’t know what she’s like of camera...
Yogirlunique unique2023
They wrong his momma always dick riding ddg like he started it how u gone whoop her that’s sad she’s hurting bad inside and y’all don’t even see that
Shakara Perez
Shakara Perez - 9 days ago
She bad af you are not selfish what bill she pay
Rosemarie Hood
Rosemarie Hood - 9 days ago
I agree with TeeTee. Selfish young boy
Rosemarie Hood
Rosemarie Hood - 9 days ago
Is ddg the whole family's mother. Why can't his mom be a mother
breana Wiggins
breana Wiggins - 5 days ago
No cause dub stand up for her
GamingWith Neya
GamingWith Neya - 9 days ago
I fucking hate them !!! They always picking with teetee for no reason! And it’s dumb asf! Me and my brothers don’t even act like that! My momma don’t never pick sides!🤦🏾‍♀️ My momma gonna tell the truth and then our momma make us apologize to each other. And give each other a hug! But y’all being mad as petty rn!! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Ðïâññâ - 9 days ago
Cool down breath check if your phone is ok first
zeta dash
zeta dash - 9 days ago
Clever girl lol
zeta dash
zeta dash - 9 days ago
She speaks the real truth
Devrionna Marchbanks
Devrionna Marchbanks - 11 days ago
You need manners if you know you was gone get mad why go in her room
Shawn Millien
Shawn Millien - 11 days ago
Tufff 😂😂😂
Johnson Ullanda
Johnson Ullanda - 11 days ago
If me hate deh boy yah one more time
the twinzzz
the twinzzz - 11 days ago
Nigga u jelous her bf so shut ur mouth so just shut up her bf is better then u I bet she will I ran away to
socy goat
socy goat - 12 days ago
I wouldn’t blame TeeTee for running away. He brother is selfish and he only like that because he has money and he knows that they will do whatever he tell them because he apparently “ pays bills”. He is rude and disrespectful and then his mama just let him do it like if she don’t agree he gonna punish her... that’s crazy!! If he was my brother I would cut off all Contact and relationship with him(.) This really is sad I love teetee and she should not be treated like that. Some people think it’s protective and cute but it’s not is called being controlling he needs to learn the Difference!! I feel really bad for her i will keep praying for him he really need some help. See what money and fame can do to you???😩😩😤😤😒😒🤬🤬❤️
iOS Toxic
iOS Toxic - 12 days ago
Bro why is you posting this
Tru’Nae Rivers
Tru’Nae Rivers - 12 days ago
‘ Thaats Sad How Haa Momma Jusst Let Haa Brother Control Her 🤦🏽‍♀️!
Lauren Coleman
Lauren Coleman - 12 days ago
U is mean for that
Itzz Bai
Itzz Bai - 12 days ago
Run away way way 🤣🤣he childish for dat song he was singin😂😂 run away aye aye aye 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Itsss Miyaa
Itsss Miyaa - 12 days ago
Kaliyah _themagicalunicorn
James did a lyric prank on tete before they was talking real 😖😖 tete started it
Lizzy Dizzy
Lizzy Dizzy - 13 days ago
That’s crazy how y’all treat her 💯
Laconya Baker
Laconya Baker - 13 days ago
And im unsubscribing with your mean ass thats why Kennedy left you i bet evry girl you get you gonna lose them couse you only got respect for your self i cant think straight and my favorite song is not bank no more 😟😱🙊🙉🙈👎👎👥
Laconya Baker
Laconya Baker - 13 days ago
Ddg your a bad brother and your mom a bad mom i bet she wish she never had tee tee so when tee tee run away i hope yall feel bad cus if i was. Her i would been telling my self i hate me and i wish im dead so care about her feelings too not just your bad brother and mom i love dub not you
Commentator 24
Commentator 24 - 13 days ago
This girl is gold.Dont treat her like that🙁
Katch22 Vlogs
Katch22 Vlogs - 13 days ago
DDG she is right you need to move on with your life damn ain’t nobody stop u from fucking with they daughter or sister so how about you leave her alone Bc James actually cares about her unlike you do. Your mother ain’t shit either Bc she should’ve punched u in yo shit for talking wanting to hit her Bc she told you the truth about yourself.... Bruh go stay in your house and keep a female Bc apparently your sister can keep a relationship longer than you which is funny😂
mya greg
mya greg - 13 days ago
I think when she said i help pay bills i think she meant like she gave her prolly 50 or less
Danielle Gantt
Danielle Gantt - 13 days ago
Anasia Adams
Anasia Adams - 13 days ago
You really wrong for that ddg . teetee telling truth and you mama stupid too
Antonio Bristow
Antonio Bristow - 13 days ago
i agree with tee tee u r just being selfish and i thought my brother was bad if i had a bro like u ddg i would of run away a long time a go u getting my last nerve just give her a break what the hell is wrong with why r u so obessed with her life u cant jus back off for once like dude u need a gf but aint no girl gonna want you because u might do the same thing to them what you are doing to tee tee grow up ddg get a life
CxiMgn - 13 days ago
She got wooped after this 😂😂
Kailyn Martin
Kailyn Martin - 13 days ago
Tee Tee not cappin though when she said he don't even tell her he love her bro that's sad then her mom always wanna take DDG side😒
It’s Aanya Reddy
It’s Aanya Reddy - 14 days ago
U r the worst bro ever🤮🤮🤮🤮
LightSkinVibing - 15 days ago
wdf i see what she talking abt ,, he taking her as a joke and recording it likes its funny 🤦🏽‍♀️.. and they mother must be scared of DDG because he’s messing with her for no reason 😐.
Jaysha Mcclendon
Jaysha Mcclendon - 15 days ago
This is sick af 🤮. You’re a disgusting person for this
Amber Smith
Amber Smith - 16 days ago
Tatiana L
Tatiana L - 16 days ago
I hate this nigga and his mama
Kennedi Jones
Kennedi Jones - 16 days ago
You got problems with yo sister and u need to fix them
Mariah Nicole
Mariah Nicole - 16 days ago
They both unfair I don't understand
Asanda Marawu
Asanda Marawu - 16 days ago
Teetee your brother is a bully 🚮
Aaliyah Stephens
Aaliyah Stephens - 17 days ago
What tee tee was saying I was feeling it, it hit me hard that is sad asf
Aranti Kelly
Aranti Kelly - 17 days ago
Brooo I might be late too watching this but the way his momma is not on her side and constantly on his side made me mad 😡that girl got so much pain in her she holding it in I’ll run away too
Liyah's Life
Liyah's Life - 17 days ago
His momma just be acting slow bc how you going to let your selfish son treat your daughter like that ? just bc he pay yo bills don’t mean nothing . 🙄
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