i spectated RARE SKINS and was SHOCKED how bad they were... (fake og?)

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Randumb - 2 months ago
Faulty Lawrence
Faulty Lawrence - 17 hours ago
Yeet, yep
Nils Klemp
Nils Klemp - Day ago
I think 2nd guy had lags
Richard Hicks
Richard Hicks - 4 days ago
sT_Splitz 865
sT_Splitz 865 - 7 days ago
Randumb 260th reply!!!
Sifredo Contreras
Sifredo Contreras - 13 hours ago
*oh yeah yeah*
Itz Lil
Itz Lil - 15 hours ago
6:40 the face u make when u can't play your Xbox
leticia diaz
leticia diaz - 16 hours ago
4:19 did he say d*ck
Aayan Syed Muhammad
Aayan Syed Muhammad - 17 hours ago
Bro you are a god at this game. plus my fav youtuber
LumberGamer 123
LumberGamer 123 - Day ago
Bh unfazed has 34.9k on Instagram
sT_Splitz 865
sT_Splitz 865 - Day ago
The first renegade is actually a GOD!!!
Jackson Reece
Jackson Reece - 2 days ago
ghoul lagged out
Man I'm dead man I
Man I'm dead man I - 2 days ago
8:54 he is a Arabic youtuber
ツHappy - 2 days ago
Only Fortnite players can like
TTvelt Clan
TTvelt Clan - 3 days ago
BH unfazed is team BH
THUNDER 123 - 3 days ago
Your gun is the heavy sniper
Maryan Abdalla
Maryan Abdalla - 4 days ago
Joey Ashley
Joey Ashley - 4 days ago
Chicken skins
YT_ i_like_bushes
YT_ i_like_bushes - 4 days ago
John thick xD
RepTic John MC colin
RepTic John MC colin - 5 days ago
the 1st was unfazed 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Drizzzy Panda
Drizzzy Panda - 5 days ago
BH is a controller team
Ali Kerawala
Ali Kerawala - 5 days ago
I think it was ghoul trooper laging or the net stopped
Killer 818
Killer 818 - 6 days ago
Aren’t default skins og too
cirano de groot
cirano de groot - 6 days ago
I was that ghoul trouper My console was not full
PiNo_yt_btw - 6 days ago
4:47 renegade bro
The Fortnite Kid
The Fortnite Kid - 6 days ago
On John wick his win percent is 4.20% hmmmmmmmmmm
Legendary Clan
Legendary Clan - 6 days ago
Bh unfazed is goatee, search his youtube
Renigade Raider
Renigade Raider - 7 days ago
Can you spectate renegades
sad dayz
sad dayz - 7 days ago
Randumb: Spectates Only Season 1 And Season 2 Skins

Season 3 Players: I’m A Joke To You?
Hamed Alharthy
Hamed Alharthy - 7 days ago
I think he’s on controller and his battery ran out
Marwan El Bassuni
Marwan El Bassuni - 8 days ago
Marwan El Bassuni
Marwan El Bassuni - 8 days ago
U are better then ninja bro
Latisha Mitchell
Latisha Mitchell - 8 days ago
By unfazed is a youtuber
Latisha Mitchell
Latisha Mitchell - 8 days ago
B h on face is a YouTuber
Bryan Faze
Bryan Faze - 8 days ago
Bh unfazed is in clan and a YouTuber too
IssacYT. - 8 days ago
BH Unfazed is a pro player
Fortnite - 8 days ago
That goull trooper I think wake up or something
Jordi 0829
Jordi 0829 - 8 days ago
BH is a clan BTW
Coyote - 9 days ago
I think i’ts fake
cool bot10
cool bot10 - 9 days ago
Can u add Sciencekid80
Sean Mack
Sean Mack - 10 days ago
Is thes
Emanuel simon
Emanuel simon - 10 days ago
Bro your so good at the game
hebreos 11;1
hebreos 11;1 - 10 days ago
Ypu rime it you crime it
DarkKnight - 10 days ago
Randumb: I'm guessing 0 wins.
Me: *not even close, baby.*
o - 8 days ago
Y do u have golden knights logo on your profilrpic but ur name is dark knight
Colin Gilstrap
Colin Gilstrap - 10 days ago
Rip hunting rifles
Darian Mendoza
Darian Mendoza - 10 days ago
ll-Lepluch3r-ll - 10 days ago
Tokyo_ BarryFM
Tokyo_ BarryFM - 11 days ago
What your sensitivity
Braylon Williams
Braylon Williams - 11 days ago
At 9:04 he say John thick 😂
SF Carver
SF Carver - 11 days ago
Anyone else from season 9 rip Pumps
chechino mcp
chechino mcp - 11 days ago
1:25 the real unfazed
T0XIC Clan
T0XIC Clan - 11 days ago
How does he not know BH...?
Ryxnn FN
Ryxnn FN - 11 days ago
BH Unfazed is on controller randumb btw use code dumb
kelso knox
kelso knox - 11 days ago
The renegade is a youtuber In bh c,an
kelso knox
kelso knox - 11 days ago
Chico Chill
Chico Chill - 11 days ago
BH unfaze he is part of BH Bh hardfind and them
F8l Moufaq
F8l Moufaq - 11 days ago
This is how many time randumb said peely. 👇
savage Man
savage Man - 11 days ago
Spectate a recon expert
Tiara Lavigne
Tiara Lavigne - 11 days ago
U are da best same with me bro he loves watching u
FN Venom
FN Venom - 12 days ago
that renegade was actually in bh... that’s crazy
Fortnite Bruv
Fortnite Bruv - 12 days ago
U a sellout bruhh
Fortnite Bruv
Fortnite Bruv - 12 days ago
Yeah he’s a sellout💩🤤
carolina nieves
carolina nieves - 12 days ago
Spectate green skins
Lucy Lowrie
Lucy Lowrie - 12 days ago
4:50 that guy had the floss he was an OG
Yaxzel Rivera
Yaxzel Rivera - 12 days ago
So fake by unfazed is so good and he probably told him to join the same game as him and act like a bot
Pieintheskysi 007
Pieintheskysi 007 - 13 days ago
Elite Agent
Fortnite Toys and games ‘
Stop being mean I was the First😓
Fabian Hitchman
Fabian Hitchman - 13 days ago
Codename elf
Noob24 Zhang
Noob24 Zhang - 13 days ago
Yaseen Ali
Yaseen Ali - 13 days ago
Cvenegas 21TV
Cvenegas 21TV - 13 days ago
No Hate But U Look Like U Have No Soul When U Dont Talk
Chen Zekai
Chen Zekai - 13 days ago
there were only 2 rare skins the rest are not even og tf
I Have Subscribers Wiith No Content
2:37 oh well looks like his controller died 😂
Syfermadman ¡
Syfermadman ¡ - 13 days ago
The second one his controller probably died
my mommy preety
my mommy preety - 14 days ago
His face when he was getting kills and not talking
Aqeel Ruhomutally
Aqeel Ruhomutally - 14 days ago
Were you in obey team before with formula kiwiz nicks
The sh twins Sh
The sh twins Sh - 14 days ago
9:14 Dakota’s?
Crystal Reed
Crystal Reed - 14 days ago
Bots I mean bots
Crystal Reed
Crystal Reed - 14 days ago
Only boys can like this
Iron man dies in endgame Your welcome
4:49 renegade btw
Kaidyn Stinson
Kaidyn Stinson - 15 days ago
Omg I love your channel every time u upload you make my day happier
Christian Wright
Christian Wright - 15 days ago
The defaults r the OG they been there since season 1
ItzShifty - 15 days ago
0:54 real BH member btw 🔥
Xx-UlIlMADXx lIlIlI - 11 days ago
Phantom - 16 days ago
The first guy that you pickaxed was actually a youtuber
And the 2nd one he was lagging i know since i always lag
WHPH Thug - 16 days ago
I started in season2
MrSurprize360 - 16 days ago
I think the ghoul troopers internet went off or he was using controller and it died
Andy Playz
Andy Playz - 16 days ago
I only have 3 wins.. :(
(I’m actually good i might not have a lot of wins because I spend most of my time on LTMs)
(If I hop into a solo match I usually get top 10)
(Pls no hate comments)
Candyy - 13 days ago
aka Quizzle
aka Quizzle - 16 days ago
U can only spectate attlepass skins
Melch Haliti
Melch Haliti - 17 days ago
Nxthzn Yxung
Nxthzn Yxung - 17 days ago
6:17-7:17 the face of pure tryhardness and and also me when I'm at school
JBA Supreme
JBA Supreme - 17 days ago
You are not a bot
Alpha Gamer
Alpha Gamer - 18 days ago
By the way that renegade raider was in bloodhounds sooooo that was a good player
PRG_ BîûBîû
PRG_ BîûBîû - 18 days ago
its so funny how seriouse he got n 6;30 or 6:40
iAmRickey2hype-_ - 19 days ago
Spectate defaults
Ethan Simington
Ethan Simington - 19 days ago
4:17 captions say dick lol
Bronze galaxy
Bronze galaxy - 20 days ago
If candy axe was rare then I would still play
RNG JR MRFRESH - 20 days ago
The real bh unfazed
Phylicia Gore
Phylicia Gore - 20 days ago
I meant you died from BH unfazed
Nickster Tv
Nickster Tv - 20 days ago
9:00 he said John thick wow what a name
Kai Williams
Kai Williams - 20 days ago
Spectate clutch
Gaming Reptile
Gaming Reptile - 20 days ago
Nice ojee skins
Gaming Reptile
Gaming Reptile - 20 days ago
dragon king boys
dragon king boys - 20 days ago
Your a freaking God bro 😍 I love your gameplay keep it up and plz go live soon 🔴LIVE
Riley Walker
Riley Walker - 20 days ago
use code TTV.pic if u want to support me
Pikachupau2007 - 21 day ago
U suc
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