【ENG SUB】《致我们暖暖的小时光 Put Your Head on My Shoulder》EP04--主演:邢菲,林一,唐晓天,郑英辰

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Mariya Sayed
Mariya Sayed - 6 hours ago
Doctor is a mood
Putri Agnisadhea
Putri Agnisadhea - Day ago
prety priya 994
prety priya 994 - Day ago
It's always the same problem you don't realize the importance of someone until he leaves
Wency Espiritu
Wency Espiritu - Day ago
Nashaly Ovington
Nashaly Ovington - 2 days ago
I am not trying to be rude but Fu Pei needs to go away she already got a man not him I am really not trying to be rude
Bijay Nanda
Bijay Nanda - 3 days ago
Ah... the boy is so cute ... when they argue each other.... its looks like love triangle oh God... doctor must be mistaken
Christine mae Laput
Christine mae Laput - 3 days ago
I don't know what to feel for fu pei, I know he's hurting but if you like the girl you should not take her for granted and indenial. Gu wei ye keep it up!
Nikita's chanell
Nikita's chanell - 3 days ago
Sub indo donk
Aswin Rp
Aswin Rp - 4 days ago
He kept all the tasty food before her and made her eat only the porridge 😂😂😂😂
Erdum Qayum
Erdum Qayum - 4 days ago
I am watching it all again
❤️❤️📺 Loving this show
Robert Ogalinola
Robert Ogalinola - 4 days ago
Eng sub please
Graciel Anne Andus
Graciel Anne Andus - 5 days ago
Where can I find my Gu Wei Yi?
Isha Gad
Isha Gad - 6 days ago
Who's the guy in the thumbnail
UH Zafwat
UH Zafwat - 6 days ago
the boy is so cute....
i love that when they argument with each other......
barsha basundhara tarai
English plz
Amy Kay
Amy Kay - 6 days ago
Fu pei is a joke
Putting on that green basket for fruits
Symbolising he's been cheated on..man...u two never dated...she wasnt urs to start with!!
Mahi Moni
Mahi Moni - 7 days ago
eng subtitles plg all episodes😭😭
Neri Riyono
Neri Riyono - 7 days ago
sub indo mna 😣
VSahsirt - 7 days ago
That fvkcing rubber band nawwwww 😭😭😭
fitrya rachmadani
fitrya rachmadani - 8 days ago
Suka saya filmnya ❤️
Rachel Ann Orellano
Rachel Ann Orellano - 8 days ago
I salute them, eating watermelon without spitting the seeds...👍😅
Ayo OmoT
Ayo OmoT - 8 days ago
Fu Pei makes me so uncomfortable. He is literally shaming her because he feels cheated on which makes absolutely no sense to me because they aren’t in a relationship! He’s such a weirdo. He knows Si Tu Mo likes him and it’s so obvious that he likes her too (I guess not enough because he keeps hurting her) but he chooses to ignore his feelings and hers yet has the audacity to be hurt as soon as she finds interest in someone else. Yeah the worst character, he needs to go away. I am just mad he is actually hurt because I’m trying to figure out why he thinks he deserves the right to be angry at her and make her feel that way.
CheonYoongi Yoongi
CheonYoongi Yoongi - 9 days ago
ᅡ마란 태국Zhanying
😂 i want to slap this fupi 😂 get lose man
Sara Huseynli
Sara Huseynli - 9 days ago
Which language is this in
Human yg pasti
Human yg pasti - 9 days ago
Thank you for subtitle
Gay because of TWICE
Gay because of TWICE - 9 days ago
Mita yunia Sari
Mita yunia Sari - 9 days ago
Iam in indonesia
ASHIKA GAUTAM - 10 days ago
I really think gu wei yi and mo mo is cute couple
isabelle stanley
isabelle stanley - 10 days ago
Okay what the f#*k was going on the part when he found they were living together *"green light hero"* I can't.......
isabelle stanley
isabelle stanley - 10 days ago
I don't know why but all I keep hearing is dogs Barking and little goat sounds in the show and weird sounds I'm actually confused
Circus Halo
Circus Halo - 9 days ago
it's funny actually hahaha
Sephia Handayani
Sephia Handayani - 11 days ago
Masha Allah, ganteng bat dah si gu Wei yi :(
Aji selva
Aji selva - 12 days ago
Hi everyone do you know where I can watch this drama with English subtitles
Aji selva
Aji selva - 9 days ago
Circus Halo it’s didn’t work I can not see it because it’s uk
Circus Halo
Circus Halo - 9 days ago
Aji selva There is english subtitle here. check them in the settings on top.
A&f official
A&f official - 12 days ago
Go wei yi ❤❤
Lila Arrahma intan zahkia
Loh kak ak kok gk nemu eppisode yg ke 4 tpi yg sub indo
Farruq Ansari
Farruq Ansari - 13 days ago
When si tu mo liked u, u didn't treasure her feelings.
When she has got someone who cares for her, u remember that you like her??
Rupa Goswami
Rupa Goswami - 13 days ago
I love all those background sounds..
Gacha Lena
Gacha Lena - 13 days ago
The green “hat” he was wearing symbolizes as he being cheated on. He thinks Mo Mo somehow belongs to him. I really don’t like how he stood her up multiple times and always asking his friend to do stuff for him. Then he blames his friend for taking her away from him. He may not say it but he does blame him cuz of the green “hat” scene. Then he breaks Mo Mo’s heart. Like who does he thinks he is. He was a coward before and he doesn’t even try to beg for her forgiveness.
Dena Avaline
Dena Avaline - 14 days ago
She looks a bit like IU☺
Rae Ceecee
Rae Ceecee - 15 days ago
Very lovely
Priyadarshini priya
Priyadarshini priya - 15 days ago
If u don't want to give those food to her then why u put this in front of her
Holy Water
Holy Water - 15 days ago
Hi guys.. Can you recommend me some good c-dramas?
Aishwariya Jose
Aishwariya Jose - 15 days ago
Meteor garden,one another him , I cannot hug you, master devil don't kiss me are some cdramas I adore try those
Markiya Br
Markiya Br - 16 days ago
I genuinely don’t think fu pei is good this episode 💀✋🏼
Swifties Blink
Swifties Blink - 16 days ago
I'm totally loving these sound effects😅😅
Melanie Palma
Melanie Palma - 16 days ago
Lol how they competed eating watermelon
Suzan布丁 - 16 days ago
day dreamer
day dreamer - 16 days ago
Please upload English version of this drama please
bangtancrumbs - 17 days ago
Second lead syndrome who??? I forking hate this fu pei
bts_ army forever
bts_ army forever - 17 days ago
I can't find eng sub of this video??
Can someone please help me! !!
maple shshsh
maple shshsh - 17 days ago
一堆病人不能吃的油炸东西放在面前 闻到香味了 能不偷吃嘛?!
ella b
ella b - 18 days ago
actually hate fupei rn 📉
Starlight Liar
Starlight Liar - 18 days ago
Yaoguo Li
Yaoguo Li - 18 days ago
This episode is not interesting and so Wired.
haldir escalante
haldir escalante - 19 days ago
name of song min 2:04 someone plz
BTS AB6ix - 19 days ago
Idk why but that Watermelon kinda have a meaning. Why does they keep talking about watermelon😅😅 西瓜
Nur-aiyam Salapuddin
Nur-aiyam Salapuddin - 19 days ago
Ep. 4 eng sub plsss.
Fitrotul Aini
Fitrotul Aini - 19 days ago
Lagunya apa ya??
simply Janethh_xo
simply Janethh_xo - 19 days ago
FU PEI IS ANNOYING asffff wth you had your chance and lost it BYEEE
Aw I feel bad for momo crying smh stupid fupei
Angel Guangco
Angel Guangco - 19 days ago
I love the songs 😍 watching for the third time while waiting for My Girlfriend is an Alien 😁 I hope Lin Yi to have many more dramas 😣 and Xing Fei too 🙏
Christine Siquig
Christine Siquig - 20 days ago
Pleas English 🇬🇧 I didn't understand
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