【ENG SUB】《致我们暖暖的小时光 Put Your Head on My Shoulder》EP04--主演:邢菲,林一,唐晓天,郑英辰

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jimin pΔrk
jimin pΔrk - Hour ago
your mom
your mom - 8 hours ago
Great. I feel so single.
Halimatu Zahwa
Halimatu Zahwa - 15 hours ago
13.43 there I feel very sad, gu Weiyi 😭
Maysha Tabassum
Maysha Tabassum - Day ago
English subtitles please... I can't understand this language...
Dolly Singh
Dolly Singh - Day ago
Watching this drama again with same expressions ..I am addicted to it ......and I don't want to come out😀😀😀😀 from this addiction
creamy love S
creamy love S - Day ago
Intan Nurrahmah
Intan Nurrahmah - 2 days ago
G bisa move on😭
Shamara Simon
Shamara Simon - 2 days ago
I’m so annoying at fu pei I feel like giving up the drama entirely
Ornella Muleka
Ornella Muleka - 3 days ago
How come mine does not have eng sub?? please help
婷寶 - 3 days ago
好討厭那個傅沛 自作多情 太討厭了
Nina Nisperuza
Nina Nisperuza - 3 days ago
como se llama la canción del minuto 02:15?
What's the name of the song of the minute 02:15?
那首歌的名字叫什么 02:15?
Oluwaseun Samuel
Oluwaseun Samuel - 4 days ago
Please i need u guys to translate in English please
Pratul kumar Majhi
Pratul kumar Majhi - 4 days ago
Please English subtitles.thanks
Laitit Lalogafau
Laitit Lalogafau - 4 days ago
Laitit Lalogafau
Laitit Lalogafau - 4 days ago
Gu Wei yi compared to Momo like the height im like how tall is he!?!?
Dolley 21
Dolley 21 - 5 days ago
Xing Fei is a good artist,love this drama,
Must watch
Your highness:Class monitor, its so interesting like this drama💞💞💞
Dolley 21
Dolley 21 - 4 days ago
I'm still watching this drama😊
Chystel Ann Cabangal
Chystel Ann Cabangal - 5 days ago
Yup try to watch her other drama's
Dhyr4h_ -
Dhyr4h_ - - 6 days ago
Annie Marie Lilly
Annie Marie Lilly - 7 days ago
I hate the second lead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mala Sarker
Mala Sarker - 7 days ago
Did he said he's gonna buy a band-aid?so u don't have first aid kit at ur house dude?-____-
nixiedus - 7 days ago
Fu Pei can act so arrogantly because he knew Momo liked him. Momo should just forget about her feelings for him, fickle guys like him who can't keep a word cannot be depended on. He's just taking her for granted.
Janelle Tiberio
Janelle Tiberio - 10 days ago
Everyone be talking about Fu pei, while im here admiring Gu Wei Yi's hot face 😂
Tetap Glowing
Tetap Glowing - 10 days ago
so like with this drama ,gu wei yi so handsome,and momo so funny😍😍😍🤣
Nadila Kharisma
Nadila Kharisma - 10 days ago
kaga ngarti njirr
Fuji Astuti
Fuji Astuti - 10 days ago
Aaaa bisa ternyata sub indo nyaaaa
Pretty Amaka
Pretty Amaka - 10 days ago
I love the drama
Love Echizen
Love Echizen - 11 days ago
Chasing ball is also good.
Can you suggest any drama for me?
Saraj Thind
Saraj Thind - 11 days ago
Where the hell r English subtitles
lala land
lala land - 11 days ago
Omggg tq for englis subbb
ALANDO CLAUDIO - 12 days ago
M L - 13 days ago
That last bite he took was so purely a cute confession😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
cchow cts
cchow cts - 13 days ago
雷德玩 - 10 days ago
Sumening Surya
Sumening Surya - 14 days ago
I really like this drama although i just watch ep4😂❤❤ my fav drama ❤
C Natarajan
C Natarajan - 14 days ago
I just love this guy's expressions😂😂😁❤️
Sabita Shrestha
Sabita Shrestha - 15 days ago
Please upload this in eng subtitle
Meta Apriana
Meta Apriana - 15 days ago
Ada aku ajh yg nonton di sini ..
Knpa si wetv indonesia epsd ny ga lngkap ..
Padahl ini drama bagus seru juga :'(
Azalea - 15 days ago
Azalea - 15 days ago
I think the actress looks like Bailu 🤣🤣🤣but I think she’s better than Bailu
Coraline Romero
Coraline Romero - 15 days ago
Is he dumb bc she's like I'm not looking at you I'm looking at the fridge and then he's like take it im like WHAT REALLY YOUR UGHHH sorry in a bad mood but AHAHAHAHAHAH she dropped it ahahahah sorry I'm not hating ir anything
FauzanSyach Rizal
FauzanSyach Rizal - 16 days ago
Makasih yang udah masukin sub nya,MAKASIH!!
Pornima katharpi
Pornima katharpi - 16 days ago
Who is the boy on the picture of the video ???
syabillaaa cantiikk
syabillaaa cantiikk - 16 days ago
Luv u lin yiiii😍😍😍
m. Pancaj
m. Pancaj - 16 days ago
He's not even her boyfriend and he's saying she made him wear a green hat haha he's too conceited
Anbarasu Thambiran
Anbarasu Thambiran - 17 days ago
There are lot of kpop fans here..!! 💝 (BTS,seventeen etc).. Please don't get angry on me anyone because I am an army too..
sonya dewi
sonya dewi - 13 days ago
Sachi Mochi
Sachi Mochi - 17 days ago
I'm so grateful I found my own Gu Wei Yi
Helia Safta
Helia Safta - 17 days ago
Love this drama
Johnn's Banana
Johnn's Banana - 17 days ago
:') clown fu pei why he's being like tht omg
Diana Lalnunhlui
Diana Lalnunhlui - 17 days ago
I can't watch in english subtitles...please help me
Rafia Tasnim
Rafia Tasnim - 18 days ago
Fu pei is getting on my nerves
THE ASHIKASHIK - 18 days ago
I dont get english subtilte😭😭😭why?????
Bj Lopez
Bj Lopez - 18 days ago
1.87 not tall enough? Hahaha
nixiedus - 7 days ago
he meant not tall enough to reach the tree branch without jumping
Be my meraki
Be my meraki - 18 days ago
Those dog and cat voices in background are so funny.🤣🤣🤣
little cassy
little cassy - 19 days ago
People who need help finding the subtitles on this drama all you have to do Is when u click on the drama you will see three dots click on it and u you will see CAPTION is their and click on it and you will see different subtitles is their..
emily gonzalez
emily gonzalez - 19 days ago
Y’all fu pei is getting on my nerves. That scene where he was with them in the living room so awkward. Hes annoying needs to go.
Demay Kurniawan
Demay Kurniawan - 20 days ago
Sub indo please 😰
zhie virgo
zhie virgo - 20 days ago
sub indo please
blossom sticks
blossom sticks - 20 days ago
I really love you guys for putting this in YouTube ♥️
sargam Kumari
sargam Kumari - 20 days ago
From where should I find eng sub for this show
bhavani kunchala
bhavani kunchala - 20 days ago
Why can't I see English sub
Smriti Thapa
Smriti Thapa - 20 days ago
OH MY GOSHHHH 29:10 he has a green hat! He has a greeen hatttt. He is greeen. Greeen suits hiiiiimmmm. OH MY FLIPPEN GOSH LIKE WHAT HE IS JEALOUS AND FLIPPEN SHOWING THAT HE HAS A GREEEN HATTTT!!!
Rahmad Gilo
Rahmad Gilo - 21 day ago
Kenapa nggak ada terjemahan nya
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