Trump's Collusion Confusion & Sarah Huckabee's Departure

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nar ́to Uzumaki
nar ́to Uzumaki - Day ago
Don Trump's
United Mafia of America
kurt setterberg
kurt setterberg - 2 days ago
my life is so much better since Sarah left I dont have to hear Trump lies in duplicate
Frankie B
Frankie B - 10 days ago
it took me way too long to realize the picture of the plane was doctored...thats how low my opinion of this buffoon is
Oddly Wired
Oddly Wired - Month ago
What's up with the captions? It's not on my phone or anything but Kimmel videos.
Verbal Kint
Verbal Kint - Month ago
I’m not lying
Donald Trump and I share the same birthday😭😭
Dami Peddie
Dami Peddie - Month ago
Old goon Donald duck in the white house nothing in his noggin definitely a loser totally brain less
sea-snake83 1
sea-snake83 1 - Month ago
jimmy stick to interviews and shut up about your political views
T Slap
T Slap - Month ago
trump doesn’t wanna run the country for the betterment of Americans. He just wants to win because it’s all about winning. Otherwise he wouldn’t care about Mueller and Hilary and everyone else he constantly badmouths. He’d just focus on the job. Get rid of this clown!!!
Samia Mohamed
Samia Mohamed - Month ago
Not so funny jimmy 😒
Salvador Trejo
Salvador Trejo - Month ago
I like Jimmy Kimmel he makes fun of the Donald Trump and yes The president of the United States is a dumbass
Steven Lindsey
Steven Lindsey - Month ago
I part of me is afraid that he actually was the one who made the airplane picture
Joy Smith
Joy Smith - 2 months ago
You were in the mob so why call the FBI He would get in trouble he is a sick man .said he was not in the mob
Snapigram-Social Network
Snapigram-Social Network - 2 months ago
nice show as always
Basir - 2 months ago
Trump is 100% Stupid
Tori Grey
Tori Grey - 3 months ago
So happy this cartoon monster looking woman is leaving its face bothers me.
dstbac07 - 3 months ago
Unbelievable our president is drawing and coloring pictures of planes, I don't even know where to begin with this guy. I never in a million years thought we would have such a childish, ignorant, racist president, yet here we are.
Sfiso - 3 months ago
Do they have hamberders in Whales?
Dark to Light
Dark to Light - 3 months ago
OMG, another 3rd rate comedian.
pop5678eye - 3 months ago
I will miss Suckabee. She was entertaining with her lies.
Bobby's Worlds
Bobby's Worlds - 3 months ago
Does anyone remember jimmy on the man show. Degrating women in every way just to make it in Hollywood. He's nothing but, a hypocritical clown.
Songs Mirth
Songs Mirth - 3 months ago
Doesn't that drawing really show his true age? He spends OUR money like it's nothing. Three and a half million dollars for examples of various types of walls. I noticed one contractor so embarrassed he got out of the way of the camera. Taking so much money from a man that had no approval to take it and no right what-so-ever. He uses Air Force One like it's his own airplane flying to his golf courses in Scotland and Ireland where the people hate him. And the corrupt leader said he didn't know Trump wasn't going to follow through on his promises of 1,500 jobs and all kinds of new housing. Yeah right. If I were the people of that area I'd check that guy's bank account and see if it had a new amount go into it all of a sudden. Or an off shore account. I wonder how many new accounts like the Governor of Puerto Rico has an account in Switzerland? Trump had people sneak into the White House from hostile countries to see him! Trump isn't just German. He's a Chinese, Russian German blend. :(
Pierre Bibeau
Pierre Bibeau - 3 months ago
The same MO : Let me finish… my lies!
rod long
rod long - 3 months ago
I cant believe people still believe in the Russia conspiracy, the MSM has brainwashed half of all Americans.
sc0ttr0 - 3 months ago
Channel rename: Democratic Party Live
sc0ttr0 - 3 months ago
Left already drumming up an excuse for losing to trump again!
Rodolfo Ayala
Rodolfo Ayala - 3 months ago
Rodolfo Ayala
Rodolfo Ayala - 3 months ago
Melania who.
IM Afrayed knot
IM Afrayed knot - 3 months ago
That’s not what your daddy says bean brain . He doesn’t have to lie . Oh ya you don’t know about that respect thang . Folks don’t get to excited there’s I sign that lights up that reads clap,laugh , cheer that sort of thing . Oh ya I guess your mixed up in that fake stuff as well .
David Mayer de Rothschild
David Mayer de Rothschild - 3 months ago
Bottom line, a crook never calla a cop on himself, this guy is totally corrupt.
Patrick Scott
Patrick Scott - 3 months ago
I wonder if Trump knows that he doesn’t get to keep the plane after he leaves office?
chucky - 3 months ago
Sow Sarah... good riddance
adil alkhaiyat
adil alkhaiyat - 3 months ago
Trump will be died before his destiny by the destroyer comments of Jimmy Kimmel !
1970harleybike - 3 months ago
LOL.. Mr. Trump You have Balls you are good... LOL..
army vet
army vet - 3 months ago
He just admitted he would break the law AGAIN. Arrest this buffoon NOW!!!!
Toots RR1
Toots RR1 - 3 months ago
Ana Maldonado
Ana Maldonado - 3 months ago
A new design for the Air Force one , looking like a Bank of America plane, dandy!
Gabriel Rave
Gabriel Rave - 3 months ago
She was amazing, and treated them like children they are.
Geoff Gersbach
Geoff Gersbach - 3 months ago
We’ve now got the oldest President ever & he’s showing signs of dementia at 74. Why would we consider any of the old contenders to be the next president?
April Jones-Foston
April Jones-Foston - 3 months ago
nathan mccloud
nathan mccloud - 3 months ago
This country is running out of Tylenol and Motrin,bc powder, man what a headache
Christopher Lee Jr.
Christopher Lee Jr. - 3 months ago
One lier gone a few more to go, over weight smokey eye.💨💨🙈🙊🙉
Mikayla Bansie
Mikayla Bansie - 3 months ago
Sarah huckleberry is so in love with the🍊orange💩turd. Hope her husband leaves her
Lynda Dale
Lynda Dale - 3 months ago
Traitor Trump vote him out.
Teh Chuan
Teh Chuan - 3 months ago
Is the United States president voted to warm up the seat they have no leadership qualities they are showman actors and actresses
Jess Nevares
Jess Nevares - 3 months ago
Top Turn
Top Turn - 3 months ago
no use to tell him "we do not call what you are doing free speech" ? Mr. Trump
Sandra Caster
Sandra Caster - 3 months ago
He is obsessed with Norway
highlandsh - 3 months ago
The president* said sarah will no longer be serving her country. Which country is next for her do you think?
nini quint
nini quint - 3 months ago
That picture wasn't real; but, it's sad that for a moment one could believe that it is real under this president.
stan hootzz
stan hootzz - 3 months ago
Thank goodness we aint gotta look at "SH$TMOUTH SANDERS" anymore.
Rocco Conte
Rocco Conte - 3 months ago
The greatest economy in the history of the country ,the lowest unemployment rate and more Americans working than ever before sounds pretty good to me ,now what has Jimmy Fallon done?Stephie is a Clinton operative hes no jouralist.
Mike Sadler
Mike Sadler - 3 months ago
Thank God for comedians ...... without them we could only cry about our current POTUS.
james brill
james brill - 3 months ago
What IS his definition of Collusion?
D. D.
D. D. - 3 months ago
Is that why he loves hugging flags weirdo !!!
Jenn smith
Jenn smith - 3 months ago
Trump's ratings go up as Jimmy's go down.....funny!
KJ Grey
KJ Grey - 3 months ago
what a hateful pig she is.
T. Davis
T. Davis - 3 months ago
Just a look at this clip helps me realize why I don't watch late night tv. Looking forward for the day after the 2020 election when Democrats will be totally suicidal. Trump 2020!
L.A. Harris Gomes
L.A. Harris Gomes - 3 months ago
You're a bastard! Always talking down on others but contributing nothing yourself!
Kirk smith
Kirk smith - 3 months ago
you were so much better on the man show what happened now you suck. on and on about Trump, it's getting sicking, what you talk about before trump what are you going to do when Trump wins again. you're not going to keep bashing trump its the same thing over and over and the funny thing is you were worse on the man show way worse than Trump you spineless hack. and i m not even a Trump fan I got to deal with the limp risted Trudeau
Ashim Chakravorty
Ashim Chakravorty - 3 months ago
Look at that face ,doesn’t that tell you everything about the thing in the White House 🏠.........k.c.
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