Smashed Nuts Taste Test

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Anirudh Silai
Anirudh Silai - 5 days ago
We need "Lando Reacts to Clown Sharks"
Angélique Rose
Angélique Rose - 12 days ago
Link is that dad that’s tryna be cool and then Rhett is the dad that’s best friends with the kids😂
Cat Bushell
Cat Bushell - 15 days ago
Best part is they both have Rhett's hair......paternity test anyone? XD
TigerTayTay - 15 days ago
7:09 is shep a hawk
Aleyard - 25 days ago
It frightens me that Lando's hair color is almost exactly the same as both Shep's and Rhett's. I'm not saying anything bad, just that Link married a Rhett lookalike
Cyriss Smith
Cyriss Smith - Month ago
Shando should be a part of the next shuffleboard year guess game. So far those two are my favorite videos on this channel.
Paul Wehner
Paul Wehner - Month ago
peanuts are actually legumes, like snappeas and beans
Lilly Dee
Lilly Dee - Month ago
Shepard & Lando look a lot alike, they look like brothers.
Cherry Mix Swirl
Cherry Mix Swirl - Month ago
5:40 "no thats mine"thays what i try to say when somebody asks me my bubblegum in school but i dont have the guts like shepherd to say it😂
Gottosaurus - Month ago
Lando is so. freaking. adorable.
Gottosaurus - Month ago
So is Shep.
Jadeybugz - Month ago
I remember when they were super tiny omg omgg all grown up 😭😭💕💕💕
Figaro Blackheart
Figaro Blackheart - Month ago
Rhett and the kids all have the same hair color, Link´s son look more like Rhett than Link, I think Rhett has some explaining to do...
p0tterygirl 22
p0tterygirl 22 - 2 months ago
My sister used to make fun of me for saying pecan like ya'll do, but after living in Kentucky for a year I decided to keep saying that way. I'm glad to know ya'll do too!!!
Ipop Video 2
Ipop Video 2 - 2 months ago
They are both so much like their dads😂
Madison - 2 months ago
Lando is sweet as pie!
Leena Gard
Leena Gard - 2 months ago
There’s so many mouth noises in this episode 😬😬
alex - 2 months ago
everyone is appreciating Lando, well i’m gonna say that Shepherd is a very charismatic and funny guy:D
alex - 2 months ago
i relate to Shepherd and Rhett way too much
Tuya zul
Tuya zul - 2 months ago
Lando is an angel. Bless him
Royal Emerald Builder
Royal Emerald Builder - 2 months ago
Are me and my family the only ones who say PEE-kahn?
Madison McAvoy
Madison McAvoy - 2 months ago
Madison McAvoy
Madison McAvoy - 2 months ago
How old are the children?
Bts Angela
Bts Angela - 2 months ago
GECKman88 - 3 months ago
You guys are NUTS.
Alexa Villarreal
Alexa Villarreal - 3 months ago
Low key tension and hidden hate between Rhett and link and their sons.
Anonymous SS
Anonymous SS - 3 months ago
Anyone else heard Lando’s Southern accent come out when he said “You like butter?”
Abrar - 3 months ago
I love how Link loves peanuts that he goes as far as teaching them some facts on peanuts 🤣
Anonymous SS
Anonymous SS - 3 months ago
When Shepard said “No! This is mine!” I was like “MEEEEE!”
Karley Kamp
Karley Kamp - 3 months ago
they are soo cute!!
Alec Willey
Alec Willey - 3 months ago
There should be a GMM episode hosted by the kids.
Rajas Bhide
Rajas Bhide - 3 months ago
Wasn't YouTube supposed to disable comments on videos featuring kids?!?
Truecam videa
Truecam videa - 3 months ago
That Shepherd's head moes/twitch makes me angry. This could develop to a kind a addiction. Not cool.
Josiah Nimmo
Josiah Nimmo - 3 months ago
Shepard looks so much like Alex.
Shane Skyrunner
Shane Skyrunner - 3 months ago
This is like that movie The Good Son. Shepard is the evil son.
HinduHillbilly - 3 months ago
You guys need to offer t shirts for our doges! Don't you want Jade and Barbara to look fabulous?
Spirit Wisp
Spirit Wisp - 3 months ago
*C A S H E W*
Erin Mackinnon
Erin Mackinnon - 3 months ago
Is Rhett son a clone of him. And links son is so cute.
rhythmsd - 3 months ago
t h a t s a g o o d n u t
Jessica Drechsler
Jessica Drechsler - 3 months ago
Lando’s little voice is the cutest
Miss.Computer - 3 months ago
Jeffrey Rife
Jeffrey Rife - 3 months ago
one of my favorite mores ever!
Deya Chaudhuri
Deya Chaudhuri - 3 months ago
"You know what that means, boys?"
Well SOMEONE doesn't click through to Good Mythical More. 😁
Hetastic Bro
Hetastic Bro - 3 months ago
link's son is the most precious little thing ;w;
Worse Than
Worse Than - 3 months ago
link's sons look more like rhetts... ? anyone else notice that lol
Nikki Mctouton
Nikki Mctouton - 3 months ago
cashew is actually a fruit
Kirby_Gaming 22
Kirby_Gaming 22 - 3 months ago
Pee can pa con
chance youngblood
chance youngblood - 3 months ago
“No hard feelings, except in the testicle region.”
Renae Santillan
Renae Santillan - 3 months ago
They look like brothers
Emma - 3 months ago
I love Lando mouthing along with Stevies's countdown at 6:37 x)
Alexis HI
Alexis HI - 3 months ago
Lando is soo Sweet and Shepherd is Hilarious
Calysta McGinnis
Calysta McGinnis - 3 months ago
Bring on the older kids!
Kayla Alaniz Briones
Kayla Alaniz Briones - 3 months ago
Brandon Buccella
Brandon Buccella - 3 months ago
Literally the coolest kids in school. Shep's wit is 2nd to none and Lando is just the most adorable kid
Spencer - 3 months ago
one of those mugs should have said dink it
Plant Maven
Plant Maven - 3 months ago
Sometimes you feel like a nut...
Naomi Jordan
Naomi Jordan - 3 months ago
Links face at 1:41
Clareonox - 3 months ago
Hate to be that guy, but...cashews aren't nuts, boys!
TheRealTonyStark - 3 months ago
I absolutely love Shep and Lando on this show, but it would be cool if Locke and Lily could be on an episode too.
Michaela Edson
Michaela Edson - 3 months ago
The boys have eaten more nuts in their few years than I have in my entire life
danny smith
danny smith - 3 months ago
The boys seem a lot more comfortable being on the show than when they first came on
danny smith
danny smith - 3 months ago
Are you guys eating out of the cup you were wearing????????
oumamo yuu
oumamo yuu - 3 months ago
Their mother must be so beautiful
Thea U.
Thea U. - 3 months ago
Rhett was looking really good in this sweater.
Mikayla Wesley
Mikayla Wesley - 3 months ago
Lando is such a beautiful angel baby
Some One
Some One - 3 months ago
No actual testicles. Very disappoitnted. Disliking this absolute clickbait
Taren-Layne Warfield
Taren-Layne Warfield - 3 months ago
lando is just so cute. so wholesome
Patti V.
Patti V. - 3 months ago
They should have shown what a cashew looks like when it is on the tree....the boys and their littles would have enjoyed that.
Aleyna Mamak
Aleyna Mamak - 3 months ago
oh protect lando at all costs! he is so precious
UnCreative Deconstructionism
*Ayooo dats gheyyy*
Zachary Kurmel
Zachary Kurmel - 3 months ago
Does anyone else see the weird innuendo?
Jason Kehoe
Jason Kehoe - 3 months ago
Definitely a kids GMM! That'd be funny
Nigerian Nigger
Nigerian Nigger - 3 months ago
kids are home schooled and socially awkward....
Gamer George
Gamer George - 3 months ago
Links son looks like Rhett. :O
Allison Karkanen
Allison Karkanen - 3 months ago
I love when the boys are on they're so stinkin cute
Maggie Herreria-Keeping
Maggie Herreria-Keeping - 3 months ago
Lando is a beautiful boy
Page Number 687
Page Number 687 - 3 months ago
it's "pah-KHAN"! not "pee-CAN"! lol
an an
an an - 3 months ago
I had the wrong idea in my head when I read the title...
DaMasaFaka - 3 months ago
aye yal :D same
Sammypamham - 3 months ago
Were they friends long enough that there kids have the same colored hair?
Lawrence S
Lawrence S - 3 months ago
My boy love his nuts
Wednesday Normally
Wednesday Normally - 3 months ago
Lando needs a talk show
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome - 3 months ago
*Smashed nuts* 😳
Sherri Shirley
Sherri Shirley - 3 months ago
The boys are so adorable and just like their Daddy's! 😍💖
Izzyboi5853 08
Izzyboi5853 08 - 3 months ago
The mugs for shepherd and linkon are both mugs that say
(Sink it)
Not dink it and sink it
Fizzles - 3 months ago
Are they gay with 2 kids or what
Andy 500
Andy 500 - 3 months ago
“Smashed nuts” in the title
Kelly Michelada
Kelly Michelada - 3 months ago
Lando is so cute☺️
kay lynnlee
kay lynnlee - 3 months ago
Your sons look exactly like you guys like they are forsure your sons
Kathykx Z
Kathykx Z - 3 months ago
“This is rigged” I love That kid
Andrew Skakal
Andrew Skakal - 3 months ago
Why eat nuts out of a jock strap? Seems weird
Speedy powers
Speedy powers - 3 months ago
Wow what a good son
Speedy powers
Speedy powers - 3 months ago
Yee yee
Mahnaz Ashoori
Mahnaz Ashoori - 3 months ago
Shep and Lando are my favorite comedy duo
RiceGrain - 3 months ago
Who else was dirty minded?
Linn Ww
Linn Ww - 3 months ago
Sorry guys
macayla jade
macayla jade - 3 months ago
I absolutely LOVE when the kids come on , they are too too cute !
TessaAlisabeth Warner
TessaAlisabeth Warner - 3 months ago
When shep said “omg that’s incredible” he reminded me so much of Rhett
BingBong Hafu
BingBong Hafu - 3 months ago
n a o m i
n a o m i - 3 months ago
Who else remembers when lando was still a baby? Lol I was like rly little
J-Rae Gaming
J-Rae Gaming - 3 months ago
They both look like Rhett fr 😂 but Shepherd looks like Rhett and Lando looks like Chrisy
J-Rae Gaming
J-Rae Gaming - 3 months ago
I wish shepherd was my best friend! He’s awesome funny and kicks Link harder than Rhett!
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