Don't Drop the ANVIL on Your Family's Expensive Items Challenge!!

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LittleLeagueGaming - 5 hours ago
Kevin looks like marvin
Kim Lewellen
Kim Lewellen - 13 hours ago
Sarah face looks exactly like her brothers matthis
Megan Roderick
Megan Roderick - 21 hour ago
That’s the second time Kevin went in for a hug and got stuff on him😂
corin noob
corin noob - Day ago
She looks like clean shaven mithius with boobs.
Ally Hogan
Ally Hogan - Day ago
Couldn’t the person smashing look through the hole at the ground
Levi and Jaxson
Levi and Jaxson - 2 days ago
Hammer toenail
Maya Torres
Maya Torres - 2 days ago
Matt looks like his dad
It would’ve been sad if Kevin’s prize was a puppy and it would get smashed there would be blood everywhere
TutifrutiJ _ R
TutifrutiJ _ R - 2 days ago
Loll “choose far”
HM28 Gaming
HM28 Gaming - 2 days ago
Bro j freds dad is the mix of Joey and matt
can we hit this video with 10,000 likez
Bryan and j fred look the same
Tristian Reynolds
Tristian Reynolds - 3 days ago
Brian's wife looks oddly like Matthias
Ramy Elfaggal
Ramy Elfaggal - 3 days ago
J-fred screaming "smash it" had me dying😂😂
MexicanRobinHood - 4 days ago
am i the only one who thinks these videos are fake and scripted
Kermit - 4 days ago
Why does blondie look like mat
Koadie Holder
Koadie Holder - 4 days ago
J- Fred’s dad looks just like Mathias
Shadow Ninja
Shadow Ninja - 4 days ago
Lo key looks like j freds bother
wyattpk - 4 days ago
they are all a big family
420jaidyn - 5 days ago
Dude I can't stop laughing 1:56
Brobro 5560
Brobro 5560 - 5 days ago
Sara looks like Matt
Keaton Trent
Keaton Trent - 5 days ago
Joey's dad looks like Mathias
Gina Sntiago
Gina Sntiago - 6 days ago
Matthias looks so much like his dad
IzabelleLiam Gaskarth
IzabelleLiam Gaskarth - 6 days ago
IzabelleLiam Gaskarth
IzabelleLiam Gaskarth - 6 days ago
J-fred looks likes fat
buddy6584 - 6 days ago
J-Fred: "I am gonna destory everything you love"
His dad: 😀
Alcase - 7 days ago
you aint getting a high powered PC for $500 XD
Chris Bratten
Chris Bratten - 7 days ago
Cool j Fred good gay and Bobby good gay and Byran good gay 🤖🤖🤖👻👻👻💣💣💣
- VULGAR ?¿?
- VULGAR ?¿? - 7 days ago
i died when it popped on jfred
Robbie Rotten
Robbie Rotten - 7 days ago
Wait…So Technically They Are All Related?
Kaylee Kennedy
Kaylee Kennedy - 7 days ago
Wait so Bobby and Jfred are cousins Bryan and Joey are brothers in law and Matthias and Jfred are brothers they are all basically a family
Kaden Chapa
Kaden Chapa - 8 days ago
Billy is Bobby with a beard
Meme Kids9
Meme Kids9 - 8 days ago
I haven’t watched Team Edgein FOREVER
Hanky plays Games
Hanky plays Games - 8 days ago
I got a dyson ad on this vid
Jr. Mac
Jr. Mac - 8 days ago
The Needy The Speedy
Awkward silence*
The Diabetes
Crybaby 116
Crybaby 116 - 9 days ago
Oml joes dad is so funny
Molly Gibbons
Molly Gibbons - 9 days ago
J-fred and Matthias's father looks almost exactly like Matthias
Polaroid TXX
Polaroid TXX - 9 days ago
Jaz Tlatelpa
Jaz Tlatelpa - 9 days ago
I'm so surprised... How does j Fred have the same trunks I have
Killa The gamer
Killa The gamer - 9 days ago
Bryan’s wife looks like Mathias
Memes and funny videos
Memes and funny videos - 9 days ago
Only OGs remember the weird intro with Bryan, Joey, and Matt
kamcnew - 9 days ago
And 2015 i was here
kamcnew - 9 days ago
I have been here since like 2016 or 2017 with u guys when they were first starting i love them so much
Hannah Christian
Hannah Christian - 10 days ago
I love nana
Mackers 4897
Mackers 4897 - 10 days ago
Joey, Sarah and Matt's dad looks just like Matt! And partially talks like him too
Mackers 4897
Mackers 4897 - 10 days ago
1:12 Joey is the best brother; *throws a paper towel roll at her* *becomes Satan two seconds after*
TARDISfan AJ - 10 days ago
For those who don't know Sarah is J-Fred and Matt's sister.
Person Person
Person Person - 10 days ago
Joes dad AKA Mat in 15 years
Moonlight Sunshine
Moonlight Sunshine - 11 days ago
J-Fred Matt is his brother Sarah is their sister
Bobby is Matt, j-Fred and Sarah’s cousin billy is his brother
Brian is Matt’s and j-Fred’s husband in law Sarah is his wife
Wooowwwww tell me if I got something wrong
Abdaal Zeb
Abdaal Zeb - 11 days ago
If you look at the roop of the anvil you know which anvil is going to fall like if you noticed
Babe Baseball
Babe Baseball - 12 days ago
5:00 Mattias???
Ik for a fact his dad did not looked like that
Bizarre Reality Buckets
Bizarre Reality Buckets - 12 days ago
Anyone: ......
J-Fred : that’s too much He’ll never make it
Ani y Mimi
Ani y Mimi - 12 days ago
Sarah Smalls
Sarah Smalls - 13 days ago
" I don't speak sign language" - Bryan, yeah none of us do but I can sign it and understand it ;)
L'il Gray Wolf Gatcha
L'il Gray Wolf Gatcha - 13 days ago
You know what the sad thing is Joey's dad looks and sounds like mattias I'm so confused ?????????????

Is everybody in team edge related
Äŷšhå Æ
Äŷšhå Æ - 11 days ago
Yeah that’s because Matthias and Joey are brothers meaning Joey’s dad is also Matthias’s dad
Unfairkibbles3 - 13 days ago
Sarah is a thicc Mathias
Nikolas Zepeda
Nikolas Zepeda - 13 days ago
Billy/ speedy/diabetes looks exactly like Bobby with facial hair
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 13 days ago
This is rigged for veiws
neoski jones
neoski jones - 13 days ago
Diamonds are worthless anyways lol if you think they have any value past construction then your a sheep to the great diamond scam at the begging of the 1900 lol you can actualy go to Africa and walk out of a diamond mine with a handful of uncut small diamonds
Andre gaming142006
Andre gaming142006 - 14 days ago
Pause your video and look at Bryans wife she looks like Matt or Matthias if that's how you spell it or write it.
FaZe Sharkx23
FaZe Sharkx23 - 14 days ago
I feel bad for j Fred’s dad
__Son_Goku__ - 14 days ago
Matthias and his dad look like twins
Lee Nathan V. Dela Cruz
Lee Nathan V. Dela Cruz - 14 days ago
The funny part is brayan talking to us he said ''the speedy the nide bobby said the diabeaty Billy
Paradox Gaming
Paradox Gaming - 14 days ago
Avoumen - 15 days ago
Wtf is this challenge?
victor_killers11 - 15 days ago
It smell like rich in there
Perfect Masters
Perfect Masters - 16 days ago
Who misses matt
brandi munger
brandi munger - 16 days ago
Omg Matthias looks sooo much like his dad
Alexander Patt
Alexander Patt - 16 days ago
karma is a bi**ch
Kahlis M.
Kahlis M. - 16 days ago
Mathias looks just like his dad
Edit: Matt dad looks like Matt in the future.
Horse Lover
Horse Lover - 16 days ago
Sarah, I would make Bryan or force him to buy you a new bracelet. ( I hope Bryan reads this)
Gacha Cookies
Gacha Cookies - 16 days ago
3:14 is me when I see food
HyperPengu - 16 days ago
i might be wrong but isn't kevin the security guard at hi-5 studio? i might be wrong but im pretty sure he is :/ im confused now
Illiana Arterburn
Illiana Arterburn - 16 days ago
joeys dad looks like old mathiath
S & S
S & S - 16 days ago
How many brothers does Brian have?
BlueGum Gamer
BlueGum Gamer - 17 days ago
Shaun Hamilton
Shaun Hamilton - 17 days ago
did no one catch the part where jfred said at 12:10 Fan-cy XDXDXD
fawkmee - 17 days ago
Bryan:Can some1 git me a ladder?

Me:I don’t know can I?!
Blaze Wolf
Blaze Wolf - 17 days ago
J-Fred’s dad looks like Mathias
Ravenclaw Home channel
Ravenclaw Home channel - 17 days ago
Where’s Matthias
Brandon Flores
Brandon Flores - 17 days ago
sara is thicc like if u agree
Americus Squibb
Americus Squibb - 17 days ago
Kodez_Gaming 42
Kodez_Gaming 42 - 18 days ago
Im definitely like Joey... IM GONNA SMASH IT
Pitty Man
Pitty Man - 18 days ago
How does Brian have a wife.
Pitty Man
Pitty Man - 18 days ago
El Drago Meme lord
El Drago Meme lord - 18 days ago
I can see Matthias In your dad thay look identical
Lraxious - 18 days ago
uncle tedd looks like Matt hahahaahahaha
shaden ockerman
shaden ockerman - 18 days ago
Joeys dad looks a lot like Mathias
Cookie Cat Bros
Cookie Cat Bros - 18 days ago
You can use bouncy ball and drill for muscle musashe
Gabriel dela Torre
Gabriel dela Torre - 18 days ago
Wheres matthias? If u agree
Cermet And marbles
Cermet And marbles - 19 days ago
J Fred’s dad sounds and acts like Matthias
Carter Hartley
Carter Hartley - 19 days ago
Sara is dummy thicc holy moly
RKT Ghoul
RKT Ghoul - 19 days ago
The guitar is soooo out of toon
Idiot Friend
Idiot Friend - 19 days ago
Is the merch her bouncing boobs or the t-shirt, because she was showing both off
Hayden LaDrew
Hayden LaDrew - 19 days ago
Every one there looked like joey XD
DAngerrous 0811
DAngerrous 0811 - 19 days ago
Marvin said camera same as kevin mouth
Steph & Charlee AK
Steph & Charlee AK - 20 days ago
Omg, Nana is adorable!
Steph & Charlee AK
Steph & Charlee AK - 20 days ago
Bryan better have bought her that bracelet!
JDthe Destroyer
JDthe Destroyer - 20 days ago
Bryan you little cheater
Diego Parra
Diego Parra - 20 days ago
I know
Farid Pillars
Farid Pillars - 20 days ago
The speedy
The needed
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