【ENG SUB】《我的恶魔少爷 The Demon Master》EP11--主演:贾征宇,余心恬 ,文生 ,丁笑滢

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Arie Reeves
Arie Reeves - 5 days ago
To be honest , I love these episodes but an chu xia is very rude towards her ex,even though he made it up to her, she should take her ex back instead of giving comments on what he does.
Jennie Jennie
Jennie Jennie - 18 days ago
16:11 書架上面有收音的😂
Syeda Gilani
Syeda Gilani - 23 days ago
What a messed up teacher
Jaz Mtz
Jaz Mtz - 25 days ago
Anyone try reading the test 14:52, its really interesting!
Ngun Aye
Ngun Aye - 27 days ago
Am I the only one without Subtitles??
Jin Kook
Jin Kook - 29 days ago
The guy who always wears colourful clothes is so cute
Blessy Mathew
Blessy Mathew - Month ago
Nicole Lopez
Nicole Lopez - Month ago
Alguien sabe el nombre de el??
Ryhana Witter
Ryhana Witter - Month ago
Am I the only one who like her punishments😍
Justin Fan
Justin Fan - Month ago
Middle theirs no subtitiles
Garje Cajes
Garje Cajes - Month ago
That girl has a feelings to him
suhaizan hamid
suhaizan hamid - Month ago
Han Qi Lu really looks like Lee Tuek from super junior
渣女 - Month ago
vani patel
vani patel - Month ago
Why the face of chuxia is always like :( this??
Peregil - 2 months ago
wait i saw something wrong on 16:12 ohh... Wait it was a microphone :D
Gleanna Marie Mandid
Gleanna Marie Mandid - 2 months ago
Is it only me who notice that the microphone appeared at 16:12 - 16:13 at the top??? LOL
Deqmai Aini
Deqmai Aini - 2 months ago
Hello from Malaysia 💐
Misyang Pradhan
Misyang Pradhan - 2 months ago
What's the name of this song 21:45
Sofiah Ng
Sofiah Ng - 2 months ago
SheetalAnurag Patil
SheetalAnurag Patil - 2 months ago
Dont u guys think that sheng dong is dressing like doaming si from meteor garden
Alex Mei
Alex Mei - 3 months ago
16:09 Lol the microphone
Kianna Brown
Kianna Brown - 3 months ago
watch closely when it reaches 16:15,you can see the mic
Stefanie Lola
Stefanie Lola - 2 months ago
I watched it slide and i wondered of what it could be then i realized the production crew made a huge mistake using a camera above
Vaseva Seru
Vaseva Seru - 3 months ago
Maria Ella
Maria Ella - 3 months ago
Why so funny Sheng Don 😆😆
Encarni Lopez Lopez
Encarni Lopez Lopez - 3 months ago
Vaya musiquita jajajaja
Marwa Zaroual Houbbi
Marwa Zaroual Houbbi - 3 months ago
En el 16:10 se me el micrófono
////TAEHYUNG BTS//// - 3 months ago
All the love and appreciation from England ❤️
Rechelle Matala Dearoz
Rechelle Matala Dearoz - 3 months ago
Oh, well done Shen Dong.
Thanks to Chu Xia and Qi Lu.
Ming Yuan... what happen?
Pixel Nom
Pixel Nom - 3 months ago
16:13 you can see the microphone it was about to fall 😂😂😂😂😂
Thu Truong
Thu Truong - 22 days ago
SAn saN look at the top left u will see the microphone it was about to drop
Thu Truong
Thu Truong - 22 days ago
Pixel Nom lol I didn’t saw it til u mention it 😂
SAn saN
SAn saN - 2 months ago
pearl ForingARMY
pearl ForingARMY - 2 months ago
I saw it!😂
kids tv
kids tv - 3 months ago
Thank you
Wife of BTS ! Mom of TxT
Wife of BTS ! Mom of TxT - 3 months ago
16:10 great mic work ruined the mood
Blackpink Blinks
Blackpink Blinks - 3 months ago
Thnx for uploading
Love this drama soo much💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Angel Sister
Angel Sister - 3 months ago
Thank you so much
Deepthi Siramdasu
Deepthi Siramdasu - 3 months ago
Waiting for next episode!! From india 💫✌
Afxh Syrh
Afxh Syrh - 3 months ago
Waiting for the next episode!
Christie Nguyen
Christie Nguyen - 3 months ago
Did something appear at 16:12 - 16:13 at the very top. 😂🤫 🎤
Gorgeous Kris
Gorgeous Kris - 2 days ago
Their mic hahaha
Chocolate Pastry
Chocolate Pastry - 22 days ago
careless people 😂
moody.mim - Month ago
Christie Nguyen a microphone?
flora pamei
flora pamei - 3 months ago
next epi...can't wait...
Harith gamer
Harith gamer - 3 months ago
Loxley456 - 3 months ago
oh, I forgot Ki Ora form New Zealand.
Loxley456 - 3 months ago
Thank you for uploading Subbed versions, for us non Asian speaking people. Love this show, all 3 seasons.
Mariam Trawally
Mariam Trawally - 3 months ago
This drama is so great
Patricia TYTY Tabakea
Patricia TYTY Tabakea - 3 months ago
Am waiting for next eps can't wait am very eager to see next eps
Apple Joy Guarte
Apple Joy Guarte - 3 months ago
Episodes 12 please tnx
Presh 01
Presh 01 - 3 months ago
thank you uploaded and subed so quickly
Teja Savara
Teja Savara - 3 months ago
Plz uploaded next episode plz..
elle Lyng
elle Lyng - 3 months ago
Thanks for the good work..🙆💓💓😘😘
BANG BI19 - 3 months ago
Eps Lanjutanya mana min eps 13 smpai akhir.
goldenchild forever
goldenchild forever - 3 months ago
I love this drama so much....cute chuxia and chilu
jasmine mary
jasmine mary - 3 months ago
Thanks for the subs greetings from India
Soraida Ebad
Soraida Ebad - 3 months ago
Upload 12 plzzzz
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