Aydan REACTS to Our Edit "We Enhanced Aydan with this Fortnite Memes Edit"

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Grumbae - Month ago
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PO OP - 27 days ago
We enchanced faze sway plzzzzzzzzzz
Dark Hunter
Dark Hunter - 28 days ago
is it ok to say I hate the editing in this video
Super Night Fox Music Tube
I have Good videos Please check it out, - 👽👽👽-
Noah Robert
Noah Robert - 29 days ago
Dark Shadow q
love the videos
Daniel Suarez
Daniel Suarez - 5 hours ago
Daniel Suarez
Daniel Suarez - 5 hours ago
it's really good
Bradders679 Massingham
Bradders679 Massingham - 11 hours ago
That guy is a BEAAASSSTTTT!!!!!!!!
Infinite Playz
Infinite Playz - 13 hours ago
He said every thing was in a skirmish
X SydKick
X SydKick - Day ago
5:05 wtfff
Evoked Drako
Evoked Drako - Day ago
Been here since 63k🥴
Yaboi Traqzz
Yaboi Traqzz - Day ago
Best click bait

Sergio Mange Jr
Sergio Mange Jr - 2 days ago
Why does Ayden always try to be cool like he thinks that cussing about 40 or 50 times while reacting to Grumbea makes him cool
xd Boni
xd Boni - 4 days ago
Dis is my Favourite vid
Brayden Burthardt
Brayden Burthardt - 4 days ago
Wait. Does Aydan shoot with his LT???
Jacks Son
Jacks Son - 4 days ago
Does aydan play claw
Cringey Channel L
Cringey Channel L - 4 days ago
Carson Gaiser
Carson Gaiser - 5 days ago
How can you not love Aydan
HAVOC Fishing
HAVOC Fishing - 5 days ago
I like how Minecraft showed up in the ads
Number1shrimp - 5 days ago
who else was trying to click the x on the ad but it didn't work XD 6:15
AsN BeasT
AsN BeasT - 5 days ago
4:39 look at his name
Rehqn X
Rehqn X - 6 days ago
Future ayden: I was probably in a tournament
Tyrell king
Tyrell king - 6 days ago
Make 1 for FaZe Jarvis
Jacob Powell
Jacob Powell - 6 days ago
By far your best enhanced vid
Mercy - 7 days ago
i have a new appreciation for aydan after watching this. he is so down to earth.
Sheron Hughes
Sheron Hughes - 7 days ago
a - 7 days ago
yo you are making my day your edits are amazing i cant stop watching i luv you no HOMO
Darkendeathgaming - 7 days ago
Bro, the flip did I jus watch
Mr. Thanos
Mr. Thanos - 7 days ago
Whats the best way to eat a banana
ItsBart - 7 days ago
At that moment when a Minecraft ad pops up XD 1:18
Ghost Rose
Ghost Rose - 4 days ago
ItsBart WTF 😂😂😂😂
Nikos Skenteris
Nikos Skenteris - 8 days ago
10:00 song?
Evan Woods
Evan Woods - 8 days ago
Aydan: I had no facial hair back then
Me: you still have none. It’s a neck beard
Trathien - 6 days ago
Still a beard
Mercy - 7 days ago
why do you have to hate on people? back off man.
littleorangehd - 9 days ago
How can i get that plane sound effect? 😂😂
Crunchy gaming
Crunchy gaming - 9 days ago
This is how much times he laughed
[CDR] Shaker
[CDR] Shaker - 7 days ago
did u just like ur own comment?
Hun.Vlad.Gamer - 9 days ago
Oh! Oh my god!
FrostyWrry X
FrostyWrry X - 9 days ago
Ayden is bad the only thing that helps him is L2 spam aim assist
Roberto Flores
Roberto Flores - 10 days ago
We enhanced these edits with fortnite players
Tristan Saechao
Tristan Saechao - 10 days ago
Grumbae. Or grum fans, should grumbae get a sponsor? He is literally sponsoring streamers I never knew about. HONEY SPONSOR GEUMBAE.
Jalon Xiopao
Jalon Xiopao - 10 days ago
I wish they would add grumbae sound effects to Fortnite that’s the only way to make the game fun again
Hunter Brown
Hunter Brown - 10 days ago
Username is TTV gg Airborne
Mr. what a minute
Mr. what a minute - 10 days ago
8: 28 is my fav
MossBot - 10 days ago
I’m at 2 percent this was soooo worth it!
Curlyaustin_squire fortnite
This got my laughing to the ground 4:48
JOS3V OROZCOV - 11 days ago
DarkIT - 11 days ago
7:04 I was in the stream during that
Carson Cool
Carson Cool - 12 days ago
We hit those btw
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here - 12 days ago
8:54 tell me why Aydan is in the same position as the top camera
Elijah Chirico
Elijah Chirico - 12 days ago
JOS3V OROZCOV - 12 days ago
1:09 inception
Bexrri - 12 days ago
Revere E3
Revere E3 - 13 days ago
6:24 gotta love the Minecraft ads
guccihop - 13 days ago
Minecraft free to play
Ninja - 13 days ago
Nice one
Hyper gamer
Hyper gamer - 14 days ago
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