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ShreddieKirin - 3 hours ago
"Gas doesn't seem particularly scary."
Gas can be hella painful in large quantities. Gas can also be a sign of constipation. If you're constipated enough, you will die. Seems scary to me.
jennifer devote
jennifer devote - 7 days ago
I want shot gun arms
Christopher Bickel
Christopher Bickel - 8 days ago
Ok, I swear to God I had a funny remark for this. It had something to do with shit weasels but when I opened it, for some reason it opened with you saying 'and of course, shit weasels' and I lost my shit. And I think I might have to check myself into an asylum. 😘😘😘
Christopher Bickel
Christopher Bickel - 8 days ago
Wait, did the damned weasels take it?
Steve Trent
Steve Trent - 10 days ago
God this video is just fucking terrible
jabuchananable - 10 days ago
So these guys live in Derry, Maine and have never come across a certain killer clown?
Temper Just Temper
Temper Just Temper - 12 days ago
RIP Stan lee
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak - 12 days ago
Everyone should bully anyone name Doug. No mercy will be shown.
imamoose007 - 15 days ago
20:55 my sweet Doppio
Nancy King
Nancy King - 16 days ago
Speaking of Scooby Doo, Stephen King appeared as an author named "Steve Kingman" in some of the comic books, which started in 2001.
E F - 17 days ago
Does anyone know what the name of the music is that plays at 23:31?
Tal Faynberg
Tal Faynberg - 21 day ago
20:55 Doppio, my dear Doppio, can you hear me?
Aku From the future
Aku From the future - 24 days ago
Meet George jetson...!
Aku From the future
Aku From the future - 24 days ago
I enjoyed the novel, as i do 70% of the time with steven king novels..
But i REALLY enjoyed the link to IT with "bob Gray"
natalie 517316
natalie 517316 - 24 days ago

“We peed our pants.”
djsmackz - 25 days ago
Haven’t watched this entire segment, so not sure if you address it or not....
But even Stephen King hated this novel. He admits he was high on OxyContin while writing the book.
He then sold the rights to the screenplay for one dollar.
Collin Garrett
Collin Garrett - Month ago
Are you sure that King was drunk and just accepted a unfinished script from M. Night Shanahan? Oh wait! He wasn't drunk! He thought that M. Night was a genus!
1337azaltuth - Month ago
Toi O'Kelly
Toi O'Kelly - Month ago
This movie is weird...but Timothy Oliphant and Thomas Jane are in so whatever!😍
4Legacy - Month ago
I'm only 7:45 in, but I would hope he brings up another reference to the pissy potty whatever baby along the way lol
michaela luna
michaela luna - Month ago
I think it would've been better if it focused on the psychic friends, no aliens, no military. Maybe one of them starts to lose their mind as their powers increase.
BluSpecter454 - Month ago
Scariest thing about this review was filmbrains hairline
Eclipse Knight
Eclipse Knight - Month ago
I'm Autistic so, I'm an Alien too?
Chase TheHuman
Chase TheHuman - Month ago
Sometimes I feel bad how I write you two.
That is hilarious.
Control Z Channel
Control Z Channel - Month ago
Want to like this movie so much but it sucks so bad.
Midnight Eclipse
Midnight Eclipse - Month ago
For whatever reason you seem like the last person to actually like Gravity Falls.
Philip Zamora
Philip Zamora - Month ago
I remember the first fifteen minutes of this movie being really ominous and scary. I was hyped for the remainder but it just wound up being an hour and a half with a guy possessed by an alien that speaks with a faux british accent and acts like a silent film villain. What a disappointment.
Tom Copley
Tom Copley - Month ago
tell me. what a bout the shit weesles
Keshia Anders
Keshia Anders - Month ago
Better plot to a movie called "Dreamcatcher":
A group of people have been having lots of nightmares about an ancient Native American monster that wants to kill them and their families.
They soon discover that they are all connected because they have Native American ancestors, and that same monster haunted them in the past.
In order to capture the Nightmare monster, they all gathered to build a giant dreamcatcher to grab it & burn it; that is if the monster doesn't kill them first, because the same group of people have insomnia & are on the edge to go crazy.
Handcrafted products
Handcrafted products - Month ago
I watched this movie years ago once. Forgot it existed and now I remember he horror of the time I lost watching this
Christian Bargeon
Christian Bargeon - Month ago
Maybe his moms an alien and he's just a mentally retarded alien
Christian Bargeon
Christian Bargeon - Month ago
12:10 I'm pretty sure the one from children of the corn was a demon.
Christian Bargeon
Christian Bargeon - Month ago
They cut off his fingers except for his thumb, not his whole hand.
Christian Bargeon
Christian Bargeon - Month ago
Maine, Physic central
German Lovaiza
German Lovaiza - Month ago
You forgot to mention that the alien that got into Jonesy's mind was Bob Gray also known as IT a.k.a Pennywise.
Deafy Duck
Deafy Duck - 2 months ago
Pest episode ever.
Deafy Duck
Deafy Duck - 2 months ago
I love the intro
Mr Mook
Mr Mook - 2 months ago
What's the whistling song in the intro?
James Stevenson jr
James Stevenson jr - 2 months ago
Couldn't even watch this annoying dumbass but 3 minutes if I wanted 2 listen 2 an asshole I'd take a shit or fart Stephen king is a brilliant mind in the horror world
Bad Beard Bill
Bad Beard Bill - Month ago
Yeah. And also sometimes hilarious. Much of the issues are actually from the adaptation aspect of it. A lot of King stuff is good, but a lot of is ridiculous on the screen.
watertommyz - 2 months ago
The book is actually really good.
Maine fetich
Grimms Kareoke
Grimms Kareoke - 2 months ago
Stan Lee :'(
Grimms Kareoke
Grimms Kareoke - 2 months ago
You do remember that the shinning gift was used in more than just the shinning.
They tend to pop up randomly lol tho dreamcatcher that's a huge part of the plot lol
Grimms Kareoke
Grimms Kareoke - 2 months ago
Honestly this is my favorite Steven king movie.
Robert Michaud
Robert Michaud - 2 months ago
Yeah... I'd HIGHLY recommend reading the book before you tear into Stephen King's work. His stuff never translates very well to film.
Robert Michaud
Robert Michaud - 22 days ago
Yeah. Never was a bit strong. I concede.
Leo B
Leo B - 22 days ago
Never? There's a bunch of great Stephen King movies
The Chicken Master
The Chicken Master - 2 months ago
Why are the movies more noticed than the books? The books are great, the movies are horrible, that's why SK gets no respect...
cheezemonkeyeater - 2 months ago
Of all the books Stephen King wrote that I have read . . .
This is the only one I couldn't finish.
Kristian Gensler
Kristian Gensler - 2 months ago
To be honest, this movie did make me extremely afraid of the toilet when I was really young
Sirgrimm - 2 months ago
Based on the movie poster and name of the movie, I thought this was about a murder mystery.
Tom Bennett
Tom Bennett - 2 months ago
14:50 Why do fake British accents always sound like tea party guests?! What you need is more gruff and scratchy mixed with monotone! I’ve met real British people, it sounds more realistic and badass when you do it correctly!
Movie Maniac
Movie Maniac - 2 months ago
"Of course!"
Also, Jonesy looks like Walter Peck from "Ghostbusters".
Andrew Monske
Andrew Monske - 2 months ago
here is a sandwich Chester 🥪
King Carterpro Gaming/ KCPG
This is one of his worst film and worst book every!
JHTjarks - 2 months ago
14:25 😂 I'm dying
Harris Hvezda
Harris Hvezda - 2 months ago
Shotgun arm syndrome 😂😂 *bam bam bam* - I’m dead
Robert Diaz
Robert Diaz - 2 months ago
I'm that kid so Fuck you critic
FinalMagus 25
FinalMagus 25 - 2 months ago
10:15 JonTron meme
Leonardo Crocetta
Leonardo Crocetta - 3 months ago
How can you resist your Crazy Morgan Freeman?
EpicsBroFlame - 3 months ago
I swear I’ve heard that hoodie sound effect every time I use the fire flower in Super Mario Galaxy
Silver - 3 months ago
The gravity falls opening was great
OctoberBlues89 - 3 months ago
I mean in a real sense...
It would be terrifying to feel a alien eat its way out of you... alien did it with your chest, this one just happen to be out your ass.
Anything. Lucy
Anything. Lucy - 3 months ago
Don’t click read more

Great now I’m gonna die
Justin Graves
Justin Graves - 3 months ago
I love your content, but FUCK GOODWILL, it's the only thrift store that can get shit for fucking free then charge 100 dollars for it to people they know can't afford it.
melvin shermen
melvin shermen - 3 months ago
I want Dean r knootz movie
Mr Bighead
Mr Bighead - 3 months ago
With the name "dreamcatcher" I expected it to be about native Americans. Not shit weasels.
Mr Bighead
Mr Bighead - 3 months ago
I love the Gravity Falls style opening!
Juan Carlos Zambrano
Juan Carlos Zambrano - 3 months ago
I like this movie.
Wolf Entertainment
Wolf Entertainment - 3 months ago
Those hood sound effects sound like Frylock's laser beams.
Tayten Lorn
Tayten Lorn - 3 months ago
Low budget gravity falls
Penny Cat
Penny Cat - 3 months ago
Tip: don't watch this on the toilet.
Inilsue238 - 3 months ago
uh yeah y call it Dreamcatcher when it doesnt make much sense :/ it should b titled Shit Weasels XD
Ever Starcatcher
Ever Starcatcher - 3 months ago
15:36 17:57 19:53
Legendary Fella
Legendary Fella - 3 months ago
9:51Even the animals didn’t want to be in this movie
Legendary Fella
Legendary Fella - 3 months ago
“Wow i survived a near fatal car crash clearly I was meant to write a story about aliens that live in rectums” -Stephen king
TnT FoX - 3 months ago
I thought the movie was interesting... until the conclusion. Sorry, even Teenage me knew there were missing details. If the Alien inside Duddly from Harry Potter called his fellow aliens to come and cleanse the planet of all parasites instead of... stepping on one bug... it might have made more sense. Then Duddly would have been an Alien scout that alerts of the parasitic invasions in some crazy war. NOPE... they just explode the end.
nathan ray
nathan ray - 3 months ago
I really enjoyed that opening
Becky The Epic Nerd
Becky The Epic Nerd - 3 months ago
Poor Chester... he just wanted his sandwich..
Banana Banana
Banana Banana - 3 months ago
Joseph Calabrese
Joseph Calabrese - 3 months ago
Hearing Doug talk about Stan Lee in the middle of this review feels sad. In 2016 people still had a chance too great and meet this living legend. But now in 2019 and beyond Stan Lee is gone. So Comic-Con is going to be different for people like me who have never Seen the guy live in person.
Super Sanic
Super Sanic - 3 months ago
Shaggy's power
NtGm 889
NtGm 889 - 3 months ago
Best intros ever
Catholic Defender
Catholic Defender - 3 months ago
I remember seeing that toilet scene as a kid and going the next two weeks avoiding the hell out of every bathroom...it scared me shitless
TwiggyHetfield27 - 3 months ago
Just gonna leave out why the scooby doo tie in is there huh.
For one, it was Duddits favorite show. Two, when Duddits gave the guys their powers they used it to legitimately solve a mystery. They used their powers to find a local girl who'd gone missing.
But you know Critic's gotta critique I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️
Some One
Some One - 3 months ago
LOL the burp and fart scene did not translate well from the book to the movie. It's not meant to be scary, but really fucking disgusting. The descriptions in the book are several paragraphs long, describing the horrible sound and apocalyptic smell :P
Dan Eyal
Dan Eyal - 3 months ago
two bullies forcing a disabled kid to eat crap...how fast could I snap the two's necks if I was as fast as the flash?...
AbeliaScarlet - 4 months ago
British people and an alien trying to take over the world?
I was really waiting for a Doctor Who reference!
Half-wit Trahan
Half-wit Trahan - 4 months ago
Never watch this review on the crapper
Phil S
Phil S - 4 months ago
I sped read this one for some reason even though it was just another It but alot of imagery stuck with me and translated well on screen... Some of it!
Ross DiamondThief
Ross DiamondThief - 4 months ago
2:06 if Morgan Freeman saying “shit weasels” doesn’t make you laugh, then I don’t know what does
Yodercast - 4 months ago
I gave this a like just because of the Gravity falls intro
Nile Escobar
Nile Escobar - 4 months ago
8:12 to 8:17...
Did Doug just take a big ol sniff immediately following that guy burping and shitting himself?
endermaster productions
endermaster productions - 4 months ago
Can you do space balls
endermaster productions
endermaster productions - 4 months ago
Chester deserves that sandwich
walkthedead - 4 months ago
I'm asking this in all seriousness, because I only just discovered this channel after seeing it my recommended videos from watching cinesins, but is this supposed to be a satirical critique as well? Or does he actually not understand that it's NOT supposed to be super serious? It's... it's Stephen King, guys... widely known for his inappropriate and off the wall humor... meta-as-fuck in terms of shoehorning cliches and overlapping themes... ridiculous and campy with a dash of gore-porn... it's literally the whole point. XDD
Mr. Sinister
Mr. Sinister - 4 months ago
Singing to Douglass isn't stupid if you think about it. They can read minds. So they probably learned music calms him. Maybe his mother would sing that song to him. Kids got down syndrome remember? Certain things help them chill out.
DarkAlex1978 - 3 months ago
No, they acquired their abilities as gifts from douglass after he befriend them: they didn't have powers at the time. However aside that I agree that singing to him was not stupid.
Rachael Curran
Rachael Curran - 4 months ago
are you afraid of the dark tv show
Dr Oddfellow
Dr Oddfellow - 4 months ago
Malcolm with peed pants and that serious look. LMFAO! He IS Channel Awesome's best actor.
...sorry Doug, you're funny too.
Adam Pezzutti
Adam Pezzutti - 4 months ago
Honestly, you can’t say all Stephen King stuff is bad, but honestly THIS MOVIE IS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT BAAAAAAAAAAD
Thatgamer Guy
Thatgamer Guy - 4 months ago
Awesome gravity falls reference
Big Boy Pasta
Big Boy Pasta - 4 months ago
Big Boy Pasta
Big Boy Pasta - 4 months ago
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