Dreamcatcher - Nostalgia Critic

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drinkyourtea - 18 hours ago
RIP Stan Lee
Derek White
Derek White - 21 hour ago
14:47 Now he's Rhys Darby in Jumanji 2? And yes, I know he's actually not the same actor cause I just looked it up. But you get the point.
Derek White
Derek White - 21 hour ago
14:21 It's not possession. It's Schwartzenegger from Terminator Genysis! 😂
Will Komocsar
Will Komocsar - Day ago
AriochStarr - 2 days ago
Chester looks downright distraught after being told he's not going to be given a sandwhich. Poor bastard.
Crimson Rose
Crimson Rose - 2 days ago
I watched this movie when I was six my sister thought it be funny and it made me scared of bathrooms I didn't use the bathroom with out someone outside for a month
N Marrs
N Marrs - 3 days ago
Alaskan lion king
John Tróndheim
John Tróndheim - 3 days ago
That home alone scream cracked me up! 😂
Micha Schulz
Micha Schulz - 3 days ago
But psycho did a lot for toilletes too. They had the firsttoillete in a movie and they had to fight for it ;)
Malcom Ridella
Malcom Ridella - 4 days ago
Ik im like 2 years late, but i remember this movie from when i was a kid and it haunted me till today, thanks FC! Really, it scared the shit out of me..
Teaninja - 4 days ago
This movie is supposed to be a comedic horror. Satire on the military, that is what Morgan Freeman's part is. This movie is not meant to be completely serious like u think.
Dr. Jack Bright
Dr. Jack Bright - 4 days ago
Was...was that a hamilton reference?!
CustomsBy Colin
CustomsBy Colin - 5 days ago
stephen king actually writes good books,the movies are just bad
Andorchadas - Day ago
King *is* a great writer, but every great artist produces a dud sometimes and though Dreamcatcher isn’t exactly bad, it’s far from King’s best
Fan de John Huston
Fan de John Huston - 7 days ago
Great review as usual but I disagree at 7:40. This is actually cute.
Greninjaplays20 - 7 days ago
I love the gravity falls reference in the intro basically being the entire intro
Sam Parker
Sam Parker - 7 days ago
14:25 all I could think was "tilt!!!"
Enrico 156
Enrico 156 - 7 days ago
Stan Lee Rest in Peace :,,,,(
Keeley Mighty Morphing
Keeley Mighty Morphing - 8 days ago
No one ever talks about how all the aliens look like horrible monstrous genitals.
Elijah Spears
Elijah Spears - 9 days ago
A whole review with Jason Lee and no My Name Is Earl reference?? Despicable
B Dennis
B Dennis - 10 days ago
Can we see Police Academy any time soon?
James C.
James C. - 13 days ago
Stephen King sounds like a mighty mediocre author. Perfect fodder for bad flicks though.
Cinomod6066 - 15 days ago
But but . . . I duditz!
Koopalings Bro INC and fnaf
your the best
D G - 17 days ago
bummer cuz I liked the book a lot
Jake Blaze
Jake Blaze - 17 days ago
Jake Blaze
Jake Blaze - 17 days ago
'Don't disrespect the master piece that is gravity falls' for some reason google got rid of the 'Don't'
confidentPrincessShy - 17 days ago
Shortly after watching this Review i got a Virus wehre i shit blood. ... Lol???
Agent Rogue
Agent Rogue - 18 days ago
I actually liked this movie lol :)
Cason Collins
Cason Collins - 18 days ago
Look I have this movie and quite enjoy it so any criticism is thrown out the window for me
Braeden B.
Braeden B. - 19 days ago
ha shitwelsols
crack head
crack head - 19 days ago
In case anyone didn't know: Jason Lee used to be a pro skateboarder, and he was actually a prodigy. But he gave it up to start acting
Barack obama
Barack obama - 22 days ago
I'm sad the guy doesnt get his sandwich
Connor McCormick
Connor McCormick - 22 days ago
I never knew I wanted to hear someone say “shit weasel” until I just did
LaserDroid - 25 days ago
That suuuuuper uneasy feeling you get watching this review and having slight indigestion.

Am am I gonna die Critic?
Sketchy Getchey
Sketchy Getchey - 26 days ago
Wow! Who lives in the pineapple under the sea?!
Stephen King has some weird movies
sadistic ness
sadistic ness - 28 days ago
That psychic guy reminds me of my church and pastor.
here's a story that disturbs me:
A guy came into church to tell a story. He was pulled over by cops and had drugs on him, but he asked god for help and the dogs ended up not finding his drugs. He said that he was given a miracle by Jesus that served as a reason for him to get quit doing and selling drugs. He tells his friends his story and to stop doing drugs too. 2 of them commit suicide and reference him in their letter. Now he is confused and thinks that he is cursed. After his story, at the end of church, the pastor shouts out, ‘don’t give up’.
Why would my pastor tell a guy who tipped people to commit suicide to 'not give up'?
toh ping Tiang
toh ping Tiang - 28 days ago
That thing can impersonate a person voice
Mr. Messerschmitt
Mr. Messerschmitt - 28 days ago
15:04-15:11 i swear to god it sounds like a Indiana Jones line
TheKnight OfCydonia
TheKnight OfCydonia - Month ago
Ahh, ya gotta love shitty movies 😉
Sam Almonrode
Sam Almonrode - Month ago
okay why is no body talking about that intro i mean they NAILED the gravity falls intro shot for shot
EdgarFrancisco - Month ago
Very cringy
Zachary McCutcheon
Zachary McCutcheon - Month ago
It's time for Animaniacs.
BrandonVoiceGuy - Month ago
What no IT references some of it was in Derry Maine lol
Ted Johnson
Ted Johnson - Month ago
See that's why the new predators want to weaponize autism. He's really a super alien
Channel under construction
0:17 bruh -_-
Obair n/a
Obair n/a - Month ago
Well, fuck me Freddie. Bitch in a buzzsaw
Jordan Headley
Jordan Headley - Month ago
See what make this movie scary at least would be but aliens coming out people's well butts would be Raja Gosnell movies more evil laugh evil laugh evil laugh
KON 007
KON 007 - Month ago
The intro bought a tear to my eye
Ai Kinward
Ai Kinward - Month ago
KON 007 how much was it?
Goodfellow - Month ago
Give the bum his sandwich, you monster!!!
Matéal _
Matéal _ - Month ago
Nostalgia Falls
Lucius Stryker
Lucius Stryker - Month ago
Also, Stephen King admitted this novel was the result of him being high as fuck from his car accident recovery which explains why it makes no sense.
Lucius Stryker
Lucius Stryker - Month ago
They forgot uneducated but spiritually wise (magical or psychic) black man, drunken and abusive father, strong and gentle but abused mother, teenage bullying, and friendship from childhood that leads to an emotional reunion decades later in Stephen King Jeopardy.
Darth Malak
Darth Malak - Month ago
I've read that King dislikes this book and wrote it while on Oxycontins after a car wreck.
Marc DeBenedetto
Marc DeBenedetto - Month ago
Ghoulies II ruined toilets.
Steven Ray
Steven Ray - Month ago
Film brain is so annoying
Giovanni Gianluca Reina
ok shit weasel are wierd. but wait until nostalgia critic will review the movie with demoniac possesed fridge (the mangler)
Mason Hoffman
Mason Hoffman - Month ago
Why was a sound from Smash Ultimate trailers used in one of the skits
שחר א.
שחר א. - Month ago
9:17 Tamara’s a badass!!!!
שחר א.
שחר א. - Month ago
Christiiiiine Christiiiine Christiiiine Christiiine Caniquula!!
_ CJEMM5D _ - Month ago
I feel like this is supposed to be like alien (chestbursters)
ted turner
ted turner - Month ago
This dude is a fag lol dream catcher was a good movie
IgnacioPlays - Month ago
20:55 I see they both went to the same school as Diavolo and Doppio
Lil' Fizz
Lil' Fizz - Month ago
The disabled kid being an alien is actually kinda offensive ngl
Halo Sonic
Halo Sonic - Month ago
Doppio...Go find Dudits...
IgnacioPlays - Month ago
Duuuurururururuu, duuuururururuu [Answers gun] Moshi moshi, boss?
Retro Longplays 79
Retro Longplays 79 - Month ago
This film is one of the funniest unintentional comedies. The review makes it funnier!
Mr&Mrs Morrice
Mr&Mrs Morrice - Month ago
i liked it
bassliveevil - 2 months ago
I cant believe Lawrence Kasdan directed this piece of shit
the gaming notebook
the gaming notebook - 2 months ago
Devaughn Johnson
Devaughn Johnson - 2 months ago
I'm scared chipless from the ideas of those chipmunk movies 😰😰😰
Steve Collins
Steve Collins - 2 months ago
The accident postponed the trip too. That was the point.
Joe Northstar
Joe Northstar - 2 months ago
Gravity fail.
Mooseman_ YT
Mooseman_ YT - 2 months ago
He had a disability that makes him lose all focus if he isn't chewing something Mr. Algia critic
Mooseman_ YT
Mooseman_ YT - 2 months ago
Hey that is an amazing
Mooseman_ YT
Mooseman_ YT - 11 hours ago
The Man With A Million Names
To me, the gun-mind phone conversation was the best part.
Wil JJ
Wil JJ - 2 months ago
"Oh of course....Future squeakquels."
ShreddieKirin - 2 months ago
"Gas doesn't seem particularly scary."
Gas can be hella painful in large quantities. Gas can also be a sign of constipation. If you're constipated enough, you will die. Seems scary to me.
jennifer devote
jennifer devote - 3 months ago
I want shot gun arms
Christopher Bickel
Christopher Bickel - 3 months ago
Ok, I swear to God I had a funny remark for this. It had something to do with shit weasels but when I opened it, for some reason it opened with you saying 'and of course, shit weasels' and I lost my shit. And I think I might have to check myself into an asylum. 😘😘😘
Christopher Bickel
Christopher Bickel - 3 months ago
Wait, did the damned weasels take it?
Steve Trent
Steve Trent - 3 months ago
God this video is just fucking terrible
jabuchananable - 3 months ago
So these guys live in Derry, Maine and have never come across a certain killer clown?
Temper Just Temper
Temper Just Temper - 3 months ago
RIP Stan lee
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