The Chainsmokers - Push My Luck (Official Video)

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Zeze Ba
Zeze Ba - 5 hours ago
I love Taggart's voice..and Matt's the sickest drummer ever!
K Love
K Love - 7 hours ago
This may be the best song they've made to be HONEST 😉
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn - 9 hours ago
Alex needs to sing on one soon
mohamed tube
mohamed tube - 12 hours ago
Are you think chainsmoker push your luck to me ....
I hope see your song alive ..............
From africa sudan
Priya Chetry
Priya Chetry - 12 hours ago
ももすも - 14 hours ago
Doesn’t he sound like Niall Horan in this song?!
Mungyani Ezung
Mungyani Ezung - 14 hours ago
OHHHH...... My.... Gosh...!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
lemar nazzal
lemar nazzal - 14 hours ago
Madeson Smalling
Madeson Smalling - Day ago
Madeson Smalling
Madeson Smalling - Day ago
I was just at 5sos and Chainsmokers last night dec 3
Mujahid Syed
Mujahid Syed - Day ago
What if The Chainsmokers ft. Zayn
すし - Day ago
John Nonats
John Nonats - Day ago
December 2019?
Carol Merchant
Carol Merchant - Day ago
I’ll take a dimple in a chin any day. 😍
Carol Merchant
Carol Merchant - Day ago
So damn cute. 😜😍
herman hansen
herman hansen - Day ago
gk suka musiknya
TheFootballBoss - Day ago
David Methusela
David Methusela - Day ago
"Broad Street..."🤘
ryan ng
ryan ng - Day ago
If not automated, will be vietnam note.
ryan ng
ryan ng - Day ago
Sunday google sleep, all automated.
_ Florida_
_ Florida_ - Day ago
Hridan Arahan
Hridan Arahan - Day ago
I don't know why I like their song too much❤❤
Rosie Hanley
Rosie Hanley - Day ago
Gulab Khapare
Gulab Khapare - Day ago
Your so great 🤗😘
Urielle Privado
Urielle Privado - Day ago
I thought its Matt Mcguire, the drummer. hell yeah it looks like him.
numer 1
numer 1 - Day ago
Why tf does the song have only 4.3mil it deserves way more🥰🥰
Prankster siblings
Prankster siblings - 2 days ago
I want a chainsmokers and tate Mcrae collab!!!
Deden Abdul Hamid
Deden Abdul Hamid - 2 days ago
please collab with skrillec
Sydney Muntanga
Sydney Muntanga - 2 days ago
Chainsmokers are the best 💪👌. Like the comment of you agree
Mahee Islam
Mahee Islam - 2 days ago
i love Chainsmokers more than my ex...............:)
Kaydee Ole
Kaydee Ole - 2 days ago
Seen you last night in Sacramento & you blew it through the stratosphere! Motorcycles! Pyrotechnics! Laser extravaganza! Fire breathing drumsticks! The building vibrated! Best concert EVER! Thanks guys you fukin ROCK! MC&HNY
Denny Vu
Denny Vu - 2 days ago
this is the chainsmokers I have been missing since memories do not open :)
Abril Mercado
Abril Mercado - 2 days ago
Drew, ¿ no te duele la cara de ser tan pero tan lindo?😍
Med Rahmouni
Med Rahmouni - 2 days ago
Yasli Arias
Yasli Arias - 2 days ago
I love it!!!!!!!!
Aryan Chahande
Aryan Chahande - 3 days ago
I m in love with chainsmokers and Matt McGuire
Erika Affonso Da Mota
Erika Affonso Da Mota - 3 days ago
I come for Lais Ribeiro. But a really like this song!
Lightning Strike
Lightning Strike - 3 days ago
2:08 ee ah eeh uh your symphony, ee ah eeh uh your symphony
Erin Clemente
Erin Clemente - 3 days ago
tbh, best one this year.
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