8 Ice Gadgets That will Blow your Mind

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FredoLechon - 2 часа назад
how are you amazed by an ice cube tray
Gabriel Oldenburg
Gabriel Oldenburg - 6 часов назад
Russian roulet will also blow your mind ☝️
Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson - День назад
Dang so satisfying 😂
Landon Bell
Landon Bell - День назад
My dad has one of those it works good
August lindskov Petersen
August lindskov Petersen - День назад
0:37 that is What she said
Lawrence Black
Lawrence Black - День назад
Here I am at 4am watching some guy play with ice cube trays
L L - 3 дня назад
Gagick ! 😂
Braden Hunter
Braden Hunter - 3 дня назад
samoan butters
samoan butters - 3 дня назад
Really bid clear ice dalls
HolmWrecker - 3 дня назад
Use distilled water for crystal clear ice cubes.
Yozy - 3 дня назад
How can u make so much mess with water
Laddi A
Laddi A - 4 дня назад
U create to much mess
Oh yeah yeah Oobamaa
Oh yeah yeah Oobamaa - 5 дней назад
He definitely wasn’t using water he was using vodka
Sima Obott
Sima Obott - 5 дней назад
I remember when u had 250k suscribers now look at u 11m
Diana Chan
Diana Chan - 5 дней назад
You can make coffee ice sticks or choc ice sticks!
CuzzyTheOriginal - 5 дней назад
Ice tray the gang!
daniel tirkey
daniel tirkey - 5 дней назад
Кораблик - 5 дней назад
SPM - 5 дней назад
Gu kha
David Pinon
David Pinon - 6 дней назад
He said ten but tittle says 8
kick the dust!
kick the dust! - 6 дней назад
Supiar supiar izi
Mario Romero
Mario Romero - 6 дней назад
If u Boil the water before putting it in the ice tray it will work with all of them
Gghh Vwwowwo
Gghh Vwwowwo - 6 дней назад
mason Perhach
mason Perhach - 6 дней назад
“whoops.. overflowed it.” *continues to spill*
The Ortega sisters
The Ortega sisters - 6 дней назад
5:45 Oops I over filled it *pushes ice cube fully in the cup*
Captain Arschbart
Captain Arschbart - 6 дней назад
Safety is nomba on prayority
Apag - 7 дней назад
2:12 did you just assume their gender?
Jaybrotim - 7 дней назад
I have the same glasses
Lol Wtf I have 5 subscribers
Lol Wtf I have 5 subscribers - 7 дней назад
Lol why do u need safety glasses when you freeze water.....?
Aditya Lim
Aditya Lim - 4 дня назад
just in case the ice shard hit your eyes
Microsoft Cortana
Microsoft Cortana - 6 дней назад
It's a meme
Unicorn Kittys
Unicorn Kittys - 7 дней назад
I am confused as to why we want clear ice? Why does it matter lol
Reece Kille
Reece Kille - 7 дней назад
Non clear ice pezent
Reece Kille
Reece Kille - 7 дней назад
Clear ice amazing
Reece Kille
Reece Kille - 7 дней назад
Is it just me or is he like
Johnny Tsunami
Johnny Tsunami - 7 дней назад
Your English is improving
Aj Choppa69
Aj Choppa69 - 7 дней назад
Soldier X
Soldier X - 7 дней назад
Unclear ice, *first world problems.*
Gary K
Gary K - 3 дня назад
I was thinking of Castaway when Chuck Nolan is finally rescued and he marvels at ice in his glass. ;-)
Javii ツ
Javii ツ - 7 дней назад
Is it leaking?!?!?!?!
Gutter Rat
Gutter Rat - 8 дней назад
Dom J
Dom J - 8 дней назад
‘More like ice OWALS’
Kaelem Wilkinson
Kaelem Wilkinson - 8 дней назад
Instantly I was like "he's going to be dissapointed with the ice genie
Bruce DeBow
Bruce DeBow - 8 дней назад
Gabby grape Seeds
Gabby grape Seeds - 8 дней назад
6:48 they go lol
ラベンダーLavender - 8 дней назад
Why didn’t my mind blow...
Football714 - 8 дней назад
5:45 oops ohh I filled it
Pushes Icecube in
Space Commander Fox
Space Commander Fox - 8 дней назад
jgriffin812 - 8 дней назад
Nice gadgeks
Lol Wtf I have 5 subscribers
Lol Wtf I have 5 subscribers - 9 дней назад
Hello everybody and welcome to the addiction group
(Crazy russin hacker says) My name is CRH and im addicted to gadgets!
CC Mi - 9 дней назад
Why do i think he's gonna pour vodka on the glass.🤣
Deakyn Priddy
Deakyn Priddy - 9 дней назад
Leo Bertthegreat
Leo Bertthegreat - 9 дней назад
tHaTs AloT Of iCe
fucking treyway
fucking treyway - 9 дней назад
BeZt_TOSTEY - 9 дней назад
I knew Russians were crazy, but I didn’t think they wanted their ice to look pretty!
Skidder McGee
Skidder McGee - 9 дней назад
Hahah he says gagiks LOL
deesnuts333 - 9 дней назад
If you want clear ice just boil the water before you freeze it.
Markus Smith
Markus Smith - 9 дней назад
this did blow my minfxwreexsjtezxjwsetsxs m ndzr nn
Polar Baker
Polar Baker - 9 дней назад
You're using Russians water (aka vodka)
Ruben - 9 дней назад
The last square ones looked like tesseract
KLAM - 10 дней назад
9:20 It LoOkS cOoL uNtIl YoU tAkE a SiP aNd GeT dEePtHrOaTeD.
Bebo Thabet
Bebo Thabet - 10 дней назад
What an English?
Prefaced Prawn
Prefaced Prawn - 10 дней назад
Если вы хотите, чтобы прозрачный лед выдул горячую воду, прежде чем заснуть.
Hedach 76
Hedach 76 - 10 дней назад
Now you have ice for your wodka
Beatle Juice
Beatle Juice - 10 дней назад
 - 10 дней назад
I wonder what he does with all this stuff he reviews
Dm Rex
Dm Rex - 10 дней назад
Impress friends but what if I ain’t got any friends
Aarambh Verma
Aarambh Verma - 5 часов назад
Oh man, you have got some really important issues to deal with!
Legend101655 Tyrant
Legend101655 Tyrant - 6 дней назад
Dm Rex easy, just buy another gadget to deal with that.
Ps4gamer_ 2000
Ps4gamer_ 2000 - 10 дней назад
Putin 2.0
Viper - 10 дней назад
Loooovvee the clear sphere ones. I could just use those in everyday drinks.
Alec Savoy
Alec Savoy - 10 дней назад
4:35 *pours a shot of vodka
Amogh Vaishnav
Amogh Vaishnav - 8 дней назад
"2 shots of vodka..."
Yahya John
Yahya John - 10 дней назад
Ice gadgecks
Upsurge gaming
Upsurge gaming - 11 дней назад
Ice cube sticks
Juan Galeana-Rojas
Juan Galeana-Rojas - 11 дней назад
Hood vid
Ninja Boi
Ninja Boi - 11 дней назад
RaMPaGe Overdrive
RaMPaGe Overdrive - 11 дней назад
Jackson Kennedy
Jackson Kennedy - 11 дней назад
1:27 Dude said he was gonna put ice in the refrigerator
Who Knows
Who Knows - 11 дней назад
The freezer is part of the refrigerator
Gaming XD
Gaming XD - 12 дней назад
Why does he call the cubes squares cause a square is 2D and a cube is 3D. He also called pretty much all of them ice cubes even if they were circles or anything else.
Eli Meadows
Eli Meadows - 12 дней назад
But why?
MuriOderSo YT
MuriOderSo YT - 12 дней назад
I laik te ice gajiks
Brenaxy ;
Brenaxy ; - 12 дней назад
u have to boil the water before feezing
Nice from garage to your moms kitchen keep hacking
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton - 12 дней назад
Was very helpful, I have been curious about several of these, great job.
Razia khatoon
Razia khatoon - 12 дней назад
Navraj Gill
Navraj Gill - 12 дней назад
Beautiful gajik
Navraj Gill
Navraj Gill - 12 дней назад
Matthew Chytil
Matthew Chytil - 13 дней назад
Apparently boiling water before you freeze it will make it freeze clear when you freeze it as well.
Tristan Burke
Tristan Burke - 13 дней назад
Giant popper thingy that flies everywhere and then you lose it 7:30
Izrael 123
Izrael 123 - 13 дней назад
Kyle L
Kyle L - 13 дней назад
i haven’t watched one of your videos in years! this is straight nostalgia.
Amaya Lewis
Amaya Lewis - 13 дней назад
You make the coolest videos ever🤘
Øï yëêt yęėt
Øï yëêt yęėt - 14 дней назад
He’s so marveled by ice that is clear
Andrew Unanski
Andrew Unanski - 12 дней назад
Øï yëêt yęėt oh yea yeah
Africa By Toto
Africa By Toto - 14 дней назад
Or buy a Samsung fridge and flex on the other ice makers
Noah SaintOnge
Noah SaintOnge - 14 дней назад
Am I the only one that thinks he’s blind
McB12329 - 14 дней назад
Wait why can't I try this at home?
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee - 14 дней назад
Who expected VODKA
B Brunson
B Brunson - 14 дней назад
This is really cool. It would be great for the summer.
Bannaman Man
Bannaman Man - 15 дней назад
that moment when u b trying to stay hydrated during a workout then, a long boi piece of ice goes through ur neck.
Jeff —.—
Jeff —.— - 15 дней назад
ваши видео самые лучшие!
Gerald Thornton
Gerald Thornton - 15 дней назад
in america you make ice, but in soviet russia ice make you
xX JaciJane Xx
xX JaciJane Xx - 15 дней назад
manahil Imran
manahil Imran - 15 дней назад
Square ice cube
Yo Soiy
Yo Soiy - 15 дней назад
Vell be tlesting ice gAdckek
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