What Men Want (2019) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

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Amber - 14 days ago
if all you sensitive men actually watch the film. this film isn't about trashing men smh
Alex B
Alex B - 3 days ago
dw I am a man and recognize their idiocy. They all have some crazy right bias that will never change
David L
David L - 17 days ago
What men want: "Suck his dick, play with his balls, fix him a sandwich and don't talk so much" - Dave Chapelle
Pete R. Abbott
Pete R. Abbott - 18 days ago
I thought this would be a silent movie.
Empereur de l'an 3000
Empereur de l'an 3000 - 21 day ago
That’s just the remake of Mel Gilbson’s What Women Want
David Johnson
David Johnson - 22 days ago
This was just a really bad movie. Sheesh, just re-rewriting an old classic and twisting it with a black female lead was just real lazy. Bring on Black Panther 2 or a Will Smith movie, they are the only ones who know how to do it.
Sonicwind - 25 days ago
This movie bombed hard right?
CHEE- RIOS - 26 days ago
If anyone could hear my thoughts all they would hear death metal 24/7
Lordkaos31 *
Lordkaos31 * - 27 days ago
So from what I can gather this is a movie about a women literally invading the fucking minds of men without their consent and judging them for shit their (thinking about) yeah believe it or not almost every man will notice your dress or if you have a nice ass they aren’t gonna do anything about it like yeah you’ll fucking notice some shit but you’ve got the decency to not act on the urge that’s called being polite if your gonna dress like you want attention people will give you attention.
Moshi Michael
Moshi Michael - 28 days ago
the chappelle show. s1 ep 08. literally years later.
LittleFinger - 29 days ago
If women could read minds, every second a man will get slapped...
CJ - 13 days ago
more like punched in the face every 2 seconds
C.G.28.67 Rosario
C.G.28.67 Rosario - 13 days ago
Blackrockmore - 22 days ago
Reminds me wen Kerrigan met Raynor lel
Cameleon - Month ago
Why this movie has so many dislikes ?!!!
Joseph Ellis
Joseph Ellis - Month ago
So, ripoff, stereotypes and pandering. Got it!
Demonlord Gamer
Demonlord Gamer - Month ago
If 'men's inner thoughts are out in the open', they do not want to hear what I think about this trailer. Sticks of feminist propaganda and desperation to be PC. #NotAllMen #NOTWhatMenWant #PCTrash
hfdkefds - Month ago
What blue pilled whamen think men want
S. RC Bose
S. RC Bose - Month ago
Whole world is behind the
Sin Hole , Sin Hole. Only
StarSn1per - Month ago
The first movie "What women want" actually spoke about women's feelings and the protagonist helps these women out with their problems..
This movie on the other hand is nothing more than anti-male propaganda showing men as pigs, perverts and assholes.
Ben Liu
Ben Liu - Month ago
That Get Out reference though XD XD
MUETZE198 - Month ago
oh man this hurts you guys do not get men at all
Fluffy Dango
Fluffy Dango - Month ago
Luke Jack
Luke Jack - Month ago
The movie is a complete waste of time. Taraji is not funny at all in this one. She needs to stick to more serious roles.
Joseph Gordon
Joseph Gordon - Month ago
Sexiest and a racist film.................what a fucking cringe
Barstool Blues
Barstool Blues - Month ago
Another shitty feminized remake I see.
Dominiko Caginavanua
Dominiko Caginavanua - Month ago
Nothing witty..straight to the point - "this movie is bad"
WeAreNumber15 - Month ago
This is a rip off of What Women Want.

Ah sexism at its fullest!
WeAreNumber15 - Month ago
What Men Want

Let's fix that with a controlled shock

What Men Don't Want.
Kn0xTheF0x - Month ago
Chappelle did it
Christopher - Month ago
This shows if you have no morals as a woman and work haf as hard as men you can get ahead. From the very beginning it started to go down hill. Watch it on Netflix when it's free not worth even the .99 rental as I did.
Amber offical97
Amber offical97 - Month ago
I love cookie!❤😍
Mr AnonymouS
Mr AnonymouS - Month ago
bossdog bossdog
bossdog bossdog - Month ago
So here is a role that has already been done by a man,and a race swap that has already been done originally by a caucasion. So basically hollywood is saying women and black people arent talented enough to come up with their own concepts without stealing them from white men? Kinda looks that way.
이주헌눈 - Month ago
any of u know movies similar to this?
Dovah Kanye
Dovah Kanye - Month ago
This movie is highly Anti-Semitic, attacking Jews in the board room because they are able to be more successful than other people. Disgusting Paramount.
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
Checkerzzz gaming Hi - 2 months ago
Zombies I can read any zombies any man any woman zombies or not
Billie Piper’s Teeth TM
Billie Piper’s Teeth TM - 2 months ago
Ladies buttholes.
ShakuMascarade - 2 months ago
I see a lot of comments about how the movie demonizes men and is "feminazi" propaganda with an agenda.
And it's right. The movie has an agenda: to show that men and women want the same things. Love. Respect. Understanding.
At first, while her white straight male co-worker played by Max Greenfield in the film appears to be an egotistical dumb "boy", his character is really very quiet and subtle. Ali, played by Taraji P. Henson, learns that he is a caring and team working man who kept supporting her until the very end, learning to be a team worker like him in the end.
Fatherhood is shown as this beautiful thing in the film.
Her father, played by Richard Roundtree, is a very touching character who did inculcated his daughter with a fierce sense of competition, but who ultimately only wishes the best for her and is always listening.
She learns trust and compassion from her future boyfriend, played by Aldis Hodge, who is never demonized by either the film nor the characters, being a sane model of manhood and fatherhood.
And Jamal, the young and passionate new basketball sensation (played by Shane Paul McGhie) is damn well played and is the thematic center point of the story. He learns to follow whaf is in his heart and not in his mind which Ali teaches him by the end through a pep talk, but she learns this lesson FROM Aldis Hodge's character, her future boyfriend.
Even her assistant, played by Josh Brener, is who is her shown as being her foil in the movie, manages to score some good jokes and well thought character development. The contrast of his insecure and quiet nature with her bombastic attitude is even more highlighted when she humbles herself to let him show his talent and self confidence, acknowledging his work and qualities.
Although a couple of men are antagonists in the movie, they are shown as toxic and opportunistic people (mainly her boss, rival and the cheating husbands of her friends), highlighting the theme of cooperation and team work of the movie even more.
The jokes qre crude and can be over the top sometimes, but the emotional and romantic comedy parts did the movie justice.
3.5/5 overall
It gained its place on my shelf alongside thrthe original, What Women Want (which still is a goddamn classic hard to beat though).
theboxseat - 2 months ago
Hollywood racist, bigoted, hateful propaganda. Epic Fail
Majkl - 2 months ago
Watchec this trailer for 5 second.. I had enough. Garbage.
Akkadian Girl
Akkadian Girl - 2 months ago
So really... what men want?? I know the world made (what women want) is a big huge secret or mystery needed to be solved but, this's completely bullsit men just like us we don't know want they want until we hear from them ,it's totally normal when the opposite sex is different from many perspectives from us so we feel too curious to discover them
Adi Swidan
Adi Swidan - 2 months ago
Worst movie i have ever seen . not funny and sexist lol .
do women really think this is what we think of ?
dear women. we want a cold beer, (a game to watch or play) and hang with the dudes!
Susan Oliver
Susan Oliver - 2 months ago
He was like can you hear my inner thought 🙄then she was like i can hear your inner thought 🙄 that screaming 😂😂😂
Sharon Maisela
Sharon Maisela - 2 months ago
This movie actually turned out better than I thought. I laughed harder than I had in a while.
Jöllhansch Kuppjärk
Jöllhansch Kuppjärk - 2 months ago
I gave this film a shot cuz I like Taraji, but damn....it sucked.
Cheap, unoriginal, predictable, cheesy, unfunny and devoid of that touch of reality that comedy needs...
Susan Koech
Susan Koech - 2 months ago
This and isn't it romantic.
Magnum Opus
Magnum Opus - 2 months ago
To not have to financially subsidize your dumb ass.
Marwan Bayoumi
Marwan Bayoumi - 2 months ago
basically they took Dave Chapelle's skit and turned it inyo an unfunny movie.
emancoy - 2 months ago
Saw this movie and as a man, I never thought a movie would misrepresent what I want.
AussieBlokeGordo - 2 months ago
Bitch need to get over it, she's only there to meet gender quotas and political correctness requirements
Hair to the Throne
Hair to the Throne - 2 months ago
Wheres Mel Gibson
husky19864 - 2 months ago
mel gibson was way better in that role
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis - 2 months ago
Not my kind of movie but I guess it might be good for at least a couple laughs here and there. Got girlfriends that might like to watch it so what ever.
Boi Hi
Boi Hi - 2 months ago
Can we have movie to switch genders? Pls I would be first in line to theaters. Put Ryan Reynolds as lead char.
odiamo tutti
odiamo tutti - 2 months ago
If this movie doesn't made you laugh you have problem seriously 😂😂😂😂😂
IbeAwesome - 2 months ago
Imagine how triggered people would be if the roles were reversed... Fucking bullshit
BRAYMETH - 2 months ago
This story is copy of..movie
Aga baai arechha in Marathi language
lars metworst
lars metworst - 2 months ago
This movie seems familiar :)
Sagittarius _
Sagittarius _ - 3 months ago
What men really want:
Pewdiepie’s Minecraft seed
Sagittarius _
Sagittarius _ - 2 months ago
Lol ok
SkrizTrix - 2 months ago
Fine maybe we do.
SkrizTrix - 2 months ago
What is wrong with you we don't want pewdiepies seed
Sagittarius _
Sagittarius _ - 3 months ago
What men want:
Tits and ass.
The end
Killa Gamez
Killa Gamez - 3 months ago
Men only want one thing and its fucking disgusting
OldManSkimpy - 3 months ago
It actually looks funny. Y’all thinking too much in the comments foreal
Shailesh Bodhale
Shailesh Bodhale - 3 months ago
Copy of marathi movie agbai areccha.... Instead of man.. Woman is victim here.
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