Rona Avci Ceran
Rona Avci Ceran - 7 days ago
Mohamed Mohamed Tahaalkreiz
There should be keeping up with little mix....i smile everytime day are behind the scenes.
KHARL D - 29 days ago
i miss this so much❤
Rachel Martin
Rachel Martin - Month ago
Mabi Farias
Mabi Farias - 2 months ago
Chiara Chiodino
Chiara Chiodino - 2 months ago
2:36 I Love Jade🤣🤣🤣 I LOVE LITTLE MIX❤️
xxx 82y
xxx 82y - 2 months ago
Cookies_and_Pusheen123 - 3 months ago
Perrie: whats your fave outfit hatchi
Hatchi: oh i dont know actually there all fantastic
Cookies_and_Pusheen123 - 3 months ago
poor hatchi
Savage Queen
Savage Queen - 3 months ago
I know this is 5 years old but the fact that Perrie took Hatchi with her is the cutest thing ever
E!rene fln
E!rene fln - 4 months ago
Nikkiboy - 4 months ago
Just A Person Named Lily
Just A Person Named Lily - 4 months ago
*Mom Mode:* on
Potterhead 101
Potterhead 101 - 4 months ago
Mariah chairez
Mariah chairez - 4 months ago
Are you the QUEENS of practical jokes
Sapphire Wish
Sapphire Wish - 5 months ago
I love the song salute love you little mix
Ella Apolinar
Ella Apolinar - 5 months ago
Bennett Doran
Bennett Doran - 5 months ago
51 sec look at the mirror and look at perrires head
Just A Person Named Lily
Just A Person Named Lily - 6 months ago
-Perrie runs in-
Magic WonderWizard
Magic WonderWizard - 6 months ago
Perrie: *DONT U DARE AHHHH* I am dying of laughter
Alanis.T Garcia Rodriguez
Alanis.T Garcia Rodriguez - 6 months ago
I love them. they desirve a reality show
zayn malik perrie edwards
zayn malik perrie edwards - 7 months ago
Still waiting for glory days tour dairy
Leka Br
Leka Br - 8 months ago
Wonderful..I love these backstage
Angel grace Ishmail Little mix fan
I like them all is very funny and cute
Fanaya Gavilo
Fanaya Gavilo - 8 months ago
Lol jade is so funny im the biggest fan
Julia Surowka
Julia Surowka - 9 months ago
1: Jade👑👑👑👑👑
2: Perrie👑👑👑👑👑👑
3: Leigh👑👑👑👑👑
4: Jesy👑👑👑👑👑👑
I love u little Mic
Nouha Benessy
Nouha Benessy - 9 months ago
You are so funny little mix I love you perrie😂😂😍😍❤❤😚😚
littlemixlove forlife
littlemixlove forlife - 9 months ago
I love youse so much I went to you're concert on the 26 of July I love you I've got very thing little mix love youse bye xxxxxxxx❤❤❤❤❤
The trader
The trader - 9 months ago
Representing all the woman.Salute for them.
InternationelQueen LittleMix
The way they said Hatchi 💗💗💗
Stardust 3089
Stardust 3089 - 11 months ago
Hatchi is so cute and adorable😍😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑💓💓💓
sheng nelson
sheng nelson - 11 months ago
Miss you guys so much can't wait to see you😍😭
I Have no name
I Have no name - Year ago
Hatchi is literally a smaller version of my dog, which is my profile picture 😂😂
I Have no name
I Have no name - Year ago
Jade in the gift shop had me crying 😂😂😂😂😂😅🤣🤣🤣
Rishikesh Devdas
Rishikesh Devdas - Year ago
I love this song very much and jade😊
Little Mix Fan Boy
Little Mix Fan Boy - Year ago
I thought Perrie's dog really spoke😂😂😂
Zoey Reese
Zoey Reese - Year ago
Hatchi is so adorable!!
Zara O.K
Zara O.K - Year ago
4:08 nearly killed me
Santosh Vishwakarma
Santosh Vishwakarma - Year ago
Yes, you are fantastic. 😊
Lorraine Kelly
Lorraine Kelly - Year ago
There being mean to him every only pooped it's natural that is what leigh Anne said
Sn R
Sn R - Year ago
Grethan Dolan Fandom
Sn R oh thank you you just solved the mystery of my life and she basically represents me😂😂😂
Sn R
Sn R - Year ago
Grethan Dolan Fandom on her phone😂
Grethan Dolan Fandom
Sn R can you tell me what was perrie doing at 2:07 please?😊
CookieCumber - Year ago
I love when hatchi does all the cute stuff and when jade is working for the merch shop
Nissou GD
Nissou GD - Year ago
what was perrie doing at 2:10 ???
Emma Mazza
Emma Mazza - Year ago
0:23 sorry girls but hatchi is the real star
Lawrence Ferrer
Lawrence Ferrer - Year ago
All he did was poo it's natural 😂😂
Kate Katelyn
Kate Katelyn - Year ago
Jade I love you what is your flag Philippines
Kate Katelyn
Kate Katelyn - Year ago
Jade is very boss perrie is boss 2
Kate Katelyn
Kate Katelyn - Year ago
My favorite song to little mix jade perrie Leigh ann ang jesy very good job little mix I love little mix
LM_vids - Year ago
2:59 Actual footage of me lol
I’m not good enough for anyone I’m worthless
shookxGIAW x
shookxGIAW x - Year ago
4:08 jade is soo funny lol
Lexis King
Lexis King - Year ago
I love Leigh's feet they are beautiful
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose - Year ago
Is it just me who watches these videos over and over?
Sn R
Sn R - Year ago
APDE ESA - Year ago
Whats that thing in the dancers hand at 4:06?
little_mix_perrie wings
I love perrie
Na-78 -al
Na-78 -al - Year ago
What name the song in 30:00 please
Maria Solorzano
Maria Solorzano - Year ago
0:57-1:04 Leigh-Anne is me with dogs
ADRIAN Dvorský
ADRIAN Dvorský - Year ago
Perrie's NAG NAG NAG is the Best! 😄
Felicity Brooke
Felicity Brooke - Year ago
Perrie is cute
_Eva - Year ago
2:49 I died 😂😂😂😂
ERICA Mariana
ERICA Mariana - Year ago
pug lover
pug lover - Year ago
I love it when hatci was talking or it was Leigh or jesy ?
francine varron
francine varron - Year ago
Perrie: Hatchi what they done what they done baby
Sara Van Acker
Sara Van Acker - Year ago
Jade at 1:04 😂😂
Brave Warrior Mixer Lovatic
Haaaatchii 😍😍😍🐶
Lindsey Khoe
Lindsey Khoe - Year ago
Eliise Tüür
Eliise Tüür - Year ago
Little mix and Hatchis dressing room😭😂😂😂💖💖💖 and also 2:07
TropicalDolphin - Year ago
Yasmine Seidu
Yasmine Seidu - Year ago
Excuse me who's going to hover this *deed
nana allam
nana allam - Year ago
what name the song on 0:32 plzz
Ashley McBride
Ashley McBride - Year ago
You have a lot more money 💰 to the game but your friends are going out
Zoe D
Zoe D - Year ago
"all he did was poo! its natural!" oh leigh-anne
Heyitslisa Manoban
Heyitslisa Manoban - Year ago
1:04 same jade. same.
jadespower - Year ago
2:37 I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂 omg Jade 😂😂😂😂😂
Jose J
Jose J - Year ago
Thegamer04 same 😂
Xantoz Bloodstone
Xantoz Bloodstone - Year ago
jade who's going to help with this
Fearless Bella
Fearless Bella - Year ago
oh my god i literally died when Perrie said " i told u he was bossy " can she get any cuter ...
Crybabies and Mixers
"All he did was poo, it's natural"- Leigh-Anne PinnCock 2014
nargis zaman
nargis zaman - Year ago
the guy who was teaching them the dance is their back up dancer as well
little mix forever
little mix forever - 2 years ago
I wish I have a ticket of little mix
little mix forever
little mix forever - 2 years ago
last time my favorite is hailee stainfel team but last time my cousin said little mix is so amazing than hailee so one day I said I'm a little mix fan now so now little mix is my favorite so I can't stop watching all the little mix video I love little mix little mix for ever
Patrick Paz Alayza
Patrick Paz Alayza - 2 years ago
2:37 Todo es mío !!!!
Ruhumun Gölgesi
Ruhumun Gölgesi - 2 years ago
dog cuteeeee
Girlgamer1726 - 2 years ago
Perrie: Nag nag nag nag, look at me im dance captain ill tell you what to do
me: spills drink and laugh so hard that i fell out of bed
Smiti Sahai
Smiti Sahai - 2 years ago
what breed is hacii?
Jasmine Winters
Jasmine Winters - 2 years ago
Lol when Perrie got yelled at by Claud😂😂
Giuseppina - 2 years ago
who is Jesy
Way Haught
Way Haught - 2 years ago
Giuseppina Comparone a member of little mix. she is in the begginning of the video saying 'beautiful day'
Freya Adele
Freya Adele - 2 years ago
"This is Little Mix's dressing room. Little Mix and Hatchi's dressing room." ~Perrie

"They're being mean to him... all he did was poo... it's natural..." ~Leigh-Anne

"Excuse me, who's gonna hoover this?" ~Jade

"Beautiful day... couldn't be any better..." ~Jesy

these girls are just adorable
Leo - 2 years ago
This is just making me cry laugh 😂
lalisayaaah manoban
lalisayaaah manoban - 2 years ago
bovdbergnl - 2 years ago
2:38 omg jade
Jennibeth Berong
Jennibeth Berong - 2 years ago
ahahahaha perrie's face in 2:07 to 2:11
Nannie & Atetu Atetu
Nannie & Atetu Atetu - 2 years ago
THE BIG FOUR - 2 years ago
2:07 lol! 😂😂😂 Perrie is really funny especially when said "I told you he was bossy!"hahahahhha
whatismyname? idontknow
whatismyname? idontknow - 2 years ago
stop at 0:53 it's cute
Leacilva Da Silva
Leacilva Da Silva - 2 years ago
Lavina Jun
Lavina Jun - 2 years ago
2:07 perrie try to check her phone during training😂😂 very cute and lovely😘😉
Lavina Jun
Lavina Jun - 2 years ago
perrie look so funny with hachi...😂😘 pez so cute when she talk alone over hachi😂
Nuzhat Haider
Nuzhat Haider - 2 years ago
omg 2:36
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