Little Mix - Salute, Tour Diary, Part 2 (VEVO LIFT)

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Heyimapotato !
Heyimapotato ! - 25 days ago
Omg jade selling merch 😆
shaza sherif
shaza sherif - Month ago
I love little mix so mush and l hope you are always happy 🥰
Z S - Month ago
They need a little mix movie btw I can watch this video over and over again
Rona Avci Ceran
Rona Avci Ceran - 2 months ago
Mohamed Mohamed Tahaalkreiz
There should be keeping up with little mix....i smile everytime day are behind the scenes.
KHARL D - 2 months ago
i miss this so much❤
Rachel Martin
Rachel Martin - 3 months ago
Mabi Farias
Mabi Farias - 4 months ago
Chiara Chiodino
Chiara Chiodino - 4 months ago
2:36 I Love Jade🤣🤣🤣 I LOVE LITTLE MIX❤️
xxx 82y
xxx 82y - 4 months ago
Cookies_and_Pusheen123 - 5 months ago
Perrie: whats your fave outfit hatchi
Hatchi: oh i dont know actually there all fantastic
Cookies_and_Pusheen123 - 5 months ago
poor hatchi
Savage Queen
Savage Queen - 5 months ago
I know this is 5 years old but the fact that Perrie took Hatchi with her is the cutest thing ever
E!rene fln
E!rene fln - 5 months ago
Nikkiboy - 6 months ago
Just A Person Named Lily
Just A Person Named Lily - 6 months ago
*Mom Mode:* on
Gryffindor Girl
Gryffindor Girl - 6 months ago
Mariah chairez
Mariah chairez - 6 months ago
Are you the QUEENS of practical jokes
Sapphire gems-television
Sapphire gems-television - 7 months ago
I love the song salute love you little mix
Ella Apolinar
Ella Apolinar - 7 months ago
Bennett Doran
Bennett Doran - 7 months ago
51 sec look at the mirror and look at perrires head
Just A Person Named Lily
Just A Person Named Lily - 8 months ago
-Perrie runs in-
Magic WonderWizard
Magic WonderWizard - 8 months ago
Perrie: *DONT U DARE AHHHH* I am dying of laughter
Alanis.T Garcia Rodriguez
Alanis.T Garcia Rodriguez - 8 months ago
I love them. they desirve a reality show
zayn malik perrie edwards
zayn malik perrie edwards - 9 months ago
Still waiting for glory days tour dairy
Leka Br
Leka Br - 10 months ago
Wonderful..I love these backstage
Angel Ishmail Little mix fans
I like them all is very funny and cute
Fanaya Gavilo
Fanaya Gavilo - 10 months ago
Lol jade is so funny im the biggest fan
Julia Surowka
Julia Surowka - 10 months ago
1: Jade👑👑👑👑👑
2: Perrie👑👑👑👑👑👑
3: Leigh👑👑👑👑👑
4: Jesy👑👑👑👑👑👑
I love u little Mic
Nouha Benessy
Nouha Benessy - 11 months ago
You are so funny little mix I love you perrie😂😂😍😍❤❤😚😚
littlemixlove forlife
littlemixlove forlife - 11 months ago
I love youse so much I went to you're concert on the 26 of July I love you I've got very thing little mix love youse bye xxxxxxxx❤❤❤❤❤
The trader
The trader - 11 months ago
Representing all the woman.Salute for them.
InternationelQueen LittleMix
The way they said Hatchi 💗💗💗
Stardust 3089
Stardust 3089 - Year ago
Hatchi is so cute and adorable😍😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑💓💓💓
sheng nelson
sheng nelson - Year ago
Miss you guys so much can't wait to see you😍😭
isabella khair
isabella khair - Year ago
Hatchi is literally a smaller version of my dog, which is my profile picture 😂😂
isabella khair
isabella khair - Year ago
Jade in the gift shop had me crying 😂😂😂😂😂😅🤣🤣🤣
Rishikesh Devdas
Rishikesh Devdas - Year ago
I love this song very much and jade😊
Little Mix Fan Boy
Little Mix Fan Boy - Year ago
I thought Perrie's dog really spoke😂😂😂
Zoey Reese
Zoey Reese - Year ago
Hatchi is so adorable!!
Zara O.K
Zara O.K - Year ago
4:08 nearly killed me
Santosh Vishwakarma
Santosh Vishwakarma - Year ago
Yes, you are fantastic. 😊
Lorraine Kelly
Lorraine Kelly - Year ago
There being mean to him every only pooped it's natural that is what leigh Anne said
Sn R
Sn R - Year ago
Grethan Dolan Fandom
Sn R oh thank you you just solved the mystery of my life and she basically represents me😂😂😂
Sn R
Sn R - Year ago
Grethan Dolan Fandom on her phone😂
Grethan Dolan Fandom
Sn R can you tell me what was perrie doing at 2:07 please?😊
CookieCumber - Year ago
I love when hatchi does all the cute stuff and when jade is working for the merch shop
Nissou GD
Nissou GD - Year ago
what was perrie doing at 2:10 ???
Emma Mazza
Emma Mazza - Year ago
0:23 sorry girls but hatchi is the real star
Lawrence Ferrer
Lawrence Ferrer - Year ago
All he did was poo it's natural 😂😂
Kate Katelyn
Kate Katelyn - Year ago
Jade I love you what is your flag Philippines
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