James Harden isn't worthy of 1st team All-NBA - Max Kellerman | First Take

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Danny Hwang
Danny Hwang - 16 days ago
Harden has performed better than most players than Lebron, curry, KD, and Kawhi in playoffs. Yes he was stopped by Warriors but so was all the other teams. Why the fuck is he jusy saying Harden is a choker when there is AD, Dame , pg13, Westbrook, Giannis, Kemba, butler and all those players have way less success in playoffs. He starts off saying that Harden shouldn’t be first team because he “chokes” in playoffs. And names guys that has less playoffs success than him to be better than him. No one in NBA first team has more playoffs success than Harden other than Curry. He thinks he is smart but he contradicts himself every time🤦‍♂️
Ashwin Thomas
Ashwin Thomas - 24 days ago
Max, just stfu
Keren Yu
Keren Yu - Month ago
This bum brings LeBron in here
Teddi Wetu
Teddi Wetu - Month ago

I sell rocks
I sell rocks - Month ago
Why is max bringing up Lebron when Lebron only made the 3rd team this year
Tony Green
Tony Green - Month ago
Clout chaser kellermen
Threelly AI
Threelly AI - Month ago
Can someone else?? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo
MR_DANKBUDZ_206 - Month ago
You don’t make the Rules Max it’s a REGULAR SEASON AWARD... he had the 5th best PPG for a season in an a history ...
'Aisea Fisilau
'Aisea Fisilau - Month ago
Max Kellerman, Max Kellerman, Max Kellerman... We already get it, you're a Harden Hater and love other players. Maybe because your white and Hardens black. Or because you wish you were as good as him, or you wish you weren't old, just you don't know how to beat a 2 year old at basketball. You've been on so many videos that is Biased against Jame Harden. What next, a video on how Giannis let down the Bucks because they didn't make the NBA Finals, no, thats because your a Greek Freak Fanatic. You should think better, or just stop cause your brains getting too old.
JAY_ NBA - Month ago
He didn’t mean not word he said. Just bullshit for attention and ratings.
matthew - Month ago
What is max smoking lol😂😂
Dat boi CJ
Dat boi CJ - Month ago
Harden is all-nba but not mvp.
ropi bo
ropi bo - Month ago
KD or Leonard have been better than Harden this season, Max is right in my opinion.
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin - 20 days ago
ropi bo they’re forward not guards
Tony Green
Tony Green - Month ago
Keep that same energy when u talking bout the Greek freak max😂😂😂he jus chocked up 2games an lost 4str8 in the conference finals wow that’s jus as big as ah chock as James 🤷🏿‍♂️maybe worst because he had the best team according to u, u picked the bucks over the warriors 😂😂😂max is ah joke 🤡
Guardian IV
Guardian IV - Month ago
Max needs to shut his crap, harden is undoubtedly the best offensive player this year. Tho he kinds messed up 2 games in the play offs, he still deserves the mvp. People make mistakes and i believe harden will learn from it. Second best player this year will shd be given to curry, for what he’s done during the play offs
Ronnell Lee
Ronnell Lee - Month ago
Max best player in the league: 2019
Lebron (not even close)
KD (wasn't top 5)
Lemon Ice
Lemon Ice - Month ago
There's no such thing as regular season or post season because in the end there's only 1 champion at the end of the season. As far as I'm aware there is no regular season champion.
Harden's performance is akin to the player who scores 30 points up to the 3rd quarter in a game, then when the game is down to the last 30 seconds and his team is down by 2, he chokes.
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin - Month ago
Lemon Ice so the warriors having 3 all stars even without Kd and harden plays with a post prime Cp3 had nothing to do with it ........... James harden just “choked” right ?
Lafayette Mitchell
Lafayette Mitchell - Month ago
Take away BS fouls...what would his avg be??? Leave the REAL fouls in...nobody else takes a shot praying to get the foul rather than make the shot ! ! WHO else does that( besides CP3)?
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin - Month ago
Lafayette Mitchell so you’re saying no other nba players want to get to the free throw line ? Probably the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard lol
Ruben Cadmus Namata
Ruben Cadmus Namata - Month ago
how did james harden choke when he literally loses to the championship favorites.. a team that won a chip then added kevin durant.. aint even jordan beating them
garen kalloghlian
garen kalloghlian - Month ago
i would take him over KD and Bron
Ant Dinero
Ant Dinero - Month ago
I would’ve took lillard or harden over steph , steph wasn’t the best player on his team the last 3 seasons Durant is max keep it 💯
Leo The Leader
Leo The Leader - Month ago
James deserves NBA 1st team. Whether you like it or not.
Big Fella
Big Fella - Month ago
Is it really chocking when you keep getting eliminated in 6 by a team with 4 or 5 all stars
Edson Charlotin
Edson Charlotin - Month ago
and his overpaid center cant score on guards lol
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin - Month ago
Big Fella that’s what I’m saying not to mention Cp3 is past his prime
WATR - Month ago
Also Max: LeBron should be all nba first team
James harden deserves to win the MVP!!!!!!
Steve law
Steve law - Month ago
I'm taking Harden over LeBron right now
FreedomForce100 - Month ago
Not sure what Max put in his coffee that morning but whatever it was it didn't give him clarity: Playoff is the criteria and Lebron who did NOT make the playoffs qualifies but not Harden who carried his team? I usually agree with Max but in this one Max you turned the ball over big time!
Money Bagg
Money Bagg - Month ago
James Harden so under appreciated.. My guy played with Ass Man Dwight Howard & now Chris Small Man Syndrome Paul dated Khloe when she still looked like a dude, cut him some slack.
Ben Mercer
Ben Mercer - Month ago
Kwame Ray
Kwame Ray - Month ago
Some wrong with max
StevenNLMB - Month ago
Max u make no sense just because hes not winning mvp doesnt mean he is not the best shooting guard in the league averaging 36 ppg
Ahgase_ 4Life
Ahgase_ 4Life - Month ago
Max kellerman sold his honesty
KING CB3 - Month ago
Harden best player in the league right now
Khalil Young
Khalil Young - Month ago
Max is right this time 💯🤷🏽‍♂️ every person he named I would take over Harden any day
Marlita Jenkins
Marlita Jenkins - Month ago
Dumb logic: the belief that 2 months of work outweigh the other 8 months.
Bloomin Tokyo
Bloomin Tokyo - Month ago
Harden's window closed when he failed in the play-offs AGAIN. Max on point...Steven A. STFU.
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin - Month ago
Bloomin Tokyo lebron got almost got swept by the warriors with kyrie and Kevin love and then go swept when he just had Kevin love. Is that also “choking “ or is only “choking” when harden loses ? Dumb ass max Keller man talking about it’s about getting it done in the playoffs when lebron didn’t even make the playoffs LOL
Bloomin Tokyo
Bloomin Tokyo - Month ago
@Benjamin Franklin All I know is the Rockets failed for the third straight time. It's entertaining during the regular season but doesn't get it done when it counts.
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin - Month ago
Bloomin Tokyo you do know that’s a team accomplishment right ? Even without Kd the warriors still have 3 all stars. Harden is playing with a 35 year old Cp3
Curt Hoaldridge
Curt Hoaldridge - Month ago
How quickly he forgets that Harden and the Rockets nearly beat arguably the best team in NBA History last year. The team that swept LeBron in the next series.
Harden can join Durant, Steph, Klay & Draymond to round out the ALL NBA FIRST TEAM this year.
The real NBA Finals was the Warriors vs the Rockets
I would be shocked if the Bucks or the Raptors win a game against Golden State.
Draymond Green should be the MVP
BELIC68 - Month ago
This is proff max is a fucking idiot, harden is a 1st team, period, max says stupid shit like this in hopes something sticks
Nasri Jumaidi
Nasri Jumaidi - Month ago
So max is saying 1st team is belong to a the players who won championship, because he is counting the post season success, how this man get his job?
Cameron Hughes
Cameron Hughes - Month ago
Harden is a top 10 player but hes definitely 100% not at top 5 player
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin - Month ago
Cameron Hughes he’s top 3.
Suki Kang
Suki Kang - Month ago
Kobe, KD, Curry, Kyrie, Westbrook and now James Harden needs to punch this guy in the mouth and make him shut up about basketball which he has no fucking clue.
claude cool j
claude cool j - Month ago
I’m not taking him over no
One in that 5 he named!!!!!!! Period
Regular season stats - Whole season please
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin - Month ago
claude cool j you do know Stephen curry played like shit that rockets series right and the numbers back this ....... lebron isn’t even in the playoffs. So that’s two already knocked off your list .
Mr13Channel - Month ago
Harden has the most flop and travel too... Lmao don't 4get those #
drinksmoke23 - Month ago
Fire this guy Max!! He has no clue about NBA.. GO BACK TO BOXING.. DUMB DUMB
Metro Cus
Metro Cus - Month ago
Max Kellerman doesn't deserve to be on TV What is his stats an any sports
DBoogie 9511
DBoogie 9511 - Month ago
How can the regular season not matter but you have 2 win games to get to the post season n how can james harden not be on an all nba team hes averaging 36 PPG on grown ass men WTF
Infinity Mixtapes
Infinity Mixtapes - Month ago
It’s a regular sense list
J M - Month ago
The more kawhi balls out, the more powerful max gets. if raptors win the finals, he turning super Saiyan white
French Fries
French Fries - Month ago
If he think that the postseason counts than how can you say Bron?
VaShaun - Month ago
Max was wrong it's clear this guy is more of a fanboy than a analyst
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