What's Biting Me? (GAME) ft. Coyote Peterson

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Nuke_ Em
Nuke_ Em - 7 hours ago
Coyote should of got them all right bc he always get bit in his vids
Ella Potvin
Ella Potvin - Day ago
Kai - Day ago
I think pinser is a pokèmon, but I'm not positive
Annika Richard
Annika Richard - Day ago
Settle down there Link. Put that finger away. KEEP IT PG! 8:04
Riley Toews
Riley Toews - Day ago
🖕🏼two poi...✌🏼uh two points...
Calla Hoban
Calla Hoban - 2 days ago
Finally, two of the best YouTubers are making a video together!!!
Kirstie Ayers
Kirstie Ayers - 2 days ago
Link is such a madman lol and a sadist XD he laughed madly when get got bit by case the vamp... Mmmmm vamps are so sexy... Oops carry on! Lestat will approve!!
Camo Shepherd
Camo Shepherd - 2 days ago
8:04 your welcome
BRODY DOLGNER - 3 days ago
this mans a pro
DRONE GAMING - 3 days ago
8:04 he stuck the middle finger up lol
Lisa Ambrose
Lisa Ambrose - 3 days ago
Link was so happy when ret was screaming
deadly kidder
deadly kidder - 3 days ago
the marshmellow thing
the marshmellow thing - 3 days ago
Sometimes I find Link resembling Bruce Banner
Da real doge
Da real doge - 4 days ago
some8291 - 4 days ago
8:04 link sticks his middle finger up
Henry Mobley
Henry Mobley - 4 days ago
Link: two poin *holds up middle finger* two points
Jacky Wang
Jacky Wang - 5 days ago
I love to watch brave wilderness and gmm
Makela Leakehe
Makela Leakehe - 5 days ago
We love you coyote
Ninja panda 08
Ninja panda 08 - 5 days ago
12:55 we are not questioning link right now
Gucci_ YinYang
Gucci_ YinYang - 6 days ago
Justin Bouchard
Justin Bouchard - 6 days ago
6:09 close your eyes and listen
Aliceva Johnson
Aliceva Johnson - 7 days ago
Coyote is so small compared to Rhett and Link 😂😂
Eros Hidalgo
Eros Hidalgo - 7 days ago
Go yo 8:04 and pause theres a message
Eros Hidalgo
Eros Hidalgo - 7 days ago
Can we all apperciate at that link sticked up the muddle finger
stanley lai
stanley lai - 9 days ago
I love how Coyote is just biting air
Lennamoo - 11 days ago
omg the best collab in historyyyyy
Why Do I Exist
Why Do I Exist - 12 days ago
That yell
Sammykid 2
Sammykid 2 - 12 days ago
Lol link is bitting Rhett, vampire Rhett.
Jim Finlay
Jim Finlay - 13 days ago
Coyote is the inspiration for my love and research on animals
why so delirious bro
why so delirious bro - 13 days ago
I cant tell if he is brave or very curious to be hurt
Isaac Saldana
Isaac Saldana - 14 days ago
The flippoff at 8:04
Mrs. Trilogy
Mrs. Trilogy - 14 days ago
Chase needs a raise hahaha
Rianna J Sims
Rianna J Sims - 14 days ago
I love how Rhett put his beard all over that pizza
Isaac Roman-Willey
Isaac Roman-Willey - 15 days ago
Did y’all see link put up his middle finger 8:06 was the time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Coolgrapegirl 1234
Coolgrapegirl 1234 - 16 days ago
I love Nathaniel and his videos
markus laanem2e
markus laanem2e - 16 days ago
8:04 that finger is innaprpriate
Jasmine Shin
Jasmine Shin - 17 days ago
When it was the Coyote skull I thought it was his skull bc his name was Coyote XD LOL
Jeffrey Tindall
Jeffrey Tindall - 17 days ago
Bro coyote. R U OK
AlibifortheAfterlife - 18 days ago
No animals were hurt in the making of this video. We hurt them before we started making the video.
Skark Puppet Skits
Skark Puppet Skits - 19 days ago
How is coyote alive
ogcen - 19 days ago
The coyote bit your finger
Noah Rose S.
Noah Rose S. - 19 days ago
i-Its a person. nGH~!
Spacerox Mai
Spacerox Mai - 17 days ago
*Insert moaning here.*
Justin Campos
Justin Campos - 20 days ago
At the coyote skull, he acts like it's the most painful thing ever
Jun Ni
Jun Ni - 20 days ago
8:04 Uh, this is meant to be PG, Link
Water G
Water G - 20 days ago
Coyote: “no animals were hurt in the making of this video”
Link: “No that’s Real!!!”
Zero - 20 days ago
The guy from the midlle should have a youtube channel
{ŇÄŤÝ} N.A - 21 day ago
TennTheBeardie - 21 day ago
We love Coyote
Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph - 21 day ago
I am watching grown men eating a toilet seat
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