Hey Steve: Text More Than a Hey || STEVE HARVEY

MyLifeIs Beautiful
MyLifeIs Beautiful - 3 days ago
Lmao 😂
MoZa TV - 4 days ago
what a radio voice she has hh . n the thing she said , men like this , who don`t know what to say , are not the decent one for y`all ladies ...
Genia Foster
Genia Foster - 9 days ago
Yes this is some BS
simon heywood
simon heywood - 12 days ago
lol ;)
Daughter of the King
Daughter of the King - 12 days ago
If your dating someone and their vocabulary does not exceeds more than , hey . Text him ....bye
Loretta - 13 days ago
I was at this taping sitting behind this young lady with the glasses on visiting from Dallas, Texas.
hakima saghir
hakima saghir - 17 days ago
she looks so tough and weird I think she ll be single for a lonnnnnnng time
delphinah gloria
delphinah gloria - 17 days ago
that s*** is annoying ,hey!
Luke - 17 days ago
Maybe she is a terrible texter also? Normally when someone is boring you often don’t have anything to go off of as guy.
Drae2g2 - 19 days ago
My uncle always told me....CONVERSATION RULES THE NATION!!
Janice Cowley
Janice Cowley - 20 days ago
She looks 41
Chocolate Velvet
Chocolate Velvet - 21 day ago
"I've been saying Ho-la my whole life" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Annie Nguyen
Annie Nguyen - 22 days ago
Gosh, I love Steve Harvey - such great energy
LoveManie R.
LoveManie R. - 22 days ago
I don’t understand how people can say they are single but currently dating... that’s just me tho. It never made sense.🙄🤷🏽‍♀️
Joy - 22 days ago
there is something calling blocking a number
Rhonda Dawkins
Rhonda Dawkins - 22 days ago
mrschachi - 23 days ago
H is silent! lol
Ms Nobody
Ms Nobody - 23 days ago
Don't answer back.
If a man wants you he'll call you & court you.
IanMaCee - 23 days ago
I've been sayin HOLA my HOLife
amanor jesse
amanor jesse - 23 days ago
The lady holding the microphone has the best laugh
Sonia Bonner
Sonia Bonner - 24 days ago
Horses eat hay
Fluffle Puff
Fluffle Puff - 24 days ago
Shes got the face and body of a professional wrestler. I would at least ask if she can bodyslam me instead of just "hey"
Anne Petra
Anne Petra - 24 days ago
Hey Steve I don't know how to reach you on email I need your help like my uncle Steve please help me out. I need a therapy for my emotions Steve I didn't know how to get to Ellen DeGeneres then I saw your show. I see doctor Phil helping people emotionally and I saw he was yur friend help me please This might not get to you but I just know miracles happen and God can make a miracle. I need your help
VPunter - 24 days ago
Just hey? Maybe she is receiving text from programmed bots.. With AI in place, that's pretty possible.
Raymond Hessbrook
Raymond Hessbrook - 25 days ago
broncos county
broncos county - 25 days ago
I don’t know what’s wrong with that guy but if a girl left me on R after saying hey and no reply you best believe I ain’t never texting you again.
Elaine Green
Elaine Green - 25 days ago
I have to texted am hard of hearing!
Grace miss moth
Grace miss moth - 25 days ago
Those hands are high five emoji Stevie!😉😀😀😀
Fish Bajan
Fish Bajan - 25 days ago
Steve Harvey is as sophisticated as a dead goat. Why do ppl continue to ask him for advice about anything other than selling your soul for money?
Fish Bajan
Fish Bajan - 25 days ago
How dear a man say hello to you? The nerve of men 🙄
Josh Flynn
Josh Flynn - 25 days ago
He was bang on the money on this one, I've gotta admit. These women are shooting themselves in the foot wanting to text their date all day long for a bit of attention. Guys will do what it takes if they want her & she decides what it takes.
Allen Russell
Allen Russell - 25 days ago
My girl prefers txt. Im the one who prefers talking
Amond Lee
Amond Lee - 25 days ago
😂😂😂 "Hola"
L D - 26 days ago
I get you Steve😂
Sae Tae
Sae Tae - 26 days ago
Dude sounds weird tho.maybe she should flat out say", please stop texting"
Sae Tae
Sae Tae - 26 days ago
Whole! Lol
Jamminberry Lee
Jamminberry Lee - 26 days ago
Lol oh Steve 😂
Bdoti - 26 days ago
How can Steve not know the H is silent about he been saying HHHola his whole life? 😂😂😂
Robert Drake
Robert Drake - 9 days ago
Sibongiseni Khumalo
Sibongiseni Khumalo - 26 days ago
We say Hola in South Africa
Rasheik Bailey
Rasheik Bailey - 26 days ago
I didn't know guys did that I thought it was only girls that do that kinda stuff
Hashim ThaDream
Hashim ThaDream - 26 days ago
Audience: The H Is Silent
Katt Williams: Then take that quiet motherf*cker then! Cuz it’s CONFUSING ME!!!
Bright Star
Bright Star - 26 days ago
Wow! 37 I thought she was gonna say 26. She looks good.
Gtd Gtd5
Gtd Gtd5 - 27 days ago
She sounds aggressive lol
Raja Rajab
Raja Rajab - 27 days ago
Face time is a better.
Belinda Joy
Belinda Joy - 27 days ago
I HATE TEXTING! I would prefer a phone call any day over texting.
Topaz Citrine
Topaz Citrine - 27 days ago
I was in a similar situation nearly two years ago. I blocked him after a few weeks😁
Ana Munoz
Ana Munoz - 27 days ago
Lol Steve I love you!! Good laughs
michelle santana
michelle santana - 27 days ago
They have an emoji dictionary
Face meaning
Lewana Moore
Lewana Moore - 27 days ago
Steve, Steve, Steve.
BIG BRO Media - 27 days ago
They guy she is dating is a smart man women love mystery 💯. He's probably talking to a few chicks plus she can't get Ole boy off her mind
Kate Henry
Kate Henry - 27 days ago
Snoop dog at 2:40
King Mighty K.
King Mighty K. - 27 days ago
Stop complaining. 95% of yall ignore texts and calls anyway. Be greatfull a man is even thinkin about you.
YouEfOhh - 27 days ago
Snoop dogg at 2:40
Tm Media
Tm Media - 28 days ago
Guy behind her got that 'smooth R Kelly' look
Tm Media
Tm Media - 28 days ago
That lady's laugh at 2:32 can't stop replaying it! 🤣
Lisa LS
Lisa LS - 4 days ago
that's my kind of laugh HAHAHAHAH
Tm Media
Tm Media - 21 day ago
+Stella Kibara 👐
Tm Media
Tm Media - 21 day ago
+Producer K thanks!
Stella Kibara
Stella Kibara - 21 day ago
Tm Media lol 😂
Producer K
Producer K - 22 days ago
Good catch!
Liam Alexander
Liam Alexander - 28 days ago
What did she mean "all men" that psychopath doesn't represent the rest of us.
Geno Bourn
Geno Bourn - 28 days ago
Thr wrong guy!
Deon Kumbirai Mandebere
Deon Kumbirai Mandebere - 28 days ago
that so called prayer emoji ain't even it. its actually a highfive emoji. thank me later
Deon Kumbirai Mandebere
Deon Kumbirai Mandebere - 23 days ago
+Summer Rain go to your WhatsApp emoji list and search for "high five". And get back here 😄
Summer Rain
Summer Rain - 24 days ago
U lyin. For real? How do you know this?
King LaBree
King LaBree - 28 days ago
Lorenzo March
Lorenzo March - 28 days ago
4:00 you got me week Steve
H Maya
H Maya - 28 days ago
0:28 LMFAOOO I like himmm😂😂😂😂😂
Shaun J Morris
Shaun J Morris - 28 days ago
Dog I been sayin Hola my whole life lol
Whatever - 28 days ago
many guys don't like texting anyway they do it because of the ladies that's why we suck at it
Oliver Allen
Oliver Allen - 28 days ago
The phone is for setting dates. Not for chit chat. No one falls in love over the phone. Stop texting women you’re interested in so much. Let her do most of the reaching out, but when she does, ask her out with a time and place.
Virgil George
Virgil George - 28 days ago
I love how the Spanish people in the audience are teaching Steve how to say "Hola" 😂😂😂
Gunga Dinz Travels
Gunga Dinz Travels - 29 days ago
have women ever thought about the situation a guy might be in at the time. Maybe he's rushing to catch a flight or some kind of public transport and doesn't want to be late for a meeting and dropping a hey, is the invitiation for women to open up verbal dialogue. So get real. Men like to talk on the phone as well. The problem with women, in general, they think that we're not busy men. So be considerate at the time, of the other persons situation.
And because of your feminist movement, why should we keep chasing when you think you can have it all, your own way.
positive people
positive people - 29 days ago
How about you just don't answer
So Jo
So Jo - 29 days ago
Omg lawd Steve is on point once again. I'm just about sick of dating in 2019 just because of all those Hey and Wyd text! It is even more sad when men over 30 are the one's who are partaking in this foolishness. Only because they got away with it for so long, all these women believing they are worth just a Hey and Wyd text. Smh...
Grant Franchey
Grant Franchey - 29 days ago
Just sayin ladies ... does go both ways. I noticed whenever I’m dating a girl and she starts just giving me the one word texts or just a emoji I just stop responding lol not worth wasting a mans time 🤷🏼‍♂️
Cheryl Primo
Cheryl Primo - 29 days ago
Someone tell me if I am wrong but when someone message me "hey" I don't have an issue with it cuz he's simply saying hello. What happens if you don't like him like that or you do like him but it's kind of weird starting out a random conversation in the beginning. He is just simply greeting you. Don't you have to respond hello back before you can start more of a conversation/meaningful conversation? Starting with a "hey" is leaving room for conversation it's waiting to see would you actually even read that message and if you do read the message and reply then they can go further. I think some women over think it. If he always says "hey" and no response after you reply to him then I see the frustration.
Adrianne Sills
Adrianne Sills - 29 days ago
Man when I was dating ATT block did WONDERS! Won't see texts, calls, or voice mails.
Sao Pooh
Sao Pooh - 29 days ago
Honestly, he's just not interested in anything more. Women complain all the time about "online" relationships not moving forward, even when the texting is more elaborate and/or when they skype. Some guys just want someone to communicate with (for whatever reasons) without having to commit themselves "FULLY" to a real relationship.
Kate O
Kate O - 29 days ago
Thought she was 25.
Buddy Hines
Buddy Hines - 29 days ago
He was just saying "hey" like, I woke up and thought of you, what's up. I used to get a "hey" text every morning that turned into us texting back and forth all day until one of us passed out at the end of the night. It was like we spent every day together in a sense. She's just 37 and confused about this "new world", probably talking to dudes way younger than her. Can't date way younger unless you understand how they communicate. She over-complicated the whole thing. Steve should've asked the age range of the dudes, not just her.
meghan emery
meghan emery - 29 days ago
i'm dying,, *H* O L A
T JJ - 29 days ago
I give men the same energy 🤷🏾‍♀️ probably why I'm still single 🤔🙄
Eshelle Bennett
Eshelle Bennett - 29 days ago
I see some dont get it. Its cool to text hey. Gets your attention. You say hi hey hello back. The conversation should ensue. But dont just randomly keep saying hey and nothing else. You say hey back and then nothing? Hey again from them and you say hey again. Nothing. They say hey hi hola wussup wyd. Im just staring at the screen like tf you want? Say something else. Ive even tried to start the convo myself and got nothing back then hours later. Hey wyd? Fool get the hell off my inbox. #delete blocked forgotten.
A True Love Official
A True Love Official - 29 days ago
I think texting "Hey" will start the conversation. However, if you don't like the way he does that, let him know. You also have the choice to stop your communication. It's as simple as that.
aaahlansxr10 - 29 days ago
“ Hose “
Ron C
Ron C - Month ago
Don't worry. It's probably somebody just setting up auto and robo text to your phone number.
Ms. Rae
Ms. Rae - Month ago
He lazy. He the typical guy. He waiting for the girl to ask him out or give him some easy p**y. But yes she looks GREAT!! 👍
christi crenshaw
christi crenshaw - Month ago
I agree I hate texting so bad mostly because no matter how careful I put my fingers on the keys it types the letter beside it above it and I'm sick of correcting it. But mostly is rather hear your voice. People can take you wrong through texting.
JuJu TKN - Month ago
The freakiest thing is that “hola” in the way Steve was saying, like a “rola” is a way to say penis in Portuguese 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😏
אנדרי דייויס
How about the women who mind just hey or wyd, hit the comments and give a guy good start up conversation messages.
Mathew Math
Mathew Math - Month ago
"wish I cud get off at fow"... LOL American English is the funniest.
Eshelle Bennett
Eshelle Bennett - 29 days ago
Ebonics. /slang/ broken english
sefakor fiadjoe
sefakor fiadjoe - Month ago
Block him! Lol
mcbthird - Month ago
From a man to women, Steve just gave y’all major game.
Harold Bolling
Harold Bolling - Month ago
If the woman answer after he say hey.. Yall can start a conversation... Why is it such a violation to "hey"? Gonna throw a good man away just cause a text appear and he say "HEY"?? smh
jordan brown
jordan brown - Month ago
he bring up points
DiCor Reels
DiCor Reels - Month ago
Women don't even know what they want, let alone text!
DiCor Reels
DiCor Reels - Month ago
Women are TRASH at texting!
Chiney Leefland
Chiney Leefland - Month ago
The H is silient💀
Travis Krause
Travis Krause - Month ago
She's a looker I can see why hes trying to get her to engage in conversation!!!
rudy gay
rudy gay - Month ago
Lol women always want to point the finger at men this women is getting in her 40s and isn’t marry clearly there a problem with in her lol but god no woman never hold their self accountable
Luwam Alem
Luwam Alem - Month ago
37?? She looks like a baby lol bless her
nkeiru26 - Month ago
I miss the gray beard!
The1baddman - Month ago
People don't talk on phones anymore, all they do is text, or pretend they're talking on the phone to from saying anything to anybody that walked by them.
Ron K
Ron K - Month ago
This is why she still single
Samuel - Month ago
Another episode pandering to the egos of women shocker😒😒😒.
Karen Gutloff
Karen Gutloff - Month ago
I so agree with Steve. I do verbal communication.
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