8 539
FLAIR - 10 months ago
Get the Early Riser Bass hat here -
(ONLY available for 48 HOURS!!!) Order and get entered 5 times into the fishing contest! Good luck!
Jason Crisco
Jason Crisco - Month ago
Just saw ur cheap vs. Not baitcaster video..i have a black max and it works just fine. I also have a lews mach crush, carbonlite 2.0, Johnny m.sig series platinum, bps formula limited, and a pflueger reel where all of those have 10 bearings or more and are all decently expensive. I'll say that I do like my more expensive pnes better and do think they work better to feel smooth overall, but will also say all my $59.99 or less reels have just as few occurrences being problematic reel issues. If u back lash then I did it...settings on reel drag or mishandling...still..u did it. I think overall reel quAlity is based on brand as long as u aren't buying just the biggest piece of crap. I 4 one like lews best...have a couple 50 n 60 $ ones I love, but am I gonna pick one up if my crush is laying there and I can only take one....absolutely if u ever make it to Charlotte nc look me up and we can take my boat to a lake or something and catch some bass!....or if u need a bath tub solutions leads u to either
Exodus fivesixfivesix
Exodus fivesixfivesix - Month ago
FLAIR damn man you wanna come to Texas I wouldn’t mind a fishing buddy.
Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG
Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG - 3 months ago
i thought abu garcia product is the best quality ever and expensive one...
Max Viking
Max Viking - 4 months ago
The King of Rediscovering
The King of Rediscovering - 5 months ago
I caught a fish so big it almost broke my Ugly Stick
Zack Sargent
Zack Sargent - 7 hours ago
It's not the rod and and reel it's the bait
Quartterio Amos
Quartterio Amos - 13 hours ago
My first baitcasting rod and reel was a Shakespeare xterra it was on sale for 25 dollars at Wal-Mart that was back In 2003 it was a strong reel but it didn't last long but anyway I prefer to buy baitcasting rod and reels in the price range of 40 or 50 dollars ranges cause I think they do just as good
vape addicts
vape addicts - 22 hours ago
I use atleast 40 to 80
Gregory Fairchild
Gregory Fairchild - Day ago
Abu Garcia makes great reels at any price point. I've been using 5000s and 6500s and 7000s bringing in 50 lb plus cats nooo...problem...
Trevor Vecchio
Trevor Vecchio - Day ago
I use black and silver Max’s
blane upshaw
blane upshaw - Day ago
I use the black max 3 on a Berkley lighting 7ft medium and the lews American hero on a all-star classic medium heavy
Noah Shaw
Noah Shaw - Day ago
i use a lot of abu garcia and i dont go over 180 i try to stay under 90 but will go to 150 180 is worst case sonario
Noah Shaw
Noah Shaw - Day ago
the reel is also pretty smooth reel
Noah Shaw
Noah Shaw - Day ago
i own a black max the casting speed has to be kinda tight i got a birds nest on my first cast too so its not the reel its a good reel i almost caught a tank i was using a frog and i popped it as the bass came up and i pulled it out of its mouth and i didnt have any more bites but it just takes a second to get the reels features right
Cosmic Charlie
Cosmic Charlie - Day ago
I like a bait casting reel for trolling. Working the shoreline for bass I would choose a spinning reel every time.
Frank B Parker
Frank B Parker - Day ago
I can catch fish with a beer can and some line
Jack Welch
Jack Welch - 3 days ago
Oh my gosh* please. Love the vids keep it up
Dysphoric - 3 days ago
I’m comfortable spending around 180 or so on a reel. The most I’ve paid is 250 for the Curado dc. It’s cool to have, but definitely not necessary to spend as much as I do on gear.
dillbill2A - 3 days ago
wtf is this lingo? lmao, I feel like I'm in college again.
Itz Infinite
Itz Infinite - 3 days ago
40 isn’t cheap it’s still a decent reel
Beerrunner81 - 4 days ago
I think the sensitivity of the rod is more important. The right rod with the right reel is the way to go.
Linda Guo
Linda Guo - 4 days ago
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Chris Everett
Chris Everett - 4 days ago
I cant use a spinning reel or a bait caster so I guess I'm not allowed to fish...thanks.
Mason Adkins
Mason Adkins - 4 days ago
Right hand retrieve is not the “correct” way. Theres is no “correct” way LH retrieve and RH retrieve is both correct
Carson Dickerson
Carson Dickerson - 4 days ago
The conclusion is they got a mess of fish
Wooley Woodworker
Wooley Woodworker - 4 days ago
What lake were you at in Nebraska? I'm from Grand Island area!
Boom Tingz
Boom Tingz - 6 days ago
You sneeze exactly like my dad 😂
Service dog Zeus
Service dog Zeus - 6 days ago
Do you have a merch
Fishing for Monsters
Fishing for Monsters - 6 days ago
I have the black max combo and I can not break it it costs $70
Craig Emery
Craig Emery - 7 days ago
That's funny I'm left handed myself and I just recently bought a baitcaster after using a spinning reel my whole life. I went in to Dick's and tried out both and had to go with the right handed reel! Reeling with my left hand of course felt slightly better but I didn't like adjusting the side tension or drag with my left hand it just felt AWKWARD as hell. Plus I've seen people switching hands and I didn't really want to do that if I didn't have to. I can still reel plenty good enough with my non-dominant hand so I'm glad I went the right handed route so far.
Jayce Thomas
Jayce Thomas - 7 days ago
I do 40 2 100
Blaze Horsley
Blaze Horsley - 7 days ago
I am right handed and throw right I have that same expensive and I have that cheap obe
Cpt.Tomato - 8 days ago
Don’t throw fish in the water set them down in the water because if u throw a fish in then it can hit its head and lose balance and die.
Tj Shaw
Tj Shaw - 8 days ago
Thank you for helping me get outside and go fishing
Kaden Stanton
Kaden Stanton - 8 days ago
Left handed gang
Satisfyingmilk 123
Satisfyingmilk 123 - 9 days ago
Bless you
magnum127 - 9 days ago
Bass Brothers
Bass Brothers - 10 days ago
Is it bad I use the black Maxx reel
Chris Hubbard
Chris Hubbard - 11 days ago
I have a cheap $20 rod and a $40 monarch baitcaster from walmart works great for me I'd never be able to spend $400 I can but seems pointless to me
Boondock Patrol
Boondock Patrol - 5 days ago
Chris Hubbard thats how I am! From fishing rods/reels to guns. I buy what works good, for cheap!
A Piece Of cheese
A Piece Of cheese - 12 days ago
Jumps out of car
Here fishy fishy with Jack
64 penn pursuit 4000 because saltwater and bass
josh kelley
josh kelley - 13 days ago
the other day I went fishing at a local lake I saw atleast 35 boats worth around 50 to a 100 grand each with all thier fancy gear i was using a pole I found at the river worth 20 bucks new at best with 4 worms I dug out of my yard I caught more fish off the dock than all 35 boats put together with at least 2 people per boat its not the price of your gear that catches fish
Dustin Fisher
Dustin Fisher - 13 days ago
What it got on a ambassadeur 6000 it's all about the rig and bait and drag
Owen Evers
Owen Evers - 13 days ago
Ashley Rossi
Ashley Rossi - 14 days ago
I hadnt fished in 7 years, got a black max and a decent casting rod, now im crushing 2 pound smallies and pike on swimbaits, and crankbaits. Never had so much fun! Been abusing the hell out of blackmax for a month straight now. Only reel i own. Still smooth as butter would highly recommend it to anyone for any fishing! BOOM!
It’s Steakwgon
It’s Steakwgon - 14 days ago
hey idk if you’ll see this but i have a real like those and every time i cast out the line explodes on me. what do i do to avoid that?
Fuerzas Especiales X5
Fuerzas Especiales X5 - 13 days ago
Learn how to tune it. So many videos on youtube.
905 Fishing
905 Fishing - 14 days ago
I reel like flair
Jdizzle 8633
Jdizzle 8633 - 14 days ago
For one that kid can’t throw a bait caster for his life
Austin Blessing
Austin Blessing - 15 days ago
I got a black max reel on an old zebco
CountryMusician1991 - 15 days ago
I try to stick between $80-$100 for a reel, but there are a lot of really good value reels out there for less than 50 or 60 dollars. Some Okumas, Piscifun, kastking, etc.. I think rod choice is a lot more crucial, but again, there are some excellent rods out there for cheap.
Drew B
Drew B - 15 days ago
I would it comes down how to how u reel it in and what kinda bait
Awesome fidgets 123
Awesome fidgets 123 - 16 days ago
I use 12 pound line and it’s pretty good
Plead Ster
Plead Ster - 17 days ago
It's a biggins...... *2 lbs
Anthony Reese
Anthony Reese - 17 days ago
I use 89 to 100
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