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FLAIR - Year ago
Get the Early Riser Bass hat here -
(ONLY available for 48 HOURS!!!) Order and get entered 5 times into the fishing contest! Good luck!
Gacha milk shake
Gacha milk shake - 12 days ago
FLAIR your partner John should have set his reel that is the reason he got a bird nest pros use abu Garcia they are really good
kolek Tong
kolek Tong - 20 days ago
My friend,do you have professional MP Eagle By DuraBrite Fishing lights ? DC12V 100W /24V 144W
Jason Crisco
Jason Crisco - 5 months ago
Just saw ur cheap vs. Not baitcaster video..i have a black max and it works just fine. I also have a lews mach crush, carbonlite 2.0, Johnny m.sig series platinum, bps formula limited, and a pflueger reel where all of those have 10 bearings or more and are all decently expensive. I'll say that I do like my more expensive pnes better and do think they work better to feel smooth overall, but will also say all my $59.99 or less reels have just as few occurrences being problematic reel issues. If u back lash then I did it...settings on reel drag or mishandling...still..u did it. I think overall reel quAlity is based on brand as long as u aren't buying just the biggest piece of crap. I 4 one like lews best...have a couple 50 n 60 $ ones I love, but am I gonna pick one up if my crush is laying there and I can only take one....absolutely if u ever make it to Charlotte nc look me up and we can take my boat to a lake or something and catch some bass!....or if u need a bath tub solutions leads u to either
Exodus fivesixfivesix
Exodus fivesixfivesix - 5 months ago
FLAIR damn man you wanna come to Texas I wouldn’t mind a fishing buddy.
Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG
Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG - 7 months ago
i thought abu garcia product is the best quality ever and expensive one...
heathen outdoors
heathen outdoors - 2 days ago
how about all expensive:
lews vs shimano vs abu
Jcd Does
Jcd Does - 3 days ago
Normally around 100-150 for a reel
Alfy 606
Alfy 606 - 3 days ago
Blue max and silver max
Alfy 606
Alfy 606 - 3 days ago
Love the black max
yeeter discreeter
yeeter discreeter - 12 days ago
Make your own rod
James Stepp88
James Stepp88 - 14 days ago
I have 6 kids and no extra money to spend on reels yet, when my dad passed I got his only fishing stuff, they are zebco and Shakespeare, I jig fish on a small fenwick rod and Shakespeare reel on 4lb line, catch over 30 gills and a few bass almost Everytime I go fishing 🤣🤣
Lalo ひ
Lalo ひ - 19 days ago
Dude I just wanna fish idc wat rod I got as long as I catch sum🤘🏽
Andrew Sanchez
Andrew Sanchez - 23 days ago
catching fish is catching fish no matter what you use. it really dont matter honestly i would rather buy a cheap reel and just get a nice rod although that still dont matter lol. the only reason they cost more is it just feels better maybe a couple more bearings and better components. but one thing is dam sure... it will not make you catch more fish
SitDown Dusty
SitDown Dusty - 27 days ago
Would never pay $400 for a reel but gotta say its damn sexy looks so well made
UrMum Gæy
UrMum Gæy - Month ago
is that like sponge on the 400$ reel, or is it rubber?
Patrick Clash
Patrick Clash - Month ago
I have the Abu Garcia Black max. I think it's adequate. I'm learning on it now. The only thing more I would look to spend a little more money on is higher gear ratio and build quality, so probably mid range. I could never see spending over 120 for a decent reel. Spinner, caster or otherwise.
Alex Hournung
Alex Hournung - Month ago
Who’s here in 2019
Xanh Đậu
Xanh Đậu - Month ago
Hi. i am Vietnamese. I really like this fishing rod set. It is very quality. How much is it in Vietnam?
Noah Coulombe
Noah Coulombe - Month ago
Sneezing money👃💰
Adam George
Adam George - Month ago
I have the black max it's a great beginners reel abu Garcia
Rude Leg Playz
Rude Leg Playz - Month ago
Imagine you caught an alligator with your bait n fishing rod
Jackson Bleyenberg
Jackson Bleyenberg - Month ago
Check out my Chanel sub and commit and you cand have a shout out in ninjas video
king of hawk aivs
king of hawk aivs - Month ago
Its my dream to having that bro..but i need to spend money ..but i will
Reece Is Fishing
Reece Is Fishing - Month ago
Dude flare I’m 10 years old I’ve got one of the black maxes and mines on freeze spell
Kade Moret
Kade Moret - Month ago
I want to come with you
Ashton Hartley
Ashton Hartley - Month ago
lews way better $400
Ryan Conrad
Ryan Conrad - Month ago
So not worth it my son uses a child's paw patrol rod and real and kills it. And he's 5 so I don't think it matters
NickPZ Vlogs
NickPZ Vlogs - Month ago
I have the Pro ti aka the one he is using and it is amazing. The black Max is amazing for the price I bought one for my friend for his birthday and he loves it. I know everyone is saying that their is not a difference and that they could catch just as many fish on a cheaper reel. All reels will catch fish but your just paying for quality.
Ryan O'Dell
Ryan O'Dell - 2 months ago
The cheap one is a black max and it is only rated to hold 12 lbs.
Love the vid
Will Swope
Will Swope - 2 months ago
I don’t use bait casters but I will go like 300 for a spinning reel
Demolition J
Demolition J - 2 months ago
Quantum Accurist is the baitcasting reel I use.
Nelly Lopez
Nelly Lopez - 2 months ago
This guy and the lunkers dude mimic each other so much
Mariangel Mendez
Mariangel Mendez - 2 months ago
Can we get 100 likes
Timmy Lawson
Timmy Lawson - 2 months ago
I like the Spartacus kastking its cheap an works great but if u was going to buy an expensive reel it would be sz inception
randy bonilla
randy bonilla - 2 months ago
$100 or Higher
Esmeralda Carrilo
Esmeralda Carrilo - 2 months ago
Ok I’m new to fishing. Can eny one tell me what lure that was in the start
Fran jr Romero
Fran jr Romero - 2 months ago
you are crap
Lars Petter Flaglien
Lars Petter Flaglien - 2 months ago
I use the abu Garcia black max fore Pike fishing and have no problems. It a grate reel for the price 9/10
Causeimwhite22 YT
Causeimwhite22 YT - 2 months ago
I heard that birdsnest
RP-Boxing - 2 months ago
I bought my rid from aldi
Adiarby13 - 2 months ago
Expensive reel and rod to men are like expensive handbag and stilleto to women, they all get the job done but having expensive things make us feel good
John Pilcher Fishing
John Pilcher Fishing - 2 months ago
Cheapest 100$ expensive 200$
Joe Le
Joe Le - 2 months ago
I use a $150 penn reel
trevor barton
trevor barton - 2 months ago
Bro you have me hella weak with these fish names 😂
Ronald L Edgerton
Ronald L Edgerton - 2 months ago
12:55. God bless you!
Seth Hudson
Seth Hudson - 3 months ago
I’ve had a black max for like 4 years and it still works like brand new
Tony Bufalo
Tony Bufalo - 3 months ago
Mine is 5 dollars
savage ball10
savage ball10 - 3 months ago
Left hand bros 😭 love you no homo
Eli beck
Eli beck - 3 months ago
i have been using the blackmax for a while. it was my 2nd bait caster reel 1st reel was a premier both great for the price
Turbo Faggot
Turbo Faggot - 3 months ago
40 to 150$
Ayman Bannari
Ayman Bannari - 3 months ago
I used to have a black max and it is first of all like 70$, second it is not cheap it's very good and third of all their less left-handed than right-handed so you're the wrong way.
chase lewis
chase lewis - 3 months ago
It’s funny you did this vid cause I have both those reals lol
Jcd Does
Jcd Does - 3 months ago
This guy makes me feel poor because I use a 40 dollar bait caster
Fuhh Kuuu
Fuhh Kuuu - 3 months ago
I bought an ugly stik from Walmart for 40 bucks almost 2 weeks ago. Caught blue gill, bass, and catfish on it so far. Works just fine. Catfish was the biggest catch, almost 4 pounds. I would recommend it to anyone just starting fishing or some who just wants to catch some decent fish. I use 12 pound line, so if I get a really good one I should be able to haul it in.
Benjamin Burton
Benjamin Burton - 3 months ago
So basically it all comes down to location location location.
Taylor Elkins
Taylor Elkins - 3 months ago
I have the black max reel best reel I've ever bought works best with 40lb or higher braid
KPbassKing 1
KPbassKing 1 - 3 months ago
Love this video bro. I have 2 black Max's. The combo rods that come with them are junk. But the reel is great! I also have a field and stream rod paired with one. ABU GARCIA sent me a free replacement of a vengeance rod in place of the black max rod. I love the vengeance rod for jerkbaits! Very touchy. Keep the vids coming man
David C
David C - 3 months ago
Cheap scope vs expensive scope
Chris McCrea
Chris McCrea - 3 months ago
Abu BlackMax on a medium rod. Abu ProMax on a medium/heavy rod. That's what I use. Best budget combos imho.
Roman Tur
Roman Tur - 3 months ago
80 for reel
Adam Machelski
Adam Machelski - 3 months ago
Shimano curado dc by far most expensive reel I have bought and the rest are all lews like the custom xp’s and speed spool’s I love them all but that dc has me hooked I just love that whine it makes and my 6 year old can cast it but round about $99 for a bait caster is more then sufficient
Brad2boy - 3 months ago
I’m also left handed no wonder I like the right reels
TheIltzsch - 3 months ago
What lake was this?
jordan rodgers
jordan rodgers - 3 months ago
Did you rebuilt the boat to bass conversion or get it like that ? If you built it can you do a video on it ?
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