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15 122
Jon B
Jon B - 4 часа назад
quavo's solo hits arnt as fiya as his features or when hes with all the migos, and on the flip side take off's solo songs are on 1000. interesting how some ppl rly do work better with a group vs solo
Hericlene Sublime
Hericlene Sublime - 9 часов назад
my channel subscribes
Sahko Adda
Sahko Adda - 11 часов назад
I fill like quavo
mister ek
mister ek - 15 часов назад
Great song with an apocalyptic futuristic video clip!!!!!
SchnipiTexture - 15 часов назад
from wich brand are these vr goggles ?
BIH Blue Dragon
BIH Blue Dragon - 16 часов назад
This song hard don’t care what anyone says
KillerBaezxy 00
KillerBaezxy 00 - 17 часов назад
Enedino Sixto
Enedino Sixto - День назад
Duro quavo skrrrrrr
extreme vidzz
extreme vidzz - День назад
came here for draya michele
video lit
Gwazel23 - День назад
Her Beauty is OUtragiouuus !! Damn !
Sam WallaceJr
Sam WallaceJr - 2 дня назад
Six in the morning and she still talking shit🔥🔥🔥🔥😖
Louie Hartwich Meinert Matschofsky
Louie Hartwich Meinert Matschofsky - 2 дня назад

juanito J
juanito J - 2 дня назад
lisa holmes
lisa holmes - 3 дня назад
You can never go wrong wit Qua💯💋
lisa holmes
lisa holmes - 3 дня назад
I swear this my life love the lyrics and the beat
Randy S
Randy S - 3 дня назад
Love it
Whitney hyston
Whitney hyston - 3 дня назад
i hear this is the knew song and i love it😍😍😍
Aka Rasta
Aka Rasta - 3 дня назад
Ok i need the main girl IG
Amnesia aka AMZ
Amnesia aka AMZ - 3 дня назад
Looks like 2pac with long hair not gonna lie 😂😂
Wangui Louise
Wangui Louise - 3 дня назад
Love your song
Deeran Morrison
Deeran Morrison - 4 дня назад
cool hot music hits
Dhaval Patel
Dhaval Patel - 4 дня назад
Draya michele ayeeeeee
Sean Almighty
Sean Almighty - 4 дня назад
Y’all gay af. I don’t see not one comment about Draya’s fine ass🤤
Jenny Vashey
Jenny Vashey - 4 дня назад
Bass boosted!
Jenny Vashey
Jenny Vashey - 4 дня назад
I replay this song 100 times a day lol
8 God
8 God - 5 дней назад
Daquan loco
Daquan loco - 5 дней назад
Migos 1st place in raps
Kim Hobson
Kim Hobson - 5 дней назад
My baby making hit after hit! FUCK WIT ME & GET RICH!
Visual Models
Visual Models - 5 дней назад
Find models in the video at
royale king
royale king - 5 дней назад
0:05 reminds me of PS2 screen
Diogo Miguel
Diogo Miguel - 5 дней назад
the best music of 2018
MK - 5 дней назад
Buddha bless this beat 😂
Demiah Doyle
Demiah Doyle - 6 дней назад
quavo is a good
Sasy Lp
Sasy Lp - 6 дней назад
mi chiedo come faccia con queste canzoni d merda a sfondare,mi stanno piangendo le orecchie,tanti soldi,tanta professionalità, camere,location ecc for what?
smokey dred
smokey dred - 7 дней назад
Quavo videos don't never match the song....
Riffk Art
Riffk Art - 7 дней назад
Hook pop bubble gum thumb threw her weave. Smh
Yazid Blaugrana
Yazid Blaugrana - 7 дней назад
whos the girl at 2.25 ??
The Chiggle
The Chiggle - 7 дней назад
I don’t care if he’s a mumble rappers
He’s still lit! 🔥
Ashtin Dorsey
Ashtin Dorsey - 8 дней назад
Hi Mr Quavo I’m a 13 year young rapper who is trying to make a come up for my mom and end her troubles. I look up to you because I have no male role model in my life and I want to help by doing what I love
Ned Stark
Ned Stark - 8 дней назад
When you side with the Institute on fallout 4
Darren Moore
Darren Moore - 8 дней назад
Fucking dirty track to bump in the car cruising down the highway
Maniac Moore
Maniac Moore - 8 дней назад
Bro your awesome and I hope you make more than a million
Carlos Daniel
Carlos Daniel - 8 дней назад
mano to viciado neessa música top DMS slk
Lenzene Zoroka
Lenzene Zoroka - 8 дней назад
Quavo wow it's amazing it's never seen brother you're the best. in any case respect to you Migos🔥🔥🔥
VEXXX 100 - 9 дней назад
Check out my remix here.
onthing the mastermind
onthing the mastermind - 9 дней назад
Y’all are just jealous of quavo cuz he has a nice flow and rich asf💯🔥
francis karel
francis karel - 9 дней назад
Why does it look like Ayo technology - 50 cent
Smilemom Justme
Smilemom Justme - 9 дней назад
This nigga stupid o don't like this song at all
jason hartless
jason hartless - 10 дней назад
I fucking hate mumble rappers...
Undeniable Cali
Undeniable Cali - 10 дней назад
Drea look cute
Jammy Peoples
Jammy Peoples - 10 дней назад
Mumble rap ? Where?
Luan dos S. Silva
Luan dos S. Silva - 10 дней назад
who name the girl in the video ocops
Daminique sauvé
Daminique sauvé - 10 дней назад
love this shit yo.
John Hightower
John Hightower - 10 дней назад
Major Winning
Streamer Minion
Streamer Minion - 10 дней назад
Draya Michelle
jahkaya Tellez Pugh
jahkaya Tellez Pugh - 11 дней назад
Felt old dipset wave on this.... nice!!!!
Mrs curl coach walker
Mrs curl coach walker - 11 дней назад
This song is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Atandy Beckford
Atandy Beckford - 11 дней назад
Quavo and offset they are the best
Culterin - 11 дней назад
kokany hegeszto
kokany hegeszto - 11 дней назад
edit: B U B B L E G U M
DSSL - 11 дней назад
anyone know who the main thot in this was?
Ganganführer Schaich Manfred
Ganganführer Schaich Manfred - 11 дней назад
hoe ass shit
Big G
Big G - 11 дней назад
This confirms my suspicions that the Purge is coming to America.
SMGG 4life
SMGG 4life - 12 дней назад
Music starts at 00:45 for the next person who wanna know
NefraRijeka - 12 дней назад
Takeoff verse is killer 4:04
Desiree Parker
Desiree Parker - 12 дней назад
keaton schulte
keaton schulte - 13 дней назад
Quavo got some BARS keep doing your thing
Francis Momoh
Francis Momoh - 13 дней назад
Akshay Sabale
Akshay Sabale - 13 дней назад
Akshay Sabale
Akshay Sabale - 13 дней назад
Nice 3
Akshay Sabale
Akshay Sabale - 13 дней назад
Akshay Sabale
Akshay Sabale - 13 дней назад
Yonna Minnie
Yonna Minnie - 13 дней назад
Quavo bumping 🗣💪
Nurgles Chosen
Nurgles Chosen - 13 дней назад
Their music sounds the same but in a shity way their like powerwolf. It sounds the same but it's still pretty good to listen to
Jamonea G
Jamonea G - 14 дней назад
Dual - 14 дней назад
Quavo is the autotune god
Ant Bush
Ant Bush - 14 дней назад
Y this go so hard tho
Mathias le Bls
Mathias le Bls - 14 дней назад
Cleb Felm
Cleb Felm - 15 дней назад
this looks like an expensive ass video
Murillo - 15 дней назад
Kent Butler
Kent Butler - 15 дней назад
Pop bubble gum
Robert Scott
Robert Scott - 15 дней назад
This song is lit bro best hit you ever mad
kra tos
kra tos - 15 дней назад
sound the same ? u must be fucking deaf hoe
jamal adams
jamal adams - 15 дней назад
big up quavo the song
Zorporia Battle
Zorporia Battle - 16 дней назад
Am I the only one who clicked because I saw draya?
jeanette earley
jeanette earley - 16 дней назад
Quavo I love You
GG GAMING - 16 дней назад
if you play fortnite and like quavo play this song along with headbanger from fortnite and mute headbanger and play it along bubble gum (Your Welcome!!!)
Donald Andrews
Donald Andrews - 16 дней назад
he just wack forreal..tell the real truth honestly his lyrics are stupid ,honestly
Jaedon Minor
Jaedon Minor - 16 дней назад
This shit wack AND IM A MIGO FAN
YPN Rog Lee
YPN Rog Lee - 16 дней назад
Quavo that niggga thoo
letspretend - 16 дней назад
this song & videoo
Ty Kid
Ty Kid - 16 дней назад
thats dope
TROG FANG - 17 дней назад
Dope ass song that I had to make my version ! Check it out , I would really appreciate the support . Much love , have a bless day.
Baltimore Cam
Baltimore Cam - 17 дней назад
How about them hoes get geeked how about that 😂
Jedidya B. Rukobe
Jedidya B. Rukobe - 17 дней назад
I love this beat💗👌
Xkk Xkk
Xkk Xkk - 17 дней назад
ok after this clip i will go and bay sunglasses...and pack of gum :P
Sergey Zemitis
Sergey Zemitis - 17 дней назад
future rap
Sergey Zemitis
Sergey Zemitis - 17 дней назад
future rap
itWaswritten - 17 дней назад
Video ain't got shit to do with the song
Elijah Ashman
Elijah Ashman - 17 дней назад
Reminds of kayne west or Pharrell vibes.
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