Dana White reacts to Stipe Miocic's win vs. Daniel Cormier, Nate Diaz's return | UFC 241 | ESPN MMA

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nnikolaj - 9 hours ago
Dana = Piggy bank 😆
Villa Mara
Villa Mara - 7 days ago
Kme, kme.... pockemoni.
Adam Soto
Adam Soto - 8 days ago
For real DC is a cheater man you see how many eye pokes he did against ePay literally you can't count that as accidental eye pokes just look at him in slow motion he was intentionally poking me in the eye and then following up with a writer left hand depending on which I he poked he did that in the first fight why you think sleep aid didn't see that punch coming I'm not taking anything away from DC he was a great Champion but he's a cheater
Dave Miller
Dave Miller - 10 days ago
This interviewer obviously does not know the MMA world. If he did; he would know that Dana White and the entire crew at Zuffa are not fans of Stipe.
Damir Bubnic
Damir Bubnic - 12 days ago
Dana come to dc locker room to blow his dick and make him happy after the loss..
Shekinah95 - 12 days ago
Dana, if you're listening. Have the runner up give the 1st interview and end the night off with the winners speech. Never understood that.
Steven Dub
Steven Dub - 12 days ago
Holy shit Dana so hurt inside that dc lost hahah !
Nate Dion
Nate Dion - 12 days ago
Did Dana just say Nate Diaz Gassed Out in the First 😂😂, he must not watch his trading video..
C A - 18 days ago
I can't stand this greesy company man mic stand.
Jean-Paul Moreau
Jean-Paul Moreau - 18 days ago
Dana looks happy. Good for him. He's made a fringe sport into a juggernaut.
Kenneth Bailey
Kenneth Bailey - 18 days ago
Espn sucks is the only think wrong with the MMA
Birdthoughts V
Birdthoughts V - 18 days ago
what happens when a unstoppable force meets a immovable object.
Hegelian Dialectic
Hegelian Dialectic - 20 days ago
Brett Stfu u loser
Dario Milkovic
Dario Milkovic - 20 days ago
Michael Boyers
Michael Boyers - 21 day ago
more than you can say about Ngannou and lewis who should have been sacked for their disgraceful arranged non fight, i was so shocked to see that farce they should be made to fight again without pay or both be sacked from the UFC,
nagannou definitely does not deserve to fight for the belt and neither does lewis who farcically won on the night although no punches or any sign of a real fight took place
nLesLiFe - 21 day ago
they have to make Diaz vs Masvidal a fight night so it can be 5 rounds..
Theresa Miller
Theresa Miller - 21 day ago
Hey Dana White...you suck. I loved seeing the misery on your face when you wrapped that belt around Stipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reggie Reyes
Reggie Reyes - 21 day ago
It’s not “George Masvidal” it’s JORGE MASVIDAL Yisus chwrist!!
Burn You
Burn You - 21 day ago
Nate would wipe Jorge
Rusty Ernewein
Rusty Ernewein - 21 day ago
It was an Awesome fight. The best of the best
Golden Gloves
Golden Gloves - 21 day ago
These 2 are funny 🤦
Ultimate Man
Ultimate Man - 21 day ago
We truly are reliving the gladiator ages this Dana makes me think of the Dominus of Maximus quite odd it all feels the same.
People are now making videos of fights to the death as if it was nothing....
Stipe and DC faces looked like they went into a torture room.
Nose Picking Puddle Jumping Window Licker
Gabe Lopez
Gabe Lopez - 21 day ago
Correction; as much we respect and love DC , he isn’t the greatest to ever do it. In order to be considered such, you need to defend your belt with top contenders more than a couple times.... history says differently; so sassy from Dana....
Sherlock Jones
Sherlock Jones - 21 day ago
Bret Okaymoto is a clone that lends an air of horse-shit to MMA. KEEP POLITICS AND SOCIAL CONDITIONING OUT OF THE SPORT!
zia marshall Khamou
zia marshall Khamou - 21 day ago
I knew dc was gonna lose..i didny put one dime on that fiht..im so pisst
Jordan McGinnis
Jordan McGinnis - 21 day ago
Whenever DC gets in trouble he stiffens his fingers and jabs his hands forward acting like he is trying to keep distance while really hoping he lands an eye poke.. clear as day dirty shit. He poked stipe again but this time it didn't matter cause stipe got mad.
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez - 21 day ago
DC shouldn't be ashamed to losing to a great clean ( no steroid jones) fighter
jon plasterer
jon plasterer - 19 days ago
No DC should be ashamed that he got caught cheating against this man twice and the first time he stole the man's belt and the second time he got it nihilate it even though he cheated... DC should definitely be ashamed though
UFCisFUN - 22 days ago
Tshering Doji
Tshering Doji - 22 days ago
If stipa is best y u have not given rematch before. Not u have no option to tell him that he is the best.
Bull Sheit
Bull Sheit - 22 days ago
I have no witty comment, I'll just say it how I see it. Brett is a terrible reporter, and a complete tool. I would have rather heard Dana respond to a Q&A printed from the internet. Dana should have asked, who is your back-up reporter? Just in case you're having a bad night..
shun shun
shun shun - 22 days ago
Jones needs to step up and whoop Stepi now
Ansel Hansen
Ansel Hansen - 22 days ago
DC : "I was winning that fight....I was winning that fight.."
Reality check : Via Eye poke
jon plasterer
jon plasterer - 20 days ago
@Tiramisu #1P4PGOAT it was obviously part of the plan... DC and Herb ought to be kicked out of MMA if you ask me. Absolute scumbags man. Totally intentional.
Tiramisu #1P4PGOAT
Tiramisu #1P4PGOAT - 20 days ago
Yeah round 2 was the most blatant eye pokes in the history of the UFC. Jon Jones had to take some notes. At some point DC was marching forward with both hands and fingers extended right in Miocic's face constantly poking his eyes out. The cunt Herb Dean never called the extended fingers in the face which is 100% a foul. But he had the gall to call out Miocic in the 3rd round for probing a jab with a slightly opened hand. Herb is the most overrated ref in the buisness. He's not Mazagatti but he's very close.
Mohan Sha
Mohan Sha - 22 days ago
If DC barely won against Stipe, like 29-28 29-28 28-29; and Stipe KOed DC in 15 seconds... there would be no trilogy...
But, they were both awesome, tactical, crazy KOs... so who exactly is on top? Not sure...
Waiting for trilogy.
Grandma Ruth
Grandma Ruth - 22 days ago
Who wants some of my banana bread?
M N - 22 days ago
NATE SLAPPED THAT HOE CONOR lol during a fight and he pointed and smiled lol Conor got slapped like a hoe (not confuse you Dana is Conor's Hoe, I called Conor a how in this situation).. LOL NATE & NICK WE LOVE YOU BROTHER!!!!! 209 & 510!!
the internet
the internet - 22 days ago
Next fight for DC. greatest eye poker on roids vs greatest eye poker 3.
Adam Hayat
Adam Hayat - 22 days ago
Dana White Is a ESPN Do boy ! Do exactly as ESPN says or get put on the shelf like your Dana’s step son McLoser!
Nuru - 22 days ago
I really like Brett Okamoto. Maybe because somehow he humanizes Dana yet maintains a high IQ and professional demeanor. Okamoto's also clearly a real fan of the sport. I'm interested in what questions are on his mind. AMAZING night of fights, truly and a fun interview.
The Question
The Question - 22 days ago
Stipe vs Jones For GOAT
Reptilian Overlord
Reptilian Overlord - 22 days ago
Stipe should NOT give DC a rematch right away. DC made Stipe wait, now it’s his turn to wait. If he’d given Stipe the rematch right away instead of fighting Lewis I’d say they should rematch but now the shoes on the other foot, DC needs to wait.
Big Boy
Big Boy - 22 days ago
*We need Conor McGregor vs Tony Ferguson*
Kasper Ancher
Kasper Ancher - 22 days ago
Does anybody know when Stipe's series of audio books voiced by him is coming out? Apparently in red riding hood he does a collaboration with Yoel Romero.
Virginia Remedi
Virginia Remedi - 22 days ago
How many fights will Nate get? That's what I want to know. He's more than deserving.
Tikimohn - 20 days ago
Nate turns down 98% of the fights they offer him. It's really does Nate want to fight. Same for Nick. Everyone wants to see Nick fight but he wants a big money fight at this point. The irony is he's a big money draw himself.... Put him in with a banger and it's gonna fucking sell.
RyanTreks - 23 days ago
the UFC has "champ champ" and some that want to be "champ champ champ" but Nate Diaz is the every-day real man's champ. He is either just like us or just like a best friend we have. Everyone can relate to him. I just hope UFC will recognize him like MOST of the UFC fans recognize him. We all heard the ROAR for him during UFC241 (deafening)!!!
RyanTreks - 23 days ago
the UFC has "champ champ" and some that want to be "champ champ champ" but Nate Diaz is the every-day real man's champ. He is either just like us or just like a best friend we have. Everyone can relate to him. I just hope UFC will recognize him like MOST of the UFC fans recognize him. We all heard the ROAR for him during UFC241 (deafening)!!!
Luis Manuel Baez
Luis Manuel Baez - 23 days ago
I saw a few holes in Dana's speakings , Kevin Lee.
Mr. 47
Mr. 47 - 23 days ago
Tony vs khabib next
Daud Hicks
Daud Hicks - 23 days ago
Nate too big for 155... what about Costa at 185? what about Conor at 145?
boris blade
boris blade - 23 days ago
his head looks like my penis tip.
Glockspecific - 23 days ago
Ya Nate is a star Dana, no thanks to you! Pay the man and get Nick in for a fight before the time runs out!!
Bryan Rasmussen
Bryan Rasmussen - 23 days ago
Dana White is so full of shit... Max, sucks... Dustin, sucks... Connor eats better than he fights... Drunk dolly lobbing leprechaun got his pussy ass kicked.... And was asking for mercy during the fight... He just gets people efed up! Dana should have to fight to prove he knows anything ... Bragging douche... Red Hot Chilly Peppers.... STFU!
Howabouthetruth - 23 days ago
Where did ALL of you fuckers go, who said: "DC is gonna destroy Stipe"........HA!!! And it's awful damned funny how DC was talkin' shit about "Stipe's FEELINGS".........when it's DC HIMSELF who always fucking cries like a damned baby when he loses.
BurntCokkie - 23 days ago
Tony vs Conor winner fights for belt
J Svalina
J Svalina - 23 days ago
For the Title of greatest Heavywieght of all time.
Soldier of God Yoel Romero
Imagine khabib vs tony and masvidal vs Diaz on the same card
Bryce Wise
Bryce Wise - 21 day ago
And Colby useman 😂
TheSmigko - 22 days ago
God tier
green sockeye
green sockeye - 23 days ago
Fire Dana for mishandling Nate, too many boring fights and did not want to pay the real star for a main event. He ruined the LW division
Justin Ruberio
Justin Ruberio - 23 days ago
Max arguably won the Porier fight, why does Dana and everyone else keep saying max couldn’t hang at 55?
Justin Ruberio
Justin Ruberio - 23 days ago
Stipe beats Ngannou every time. Hands down.
SlickSith - 23 days ago
Fuck China, Fuck Abu Dhabi
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