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Iain - 26 minutes ago
I was one of the ones that thought mike was a Logan yes man and a Logan brown nose and after watching this and listening to Mike talk about Mental health and his words.. I’m so glad I got it wrong.. although a little less brown nosing would be good 😜.. seriously dude.. thanks for the words you used and the follow up with Evan on his channel.. Thanks for sharing such a personal journey.. you guys would have helped heaps of people with this..
Josh Harper
Josh Harper - 9 hours ago
These people living off the back of his hard work and success. He supports, shelters and feeds you. Have some respect. Also, he’s NOT you’re daddy.
Salvador Koehler
Salvador Koehler - 10 hours ago
13 ads.
Ryan Ekes
Ryan Ekes - 11 hours ago
Can someone answer why spencer is such an annoying cuck?
BenNuttinYahoosreel - 18 hours ago
Logan is a sociopath & a narcissist.
Daniel Calhoun
Daniel Calhoun - Day ago
My goodness, I almost got off the video....the old geiser ND his loud filthy mouth needs to go. Not 1 episode does he say anything that is worth him being there and his vulgar mouth seriously gets irritating. A CPL cus words are no biggie but when it's every other word it shows a lack of intelligence.
And done
greenthumb 94
greenthumb 94 - Day ago
This is the first video with logan paul ive ever seen ! I knew who he was butt never watched ! Any more insight?
ShArp HD
ShArp HD - 14 hours ago
He has exposed a dead body in a Japanese forest and it caused him (cause of the backlash) to be more respectful but he has a ego problem
Xade Braun
Xade Braun - Day ago
Even ya perfect the way you are don let anything anyone change ya
Yick James
Yick James - Day ago
Logan is my all time favourite youtuber mostly because I relate to him to the most
emma Said
emma Said - Day ago
I love how in 1:27:10when evan tried to talk but couldn’t because he was about to cry , mike made some jokes so that he can make him feel better and be able to talk ..
Jaron Kirkbride
Jaron Kirkbride - 2 days ago
Obviously Amanda's name is actually Amanda lol
Abraham Lopez
Abraham Lopez - 2 days ago
Bring Evan back to the show
ItsChancerz - 2 days ago
Just destroyed my xbox. Felt like i could do more with my life, time to put it down for a while. Get ready for a new me.
BAiley Furio
BAiley Furio - 3 days ago
I know Im about to get shot down for this, but this Evan KID is a BITCH and way too sensitive. I think hes acting ungrateful towards Logan. What else does he want from him? Hes not a therapist. And it sounds like he wanted Logan to babysit him at Coachella, I woulda been bored too! Smh
Bitcoin - 3 days ago
people that make fun of disabilities are fucked in the head period.
BAiley Furio
BAiley Furio - 3 days ago
I wonder when and how midget became a derogatory term. I always said that when I was younger not knowing, just like the ignorants Mike was talking bout, haha. Then it slowly changed. Midget dont seem that bad, does it have a dark History we dont know about? I feel bad for Evan tho, he seems to be on The verge of tears the whole time.
Aaron Onstott
Aaron Onstott - 3 days ago
Bro I have so much respect for mike. He is the honest balanced voice of reason and sees both sides of all situations. This man is wise beyond his years.
Benjamin Roberts
Benjamin Roberts - 3 days ago
Ok I genuinely like listening to these podcasts
Brian Espino
Brian Espino - 4 days ago
Honestly I’ve been through so much shit, and Evan needs to man the fuck up, I got out of my shit hole anyone can, do look for sympathy look for the solution. Fucken pussy
Midwest Reppin Entertainment
Mike is the f**kin man the best insight
X UNPHASED - 4 days ago
melissa clark
melissa clark - 4 days ago
I'm 5'10 🙄😢
Connor Schewe
Connor Schewe - 4 days ago
Logan u need to grow tf up. You might be a psychopath he’s right you really don’t have feelings or emotions if you would say that to a friend who is down then you really just dont care. I suffer with depression every single fucking day, I have panic attacks every single fucking day.
Blackburies - 4 days ago
Mike: BY the WAY
Connor Schewe
Connor Schewe - 4 days ago
N.I.K. - 4 days ago
I was hoping they’d talk more about getting Evan back on his feet and grinding with youtube agajn
Dj Perez
Dj Perez - 5 days ago
Even look at the opportunity that's there and just seize not tryna be a dick but man up bro Logan ain't your dad but he's your nigga he gonna be there the best way he can I can see it but just cool it you got it
Energy Monster
Energy Monster - 5 days ago
Blakely - 5 days ago
At the end of the day Evan is sad that Logan has moved on from his friendship and is now more with mike. In today’s day and age everyone looks at Evan like a normal human. His life just went idle and he don’t know how to handle it. I love you but get over yourself.
Braelyn Tillotson
Braelyn Tillotson - 5 days ago
Bless Mikes heart lol he’s just trying
TheModernMonkey - 5 days ago
i cant believe im watching logan paul lol im actually impressed this is a good podcast
Michael Teague
Michael Teague - 5 days ago
Late comment but oh well. I see it from both sides, I've suffered with depression and felt lower than I thought possible. The best thing I did was put myself in situations I didn't want to be in. I forced myself to socialize more and was more open with my friends about how I was feeling and they always react better than I imagined so I see how even feels. However, I'm also very pragmatic, as logan comes across so when insee a problem, I look for solutions not just to talk about things or to dwell on emotions or problems. I always viewed my mental health as a problem so when logan says he offers solutions and sees no change I can understand his frustration! Really good, real interview.
kader k
kader k - 6 days ago
Fridrik Adalgeir
Fridrik Adalgeir - 6 days ago
hey evan should look at the brightside hes 1 out of 30k
Austin G
Austin G - 6 days ago
why so many dislikes?
zm rh
zm rh - 6 days ago
she likes me!
Bryn Trev
Bryn Trev - 6 days ago
I got Love for Evan but i think hes mad at the world n i dnt blame him. Maybe cuz hes small 🤷🤷🤷
Chase Hukill
Chase Hukill - 7 days ago
"I would never go to someones house and say the worse thing i could say about them" said the man who filmed a dead body and made fun of him
Isabella Trimborn
Isabella Trimborn - 7 days ago
Evan highkey handsome
jsnpojarify - 7 days ago
This is my favorite episode EVER!!! I learned sooo much from it.
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