Super Mario Maker 2 Top 3 TROLL COURSES (Switch)

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Adrien COPIER - 2 days ago
Can you complete theese one ?
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher - 2 days ago
me_pay_minecaf Minecaf
me_pay_minecaf Minecaf - 16 days ago
did u hear about the new mario kart game for mobile?
Olivier Cabanié
Olivier Cabanié - 17 days ago
Did I just hear somebody sneezing at 6:42?
TheChargedFoxie 456yt
TheChargedFoxie 456yt - 17 days ago
I would've luaghed of the bleu pipe on the second one was a fake
mrpoopball12 - 26 days ago
If anyone replies their troll level code, I'll try it out and let you know if I beat it.
Lucas Kuhn
Lucas Kuhn - 26 days ago
Try some of my other levels (the first 3 are the bad ones but the others are pretty good 😂)
Lucas Kuhn
Lucas Kuhn - 26 days ago
mrpoopball12 lol
mrpoopball12 - 26 days ago
@Lucas Kuhn I just beat it and got WR. I have to admit, I was stuck at that checkpoint for 10 minutes trying to cheese it XD
Lucas Kuhn
Lucas Kuhn - 26 days ago
X7Q-3QY-BMG (The ending isn’t the GREATEST trolls but it’s still alright, alll of my levels are pretty hard with under %1 clear lol)
Lucas Kuhn
Lucas Kuhn - 26 days ago
mrpoopball12 one sec let me get my switch to charge and I’ll give you mine
Na dja
Na dja - 27 days ago
A Abo for you
TheLastGame - 28 days ago
Bro I do not agree with you on the first one
Christian4life86 - Month ago
The 7:20 bit with the double pipe, p-switch/boo area was clever
Ethan Kaplan
Ethan Kaplan - Month ago
The first level wasn't even a trol. He just put a bunch of random stuff around the level.
Doorknob - Month ago
Not gonna lie, the first one was pretty weak.
Anderson David
Anderson David - Month ago
rain orense
rain orense - Month ago
6:42 Did I hear "Achoo!"
May I have a troll level?
the one who goes yee
the one who goes yee - Month ago
4:48 ohhhhhhhhhh get owned!
Bagas Maukti
Bagas Maukti - Month ago
NeaMarin - Month ago
XTT-80X-CPG Here is it.
XxKillervenomxX - Month ago
The thing about troll levels are that once you fall for the troll, you should never fall for it again
XxKillervenomxX - Month ago
Try this one out
Course ID: 7VD-M2K-9JG
The Weeb Master
The Weeb Master - Month ago
The first and second level were complete shit
HIJ12 Sch
HIJ12 Sch - Month ago
3:34 top 1 hardest bosses
JSoldierPro - Month ago
That first stage looks terrible...
Will Get
Will Get - Month ago
14:47 Wow! I very like that how he climb, like wow!
Will Get
Will Get - Month ago
10:19 What does happened?
Will Get
Will Get - Month ago
The second level is too scary and troll.. I.. Dont know if i like or dislike.
Alexa Sprock
Alexa Sprock - Month ago
1980: i bet there will be flying cars in the future
2019: 0:57 *flying trees*
Daniel Wallace
Daniel Wallace - Month ago
They're not flying, they're floating with style.
Will Get
Will Get - Month ago
Great joke
Will Get
Will Get - Month ago
Hahaha!!! Too funny
Erlinda Ibarreta
Erlinda Ibarreta - Month ago
*cough cough* Minecraft! *cough cough*
Dreamtab1 None
Dreamtab1 None - Month ago
DGR Played This!
weedle is op cute
weedle is op cute - 5 days ago
The last one
Crystal Mage
Crystal Mage - Month ago
I made 1
alidan - Month ago
I love how they bait more at the end, only to trick you into completing the course
TheOnly Sypher
TheOnly Sypher - 2 months ago
That last one😂😂
Madam Crimson Oni
Madam Crimson Oni - 2 months ago
omg im sorry i lost it laughing at that first level XD. I had no idea there were new female koopas with ninja stars thats just awesome
Dark Matter
Dark Matter - 2 months ago
New? Pom Pom existed since 2011
Jo-LB 937
Jo-LB 937 - 2 months ago
5:06 This is like Undertale.
Armin Ajanovic
Armin Ajanovic - 2 months ago
Waht a dissapointment only the last one was good if you want a good troll level you should play these,
B1F - NRO - 1TF or
VCS - 9YW - J8G
Wakel Ersers
Wakel Ersers - 2 months ago
first: garbage and nothing
second: awesome and kinda wicked
third: super good and long
Brandon Acosta
Brandon Acosta - 2 months ago
14:07 Deja vu
W W - 2 months ago
The last one is what I call a REAL TROLL level.
Bella Zuppa
Bella Zuppa - 2 months ago
@xTails The 2nd level wasn't too bad.
xTails - 2 months ago
Yeah the first two levels were straight hot garbage
Noa Daniel
Noa Daniel - 2 months ago
15:30 SIKE XD
Kaori Mosley
Kaori Mosley - 2 months ago
Troll level = hard
Omegabe - 2 months ago
You have to admit that last one was the best
Dominik Tősér
Dominik Tősér - 2 months ago
LUNARSCAPES - 2 months ago
NLM JY1 T0H is a much better troll level in my opinion
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the one who goes yee
the one who goes yee - Month ago
@Documenter without any original content you called yourself an idiot lmao
Documenter without any original content
That isn't even 100% you idiot
ADEX 720
ADEX 720 - 2 months ago
The last is only a real troll level
Toby Sullivan
Toby Sullivan - 2 months ago
The first level is just kaizo blocks and warp boxes... Wut
moons rising
moons rising - 2 months ago
4:06 lmfao
yOnne YTB
yOnne YTB - 2 months ago
Quem aí é BR e vê esses canal de gringo? KKKKKKKKK
Matheus Primagi
Matheus Primagi - 2 months ago
KKKK é nois
Vlad crafter
Vlad crafter - 2 months ago
14:50 wut
the one who goes yee
the one who goes yee - Month ago
That is a glitch
Andreas Scharpf
Andreas Scharpf - 2 months ago
The third One was the Hardest!!!!!!!😓😔😕😖
Benja Zapata
Benja Zapata - 2 months ago
I'm a simple man I see Toadette I watch the whole video
Lovely Tami
Lovely Tami - 2 months ago
i don't have super mario maker 2 but these levels are L I T
guerrero xz2
guerrero xz2 - 2 months ago
JellygirlYT - Month ago
Shut up
guerrero xz2
guerrero xz2 - 2 months ago
,,,,,, m mm mm 😶😐😮😒😽🙀😾🙏👌👊
rubinace vincenzo
rubinace vincenzo - 2 months ago
0:16 boom boom default dance
Nonooo C
Nonooo C - 2 months ago
I'm angry Just watching the video😭
Sady - Month ago
Biscuit Gravy
Biscuit Gravy - 2 months ago
*DGR quietly saying hold the phone in the back*
Isaiah Shadow
Isaiah Shadow - 2 months ago
Vcv4d638g is my code
Ghost - 2 months ago
Toby Sullivan you csnt
Toby Sullivan
Toby Sullivan - 2 months ago
I have a wii. How do I play it
ashton houran
ashton houran - 2 months ago
This is like a Try not to get mad/Annoyed challenge, and I already lost a few times!
Chuka Ejinkonye
Chuka Ejinkonye - 2 months ago
Friend: what a nice level
Me: *gets flashbacks to cat mario*
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*F U R R Y M A Y R O*
arthur ariede
arthur ariede - 2 months ago
How do you play with toadette
arthur ariede
arthur ariede - Month ago
@MPDeity aahhhh,ok
MPDeity - Month ago
Take off her underwear
jaiden mclarty-mohamed
jaiden mclarty-mohamed - 2 months ago
#1: Annoying
#2: Unfair
#3: Kinda Predictable
PressStartBoi - Brawl Stars
It have to be unfair
-Racine- - 2 months ago
The last one was actually pretty clever and seemingly fun to play !
Anton stone
Anton stone - 2 months ago
I like how at the end it trolled you into thinking that it was not even halfway done.
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