Twin Swap DRIVE THRU Challenge

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Asmr Futur
Asmr Futur - 4 minutes ago
Es sollte nicht Niki und Gabi heissen sondern Ariana und Billie
Tenzin Yangzom
Tenzin Yangzom - 8 minutes ago
KFC asked coz they can see you guys from inside
sammeh galvez
sammeh galvez - 41 minute ago
i love you nikki and b
gabi i love you
Isidora Petrović
Isidora Petrović - 42 minutes ago
Like my comennt
Alexandra Roberts
Alexandra Roberts - 58 minutes ago
Sarah Nutella
Sarah Nutella - Hour ago
OMG my name is Sarah! 😆
Keisha Hart
Keisha Hart - Hour ago
she asked is if you can see thourght the window becuses they could see you
Namii - Hour ago
for the opening, actually i'm shocked bc nicki's accent sound like billie eilish 😆 and so for gabi, this is the first time i saw her wearing a shirt, she looks really relly cool 😆 luv the twin💙
aLeXi Aquino
aLeXi Aquino - Hour ago
Honest Review
Honest Review - Hour ago
Its that may be they can see from inside and they all may be watching you while you switching😁😁😁😁
Selin Kusj
Selin Kusj - 2 hours ago
Hahaha Omg this is so funny love you so much ❤️
Kimmy M.
Kimmy M. - 2 hours ago
In the tinted window part, they ask you guys if you can see because they can see you from the inside but you cant see them from the outside so maybe they notice that you guys swapped
Kelly Isabella Love
Kelly Isabella Love - 2 hours ago
d._ fitness
d._ fitness - 2 hours ago
and niki looks like billie eilish
d._ fitness
d._ fitness - 2 hours ago
gabi looks like arianna grande
Leya Kinder
Leya Kinder - 3 hours ago
Where is 10 mil??
Kittygacgalife Gacha is life
Gabi looks like Dove camron
vinzran - 3 hours ago
They asked you if you can see them in coz they can see.. what you're doin out there. 😂
greg foran
greg foran - 3 hours ago
I love you
Maddie Loves Gacha Life
Maddie Loves Gacha Life - 3 hours ago
I hope you get better! Your not alone! I have road rash on my knee
Michalis Tsoukalas
Michalis Tsoukalas - 3 hours ago
Vale Greek subtitles
Madelen Williams
Madelen Williams - 3 hours ago
Did u go back and apologise😂
Ely Salcedo
Ely Salcedo - 3 hours ago
I didn't know Gabi had a twin-
Joice Bassem
Joice Bassem - 3 hours ago
Guys I'm a new subscriber are you really twins??? You look different you act different 🤔how is it possible guys please reply
miss baig
miss baig - 3 hours ago
this is how much money they.spent
Anna Marie
Anna Marie - 4 hours ago
Y’all need tint lol
Jenny Crew
Jenny Crew - 4 hours ago
Why didn’t they just put the armrest up😂😂😂😂
Aly Boo
Aly Boo - 5 hours ago
I wish you guys haven't waste all that plastic... You should brought your own glasses
Princegoldchain - 5 hours ago
Lol yeah did good
DangItzCandyPlayz :3
DangItzCandyPlayz :3 - 5 hours ago
I loved this good job you’ve earned a new subscriber!❤️🔥👌🏻😁
Ray Magliacano
Ray Magliacano - 6 hours ago
Girls KFC asked if you could see them because they saw you guys switch!🤣
ラリサマノバン - 6 hours ago
you guys! so amazing so funny😂😂
Rylie Stephens
Rylie Stephens - 6 hours ago
I’m hungry now
Irfan M. Tauhid
Irfan M. Tauhid - 6 hours ago
Gabriella Garcia
Gabriella Garcia - 7 hours ago
That’s what I get called in school and everywhere my nickname is Gabby and my real name Gabriella
Kaylee Francis
Kaylee Francis - 7 hours ago
they asked you if you could see in is because they where watching you switch
Sarah Lopez
Sarah Lopez - 7 hours ago
My name is Sarah
Fvck u ka !!!!
Fvck u ka !!!! - 7 hours ago
So many orders haha.
Ramneet - 7 hours ago
What do they do with all this food??
brandy browder
brandy browder - 8 hours ago
Are you guys sisters
Jordyn McDaniel
Jordyn McDaniel - 8 hours ago
They remind me of live and madi❤️
Maria Sears
Maria Sears - 8 hours ago
Hhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Please shoutout to me, I love you!
k h e a n
k h e a n - 8 hours ago
this is so fucking hilarious do more of thiss ❣️❣️
Reversed ZzZ
Reversed ZzZ - 8 hours ago
All the food they had to bye
Heidi Elmer
Heidi Elmer - 8 hours ago
So so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
TheGirlWhoCriedCat xx
TheGirlWhoCriedCat xx - 8 hours ago
literally love you twooo
Awsome Bella
Awsome Bella - 8 hours ago
You guys should of wore the same outfits 😹
the bestest
the bestest - 8 hours ago
Cause they seen y'all jumpin in the car
angel dorsey
angel dorsey - 9 hours ago
Is it rude asking for likes
👇🏾. And if you be rude I’ll be rude back 👀💕
Taehyung's Scenery
Taehyung's Scenery - 9 hours ago
They're twins
Alma Paiz
Alma Paiz - 9 hours ago
*your name for the order* Me:a name😎 *excuse me*ME:MY NAME IS A NAME SO IF YOU WOULD EXCUSE ME
Avery Proud
Avery Proud - 9 hours ago
Rachel Beranek
Rachel Beranek - 9 hours ago
Hey that’s the shirt Collin bought u
Bhaskar Reddy
Bhaskar Reddy - 9 hours ago
Nikki is like Evie and Mal together Evie hair Mal voice
Michelle Marquez
Michelle Marquez - 10 hours ago
The All Things Channel
The All Things Channel - 10 hours ago
Manuel Davila
Manuel Davila - 10 hours ago
The First Lady she was so sweet
xITSARIANNAx - 10 hours ago
*i was literally kicking my legs up and down like a little baby watching gave me anxiety😂😂😂*
UnicornsRule - 10 hours ago
Do you you seat belts
UnicornsRule - 10 hours ago
The Kieran Klub
The Kieran Klub - 10 hours ago
they are crazy
Luxianna Hansen
Luxianna Hansen - 10 hours ago
GotSweetTreatz - 10 hours ago
Shukjgh Jss
Shukjgh Jss - 10 hours ago
Friendship game 20604090 T
I love this lol I'm new here but you do awesome videos
mackenzie rush
mackenzie rush - 11 hours ago
KFC is Kentucky fried cock
JJs Ñâtïon
JJs Ñâtïon - 11 hours ago
you guys should do this again😂
christie gilbertson
christie gilbertson - 11 hours ago
Hey I love you guys
Brianna jacobo
Brianna jacobo - 11 hours ago
You guys are the best😀😊☺
Teja Whitener
Teja Whitener - 11 hours ago
Sorry I can't join your group
Jhon Mayor
Jhon Mayor - 11 hours ago
Did u guys just apologize to the girl at starbucks? Haha
Aliane Aliane
Aliane Aliane - 11 hours ago
Aliane Aliane
Aliane Aliane - 11 hours ago
I love you because you're so nice
Lana Sanchez
Lana Sanchez - 11 hours ago
why did y'all block the face in the kfc drive thru???
Berriefluffin ML
Berriefluffin ML - 11 hours ago
They are rich they. Spend all that money
Emma Grace
Emma Grace - 12 hours ago
I know that this is late, but
The second person should have been in the passenger floorboard, then the first person go to the back to make it a lot easier
Bria Colon
Bria Colon - 12 hours ago
I fell so bad for niki sorry if I spelt that rouge love you guys so much
Ash Wolves
Ash Wolves - 12 hours ago
Anna Natalia
Anna Natalia - 12 hours ago
Isaiah Clement
Isaiah Clement - 12 hours ago
slow the firsts try
Angel Pavlov
Angel Pavlov - 12 hours ago
Lol i lov da vid good job 😂
Sydney Goodrich
Sydney Goodrich - 12 hours ago
Switch-er ooow is a change
Reese Lamonica
Reese Lamonica - 12 hours ago
"Maybe I didn't get enough sleep"😂
XxPandoraxX - 12 hours ago
Lol yall wasted a lot of cash
Jayden Soose
Jayden Soose - 13 hours ago
It the best
Chxrry C0la
Chxrry C0la - 13 hours ago
They asked could you see in because they where probably thinking the must can’t see in that’s why they switched when we closed the window
Verginia Louis
Verginia Louis - 13 hours ago
The amount of food tho
D'Aiuto Family
D'Aiuto Family - 13 hours ago
What did they do with all that food
Tanya Brown
Tanya Brown - 13 hours ago
Why tf did you guys not roll up the window while switching places?? 🙄😂💀
Alondra Diaz
Alondra Diaz - 13 hours ago
Literally the only thing that goes trough my mind watching these videos is how much food they have 😍🤣🤤🍽
Simone Walton
Simone Walton - 13 hours ago
Comment si hablas espanol y will help me learn Por favor mine is broken and my family roast me
Ava J
Ava J - 13 hours ago
Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lololololololol!!!! This is so funny!!!!!
Honest Chicken Talk Show
Honest Chicken Talk Show - 13 hours ago
8:42 me when my dad tells a really bad dad joke
Kary Cisneros
Kary Cisneros - 14 hours ago
Hi i AM lupita And i subscribe And turno pm they
Kary Cisneros
Kary Cisneros - 13 hours ago
Hi i AM lupita And i subscribete to your channol And turn on the notification can i be a shoutout one🤩💖💖💖
Zasha Gutierrez
Zasha Gutierrez - 14 hours ago
When they switched and the person in the back just starts using their phones😂😂😂
Samantha Watson
Samantha Watson - 14 hours ago
Nadine Farrell
Nadine Farrell - 14 hours ago
I joined he family
Jasmine Dean
Jasmine Dean - 14 hours ago
This is how much money they spent 💵👇🏻
Brandon Olvera
Brandon Olvera - 14 hours ago
Gabi is cute
Eva Alves
Eva Alves - 14 hours ago
Can u do This again
oof mc oofer
oof mc oofer - 14 hours ago
You guys broke the law😂😂 you can't drive barefoot
Belieber - 14 hours ago
hahahhawhhaha im laughing so hard i love them😍😍😍😍😍😍
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