The DISGUSTING "Send Her Back" Trump Rally Chant, Trump Blames Crowd, & Kyoto Animation Arson

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Nickolaos rattanasengkham
Honestly it wouldn’t happen if she thinks we should treat future terrorist with compassion. As you can see in the uk they released a terrorist and he shanked 2 people who died and 8 more who were injured. You can stop these things from happening by locking them up but the second you release them they will find ways to create violence simply because their religion incites violence on those who don’t believe.
Team SMSD - 14 days ago
Team SMSD - 14 days ago
Out here w/ the facts, Phil.
Vylad Nelson
Vylad Nelson - 28 days ago
A Silent Voice introduced me to the anime community and hearing this originality put me in a dark state. Knowing one of the people who made the music for this filmed died makes my heart break. Three/four months later this news still hurts me knowing that some of the people who made one of my favourite films has passed on is just confusing. Thank you kyoani for making my life so much better.
Mohammad Ali Ghani
Mohammad Ali Ghani - 29 days ago
Mrs. Kobayashi's dragon maid. It's the first anime that opens my eyes to the world of anime and helped clear my problems and changed my self to a way better person.
I really hope they can still do their job and help more people like the helped me.
I also wish the dead victims can rest in peace
shubhal gupta
shubhal gupta - Month ago
Favourites from kyoani - haruhi suzumiya and K-On
Red Grapes
Red Grapes - 2 months ago
My favorite work from Kyoto Animation is easily A Silent Voice (in fact, it's my favorite movie period, along side Princess Mononoke). I've genuinely never related to a fictional character more than Shoya, the main character. Aside from a few very specific details in his past, it's almost like somebody made a movie about me. It helped to shine a light in one of the darkest parts of my life, and I hope that We've helped shine a light on the victims of this tragedy.
jimmy ventouris
jimmy ventouris - 2 months ago
There is one thing you failed to put into perspective, you failed to mention the context in which Trump originally used the sentence they should go back,,it was not a racist statement on his part , it was a commentary on socialism that has been inappropriately represented as a racist comment on both sides !!! ( which as a Canadian I happen to be a socialist yet I remain un offended by his statement ). That sentence was plucked from a paragraph in which in essence he stated that before they tell the American people that socialism is the way to go they should go back and fix their broken socialist governments and then come back and show us how its done.........In what way is that racist?? !! This is a key detail may I ask why you chose to omit it?
laexdream - 2 months ago
Indeed.... what a garbage fire....
Ciara Berry
Ciara Berry - 3 months ago
Trump is frustratingly stupid and manipulative and scarily, blindly supported by so many
LC Marina
LC Marina - 3 months ago
Ok, but are you going to cover her affair? You're becoming just as biased as any news station.
Tiff - 3 months ago
It saddens and sickens me to see the crowd and trump act like that. It feels like this world has definitely gone to shit.
Big Loo
Big Loo - 3 months ago
But she hates America?
jobriq5 - 3 months ago
"Send her back" is the new "lock her up"
Destin - 3 months ago
My favorites from KyoAni are definitely A Silent Voice, Violet Evergarden and Clannad After story. All very beautiful and emotional stories with great characters. I would highly recommend them all of them even if you're not a fan of anime/animations.
Geran Ball
Geran Ball - 4 months ago
Isn't disgusting; illan omar is evil same as AOC. Trump made a good point go back to the shitholes of Mexico and Somalia enjoy the mutilation and murder of those garbage countries
Alexeis Aular
Alexeis Aular - 4 months ago
Send her back, dangerous ideologies like ilhan omar should not be tolerate
Dionna ly
Dionna ly - 4 months ago
The man actually researched the building and blocked off many exit routes. He even has knives just in case any animators escaped the fire.
They said the reason why he attacked was because the animation studio “plagiarized” on his work.
levi brown
levi brown - 4 months ago
You can cure ebola with chlorine dioxide
Christopher Daniels
Christopher Daniels - 4 months ago
Maid Dragon, Lucky Star, Haruhi, K-ON! some of my favorite works of all time 🖤
karen trejo
karen trejo - 4 months ago
Im terrified at the fact that politics have nothing to do with morals or actual facts at this point. We've become so split up between left and right that we're defending things we know arent right just because we dont want the other side to win. Its like you people know these politicians are playing you but your response is "hey atleast they're good at it". Like dont you realize its not about who wins if no one is happy. You're not even considering that they can be right sometimes too, its not all black and white. Its literally all gray. Im seeing people defending murder in the comments atm. You guys are defending hypothetical murders. Like dont you think thats a little wierd? Also you've gotta know America isnt perfect. Like don't even lie to yourself. Denying it only makes it worse. The "send her back" thing is literally Americans refusing to take criticism. I will say, because of this democrats defend her to the point of ignoring that she can also be wrong and thats where the problem lies. We're so caught up in defending people to the point of fanaticism. Its absolutely horrible to witness this and realize theres nothing i can do about it.
karen trejo
karen trejo - 4 months ago
Kyoto animation has created my favorite anime called violet evergarden. Im absolutely devastated at this terrible loss.
Ali K
Ali K - 4 months ago
If you wanna see where America is headed then just go watch the movie idiocracy.
Chris A
Chris A - 4 months ago
Thanks for standing up for us socialist and communist! Destroy capitalism!!!
ChromoGnome - 4 months ago
Kyoani made me grow as a human, free! Made me want to become part of a team, now I have my best friends, miss Kobayashis dragon maid cheered me up when no human could, violet evergarden made me remember what true love means. And a silent voice reminded me that anything I say could hurt someone, and to be nice to everyone. I'm still so upset by this, I hope they are recovering okay.
JustPassingThrough - 4 months ago
Now THAT'S the shit that I watch every episode for Phil! Taking apart something so divisive and misleading, and educating everyone on every point as you did. I still want you to condemn the indefensible that is Trump and his supporters, but for now, I'll settle for this. Oh and all of you in the Nation who stand by Trump's rhetoric? Do you get some sort of a high off of being so backasswards and vile? I don't care what other good you do in this world. You are damned by standing with this man.
JustPassingThrough - 4 months ago
That fire... gods that's a helluva way to die. It sickens me. So many good talented people making so many beautiful and harmless works... torn from this world in such a violent, undignified way. I'm not normally one to advocate death, but the perp deserves to die an agonizing death for each person they took from their friends and family. I'd happily facilitate each one.
Storm_Comin? Hatchet_Comin!
"You don't say 'America' with an Intensity..." comparing the US response to 9/11 with the monsters who attacked America. Trump was wrong and stokes racial tension, he is a racist, but Omar is also terrible.
YUN - 4 months ago
Send Her Back
Oscar Nunez Films
Oscar Nunez Films - 4 months ago
This video is very telling if Trumps intentional misinterpretations, misconstrued purposefully to perpetrate hate. Uninformed sheep eating it up. Disgusting
Saryze - 4 months ago
A silent voice
Kobayashi dragon maid
Were my favourites...
Winter O'Dochartaigh
Winter O'Dochartaigh - 4 months ago
Violet Evergarden
Free! (Free projects)
And more....
Very saddened not just at the loss of life and injury to others... But saddened at the loss of any art they were working on, and talents lost, and the history of some really greatly loved anime.
So deeply senseless.
Faith Sizemore
Faith Sizemore - 4 months ago
I can’t being to fathom what 2020 will be like. 2016 was my first election I could vote in. I sat in my living room, lights off, all night, waiting for the finale results.
That chair had finger nail marks from me watching as the beginning of the end was put in motion with the announcement of Trump’s victory.
If Trump wins again, I will have truly lost all hope in this country and I guarantee both mass suicides and rioting will break out across the country.
This isn’t a matter of conflicting political values. This isn’t people getting upset because the President isn’t who they want.
This is life and death.
People who say they aren’t “into” politics or don’t understand why people get so worked up about them, they aren’t the ones who’s very existence is on the line. Ethnic groups, the LGBTQ+ community, women’s reproductive and civil rights, people in poverty, people with debilitating heath conditions and their families who have to watch them suffer, students trying to achieve higher education, they are all under attack by the Trump Administration. These people potentially live and die by current policies. If Trump has his way parents will have to drop their older children from heath insurance even those in college only able to work part time. Insurances providers will be allowed to deny birth control coverage and they will eventually come after birth control to prevent access too it. Abortion will be banned. And those detention centers will turn into real death camps.
The only people who won’t be hurt by Trump’s policy’s are wealthy white men with power and influence who support him. Ironically, most of his “fanbase” are blue collar white people who could be hurt most by his economic policies but are too ignorant and proud to understand that.
If he wins re-election, America is fucked, period.
Opha The Awesome
Opha The Awesome - 4 months ago
Violet Evergarden will forever be in my heart.
Cam - 4 months ago
Omar is a garbage person
Angelo Mc
Angelo Mc - 4 months ago
Phil, you seem like a very smart man, but the ideology of Islam is a very very evil ideology, the ideology of Islam calls for the murder of those who do not follow the ideology. Along with that, Omar has used immagration fraud, married her brother, and has done multiple evil things. She has used the mass deportation to try to deport her own enemy. (Or her opponent.) I don't agree with Ben Shapiro, I never have, and never will. She is a legal Citizen, however, but people can voice their opinion, why is it that people can send death threats to the president, but when people chant send her back it's wrong? I don't agree with the send her back chant, but I do think people have a right to say what they want. I will never agree with Ilhan, and I will never see her as a good person. She has done many many shady things, terrible things. Listen, I dont agree with that chant, but i dont agree with people attacking trump for the chant. He pointed stuff out about Ilhan, things she has said and things she has done. Someone in the crowd started the chant, and people followed.
Ariana Arvelo Marchán
Ariana Arvelo Marchán - 4 months ago
my favorite KyotoAni works are A Silent Voice and Violet Evergarden :( they're such beautifully animated pieces of work and they're so heartfelt. you can feel the love put into making them. i carry them close to my heart. i'm still so sad over what happened
Ariana Arvelo Marchán
Ariana Arvelo Marchán - 4 months ago
Nick Ghilea
Nick Ghilea - 4 months ago
Kyoani ppl burnt alive:

Every one: I realy liked X anime ^^
Spun - 4 months ago
As a foreign observer its sad to see how broken and divided USA is right now. This will take a long time to rectify.
Bible Illustrated
Bible Illustrated - 4 months ago
During the first huge ebola outbreak, I remember this news piece that distrubed me more than anything - some terrorists bardging in a health center and taking with them matresses upon which the ebola victims were positioned. It haunts me to this day and I am wondering if this newest outbreak could have anything to do with that.
altai555 - 4 months ago
Violet evergarden is hands down one of the most beautiful anime I’ve seen. It also has an amazing soundtrack as well. It’s a real tragedy that this happened.
Pickles Gherkin
Pickles Gherkin - 4 months ago you crack me up
Aaron Suever
Aaron Suever - 4 months ago
Amazing Phil, absolutely amazing. You have time to cover all of the youtube drama and a stupid chant by people at a rally, yet don't have time to mention a person using AOC and the Democrat's rhetoric attacking an ICE facility with firebombs and a rifle. Don't even put it in your comments under the extra stories. Just wow. You've gotten so bias and so horrible I don't even watch anymore. It's frankly pathetic what you've become. Haven't watched regularly for months now because of the obvious decline and finally unsubbed over this.
For anyone that wants real news coverage, check out Tim Pool. Phil is just crap youtube TMZ now.
Ryan - 4 months ago
Politically to right center voters... Omar is such a bad look for democrats. But still this is fucking ridiculous. Shes a citizen, an American, and jesus that chant is bad
Steamteam kids
Steamteam kids - 4 months ago
So basically Trump lied
Brythonic - 4 months ago
So... Philly D supports Ilhan Omar? Does Phil realise that Ilhan hates America and laughs about terrorism?
T J - 4 months ago
Actually she worked for CAIR , which financial supports Hamas and a giant propaganda machine for them. It's even in their legal docs
Don Peny
Don Peny - 4 months ago
Replaced ol Phil with the quartering, but i still see in recommend so i guess being a shill paid off. Congrats. I still prefer you stating your opinion over the fence straddling you used to do.
Have to disagree ya on sending her back. Dated a foreigner for 3yrs that didn't have much good to say about our country. She was here to get what she could get out of us while hoping our nation eventually falls. She's not alone and this isn't anything new. Foreigners who became saboteurs and traitors during wartimes caused the defeat of superior forces. It's the reason for the origin of the concentration camp and why it was practiced even in the US. Of course its only demonized today. Sending them back is being generous considering we're not talking about Americans with opinions, we're talking about the same traitors who intentionally caused the lives of their neighbors to become a nightmare. Send them back. If we're too weak as a nation to defend ourselves then we'll all get the ASAP Rocky treatment when we eventually do.
SEMS - 4 months ago
Trump is all about theatrics. If the racism gets him ahead, he will embrace it. Why? Because he's egocentric. He's a narcissist. Anyone who fails to see that was never taught how to read people properly.
jo1italianstyle - 4 months ago
A silent voice, Violet Evergarden, Clannad. To name a few
Vintage Electronics
Vintage Electronics - 4 months ago
Of course the Lefty like Phil would take it out of context
HERAAN M - 4 months ago
I can’t just choose one anime that was made by KyoAni that I love there are too many anime that changed my childhood for example anime like......The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, K-On!, Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions, Tamako Market, Free!, Beyond the Boundary, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and Violet Evergarden. These are just some of the anime that made me have such a happy childhood till now I am still so sad at what has happened in this incident all I can hope for is that they come back fighting harder and all I can do is show all my love and appreciation for making my childhood a happy one ☺️😊☺️😊☺️
Waxoff Waxon
Waxoff Waxon - 4 months ago
FYI: the arsonist claimed the studio stole his story, his drawing etc... don’t mess with Japanese copy right!!!
MokeyMok - 4 months ago
also love it or leave it was like a catch phrase of the kkk in the carolinas
Anaris10 - 4 months ago
Ah, the Lefty shill speaks!,
Young Steven
Young Steven - 4 months ago
Down with the republic!
The Last Viking
The Last Viking - 4 months ago
Funny how you just brushed all the racist stuff the "squad" has said.
SixSix - 4 months ago
Kinda seems like a lot of these Republicans only care about the Jewish community when it's convenient. We want to feel safe, not used when it's convenient.
Olivia titley
Olivia titley - 4 months ago
I’m really sorry but I’m tired of that you can’t say anything negative about Israel without being called anti Semitic in the US, that’s bs,
you should be able to say constructive things about other countries and have a open discussion about how Israel (and other countries) without worrying about if you are going to be called a nazi/ anti-Semitic/ racist
(and remember I wrote CONSTRUCTIVE not hate).
Don Peny
Don Peny - 4 months ago
I say whatever I want and other people can say whatever their little hearts desire. Of course there's legitimate criticism of our foreign policy and Israel. You can't talk about it in many other countries, but you can here for now. Name calling is a small price to pay, not to mention those people are easy to troll
Rebecca Madigan
Rebecca Madigan - 4 months ago
Can we get similar breakdown coverage of other candidates' speeches once election season ramps up? Trump takes things to a different level, but everyone portrays situations in their favor, and I'd love to see this fact checking method for everyone.
TheDestroyerOfWorldss AndOtherVariousThings
Kyoto animation were one of the best studios out there, hopefully they can recover from this horrifying attack. A Silent Voice and Violet Evergarden were some of the best anime I've ever seen because of how they're able to convey emotion.
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